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Hand baggage
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Hand baggage

Information if you're travelling on: American Airlines Iberia What's this?

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1/5/2012 12:25 AM

Your laptop or handbag is up to the dimensions 45cm x 36cm x 20cm (18in x 14in x 8in). This may mean that your hand baggage will have to be checked in as hold baggage. American Airlines’ allowance on hand baggage will You can take advantage of our generous free hand baggage allowance.britishairways.British Airways . including the handle and pockets. Please see below for sizes. which you take onto the aircraft with you. There are size and weight limits that apply. including the handle. In this case no charge for excess baggage would be applied. handbag or briefcase One bag (for items your infant may require during the flight) Weight 23kg (51lbs). Your laptop or handbag must fit under the seat in front of you. A 23kg (51lbs) maximum bag weight applies and you must be able to lift the bag unaided into the overhead lockers in the aircraft cabin. Open all links Hand baggage allowance Restricted items in hand baggage Allowance for flights operated for us by franchise airlines Baggage allowances on other airlines Transfer passengers travelling with liquids Musical instruments Hand baggage allowance You are allowed one piece of hand baggage plus a laptop or Holidays Hotels New York hotels Orlando hotels London hotels Las Vegas hotels 2 of 2 1/5/2012 12:25 AM . You must be able to lift the bag into the overhead locker unaided. If you are travelling on a flight operated by American Airlines. pockets and wheels. available at the check-in area. Your maximum number of hand baggage items Number of hand baggage items Passenger Adults and children(aged 2 and over) Infants (under 2 years) Type of baggage allowed One bag and One laptop-sized bag.Hand baggage http://www. Your bag must fit into the bag gauge. You must be able to lift the bag into the overhead locker unaided. Please follow the links on this page to ‘Information if you're travelling on American Airlines’ for more information about their baggage allowances. Close Help and contacts Accessibility and site help About BA Legal Careers Destinations Flights to New York Mauritius hotels Flights to London Barbados hotels Flights to Edinburgh Dubai hotels More flights London 2012 Car Rental Iberia. Your main piece of hand baggage is up to the dimensions 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22in x 18in x 10in).

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