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Samsung Electronics Co. Optimizes Its Oracle Environment with Space Manager with LiveReorg®, Improving SAP R/3 Response Time and Reducing Disk Cost
Samsung Electronics Co., LTD (SEC), an icon of IT in South Korea, is a global company that is leading the Digital Convergence era. SEC’s global network encompasses about 90 facilities in 48 countries, including 24 joint production and sales corporations, 40 sales corporations and 15 branches. Like other global giants, SEC must provide 24x7 information service availability to users around the world. In an effort to minimize downtime, more effectively manage its Oracle environment and keep pace with its growing volumes of data, SEC adopted Space Manager with LiveReorg®, a comprehensive Oracle reorganization tool from Quest Software.

“Previous reorg tasks required application downtime. However, Space Manager enabled us to perform the task without system downtime. In addition to such convenience, SAP R/3-related service speed has also improved by more than 40 percent through the reorg task.” - Dongjik Park Advisory Engineer Samsung SDS

The Challenge
For SEC, database reorganization was proving to be a source of painful downtime. Reorganization is typically a diffcult task for DBAs, because it requires downtime of the database systems and coordination among the affected departments. For global companies like SEC, planned downtime is an extremely time-consuming process, requiring the cooperation of numerous departments, all of which manage different systems. “In the past, we needed to secure two to three days of downtime for off-line reorganization. However, the increase in database size, due to our growing data volume, has made the downtime required for reorganization even more time-intensive and therefore a greater burden,” said Dongjik Park, advisory engineer, Electronics Management IS Team (Team manager: Hee -Su Ahn) Technical Support Part of Samsung SDS.

Seoul, South Korea

Critical Needs
A solution to minimize downtime during database reorganization, as well as more effectively manage the Oracle environment and exponential database growth.

The Quest Solution
SEC decided to use a reorganization tool to solve this problem. The company carried out benchmark tests on a variety of products, including Space Manager with LiveReorg from Quest Software, TSreorg from CA and DB-Reorg from BMC. The test results showed that Quest Software’s Space Manager with LiveReorg excelled in various areas, including performance and functionality. “Quest Software’s Space Manager with LiveReorg provides unmatched performance throughput, both online and off line, and is also outstanding in that it provides a wide range of great features, setting it apart from products from other vendors,” said Park. After the benchmark tests, Samsung SDS (an IT outsourcing subsidiary of Samsung Group) started a pilot project to apply Space Manager with LiveReorg to SEC’s new financial system, which had been operating based on SAP R/3. The new financial system at SEC is a mission-critical back-end system, so the increase in database size was proving to be more than a system management issue; it was becoming a performance issue for users. “The increase in database size for SAP R/3 was directly affecting the dialogue response times. In particular, the absence of timely reorg [reorganization] tasks was leading to reduced throughput speeds and consequently impacting users. Reorganization was emerging as an inevitable and increasingly crucial task for the DBAs,” said Park. SEC deployed Space Manager with LiveReorg to automate the reorganization tasks and soon discovered that the solution delivered greater benefits than the company had originally expected. In particular, Space Manager with LiveReorg’s reorganization, problem detection and capacity planning tools allowed DBAs to maximize existing storage resources with minimal impact on applications and users, making it possible to reorganize 24x7 databases with zero application downtime. “Previous reorg tasks required application downtime. However, Space Manager with LiveReorg enabled us to perform the task without system downtime,” said Park. “In addition to such convenience, SAP R/3-related service speed has also

Global electronics leader and provider of state-of-the-art IT products and home appliances.

Space Manager with LiveReorg

• Eliminated downtime associated with database reorganization • Reduced disk costs • Increased SAP R/3 service speed by more than 40 percent • Gained the ability to perform database optimization any time • Improved employee productivity and efficiency

improved by more than 40 percent through the reorg task. With Space Manager, we realized a reduction in required database size and an improvement in dialogue response time for SAP R/3.”

The Bottom Line
Park points out zero downtime and reduced disk costs as the most important benefits gained from using Space Manager with LiveReorg. He explained how zero downtime makes a big difference in business operations. “In the past, it was difficult to perform even annual reorg tasks. But now, zero downtime allows us to carry out the task in real time whenever necessary, without the need for cooperation from other departments,” said Park. This means they can perform database optimization at any time. Along with zero downtime, SEC also benefited from reliable reorganization tasks. “Reorg is a risky task because a single error can result in serious system failure. So, the task of reorg is inevitable but also highly challenging for DBAs. However, Space Manager with LiveReorg enables us to perform stable and reliable proactive reorganization checks,” said Park. Zero downtime and reliable reorganizations generated additional benefits for Samsung SDS — namely, freeing up DBAs and systems engineers for more critical and productive tasks. In addition, they can perform reorganizations on weekends or at night and with less chance of error, since they now have an automated reorganization tool and are no longer relying on manual reorganization methods. Space Manager with LiveReorg also helped the organization reduce costs. When a company runs a terabyte-class database management system, like a new financial system for SEC, growing data translates into a linear increase in management and cost. “In the case of the new financial system, a natural increase in database size amounts to 20 gigabytes (GB) to 30 GB each month. If we do not perform the archiving and reorganization tasks after deleting unnecessary data, huge physical disk capacity is required,” said Park. As of December 2005, database space for SAP R/3 has grown only 180 GB over the past five years because SEC has been using Space Manager with LiveReorg to optimize the database. Samsung SDS assumes that without Quest’s Space Manager with LiveReorg, the disk capacity of the database management system for SAP R/3 would have required more than 500 GB from 2001 through 2005.

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Samsung Electronics Co., LTD (SEC), the nation’s flagship company, is a globally recognized electronics giant, whose products include state-of-the-art IT products and home appliances. In 2004, SEC’s sales were $55.3 billion and net profit was more than $10 billion. SEC is the fastest growing brand from $6.4 billion USD (2001) to $12.55 billion USD (2004) in brand equity.

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