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1)On this program, you will workout 3 times per week with one days rest between each

workout. The rep schemes in this program will be kept between a total volume of 24-50 per exercise (volume = sets X reps). A total volume of 24-50 is great for both increasing strength and promoting hypertrophy. 2)A different rep scheme will be used each workout of the week. Rest periods between sets should be kept between 1-and-2 minutes. Higher rep schemes will have slightly longer rest periods and lower rep schemes will have less rest time between sets. 3)Try to avoid training to failure while working out on full-body programs because training to failure will require more recovery time. One should strive to increase weights lifted or reps performed each week to continue seeing progression. 4)Each workout will contain one exercise per major muscle group and two isolation exercises of your choice. One compound exercise should be chosen to work the lower body muscles, upper body pushing muscles and upper body pulling exercises. There should also be one shoulder exercise 5)Because the abdominals, calves, triceps and biceps will get worked in the big compound exercises you choose, they do not need to be directly stimulated each day. Each workout chose two of these smaller muscles and perform one exercise for each of the 2 you selected.

Choose one exercise for each of the groups below for each workout (the below exercises are suggestions only and you are not limited to just these movements): Compound Upper Body Push

Bench Press (Barbell or Dumbbell) Incline Bench Press (Barbell or Dumbbell) Decline Bench Press (Barbell or Dumbbell) Dips Pushups

Compound Upper Body Pulling Pullups Chin-ups Lat Pulldowns Bent Over Rows Cable Rows Other Row Variations Compound Lower Body

Squats Front Squats Hack Squats Deadlifts Straight Leg Deadlifts Romanian Deadlifts Lunges Step Ups

Shoulder Exercise

Military Press Push Press Upright Rows

Lateral Raises External Rotations Power Cleans Shrugs

One Isolation Exercise For 2 Muscles Of Your Choice Biceps Triceps Abs Calves

Prova: Lunedi: 4x8 Dips rematore Squat Tirate al mento Curl bilanciere/manubri French press/skull crasher

Mercoledi: 5x5 Panca piana bilanciere Trazioni stacco Lento avanti ABS Calves

Venerdi:3x12 Panca inclinata manubri Lat machine avanti Affondi Alzate laterali/frontali Curl concentrato Pushdown ai cavi ABS