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Distribution channel of LGLG has its own manufacturing plant in Pune and Greater Noida.

Currently 20 lacs Units of mobile phones in every month. LG has three types of warehouses Mother- warehouse Branch-warehouse Spare parts-warehouse In warehouse, the products are pinup with 3-color paper to get the knowledge abo ut the delivery. 1. Red Card To stop the product going into market, 2. Green card To allow the product for delivery in market, 3. Yellow Card After the product labeled with green, allow this to move in m arket Distribution Channel Of LG GSM mobile phonesOnce the mobile phones manufactured from these manufacturing facilities are tran sported to mother warehouse. The mother warehouse is that where the products fro m the factory are kept and from that warehouse, the products are sent to the bra nch warehouse. One mother-warehouse is located in Greater -Noida and another in Pune manufacturing plant. Then, LG mobile phones are transported to its branch-w arehouse. Branch-warehouse are located in various states of India such as Mumbai , Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad like big cities. These Warehouse are responsib le for wide distribution of LG mobile phone products into various Tier-1, tier-2 and tier-3 cities with the help of distributors and Carrying and forwarding age ncies(CFAs). Mobile phones are redistributed from branch-warehouse to distributors with the intervention of CFAs. CFAs are responsible for transporting mobile phones to dea lers within a particular time limits. They communicate to distributors about th e consignments and deliver it to distributors godowns. CFAs do not hold titles o f consignment. In the case of any damages, they do not take responsibilities of consignments. These LG distributors redistributes the products to dealers in var ious cities, LG owned shops, Hot-spot, Univercell, Virgins The mobile stores and lgez buy .com. At the end, LG mobile phone products are delivered to finel custo mers and institutions.

LG mobile stores- These mobile stores are opened in various big cities such as D elhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata etc. These stor es keep wide range of LG mobile phones with Point of sale displays about its var ious products. These LG mobile stores offer discounts and mobile peripherals fre e with mobile for promoting its brand and retailing mobile stores. Eying a market share of 10% by 2010-end in a projected 10 crore mobile phone han dset market this year. The firm has set a target to double its retail distributi on network from 20,000 dealers to 40,000 in India. LG announced that he will ope n 100 exclusive mobile handset brand stores across the country so that customers can come and feel the new product range. LG also distributes its mobile phones to other big retailers such as Hotspot, Un ivercell and Vergins The mobile stores. Distribution Channel of LG CDMA mobile phones- LG CDMA mobile phones are transpo rted from mother-warehouse to branch-Warehouse. Then, CDMA mobile phones are del ivered to various network service providers such as Reliance, Tata indicom, Airt el and Idea etc. with the help of CFAs. There they will assemble their respectiv e mobile networks SIM card and then send it to its own operators outlets and large distributors. The large distributors will further transferred to agents, chain of stores, etc. and finally it will reach the end customers.