Technical Specification

DS-9600NI-ST Series NVR Technical Specification

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Copyright © 2006-2011 by HIKVISION. .com Find out more about HIKVISION at www. firm. No information as to the contents or subject matter of this documentation. shall be given orally or in writing or shall be communicated in any manner whatsoever to any third party being an individual. or company or any employee thereof without the prior written consent of ©2006 – 2011 by HIKVISION. The product(s) described in this documentation are furnished subject to a license and may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of such license. without notice.Technical Specification Notices The information in this documentation is subject to change without notice and does not represent any commitment on behalf of HIKVISION. This documentation is provided “as-is. or by any means or be used for any other purpose without prior written consent of HIKVISION and then only on the condition that this notice is included in any such reproduction. Use of this product is subject to acceptance of the HIKVISION agreement required to use this product. in any form. This documentation is issued in strict confidence and is to be used only for the purposes for which it is supplied. or any part thereof. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. It may not be reproduced in whole or in part. or arising directly or indirectly therefrom. HIKVISION disclaims any liability whatsoever for incorrect data that may appear in this documentation.” without warranty of any kind. Please send any comments regarding the documentation to: overseasbusiness@hikvision. HIKVISION reserves the right to make changes to its products as circumstances may warrant.hikvision.

DHCP. Support live view. NFS. Dual system design ensures high reliability and stability. ©2006 – 2011 by HIKVISION. Digital zoom in live view and playback mode. TCP/IP protocol. DNS. All rights reserved. Searching record files and captured pictures by events (alarm input/motion detection). 2 self-adaptive 10M/100M/1000M network interfaces. and iSCSI are supported. load balance. SADP. SMTP. searching and playing back by tags. . Redundant recording and capturing. Simultaneous HDMI. etc. 8 SATA interfaces available. Zooming in for any area when playback.0 Megapixel resolution. PPPoE. DDNS.   IPv6 is supported. HDMI/VGA display at up to 1920×1080P resolution Support Channel-zero encoding. with working modes configurable: multi-address. Up to 16-ch synchronous playback at 4CIF resolution. Realize instant playback for assigned channel during multi-channel display mode. NTP. Holiday recording schedule configuration. SNMP. simultaneous live view and playback via VGA and HDMI outputs. HDD quota management.Technical Specification Main Features                    Connecting to the third-party network cameras with up to 5 Megapixels resolution. Playing reversely. VGA and CVBS outputs. different capacity can be assigned to different channel. Customization of tags. storage and playback of video at 5. network fault tolerance. Support eSATA disk for recording or backup.

Independent configuration for each channel. Main stream supports recording at up to 5. The selected live view channel can be shielded. read-only. and manual switch and automatic cycle review is also provided. PTZ preset. HDD Management  Up to 8 SATA hard disks. Each channel supports two kinds of compression parameters. including resolution. simultaneous live view and playback via VGA and HDMI outputs. Watermark technology. ©2006 – 2011 by HIKVISION. the normal continuous and event. Encoding for both audio/video composite stream and video stream. bit rate. etc. Support HDD standby function.0 Megapixel resolution. 1/4/6/8/9/16 screen live view is supported. VGA and CVBS outputs. Privacy mask. Several PTZ protocols supported. audio and video synchronization during composite stream encoding. tamper-proof. HDD group management. the interval of automatic cycle can be adjusted.      Support eSATA disk for recording or backup. HDD quota management. Motion detection. patrol and pattern. The video input/output quality is configurable. Local Monitoring     Simultaneous HDMI. . All rights reserved. which can be configured locally. .       Quick setting menu is provided for live view. read/write (R/W). different capacity can be assigned to different channel. 8 network disks (8 NAS disks. or 7 NAS disks+1 iSCSI disk) and 1 eSATA disk can be connected. Live view screen can be switched in group. H. video exception alert and video loss alert functions.Technical Specification Functions & Performances Compression         PAL/NTSC adaptive video inputs. HDD property: redundancy. each disk with a maximum of 4TB storage capacity. image quality. Each channel supports dual-stream. HDMI output and VGA output at up to 1920×1080P resolution. and the display sequence of screens is adjustable. frame rate.264 video compression with high reliability and superior definition. Zooming in by clicking the mouse and PTZ tracing by dragging mouse.

network disconnected. Multiple recording types: manual. motion detection for recording or capture. IP confliction. end time. speed down. Playing reversely. recording type. Normal and event video encoding parameters. Capture. continuous capture and picture playback. and dedicated keyboard. or eSATA disk. Pre-record and post-record for alarm. motion | alarm. abnormal signal. speed up. Searching and playing back record files by channel number. All rights reserved. searching and playing back by tags.   Alarm triggers full screen monitoring. Smart searching for the motion event when playing back. and pre-record time for schedule and manual recording. Searching record files and captured pictures by events (alarm input/motion detection). different input and output video standard. mouse. Customization of tags. Supports pause. and skip backward when playback. audio alarm. etc. Management and maintenance of exporting devices. continuous. skip forward. motion detection. etc. notifying surveillance center. remote control. illegal login. . abnormal record/capture. 8 recording time periods with separated recording types. Backup    Export data by USB. Cycle and non-cycle recording mode.Technical Specification Recording. Automatic restore when system is abnormal. Export video clips when playback. play reversely. alarm. and HDD full. start time. Other Local Functions  Users can operate by front panel. sending email and alarm output. ©2006 – 2011 by HIKVISION. Alarm for video loss. Local redundant recording and capture. tampering. HDD error. motion & alarm. Capture and Playback                  Holiday recording schedule configuration. Up to 16-ch synchronous playback at 4CIF real time. motion. Alarm and Exception   Configurable arming time of alarm input/output. Locking and unlocking record files. locating by dragging the mouse. Zooming in for any area when playback.

Inputting and outputting of configuration information of devices. • Development Scalability:    SDK for Windows and Linux system. RS-232. Remote search. and iSCSI are supported. NTP. DDNS. Remote JPEG capture. Captured pictures can be sent to the FTP and the FTP can be upgraded remotely. TCP/IP protocol. NFS. Network Functions  2 self-adaptive 10M/100M/1000M network interfaces. Manual Triggering and clearing alarms. DNS. Remote system restart and shutdown. with working modes configurable: multi-address.    Completeness of operation. PPPoE. DHCP. remote import/export of device parameters. alarm.Technical Specification  Three-level user management. which includes the limit to access any channel. Two-way voice talk and voice broadcasting. etc. playback. SNMP. and downloading files broken transfer resume. Remotely start/stop alarm output. Source code of application software for demo. load balance. locking and unlocking the record files. Remote HDD formatting and program upgrading. Development support and training for application system. UDP and RTP for unicast.                    IPv6 is supported. Remote viewing of the device status. network fault tolerance. admin user can create many operating account and define their limits of authority. Remote PTZ control. TCP. . All rights reserved. ©2006 – 2011 by HIKVISION. Alarm and exception information can be sent to the remote host Remotely start/stop recording. Remote locking and unlocking of control panel and mouse. SADP. system logs and alarm status. Remote keyboard operation. Remote parameters setup. exceptions and log writing and searching. SMTP. Embedded WEB server. RS-485 transparent channel transmission. download.

MODEM. HDD.Technical Specification Rear Panel & Interfaces Front Panel ① Status Indicator(Alarm. . Tx/Rx. All rights reserved. Status. Guard) ② IR Receiver ③ Front Panel Lock ④ DVD-ROM ⑤ Alphanumeric Buttons ⑥ USB Interface ⑦ Compound Buttons ⑧ DIRECTION/ENTER Buttons ⑨ JOG SHUTTLE Control ⑩ Power Button ©2006 – 2011 by HIKVISION. Ready.

VGA AUDIO OUT ③ LINE IN ④ RS-232 Serial Interface ⑤ VGA Interface ⑥ HDMI Interface ⑦ eSATA Interface ⑧ LAN1. Keyboard Interface.Technical Specification Rear Panel of DS-9600NI-ST ① VIDEO OUT ② CVBS AUDIO OUT. ALARM IN. . All rights reserved. ALARM OUT ⑪ GND ⑪ 100~240VAC Power Input ⑪ Power Switch ©2006 – 2011 by HIKVISION. LAN2 Network Interface ⑨ Termination Switch ⑩ RS-485 Serial Interface.

1280 × 720 /60Hz. . 1280 × 1024 /60Hz. maintenance . 6. BNC (1. 1kΩ) 5MP /3MP /1080P /UXGA /720P /VGA /4CIF /DCIF /2CIF /CIF /QCIF 1-ch.Technical Specification Specifications Model Video/Audio input IP video input Two-way audio Recording resolution CVBS output HDMI output Video/Audio output VGA output Audio output Playback resolution Synchronous playback SATA Hard disk eSATA Capacity Network interface Serial interface USB interface Alarm in Alarm out Power supply Consumption (without hard disk or DVD-R/W) Working temperature Working humidity Chassis Dimensions (W × D × H) Weight DS-9608NIST 8-ch DS-9616NIST 16-ch DS-9632NIST 32-ch 1-ch. resolution: 1920 × 1080P /60Hz. 1 RS-485 keyboard interface (for special keyboard control) 2. 1280 × 720 /60Hz.0 Vp-p. 1024 × 768 /60Hz 1-ch. 600Ω) 5MP /3MP /1080P /UXGA /720P /VGA /4CIF /DCIF /2CIF /CIF /QCIF 8-ch 8 SATA interfaces 1 eSATA interface Each interface supports up to 4TB capacity for recording 2 RJ-45 10 /100 /1000 Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet interfaces 1 RS-232 interface (for parameters configuration. 50 ~ 60 Hz ≤ 35 W -10 ℃ ~ +55 ℃ 10 % ~ 90 % 19-ich rack-mounted 2U chassis 445 × 470 × 90 mm (17. 1920×1080P /50Hz. USB 2. 1024 × 768 /60Hz 2-ch. transparent channel).54") ≤ 8 Kg (17. BNC (2. 1600 × 1200/60Hz.5"× 3.52" ×18. 1280 × 1024 /60Hz. 1600 × 1200 /60Hz.0 Vp-p. 75 Ω) Resolution: 704 × 576 (PAL). BNC (Linear. All rights reserved.64 lb) ( without hard disk or DVD-R/W ) ≤ 40W ≤ 45 W 16-ch 16-ch External interface Others ©2006 – 2011 by HIKVISION. 704 × 480 (NTSC) 1-ch. resolution: 1920 × 1080P /60Hz.3 A. 1 RS-485 interface (reserved).0 16 4 100 ~ 240 VAC.

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