1. Two light bulbs with different resistances are connected in parallel. Which will burn brighter? (a). Low resistance bulb because it draws more current (b). High resistance bulb because it draws more current (c). In parallel, current through the branches must be same, so both burn equally bright. (d). None of these. 2. The current through  resistor is

 (a). 2A (c). 3.6 A 3. The simplified expression for the given circuit is

 (b). 5.4 A (d). Zero

(a). Y = ABCD (c). Y = (A’+B’)(C’+D’)

(b). Y = A+B+C+D (d). Y = (A+B)(C+D)

4. Output voltage of a reverse biased zener diode with breakdown voltage 3.2V and input voltage of 1.6V is (a) 1.6V (b). 3.2V (c). 4.8V (d). None of these. 5. Current gain of a BJT in CC mode is (a). 50 – 100 (c). 1 6. MUX is a device with (a). Many inputs and one output (c). a basic unit of memory

(b). 50 – 800 (d). Several thousands

(b).One input and many outputs (d). None of these

7. In baseband communication, if the frequency of signal to be transmitted is 10KHz, what will be the required height of the antenna? (a). 7.5m (b). 75m (c). 750m (d).7.5km

8. The diode that exhibits negative resistance in low feedback condition is (a). Varactor diode (b). Tunnel diode (c). Zener diode (d). Heavily doped PN diode 9. Find the closed loop gain for an inverting amplifier: Rf = 10kR1 = 1k (a). 10 (b). -10 (c). 11 (d). 9 The modulation technique used for varying the step size by varying the input signal is (a). Delta modulation (b). Adaptive delta modulation (c). DPCM (d). PCM 11. ‘D’in ‘D-flipflop’ stands for (a). Data (c). Demo 12. What is the additional pin in a Tristate NOT gate? (a). Enable (c). Gnd 13. Time Division Multiplexing is practically used in (a). Satellite communication (c). Telephone lines 14. Vestigial Sideband Modulation uses (a). Frequency Discrimination method (c). Frequency hopping method 15. The Power Spectral Density is independent of (a). Operating frequency (c). Noise 16. All pass filter is one in which (a). Impulse response is unity (c). Low frequencies are suppressed 17. Cross Talk can be reduced by using (a). Copper Wire with high resistance (c). Twisted pair cable 18. Excess 3 code of the decimal number ‘8’is (a). 1010 (c). 0110

(b). Delay (d). Delta

(b). Vin (d). Trigger

(b). Optical communication (d). TV reception

(b). Amplitude Discrimination method (d). Amplitude hopping method

(b). Amplitude (d). Phase angle

(b). High frequencies are suppressed (d). All the frequencies are allowed

(b). Copper Wire with low resistance (d). Coaxial cable

(b). 1011 (d). 1000

19. The current emitted from the photoelectric surfaces is amplified by using (a). Photo multiplier (b). Photo coupler (c). Photo diode (d). Photo avalanche device 20. The schottky noise increases when (a). Bandwidth and resistance are small (c). Bandwidth and resistance are large

(b). Bandwidth is small. Resistance is large (d). Bandwidth is large. Resistance is small.

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