Program Folk and Traditional Music The Dark-Eyed Sailor (from Five English Folk Songs) Ralph

Vaghan Williams
Ralph Vaughan Williams
 As with most folksongs, the origins of this folksong are unknown other than it surfaced in the eighteenth century. Often known as 'Fair Phoebe and her Dark-eyed Sailor', this Scottish folksong, tells the story of two lovers who break a token - such as a ring - in half when they are parted, so that they will know each other when they are finally reunited.

Art Music to 1900 Amy Beech - Mass in E Flat, Op. 5 Religious Music to 1900 Spiritual - Swing Low Sweet Charity Popular Song in the 1800s Old Dan Tucker Western and Country Music Patsy Cline, Carter Family, Jimmy Rodgers Ragtime and Blues Joplin – Maple Leaf Rag Jazz Someone to Watch Over Me The Broadway Musical A House is Not a Home Rock Music Vocal Art Music since 1900 Frank Techeli – Shenandoah Five Hebrew Love Songs Eric Whiteacre
Five Hebrew Love Songs: Eric Whitacre
 Eric Whitacre is an inspirational composer and one of the most influential of our time. He captures the elation given by his new wife in Five Hebrew Love Songs. They were composed of poems that she had written him. He quotes: "Each of the songs captures a moment that Hila and I shared together. Kala Kalla, which means 'light bride,' was a pun I came up with while she was first teaching me Hebrew."

Beautiful melodic lines and flowing choral scoring make this a lovely signature piece.. "It's curtain time and away we go. U'vekalút Tishák hí lí! Rakút Hu hayá malé rakút
 Hi haytá kashá
 V echóll káma shenistá kach. Another Op’nin. Johnny. complete with unforgettable lyrics about the joys of life on the stage. hachí rach. benediction or choral blessing. describing the homecoming of a badly wounded soldier to his shocked young wife after fighting in Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) on behalf of the British East India Company. Another Show From the musical "Kiss Me.. It's a classic "show-biz" two-beat song. the Irish folksong was heartrending. this original will be a favorite for year-end or graduation performances. its tune was taken up and transformed into When Johnny Comes Marching Home. I Hardly Knew Ye: Alice Parker
 Johnny. I hardly knew ye is an Irish anti-war folksong from the early 1800s. Where the Civil War remake is upbeat and hopeful.S.
 Pashút." . And Wherever You Go Perfect as a concert closer. uvlí sibá tová. Lakach otá el toch atzmó. During the U.Kalá kallá Kalá kallá Kulá shelí. Civil War. Kate" comes this quintessential Broadway opener. spectacularly arranged for today's choirs. Veheníach Bamakóm hachí.

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