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8ukM5 lAkllAMN1Ak 8-
Aung San Suu ky|'s NLD Lmerges
V|ctor|ous |n by-L|ect|on
What does |t means for koh|ngya
ethn|c m|nor|ty |n 8urma
angon (kangoon), 8urma. 1he Lhlnk Lank on 8urma ln
Lhe lnLernaLlonal communlLy, parLlcularly ln Lhe WesL,
says someLhlng ls beLLer Lhan noLhlng", referrlng Lo Lhe
sllghLly poslLlve developmenL LhaL emerged from Lhe
recenL parllamenLary by-elecLlon ln 8urma.
1he flnal, offlclal by-elecLlon resulLs announced by
Lhe 8urmese unlon LlecLlon Commlsslon on 1uesday
gave Lhe naLlonal League for uemocracy (nLu) 6.4 per
cenL of Lhe seaLs ln arllamenL. 1he nLu won a LoLal of
43 seaLs ln Lhe Aprll 1 by-elecLlon. 1he nLu conLesLed
for a LoLal of 44 vacanL seaLs. lL reporLedly won 37 seaLs
ln Lhe Lower Pouse, 4 seaLs ln Lhe upper Pouse and 2
seaLs ln sLaLe assemblles. ur. MyaL nyarna Soe of Lhe
naLlonal uemocraLlc lorce (nul) won a seaL ln Lhe
upper Pouse ln 2010, and he laLer [olned Lhe nLu, glvlng
lL a LoLal of flve upper Pouse seaLs, maklng Lhe nLu
represenLaLlon ln arllamenL 44 seaLs. Accordlng Lo Lhe
8urmese ConsLlLuLlon, Lhere should be 224
parllamenLarlans ln Lhe upper house and 440
parllamenLarlans ln Lower Pouse. Powever, Lhere are a
LoLal 224 Ms ln upper Pouse and 432 Ms ln Lower
Pouse. 1he LoLal parllamenLarlans ln arllamenL wlll be
636. 1he announcemenL by Lhe LlecLlon Commlsslon
sald Shan naLlonallLles uemocraLlc arLy candldaLe Sal
San Mln won Lhe Shan SLaLe no. 3 consLlLuency upper
Pouse seaL, and unlon SolldarlLy and uevelopmenL
arLy candldaLe 1ln Mya won Lhe Sagalng 8eglon
consLlLuency no. 7 upper Pouse seaL, respecLlvely.
1he beleaguered 8ohlngya eLhnlc mlnorlLy looks up Lo
any small or blg change ln pollLlcal landscape ln 8urma.
Cur slLuaLlon ln norLhern Arakan ls dlre. We are
absoluLely desperaLe - so desperaLe LhaL any poslLlve
change wlll hopefully brlng some klnd rellef Lo us." A
8otmos lobllc 5poote. uow Aooq 5oo 5oo kyl omlJst
tbe cbeetloq ctowJ lo kooqooo os tollles come lo Jotloq
tbe by-electloo (lboto 5ootce. c85). 1be 8otmese
kobloqyo commoolty lo Nottb Ametlco exteoJeJ lts
booJs to 5oo kyl vlo o ltess keleose (see tbe oppeoJlx)

renowned 8ohlngya leader from 8urma answered Lhe
8ohlngya Chronlcle. lL ls paLheLlc LhaL we have Lo be
afrald ln our own place (referrlng Lo Arakan) Lo
celebraLe, llke any oLher clLlzen, Lhls slgnlflcanL ouLcome
of Lhe parllamenLary elecLlon. 1he MlllLary's nasaka ls
[usL looklng for a reason Lo Lake ouL lLs anger on us". Pe
1he burnlng quesLlon ls whaL does Lhls vlcLory of
nLu ln Lhe by-elecLlon means for 8ohlngya?". ln facL,
hardly any body would llke Lo guess as vlrLually no clear
sLaLemenL on 8ohlngya has been uLLered by Aung San
Suu kyl herself. Powever, some lndlrecL commenLs by
Suu kyl has been clrculaLed ln 8urma recenLly. Accordlng
Lo a rellable source ln 8urma, a quesLlon on 8ohlngya by
a radlcal 8akhlne was posed Lo Suu kyl on a radlo Lalk
show. She reporLedly responded Lo Lhe quesLloner LhaL
lf a communlLy or an eLhnlc mlnorlLy group aLLempLs Lo
ellmlnaLe anoLher group, lL posslbly could Lurn ouL Lo be
self-desLrucLlve resulLlng ln ellmlnaLlon of lLs own
eLhnlclLy. Such an lndlrecL warnlng Lo an aggressor
connoLes LhaL Lhe WesLern-educaLed leader may well
have senslLlvlLy Lo humanlLy, [usLlce, and falrness. 1he
Reporting Political and Human Rights Issues Facing Rohingya in Burma (Myanmar)
A Monthly Publication of the Burmese Rohingya Association of North America
Editor: Dr. Wakar Uddin Associate Editor: Nay San Oo
! #!
real quesLlons ls wheLher Suu kyl belleves lL ls pollLlcally
correcL for her Lo publlcly show senslLlvlLy Lo [usLlce for
8ohlngya eLhnlc mlnorlLy aL Lhls sLage of Lhe game
where nLu holds a Llny fracLlon ln Lhe parllamenL.
lurLher, nLu may well be saLuraLed wlLh presence of
numerous former mlllLary hardllners, who were ln facL
Lhe cenLerplece of 8ohlngya eLhnlc cleanslng apparaLus
LhaL was rooLed ln Lhe mlllLary ln 1962.
1he faLe of 8ohlngya ls noL llkely golng Lo change
[usL from Lhe vlcLory by uaw Aung San Suu kyl ln Lhls by-
elecLlon. 1he 6.4 percenL of Lhe parllamenL seaL held by
nLu may be a small sLep forward, Lhe LwlllghL of [usLlce
for 8ohlngya eLhnlc mlnorlLy does noL appear Lo be
anywhere aL Lhe horlzon. 1he overwhelmlng mlllLary
presence ln Lhe 8urmese parllamenL remalns Lhe ma[or
player ln Lhe 8ohlngya lssue. As evenLs of dlfferenL
klnds conLlnues Lo unfold ln Lhe 8urmese pollLlcal
landscape, lnLervenLlon" by Lhe lnLernaLlonal
communlLy, parLlcularly Lhe WesL, ls Lurnlng ouL Lo be
Lhe key ln savlng Lhe 8ohlngya eLhnlc mlnorlLy from
genoclde ln 8urma.
5ootce. Oot cottespooJeot

llk51 NA1lONAl A55M8l, 1nlku
kCulAk 555lON
No Change |n khetor|c on
koh|ngya peop|e at the M|||tary-
dom|nated 8urmese ar||ament
Un|on nome M|n|ster addresses
quest|ons on koh|ngya, M|||tary's o|d
po||cy of "rac|a| |nto|erance"
Naypy|taw, 8urma. 1he 8ohlngya eLhnlc mlnorlLy ln
8urma recelved message of Lhe same old hosLlllLy from
Lhe 8urmese mlnsLer ln Lhe AmyoLha PluLLaw (naLlonal
arllamenL). Cn 13 March ln Lhe 3rd regular sesslon of
flrsL AmyoLha PluLLaw conLlnued for Lhe 14Lh day aL
AmyoLha PluLLaw Pall ln PluLLaw 8ulldlng aL Lhe
naypylLaw caplLal. lL was aLLended by AmyoLha PluLLaw
Speaker u khln Aung MylnL and 190 AmyoLha PluLLaw
Cne of mosL sLrange process of Lhe parllamenL ls
how Lhe quesLlons are submlLLed by Lhe members of
parllamenL (M) and how Lhey are addressed by Lhe
unlon MlnsLer for Pome Affalrs Lt. Gen. ko ko. 1he
quesLlons are reporLedly submlLLed by Lhe Ms Lwo

512#32(6" 2(" 7&8,82-&)9" :14'&;" <=.$-$" >$14%/?" @./"
weeks ahead of Lhe sesslon apparenLly Lo glve Llme Lo
fabrlcaLe Lhe answers Lo comply wlLh Lhe esLabllshed
pollcles formulaLed by Lhe former mlllLary dlcLaLorshlp.
1he 8ohlngya Ms dld noL wasLe Lhelr Llme ln submlLLlng
querles on 8ohlngya human rlghLs lssues. 1he unlon
MlnlsLer swlfLly replayed hls old dlaLrlbe agalnsL Lhe
eLhnlc 8ohlngya populaLlon wrlLLen by Lhe former
mlllLary reglme.

uoloo Mlolstet fot nome Affolts lt. Ceo. ko ko
looocbes bls Jlottlbe oqolost etbolc kobloqyo lo
tbe 8otmese potllomeot.

1he followlng ls Lhe excepL from Lhe sesslon covered by
Lhe sLaLe-run Myanmar Alln newspaper, and Lhe
refuLaLlon by 88AnA follows each fabrlcaLed answer by
Lhe unlon MlnlsLer LL. Cen. ko ko:
!"# u PLay Wln ollos u Zahad 8ahman of 8akhlne SLaLe
ConsLlLuency no. 7 asked abouL helplng clLlzens ln
8uLhldaung and Maungdaw 1ownshlps ln 8akhlne SLaLe
! $!
Lo naLurallze Lhem as Myanmar clLlzens under prlnclple
of Lhe consLlLuLlon as Lhey are faclng soclal, Lravel,
economlc and healLh dlfflculLles.
!$%$&'()# eople ln Maungdaw dlsLrlcL share Lhe same
physlcal appearance, rellglon, cusLoms, culLure, and
language wlLh 8engall from Lhe oLher counLry. ClLlzens
of Lhe oLher counLry enLered our counLry wlLh rlch
naLural resources and preferable landscapes. ln checklng
populaLlon ln nagarmln CperaLlon ln 1978-79, Lhose
who could noL sLand Lhe examlnaLlon fled Lo Lhe oLher
counLry. ln PlnLha pro[ecL, over 180,000 persons were
reaccepLed under agreemenL of Lhe Lwo counLrles. Cver
230,000 persons were reaccepLed Llll !uly, 2003, as
Lhose who fled Lo Lhe oLher counLry for varlous reasons
ln 1990-1991 were reaccepLed slnce 22-9-1992 under
Lhe agreemenL of Lhe Lwo counLrles.
*+,-# 1hls ls Lhe fundamenLal problem faced by Lhe
8ohlngya people. 1he 8urmese mlllLary uses physlcal
appearance (l.e. SouLh Aslan or lndlan looklng),
culLure/cusLoms, and rellglous falLh as Lhe crlLerla for
Lhe human rlghL vlolaLlons agalnsL 8ohlngya people. lL
also purposefully refuses Lo accepL eLymologlcal
evldence ln Lhe comparaLlve language ln Lhe
demography of SouLh Asla and Lhe Mlddle-LasL. ln
nagarmln (klng uragon) CperaLlon Lhe 8ohlngya
vlllagers could noL wlLhsLand Lhe LorLure, rape, forced
labor, and lnLlmldaLlon. 1he 8urmese mlllLary
mlscalculaLed as Lhe 8ohlngya refugees dld noL blend ln
wlLh 8engalls ln 8angladesh, and broughL Lhem back Lo
Lhelr naLlve vlllages Lhrough PlnLha pro[ecL.
!$%$&'()# up Lo now, 8engall naLlonals from oLher
counLry lllegally enLer Myanmar Lhrough varlous ways.
*+,-# 88AnA and Lhe lnLernaLlonal communlLy
challenge Lhe 8urmese governmenL Lo produce a slngle
loLa of evldence LhaL a 8engall enLered Lhe 8ohlngya's
Arakan SLaLe. 1he evldence lL ls banklng on now ls Lhe
physlcal appearance, language of SouLh Asla and Lhe
Mlddle-LasL, and Lhe rellglous falLh of an eLhnlc group.
1he deslred aLLrlbuLes of an eLhnlc mlnorlLy for Lhe
8urmese mlllLary ls of MongollLe race, 8urman or
language of orlenLal orlgln, and Lhe 8uddhlsL rellglous
!$%$&'()# Accordlng Lo Lhe Myanmar ClLlzenshlp Law
1982, any person may apply wlLh flrm evldence showlng
resldence of forefaLhers as orlglnal clLlzens ln Myanmar.
*+,-# 1he ClLlzenshlp Law was devlsed by Lhe mlllLary
dlcLaLorshlp ln 1982 from every angle Lo exclude
8ohlngya. 8urmese mlllLary has conflscaLed all Lhe
cerLlflcaLes and documenLs from 8ohlngya perLalnlng Lo
clLlzenshlp, and no cerLlflcaLe has been lssued Lo newly
born slnce 1960s.
!$%$&'()# WlLh regard Lo marrlage, as Lhe 8engall
naLlonals resldlng ln Maungdaw ulsLrlcL are slmllar Lo
language, physlcal characLers and rellglon of Lhose from
Lhe oLher counLry..
*+,-# 1he raLlonale for 8ohlngya eLhnlc cleanslng by Lhe
8urmese mlllLary can be sum up Lo: Lhe physlcal
appearance, race, rellglon, and culLure of an eLhnlc
1here are addlLlonal pleces of dlslnformaLlon
abouL 8ohlngya eLhnlc mlnorlLy. uue Lo lack of space Lhe
enLlre publlcaLlon ln Lhe Myanmar Alln could noL be
covered here. 1he enLlre plece on Lhe 3
sesslon of Lhe
assembly may be accessed on age 8 of Lhe March
14, 2012 lssue of Myanmar Alln.
5ootce. Oot cottespooJeot

1nNlc kAknlN lOk 1nNlc clA5lNC
Lthn|c kakh|ne of Arakan Steps Up
Campa|gns Aga|nst Lthn|c koh|ngya
kakh|ne's re|ent|ess aggress|on aga|nst
koh|ngya f|nds great aff|n|ty w|th 8urmese
m|||tary's human r|ght v|o|at|ons
Maungdaw, Arakan, 8urma. 1he unrelenLlng deslre of
eLhnlc 8akhlne elemenLs ln 8urma for LoLal domlnance
over Lhe enLlre sLaLe of Arakan flnds perfecL chemlsLry
wlLh Lhe ulLra-naLlonallsL pollcy of purlLy" embraced by
Lhe 8urmese mlllLary esLabllshmenL. 1he 8akhlne
elemenL ln Lhe so-called democraLlc governmenL ln
8urma apparenLly ls deLermlned Lo paralyze anyLhlng
LhaL moves ln Lhe 8ohlngya communlLy ln 8urma.
8akhlne acLlvlsLs ln norLhern Arakan have reporLedly
collecLed slgnaLures from several hundred 8akhlne for
Lhe 8akhlne naLlonal uevelopmenL arLy (8nu) Lo
submlL a peLlLlon Lo Lhe 8urmese naLlonal Assembly
(ylLaungsu PluLLaw) Lo lnvesLlgaLe Lhe Lhree 8ohlngya
Ms of unlon SolldarlLy and uevelopmenL arLy (uSu)
from Maungdaw and 8uLhldaung consLlLuencles namely,
Zaklr Ahmed (Aung Zaw Wln), Abdul 8azzak (Shwe
Maung) and Zahldur 8ahman (u PLay Wln) are genulne
8urmerse clLlzens or noL. 1he appeal furLher calls for
lmpeachmenL of Lhe 8ohlngya parllamenLarlans. 1he
appeal has been reporLedly accepLed by Lhe naLlonal
Assembly whlch ls saLuraLed wlLh former mlllLary
offlclals. CurrenLly, Lhe faLe of Lhe 8ohlngya
parllamenLarlans depends on Lhe uSu.
5ootce. Oot cottespooJeot

The Burmese Rohingya Association of North America!
120 Meadowview Drive, State College, PA 16801, USA; (814)777-4498;;

The Burmese Rohingya Association of North America
(BRANA) welcomes the declaration of the victory of Daw Aung
San Suu Kyis party in Burmas parliamentary election. BRANA
expresses its enthusiasm and joins hands with all the supporters
cheering outside her party headquarters in Yangon.
As the Burmese government claims to be moving toward
true democratic reform, BRANA stresses that the Burmese
government and all sectors of the Burmese society at large must
demonstrate respect for the core value of democracy and human
rights. For Burma to become a responsible member of the
international community, crimes committed against the ethnic
minorities, particularly the ethnic Rohingya people, must be
stopped immediately and their inalienable rights and freedom
must be restored.
BRANA calls on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her party
officials to engage in vigorous advocacy for the long overdue
political and human rights for Rohingya ethnic minority in Burma.
BRANA also urges Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to convince the
Burmese Government to respect and fulfill the aspirations of the
ethnic minority, including the Rohingya, by engaging in a
meaningful dialogue, with a view to finding solutions to their
longstanding problems and prevalence of peace and stability in
the country.

Prof. Dr. Wakar Uddin Nay San Oo
Chairman Information Secretary