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*** You Should always consult your Doctor*** before starting any kind of diet! 1000 Calorie Diet low fat- low sodium- low glycemic Sugar-free drinks (NO Soda) DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES GET RID OF THE JUNK FOOD IN THE HOME & THROW-AWAY THE SALT ***You must Eat all 3 Meals daily*** Snacks you may skip if you like (Suggested 30 min Before breakfast) Take medications if any Take 1 Centrum chewable multi-vitamin Cut apple into slices and take w/ a bottle of water ***Water is Key*** To flushing system-Hydrating your Metabolism And helps suppress Hunger until cravings Subside after a few days or the first week ***Try to Eat meals on time*** (Breakfast 8:00am) 300 cal max (bottle of water / zero cal drink) Snack- w/bottle of water (plus any zero cal sugar free drink) - at least 3 bottles of water by this time (Lunch 12:00 noon) 300 cal max (bottle of water / zero cal drink) Snack- w/bottle of water (plus any zero cal sugar-free drink) (Dinner 4:00pm) 300 cal max (bottle of water / zero cal drink) - at least 6 bottles of water * Eat meal no later than 5:00pm by this time 2 hours after dinner you may have Dessert- w/bottle of water (plus any zero cal sugar-free drink) [ *My grocery bill Dropped from $150.00 to $70.00 a month*]

I was 397 lbs last Feb 28th-and My health was an issue I had Sleep-Apnea since 1996 And had trouble with Mental Fatigue Narcolepsy- just staying awake was a real Struggle-at night I could not Rest I would always wake up several times an hour to move from my bed to the couch to the floor even then back to my bed and Start over again all night long- all the time having to urinate alot-my ankles were dark due to poor circulation and retained fluids that at times would seep out. My blood pressure was so high that I had to take two blood pressure prescriptions I went from being an active person to someone that could not function normally And have a normal life, My weight was slowly killing me-a bullet would be a more Merciful method-I really hated being Narcoleptic during the day and becoming an Insomniac at night time-I really dreaded having to try and sleep-it was getting very Intolerable for me-Sleep Apnea is no joke-I can tell you first hand and I lived with It since 1996-before It became fashionable.. In mid 2006 I signed up for LAP-BAND surgery-Knowing that this was going to Change things I decided to make my change before surgery so that it would not Be such a shock-I stuck to this Diet and was steadily losing weight about 20 lbs Month and had lost about 105 lbs in 5 months prior to surgery well now I had A dilemma do I just stay on the diet or go through with the surgery. I should have just stayed on my Diet-If you are considering BAND surgery this Info is worth the $3.00 alone! Looking at the long term-I chose to go through with the surgery I was sleeping better at this time-very little nightly potti trips-and my blood pressure Dropped way down close to norm-But I still did the Band thinking well now its really Gonna fly off-Nope! Never having any kind of surgery and not liking to be Cut-pumped With air-Inserted into and Deflated again-All things considered it was not a bad first time experience-I recouped very quickly-almost no pain-a little soar-but not bad. Now Time to drink Liquids for 4 weeks and then Puree for 3 weeks-now I know why you Must pass a physiological evaluation prior to being green-lighted for this procedure-its a Bit Frightening when you cannot eat anything-just sip fluids and ice chips-it got better When I was able to drink Puree (anything that you can suck up a straw) but you cant use A straw-my menu broadened a little-but not much-by the way most of the time I could Not swallow fluids down-and guess what happened-hey but I was losing a little at first I was starving-and in addition to the effects of the Anesthesia the lack of Protein in my System to feed - I was losing hair-a lot-Fortunately I grow hair like weeds in a garden. Hey more Fun to come-Now when you are allowed to Eat SOLIDS again-It must only Be 4oz of food per meal-3 meals a day-only, and in that you must have as much Protein As you can-and try not to eat High calorie meals-abide by this then you may eat whatever You want well did you ever try to eat 4oz of spaghetti that leaves you a meatball and A few noodles-Meal over-next meal in 4 hrs-yeah thats how you lose weight and your Hair and your nice sweet temperament.