There’s warm, and then there’s PrimaLoft® WARM.

Your tactical advantage insulation.

Tim Cashell, TCPOC

•  PrimaLoft® History and Origins •  Special Operations: Cold Weather requirements •  PrimaLoft ®: SOF field tested, proven and chosen •  PrimaLoft ® 101

Versus Goose Down: 100% synthetic alternative Equivalent thermal performance Retains warmth when wet Compressible Breathable

PrimaLoft®’s parent company - Albany International Corp. develops Thermal protection and Composite components for Commercial, Military, and Research purposes

X-33 Technology Demonstrator Next Generation Jet Engine Turbines Boeing 787 Landing Gear B-2 Stealth Bomber U.S. Space Shuttle

•  Temperature Range
45oF to -50oF

•  Walk or “Cook” Dry in less than 30 minutes •  Min temp at less than 5 layers •  Minimal “Met” Output at Min Temp •  Fully Modular and Tailor-able •  Highly Packable

•  Location: Kodiak, Alaska •  Full immersion for 10 minutes in 33oF Water •  Require exceptional warmth in wet conditions

•  Rigorous Downselect •  Field Use •  Compression Testing •  High Clo-value (warmth) when Dry and Wet •  Warmth After Laundry Lifecycles (10x) •  Who Competed? •  PrimaLoft® (Various Versions) •  Polarguard (Various Versions) •  3M •   What was SOF looking to improve upon? •  Larger operational temperature range •  Better capability in wet environment •  Better compression for transport
NOTE: Staple Fill and Continuous Filament were Compared

•  Warmth When Wet
•  Highest Warmth or “Wet Clo” of all performers •  Highest performance in Walk Dry test

•  Lifecycle Warmth/Durability
•  Highest Clo and least degradation after 10x launderings

•  Compression Testing
•  All PrimaLoft® styles compressed at least 33% better than all competitors •  Looked at the impact to a clothing system and load out

Joint SOF User Panel comprised of all SOF forces unanimously chose PrimaLoft® for field performance

•  PrimaLoft® is the premier insulation used by the US Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Special Operations Forces •  Provides a tactical advantage over the enemy under extreme cold and wet conditions. •  PrimaLoft® has served for 9 years of war

Proprietary blend of small diameter fibers trap more air to insulate

Special finishes and small diameter fibers make PrimaLoft® water resistant.

Finer diameter fibers and proprietary finish make PrimaLoft® insulation ultra soft

§  Used as a unit to measure thermal insulation

CLO Value

§  1 clo represents the insulation required to keep a resting person warm in an indoor room at 70 °F (21.1°C) §  PrimaLoft® FUSION has the highest warmth to weight (clo/oz/sqyd) of any Berry-compliant synthetic insulation


§  A fiber that is less than or equal to 1.0 Denier is considered microdenier or microfiber §  The smaller fibers allow more trapped air pockets, resulting in higher clo values


§  Used to describe fibers and yarns that do not adsorb moisture §  PrimaLoft®’s unique proprietary finish repels moisture better than other synthetics in wet environments


§  Breathability measures how well a material allows moisture to move through it §  PrimaLoft® has excellent breathability for high-output activities


§  Microfibers allow for a more compressible insulation for ease of transport of materials §  PrimaLoft®’s proprietary fiber finish also contributes to its soft hand as well as water repellancy

There’s warm, and then there’s PrimaLoft® WARM.

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