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[Tracy's note: this was a message to the email list but it starts out with a summary on my experience with dispensationalism.] To: From: Jesus Christ is the Only Way to God Subject: Revelation Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 09:12:56 -0800 Dear Christian Friends: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I'll be taking what seems to be a circuitous route to introduce you to a new offering on the website... **************DISPENSATIONALISM**************** A few years ago, we found ourselves in an independent Baptist church. In time, we were presented with a system of Biblical interpretation called dispensationalism. I had never heard of it before. As it was unfolded before my eyes, I was HORRIFIED as I was told that GOD would require the Jewish people to sacrifice animals again in direct contradiction to the book of Hebrews which said the blood of bulls and goats could never take away sins--to say that the blood of King Jesus is not enough IS heretickal--I will take it to that level for it is worthy. I was horrified as I was told that the gospel of Matthew was for the Jews. I was told the same thing about the revelatory book of Hebrews. I was horrified as the Old Testament was used to explain the New Testament. I was taken aback as they gave my husband books by a man named Larkin who used the Revised Standard Version (though they were supposedly King James) in order to defend this particular eschatology. The Bible alone could not be used to defend this system. I was confused at their insistence that the church and Israel would be forever separate inspite of Romans chapters 4, 9, 10, 11, Ephesians 2:11-22, as well as many other scriptures. I was incredulous when they told me that people in the Old Testament were saved by works when Romans chapter 4 uses Father Abraham as a perfect illustration of justification by faith and Galatians 3:6-11 tells us that Abraham was justified by faith and Genesis 15:6 that says that Abram believed in the Lord and it was counted to him for righteousness. Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, let the truth be ESTABLISHED. When they told me that the church would be "raptured" before the great tribulation, I thought "It doesn't really matter, the point is we'll be going with Jesus one day." God used them to REBUKE my careless attitude. They kept insisting my husband and I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture AND their schemes or else we were hereticks. This drove me to the word. We tried to be so nicey in that church but we just did not agree with the doctrine. We didn't buck it or try to convince them otherwise, as things came up, we just presented the scriptures that exposed the errors. But that was too much for them. People working under delusion will work to get you under the same delusion and get mad and call you heretick in a second. We were told in our own house that we did not rightly divide the word because we were not "dispensationalists". I was under the wrath of man for about a year or so. But for the righteous, even our tribulations are sanctified. The Psalmist said, that even "the wrath of man shall praise thee; the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain." Even the wrath of man shall praise the Lord and His people, thank you Jesus and amen. That situation made me start going to Matthew, Mark, Luke, Joel, Zechariah, Daniel, Revelation, Thessalonians, Peter, etc. The King made me start overlaying the scriptures on the end times. I've been labouring since then and last year, King Jesus sent me something... *************NEW EYEBALLS**************** In the year 2000, I went to the book of Revelation and the Lord made my eyes remain on the title. "The Revelation". I said, " reveal something." I looked it up in the Webster's 1828 dictionary. It said to "discover something previously unknown". I was like, "Okay, I am supposed to learn something I didn't know." Then I went down to chapter one verse one and it said, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, TO SHEW unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass..." "The Revelation was given to servant TO SHEW THEM WHAT MUST COME TO PASS." Then I started thinking, "If you ask a Christian what the most confusing book in the Bible is, they are usually going to say 'Revelation'. That is JUST THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT REVELATION WAS GIVEN FOR!" I thought "This mystification is of Satan." After that Revelation came through into my thick head, I thought to myself, "I can understand anything in the Bible!" I turned to Ezekiel chapter 1 and God started opening me up. I turned to chapter 2 and 3. He gave me revelation of it and then within about 2 months, King Jesus had a cyber sister invite me go to a deaf Bible study with her. What did that man preach about--Ezekiel and the very last sentence of his sermon was the revelation that King Jesus gave me. I knew I was on to something. ****************GET WISDOM*************** Holy brethren. I am talking to HOLY brethren (not hypocrites), you don't have to walk around mystified. Commit your way to the Lord and start


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looking for Sound doctrine. The Spirit of Christ lives in you and will reveal to you what you need to know. ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN THEE, SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND, KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU! I've been labouring with Revelation and the end times for some years and I will keep on labouring till all the answers are in place--and yes, they are unfolding even though there are lies all over the world and all in the churches. Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom. And with all thy getting, get understanding. ****************"GO BACK"***************** The Lord revealed to me in my prayer that I am going to have to GO BACK IN TIME to get instructions (e.g. how to pray) and sound reading material. We have so much apostasy today. I was to go back to the olde divines and see what I could see. I'm not saying they were right about everything, I am saying there is something to see back there. One day in my prayer closet, the Lord told me to GO BACK. The Lord brought to mind Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Israel was given over to idolatry. The altar of the Lord was in disrepair. Elijah rebuilt it for it was broke down. Today, false doctrine is built up and spreaded like a green bay tree. The altar of the Lord on the the other hand is disused and disregarded. The way of holiness and sobriety, has been cast to the ground. He told me to start picking up the stones and rebuilding the altar. After the vision was given to me, I had to wait for months for the vision to be clear. It was like the time when Jesus annointed a blind man and asked him if he saw ought. The man said, "I see men as trees walking." The Lord touched him again and he saw every man clearly. That is how was for me. I knew I had been touched and I had some vision, but I had to keep looking and waiting for the Lord to clear my vision more. Maybe this email will be that first touch for SOMEBODY out there. You can know the truth and KISS the divine. Psalm 2:12 says "Kiss the Son". Kiss Him and let Him kiss your mind and your life and see what happens! The people you talk to will sense it because it is for real. ***************HOW DO YOU KISS THE SON?*************** How do you kiss the Son? Let go of all evil, learn how to pray, seek His face, read His word. Start by thinking about your deficiencies (you know what's wrong with you) and confess them to the Lord and ask Him to take them away from you. Ask Him day and night with importunity and you'll find you start changing quickly. Keep reading the word and as you grow holier, it will be holier and more meaningful to you. *****************NO MORE WILDERNESS*************** People write telling me that they are dried up. I used to go through wilderness periods where it seemed I was just sitting still for weeks or months, but now that I know the kingdom system and that is a thing of the past. I have my times when I feel a little stumped by my own sin or an event, but that does not last long because I start calling on the Lord, fasting and reading the word in Jesus name. *************KING JAMES I ***************** King James VI & I, the man whose name is on our Bible has been called many horrible things, including a sodomite. It's not true. King James was a brother in the faith and had 9 children by his wife Queene Anne. We have a page on him at I am sure the devil has spread all these rumours in order to keep people from researching about this Christian monarch. After reading Stephen Coston's "King James: Unjustly Accused?" the Lord set me off to study King James. I have read some of His Majestie's Christian writings and I have to say AWESOME. His meditation on the Lord's prayer helped my prayer life. Lord willing, we'll upload it to the site soon. The meditation I am now going to commend to you is His Majestie's meditation on Revelation 20:7-10. It is pithy and can be read like a sermon. King James was a good writer and teacher. In this meditation, I've underlined some good points, but by no means all. I highly suggest he that hath an ear to hear to read the entire meditation, it is powerful all the way to the last "Amen". Pay special note to his exposition of Gog and Magog and the nature of the falling away or universal defection. If you want to read it on a black background, or if you want to print it out to read on the deck or at lunch Proverbs says, "where the word of a king is, there is POWER." Of a truth with His Majestie King James. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. God bless all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. GOD IS A SPIRIT AND THEY THAT WORSHIP HIM MUST WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. Let us look at our spirit. Do our SPIRITS REJOICE IN GOD OUR SAVIOUR? That is what we want. We want our outward works to flow from the fact that in our SOUL WE LOVE THE LORD. Doing everything JUST BECAUSE WE LOVE THE LORD. He is so


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beautiful. Let this thing get down in your SOUL. Let the King of glory REIGN in your soul. for Jesus' sake, tracy