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Duke Jeyaraj

The Movie, Titanic, released in 3D is the talk of the town. How should I, a believer in the Lord Jesus and a follower of His Word, the Bible? Bob Smithhouser writes that there were two types of 'gaping holes' in Titanic one, was the actual hole that came into being when this ship banged into an iceberg and the other type of hole was a MORAL hole! When one wears Bible glasses to analyze this movie based on what is written about it, you will find that some of those holes cannot be simply swept under the carpet.

Titanic, despite being an artistically brilliant movie, sends out the WRONG MESSAGES. Let me talk about three such messages: 1. "PROFANITY CAN BE PASSED!" Bob Smithouser writes, "To begin with, the script's profanity is really disappointing, especially the man inappropriate uses of God's name. I wasn't around in 1912, the year original Titanic sank, but I have a hard time believing that young ladies of the time period treated elders with disrespect that was expressed in the language they used." The movie has been given PG-13 rating in the U.S. for disaster related peril and violence, nudity, sensuality and brief language. Don't forget the Bible teaches us that 'obscene talk' is a mark of an God-displeasing unbeliever - something we must urgently put away from our lives (Col. 3:7,8). The Scripture tells us that older folk deserve to be 'respected' (Heb. 12:9), 'reverently honored' and should not be 'harshly' or 'impatiently' spoken to (I Tim. 5:1, The Message & NLT). 2. "AN EROTIC FLING IS ENDURING FUN!" Bob Smithhouser writes, "There's nudity and sex between the male and female leads (in the movie, Titanic). Why did their relationship have to go there? The intimacy sends a very subtle, very dangerous message. Think about it. The story of Titanic is told in flashback. Winslet's character is reflecting on more than 100 years of experiences. She's had a husband, children and grandchildren. Yet when she slips into sleep at the end of the film, it becomes clear that the most lasting impression of her life was a four-fling with a guy she hardly knew! The implied message: spontaneous, passionate encounters are the stuff that lifelong dreams are made of. That's sad and misleading. In fact, we know people for whom the opposite has been tragically true: sex before marriage can be devastating. The filmmakers' decision to romanticize that fallacy causes Titanic to run aground." In the Bible we read of the disastrous consequences flings like the one Kate Winslet had with Leanardo Di Caprio can bring in. Judah, Joseph's elder brother, had a sexual fling with a prostitute while traveling on business. That prostitute happened to be his own daughter-in-law in disguise. His secret sin came out to cause him an embarrassment (Gen. 38).

In fact, from the Bible we read about the following lethal results when people have lapped up sexual sin: Firstly, the LORD will leave you and you wont know it. Like it happened for Samson as he lay on Delilahs lap (Jud 16:20). Secondly, you can never be a leader who will influence people for good. Joseph, one who was famous among a set of 12 brothers for beating sexual temptation was told under Divine Inspiration that he would be prince among his brothers while the one who slept with his fathers wife, Reuben, was told you will be first no longer (Gen. 49:4,26). David, the great leader of Israel who had an adulterous affair, had to go silent when his son raped his daughter (2 Sam 13: 21,22). Thirdly, violence could become commonplace in your family. David learnt this bitter truth when the lives of three of his Sons - Amnon, Absalom and Adonijah were cut short violently at the prime of their youth. Fourthly, you would have given birth to spiritual enemies who will battle against you for the rest of your life. The sons born to Lots daughters out of his incestuous relationship with them became ancestors for the Moabites and Ammonites two of Israels most bitter enemies in their later years. Fifthly, the advantages you may have gotten through sexual sins will melt away. Remember, Davids love-child born as a result of his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba eventually died notwithstanding his plea that God would spare Him (2 Sam 12:14). Sixthly, Gods name will be blasphemed. You who say that people should not commit adultery, do you commit adultery? As it is written: Gods name is blasphemed among the gentiles because of you! wrote Paul (Rom 2: 22,24). Finally, when we persist stubbornly in sexual sin well go to hell. The Bible doesnt mince words when it says the sexually immoral their place will be the fiery lake of burning sulfur (Rev 21:8). L-U-S-T is a fourletter sin that will take us to a four-lettered place, H-E-L-L. Do these fatal figures concerning those who indulged in sexual sin make you shudder? It is meant to do just that. Reason? Shuddering can also be biblical way to beat sexual temptation! After proclaiming the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel (including the command, You shall not commit adultery) Moses told them, The fear of God will be with you to keep you from sinning! (Ex 20:14,20). The next time when you think of yielding to sexual temptations, take time to count the cost of yielding to them and you will find that thought not so pleasurable. It's is not as pleasurable or gloriously memorable as the movie, Titanic, is making it out to be!

3. "NUDITY IS NORMAL!" The Times of India newspaper had the following story on their 30th March, 2012, edition: Here is some good news for fans of Fox Star Studios Titanic 3D who are eagerly awaiting the spectacular 3D release of James Cameron's magnum opus next week on 5th April 2012. The memorable and much discussed painting scene where Leonardo Di Caprio sketches Kate Winslet wearing just an emerald necklace has now been included in the 3D version! In 1997 when Titanic first released, 2 scenes were cut. However this time in 2012, Titanic 3D has been passed without any cuts at all and has received a clear U/A censor rating by CBFC! Confirms a source from the team, "Titanic 3D has been passed with a clear U/A rating from the Censor Board. The scenes cut in 1997 have now been included in the 3D version releasing on 5th April across all theaters in India." This will surely whet the anticipation of the millions of Titanic fans who have been awaiting the re release of the film. In fact, the excitement is amongst the highest in India with an unprecedented 25 Lac fans from India on the Titanic 3D global Facebook page, which is in fact the No.1 fan base across the World. This story published seemed to make nudity as normal. Nudity is normal as long as the persons in question are nude before their actual spouses. This is the biblical teaching. Read Leviticus 18 in the King James Version. The thrust of that Bible Chapter is that a wife's nakedness belongs to the eyes of his actual husband alone - and no one else's! God-pleasers would not even 'undress a girl with their eyes' leave alone be around when a girl who is not their wives undresses (Read Job 31:1 in the Message Version of the Bible by Eugene Peterson and you will get this). IN CONCLUSION

So, the 3D movie Titanic is DEFINITELY NOT A MOVIE A BELIEVER IN CHRIST CAN HAPPILY, WITHOUT ANY SECOND THOUGHT OR RESERVATIONS, WALK INTO A THEATER AND WATCH! If you put on Bible glasses to scrutinize Titanic going by what is written about it, you will decide not to wear the 3D glasses to settle down in a posh theater to watch it! This does not mean, one should not talk about Titanic. If someone tells you that they watched the 3D version of Titantic and you are missing the experience of your life, if you did not do the same, beg to differ with them. Explain to them the three things which this article has talked about. Use the conversations you have with the Google Generation about the movie, Titanic, to naturally form a bridge to talk about Christ. You could do that by asking the Titanic-movie watchers a question: "Where would you go, if you died suddenly as those traveling in the unsinkable Titanic did?" At this juncture, present Christ as the one who came down to earth to save those bound to the fear of dying all their lives, as the Bible declares (Heb. 2:15).