Chapter 1 A Hell Broke Loose

We all live our lives in a very unique way. Some complex, some simple, some just don’t care what happens next. Mine is just simple. I run to deliver mails, I run to chase the time, I run to earn money, I run to have my salary. I run to save my belly from starving. I run to keep my heart beating. I run to keep me alive. I run away from such cruelty. I run away from such brutality. I run away from such pressures. But now, I run away from the ZOMBIE. “World as we know it may come to an end”. Waking up early in the morning because of your alarm clock, because you have a work to do, Delivering letters from the main post to any point of Moscow City by means of walking or running, going back to apartment to sleep Living with people who knows nothing but to complain about life are just the things I keep doing everyday for a living. Yes, I do mean every day. Delivering mails without a transport vehicle? No problem, I’m a traceur. We deliver mails by the means of free running, that’s the Trademark of the Mailing Company I work for, The Merkyurov(Меркю́рoв) Mailing Services. I’m all alone now, my parents are in Leningrad, miles far away from Moscow. My life’s kinda boring. It’s just given life by parkour, without it, I might die in boredom. The “World as we know it...” stuff? I think it already is happening. Waking up in the morning not because of your alarm clock but because of the civilians screams, the gunshots, the ravaging of the streets and all those unusual turned usual things. Living with the supposed to be ‘dead’ people, lawless renegades and hopeless civilians are now the things I’m living with. Everything was normal, everything was good. But in just a blink of an eye, who would have expected life will be a living hell for everybody. This incident that started was just so untimely. I haven’t even talked my parents for the last 2 months, I haven’t even seen them, nor know if how they are recently. I haven’t even received my pay check for this month. I haven’t even seen the girl of my dreams! It was so unfair. Since this “zombie” apocalypse shit has started, looting has become a part of my daily living. Survival basics my friend. From retail stores to convenient stores, to supermarket I loot everyday just to satisfy my needs. I’m almost having no problem when it comes to supplies. Shortly I noticed that there are renegade scouts dressed like hobos scavenging my supplies. I would like to confront those but I realized that they are not alone; they are with a group of renegades. I can’t do anything but to watch my favourite convenient store being stripped out of food, clothing and other stuff. Then I thought came out of my mind, “If I stay here at the top of the building, I could die of starvation”. I then made a decision of going down and finding some safe place with a group of people you can trust, or a fort with a civilization that you can call. Upon the exodus of the renegade gang, I packed my travelling bag and went down the building. But before moving on to the searching, i went to a nearby sports store, grabbed a baseball bat and headed north. Honestly I do not know why I am heading north.

[End of Chapter 1] . removed his mask and welcomed me. Please make yourse…”. not the house.. i threw the baseball bat on the face of one zombie. while the other came near me. I already ran 6-7 blocks from the house that sounded the alarm.. I jumped above the high fences. That was the last thing I remember. I don’t actually know where I am heading. I even let loose my heavy bag so that I can run faster. I saw from a near distance a sign of life and security. but behind me a horde of zombies walking. though i lost some of the zombies.As I walk farther from the building I was on. 7 big guys dressed in riot-control suits armed with AK-47’s standing behind a barricade composed of jersey walls and sandbags. I thought I’m already safe at my pace. “Welcome to the Red Fort Kid. I am to accept the truth that I am going to fall down and be eaten by zombie. and cat leaps to get to another point with swift. rattled. I saw a park with such obstacles that the kids usually play at. If I am not mistaken. While my eyes are closed. busting the head and thus killing it. the guy that approached me. I feel like I am hearing voices that tell me to keep running a bit more. there still are more of them chasing after me. I looked at my back then. But it wasn’t enough. they’ll run for the stuff that brought noise. I think I am giving up. my lungs cannot accommodate anymore pressure and my legs are starting to feel such pain I never experienced before. and the worse.. That’s the reason why they can determine who’s living and who’s dead. they do have a strong sense of smell. then my vision blurred and fell unconscious. I got an idea of using my parkour tricks to save myself from being eaten alive. I closed my eyes a little time and uttered my final prayers. Time was running fast.. When I opened my eyes. As the last zombie fell on the ground. I ran as fast as I can for I don’t want to be their dinner. vaulted on gates. I have been staying on that rooftop for about a month or two. My stamina that I built during the living days was not enough.. I want to live longer. me. I cracked the door silently using the baseball bat I took a while back to get inside. The six then fired their guns at the horde that was chasing after me. rolled on floors.. “Hurry my friend!!” I felt the adrenaline gave me a burst of stamina and speed. It was already dark when I found an unbarricaded house.” A horde of zombies are rushing into me. following me since the very start of my journey. if they are alerted by the noise. did some wall run to save time running on steps. more blood stained the floor. But beyond my knowledge about the living dead. GOD. “OH. MY. more and more zombies are infesting the streets. I never noticed that the house was equipped with an anti-burglar alarm system. This case. yelling at me. I walked very silently to avoid creating noise. I vaulted over the barricade and caught my breath. I decided to spend the rest of the night in that house then continue my journey for tomorrow. panicked. and I noticed that these monstrosities are easily attracted to noise. I tried to keep a low profile and avoided to call an unwanted attention while walking with the zombies. To save me some weight. more turned-down automobiles scatter the area. “Oh shit!” I whispered. I ran on the empty street to save my life. My cardio is about to give up. so I walked a bit faster and escaped my predicted death. The alarm sounded with such loud noise like a fire alarm.

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