Mobile Trading and Portfolio Management Solution

To be competitive, the financial services institutions must effectively leverage technology to provide an improved customer experience and enhanced service, cost reduction, driving traffic out of call centers and branches. The solutions have to operate with a rigid requirement for highly-available, fault-tolerant processes that can sustain operations with high-speed data streams. The mobile trading solution of IWBank, guarantees minimal latency during retrieval of data, provides robustness to ensure non-stop operations and delivers scalability to handle a growing amount of data and concurrent users. Case Study – Portfolio & Trading Management Founded in 1999, IWBank S.p.A. is an Italian innovative banking institution; it focuses on a mostly young and active audience willing to sacrifice some traditional face-to-face and offline services for favorable economic conditions (low fees and high interest rates) and refined online brokerage services. The bank wanted to create a fully integrated real-time portfolio management solution thereby offering it’s portfolio managers’ sophisticated modeling, trading, and allocation management tools. Endeavour – The Mobility Company, assisted by building a scalable solution which could adopt to each customer’s individual needs, offering self-directed investors, third-party investment managers, and traditional trust customers a multi-faceted approach to online, real-time, sophisticated account access. Challenges to be addressed The bank needed a solution that could facilitate its customers leverage the power of mobile ecosystem to facilitate their transactions with the bank and that can manage large trading volumes quickly and accurately. The bank wanted a solution that could provide:  Comprehensive instrument coverage: Support for the full breadth of services including key trade information, portfolio management, online trading and other banking needs  Scalability: The capacity to support the firm’s rapid growth  Uptime and reliability: A means to accelerate processes and maximize efficiency  Security: The ability to restrict data access based on specific roles  Regulatory Compliance The trade execution time is vital in trading environment and the consumers are expecting to be presented with complete information even when they are on the move.

Services Offered by Endeavour-The Mobility Company Endeavour has helped the bank address critical questions and succeed in the mobile ecosystem by offering services related to:  Strategy Definition and opportunity prioritization to ensure prioritization of long term vision and short term priorities  Solution Architecture Design identifying business and technological gaps thereby defining optimal solution  Execution and Program Management thereby delivering technology solution that produce the desired results The Solution – Leapdrive The application provided the bank with a tremendous advantage, an extra edge in providing an effective service to their customers on to their mobile handset by enabling them to perform both online trading and other banking activities in a secure manner. Some of the salient features of the solution include:
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Stock Quotes: The application allows the users to view real time stock quotes. Portfolio: User can have his/her own portfolio in which the details of stock quotes of his/her choice can be tracked. User can add and delete the quotes to be tracked. Account Management: Users can create user accounts, edit the preferences and delete user accounts for online trading as well as manage preferences related to trading options. Real time charts: Charts provide the user with the trends for stocks over a period of time with option to view different types of charts. Real time trading: The trade feature facilitates user to request for the 'Bid' & 'Ask' price of the selected security & enable users to view exhaustive information of selected stock. Trade Book: Trade feature also provides details of the booked orders such as bid price, bid volume, ask price, ask volume. Order History: User can view the order status in which user can view the detail of the order and the current status. Market Updates: Provides top 10 new headlines related to the portfolio under consideration. Banking Operations: Perform the banking activities from the mobile handset. Secure: All transactions secured by use of standard encryption mythologies in addition to password protection.

Our Value Add The detailed understanding of technology landscape at IWBank (current state and future state) facilitated Endeavour in create a solution framework that was tailored to address the challenges presented by mobile. The solution was designed to  Have reusable application components that enable rapid mobile development across supported devices and operating systems for future scalability  Securely manage personal data, content and media, both on the device and during communication  Take advantage of secure interfaces that provide access to existing enterprise business services, security resources, and assets  Leverage existing infrastructure components to better serve, secure, and support mobile Applications

About Endeavour Endeavour is a specialist mobility company and has been exclusively focused on mobile solution development since 2002. Based on our growth over the last decade we are confident that our role as the Mobility Services Company that acts as the “Mobility Integrator” to enterprises is critical to the enterprise mobile ecosystem. Our vision is to be the world's best "Mobility Integrator", and our strategy is to do this by  Enabling our People. By enabling our people to keep pace with the latest in mobility technology – and become thought leaders in their areas of specialization Helping Customers. By proactively going to our customers and helping them drive business value from Mobile enablement.

With over a decade of proven mobility expertise, enabling award-winning customer deployments, Endeavour is evolving into one of the largest independent enterprise mobility company globally.

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