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The Supply Chain of the Home Category is unique because of the following characteristics: Requirement for a high service

e orientation with regards to management of the customer touch point. Life time relationship with customer and need to do life cycle management of the product, requiring building up of Reverse Logistics capability including after sales support. High value High involvement category for the customer yet the category is evolving in a manner which results in increasing pressure on margins and costs In view of technological advancements and rapid product obsolescence, the time to market in the finished goods supply chain needs to be as short as possible, ie a short and efficient supply chain is the requirement, which also has quick response times to demand signals. The storage solutions in particular, need to address the dimensions of storage constraints in terms of: Stacking heights & managing the large size of individual items Traceability of individual SKUs in some product categories like mobiles Component level storage of knocked down products like furniture etc Since Home products are high-value as well as damage- prone they require careful handling and transportation. Future Supply Chains customized storage solutions and padded vehicles ensure that high value furniture and electronic products reach the customers home in perfect condition. The home delivery vehicles are tracked through GPS/ GPRS, which update the customer about the exact status of their consignment on a real-time basis. Trained manpower for installation completes the satisfactory shopping experience for the customers. The entire Home Category consists of the following segments: 1 Furniture Made of Metal, Wood, Glass and some products being in knocked down are often fragile and require training of SCM manpower in storage and handling. 2 Furnishings Comprising of Home furnishings, Home linen, and this category is in its SCM requirements. condition. They

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3 Home Improvement Comprising of Home Dcor, Paints with its multiplicity of SKUs, short life cycles, continuous launching of new designs, shades and sizes, which create complexity in the Supply Chain. 4 Consumer Durables Comprising of Private lables of Future Group as well as National brands of Global repute. The challenge here is to avoid duplication of services and costs among the various owners of the finished goods Supply Chain, and provide the most economical and fast method of delivering the product to the end consumer. Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd, the logistics and supply chain vertical of Future Group, is India's first end - to - end Consumer Logistics Company. Future Supply Chains was established in April 2007, born from the need to have a specialized end - to - end supply chain for consumer products. Over the years, the company has developed competencies in managing the various operations involved in supply chains across different product categories. Future Supply Chains is distinct because it is an end - to - end supply chain company delivering millions of pieces to millions of consumers on a daily basis. It takes over the entire task of managing the supply chain; enabling its clients to concentrate on their core business. Over 2.6 million SKUs | Catering to over 2600 Retail Outlets | Avg 1.5 million pieces handled everyday | Up to 4 million pieces handled on peak days | 67 warehouses / distribution centers |

Covering 3.6 million sq. feet of warehousing space | 600 vehiclesstrong dedicated fleet and many more outsourced trucks | 1000 home deliveries every day | 1000+ employees