Klinger Graphite Laminate H,HL,SLS,PSM,PDM

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Klinger Graphite Laminate Graphite Sheeting/Gaskets , Foil Type H, Graphite Laminates & Graphite Metal Inserts(SLS,PSM,PDM)

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Recommended Use High temperature gasket material Supplier KLINGER Limited (ABN 95 008 679 838) 38 McDowell St Welshpool WA 6106 AUSTRALIA Tel +61 (0)8 9350 1100 (0800 – 1700 Australian Western Standard Time – GMT +8 hrs) Fax +61 (0)8 9350 6200

Not classified as hazardous according to the criteria of NOHSC. The product is considered harmless to health and the environment in the form supplied and if stored and handled in the correct manner – see Section 7. No hazards are known based on present information.


Ingredients Graphite 7782-42-5 (Carbon 95-99%)


Proportion 60%

Rev. April 2011

April 2011 .MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Klinger Graphite Laminate H. Seek medical attention if irritation occurs. Launder heavily contaminated clothing before reuse. Suitable Extinguishing Media Hazards from Combustion Products Precautions for Firefighters Rev. seek medical advice. Not a likely source of exposure.FIRST AID MEASURES Dust arising from working the product should be treated as nuisance particulate material. give plenty of fluid to assist passage through system. Not hazardous.PDM Page 2 of 7 Graphite Laminates contains stainless steel insert <10% 4 . In all cases of eye contamination it is a sensible precaution to seek medical advice. If ingested. May cause mechanical irritation in contact with eyes. the following may be produced: carbon monoxide. low molecular weight organic compounds. Wash skin with soap and water. Inhalation of dust may cause irritation to the mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. If prolonged irritation occurs. foam extinguishers Graphite does not burn or support combustion. Inhalation Skin Eye Ingestion 5 . Movement of exposed individual to fresh air is recommended. powder extinguishers. May cause irritation to individuals with sensitive skin.SLS. carbon dioxide.FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Water. Remove small solid particles and rinse with water for a minimum of 15 minutes. carbon dioxide. When heated to decomposition temperature.PSM.HL.

SANDED OR SUBJECTED TO ANY OTHER DUST PRODUCING PROCESS. April 2011 .PDM Page 3 of 7 and Special Protective Equipment Breathing apparatus and eye protection must be worn to protect from dust and decomposition products.MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Klinger Graphite Laminate H. SAWED.EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION Rev. GROUND.HL. 8 . Material should not be stored in the vicinity of heat sources. Handling Storage Store in a cool. well ventilated area removed from foodstuffs. Excessive heat or humidity in the storage area may diminish the product’s performance in its intended application. Emergency Procedures Methods and Materials for Containment and Cleanup Additional 7 . Protective gloves are recommended for handling metal inserted laminates to prevent laceration. Approved vacuum cleaners with high efficiency filters (HEPA) conforming to AS3544 or equivalent must be used to clean areas. the potential for the release of particles and fibres exists. Adequate suction and filtering of the exhaust air should be ensured. THIS MATERIAL MUST NOT BE DRILLED. In the case of improper use (see Section 8) fine dust may result. 6 . dry. whenever further processing of graphite is undertaken.ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Fire: See Section 5 Personal: See Section 4 Environmental: No known environmental hazards exist. See Section 8.HANDLING AND STORAGE No special precautions necessary when handling the material in its finished form. However.PSM.SLS.

April 2011 .PDM Page 4 of 7 National Exposure Standards (Time-Weighted Averages) Graphite: 3m g/m3 ES-TWA Carbon Fibre: 0. the potential for the release of particulates exists. No special precautions necessary when handling the material in its finished form. Do not inhale dust/fibres. Use localised extraction or wet methods of work to control dust levels. however as a general safety precaution the above guideline may be used. Ensure adequate ventilation exists to maintain air concentrations below exposure standards.) No Biological Limit Value allocated. Good hygiene practices must always be maintained.HL.PSM.Note that Carbon fibre has no current assigned exposure standard. However.SLS.PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Appearance Form Colour: Odour pH Vapour Pressure : Solid Sheet Grey/Black A faint solvent odour may be detectable with the laminates 4.MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Klinger Graphite Laminate H. safety glasses and a P2 particulate (AS1716 or equivalent) respirator. coveralls.5fibre/mL ES-TWA (Recommended . When removing spent material or when high levels or dust exist a full-face class H particulate cartridge respirator or full-face positive pressure demand airline respirator (AS1716 or equivalent) is recommended. Biological Limit Value Engineering Controls Personal Protective Equipment 9 .5-7 Not applicable Rev. In the case of particle generation exceeding the abovenoted National Exposure Standards. recommended PPE are rubber/PVC gloves. whenever further processing of sheets/gaskets is undertaken.

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Klinger Graphite Laminate H. Not known Contact with very strong oxidizers such as peroxides. self-extinguishing Insoluble Specific Gravity/Density at 20 º C : 0. chlorine. 10 . Oxides of carbon at very high temperatures. Chemical stability Conditions to Avoid Incompatible Materials Hazardous Decomposition Products None with proper use.5 Additional None.7-1. coughing. April 2011 .STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Stable under intended operating conditions.PDM Page 5 of 7 Vapour Density Boiling Point/Range Freezing/Melting Point Flashpoint Solubility (water) Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Does not flash. GROUND. negligible levels of graphite are emitted. Rev.(carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide) 11 . black sputum and difficulty breathing. SANDED OR SUBJECTED TO ANY OTHER DUST PRODUCING PROCESS. shortness of breath. SAWED. Inhalation of natural graphite dust may lead to pneumoconiosis and pulmonary fibrosis with such symptoms as chest tightness.TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION The material in its finished form presents no known health hazard. When this product is used as intended. THIS MATERIAL MUST NOT BE DRILLED.SLS. trifluoride and fluorine may cause fires and explosions.PSM.HL.

TRANSPORT INFORMATION None allocated None allocated relevant Not relevant Do not transport with Explosives.PDM Page 6 of 7 12 . Insoluble in water. In roll and cut packing form there is no risk associated with the product under normal transport conditions. precipitates.DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS No special requirements exist.PSM. Seal waste dust in heavy duty plastic bags (200 microns minimum). Oxidising agents.HL.SLS. Do not dispose of in an incineration system under any circumstance. April 2011 UN Number UN Proper Shipping Name Class and Subsidiary Risks Not Packing Group Special Precautions for User Hazchem Code . Not biologically degradable (selfclassification). Not applicable Disposal Methods Special Precautions 14 .ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Not known. Local.MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Klinger Graphite Laminate H. state and federal statutory regulations must be observed. Dump on industrial depositories. None allocated Rev. Not defined as a Dangerous Good by the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail. Organic peroxides and foodstuffs. Not known Ecotoxicity Persistence and Degradability Mobility 13 . Not known.

No warranty is given or implied in respect of information and recommendations or that any use of the products will not infringe rights belonging to other parties.REGULATORY INFORMATION Regulations for dangerous materials not applicable.PSM. 16 . In any event or occurrence.PDM Page 7 of 7 15 . All information and recommendations contained in this publication are to the best of our knowledge. END OF MSDS Rev. users must satisfy themselves that products are suitable for the intended processes and applications.HL. April 2011 .MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Klinger Graphite Laminate H. Since the conditions of use are beyond our control.SLS.OTHER INFORMATION The information presented is based on the present level of knowledge and experience. our liability is limited to our invoice value of the goods delivered and properties without notice.

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