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NAME: D.PRAVEENA 1. Multiplicative noise removal by constrained optimization 2. Image ratio features for facial expression recognition application 3. A detection model for pravior and save using real time face vision model 4. Extracting multiple features in the CID color space for face recognition 5. A completed modeling of local binary pattern operator for texture classification 6.Computer aided diagnosis of kidney images 7. Multichannel blind separation and deconvolution of images for document analysis 8. An optical flow based approach to robust face recognition under expression variations 9. Extracting multiple features in the CID color space for face recognition 10.Color Image segmentation with CLPSO-based Fuzzy 11. Mixed band Wavelet chaos neural network methodology for epilepsy and epileptic seizure detection 12. A Genetic algorithm for the resolution of superimposed Motor unit action potentials 13. ECG denoising and compression by modified extended kalman filter structure 14. Skin disease classifier 15. A dominating set based routing algorithm for MANET using Fuzzy logic controller for trust evaluation

16. Pattern recognition of earthquake signal using S transform and TT transform 17.An efficient hardware architecture for multimedia encryption and authentication using the discrete wavelet transform 18.Automatic segmentation and classifier of multiple sclerosis in multichannel MRI 19.SVM kernel analysis in image ratio features for facial expression recognition 20.Face recognition and age estimation using facial local features 21.Acoustic Echo cancellation 22.Multiscale CLBP features

Combined Projects in JAVA 1.Sustaining web services by differentiating DDos attacks from flash crowds 2.Jgroup server to server mapping

Praveena-Suganya combined projects in MATLAB 1.Reconstruction of geometrically distorted image using optical flow 2.Face recognition using Gabor filters(for images captured by webcamera) 3.An edge embedded marker based watershed algorithm for high spatial resolution remote sensing image segmentation 4.Turbo codes based image transmission for channels with multiple types of distortion 5.Segmentation and tracking of multiple humans in crowded environments

6.Classification of EEG signals using sampling techniques and least square support vector machines and neural networks 7.Face recognition using Laplacian faces and eigen faces 8. ROBUST LIP-MOTION FEATURES FOR SPEAKER IDENTIFICATION 9.Person identification using lip motion sequence 10.Local structure learning and prediction for efficient lossless Image compression Praveena-Suganya-Ishwarya combined projects 1. Soft computing approach for wireless sensor localization(Backpropagation) 2.Handoff performance in wireless mobile networks with unreliable fading channel 3. Soft computing approach for wireless sensor localization(Quickpropagation) 4.MRI brain tumour classification using hybrid SVMKNN Suganya-Ishwarya combined projects :

1. Angle of arrival & localization error minimization.


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Fingerprint and Iris authentication using fuzzy vault. Fingerprint and Retina authentication using 3D fuzzy vault. Embedded Zerotree wavelet coding based on adaptive fuzzy clustering and SOM for image compression. Perceptual Image hashing on watermarking. Detection of follicles using Iterative watershed segmentation. Fluid vector flow. An unified frame work for Object mining . Texture classification uing Gaussian mixture models. Fuzzy classification using Mammograms. Dominant LBP classification. Bottleneck Image segmentation. Sure-Let for video de-noising. Edge detection on fusion of wavelets. Rate distortion in 3D. FOMFE on singular point detection.

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16. MRI brain image segmentation. 17. De-noising Non-Linear Time series by adaptive filtering and wavelets. 18. 3D scalable medical image compression with optimized VOI.

19. Image fusion on two dimensional DWT and spatial frequency. 20. Dominant LBP and ADLBP. 21. Wavelet based image fusion. 22. Bayesian Clustering for MAP and SOM algorithm.