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(Modular Object Oriented Distant Learning Environment)

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Differentiation Distance Learning Personalised Learning Online collaboration Different learning styles Active engagement Interactive lessons Peer assessment Assessment for learning

Interested? Then why not put your name down for our series of Moodle courses (running from September to May) E-mail Angela Wardle ( to express your interest or intentions to attend.

See the timetable enclosed to find out more about each session and how it could benefit you!

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Revision of setting up/editing courses (if needed). video and sound clips. – to support ‘China Week’ Objectives: Staff should feel confident in exploring the use of discussion groups. Teachers to be confident in adding a range of content on a Moodle course and incorporating its use in their teaching. Opportunity to discuss any technical difficulties you may have been having. links to other websites and some simple online tests or activities (the tools demonstrated will very much depend on the needs of the departments being represented). Myths of Moodle Which tools will be useful for your department Set up your own course (or edit an existing course) How to ensure that all students will be able to access the course successfully How to use the discussion groups and other socialising tools to encourage pupils/students to take part in initial interactivity. How to provide a range of teaching resources on a Moodle course. online assignments (for pupils to upload work for all departments to see) and the sharing of resources. . This initial session is for staff who would like to see how they can use the online tools in Moodle to collaborate with each other during the China cross curricula week 19 Nov 08 Moodle – Session 2 : Objectives: Teachers are confident in setting up or editing an existing course in Moodle Teachers are confident in setting up a social interaction tool on their course and incorporating it into their teaching.Date Details Moodle This first session has been planned to help staff see how Moodle can be 24 Sept 08: Moodle Session 1 used to support the planning and collaboration of China week. 7 Jan 09 Moodle Session 3 Objectives: Teachers to have reflected on their experiences of initial Moodle use (and socialising tools) and discuss areas of improvement Opportunity to discuss your experiences of using the discussion groups or other social interaction tools in your teaching so far. web pages. This will include using such tools as adding labels. office documents and other computer files.

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