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Excerpts from Pujya Swamijis discourse: Maha-Dhyaan, Rajkot April 6th, 5 am onwards (IST) My Namaskaar (greetings) to all divine

souls! We have all gathered today in Gurus grace for Group Meditation on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. We shall begin todays program with a story of Saint Ramdas Swami, who was a worshipper of Hanumanji. A great Saint by the name of Ramdas Swami lived in Maharashtra. He spent his whole life worshipping Hanumanji and building Hanumanjis temples at different places. He used to travel to different places giving discourses and awakening people and the society. Once, Saint Ramdas Swami was giving a discourse in a Hanuman temple built on a hill. He spoke on the topic of company/proximity of Saint. The company/proximity of Saint is not the company of just one person. Saint is connected to lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of people. So, when we get a vision of a Saint or go in His proximity, we connect to lakhs of His disciples which leads to (a) Purification of chitta (attention/mind); (b) Realization of soul ; (c) Experience of soul; (d) Enlightenment/Awakening of soul. Awakening of soul is the ultimate goal of every persons life and when he lives life under the influence of this goal, he eventually achieves complete death. There are three types of death: Adhibhautik (Physical, pertaining to the gross body) due to diseases of body. If you come across a good doctor, you can survive. Adhidaivik (Mental, emotional, pertaining to the subtle body) no physical disease but mental diseases/disorders. Our past deeds can lead us to this type of death. A Saints proximity can save us from this type of death. Adhyatmik (Spiritual, pertaining to the astral body) this type of death is called complete death There is no birth after this type of death. But, people do not attain this type of death easily. When one achieves completeness in his life, he can achieve this type of complete death. At the end of discourse, a lady asked, Swamiji, can you help me experience Awakening of Soul? Swamiji told with complete self-confidence, Definitely. However, I like Khir (Indian sweet similar to rice pudding) a lot and I have been travelling to several places since many days. It is my desire to have khir but I havent had the opportunity to do so. If you fulfill my wish I will make you experience Awakening of Soul. The woman was very happy thinking that the deal is so cheap! She went home, worked very hard and put cashews, almonds, pistachio nuts and several dry fruits in the milk and prepared khir with great love and warmth. When Swamiji saw her approaching with the khir, he filled his pot with mud. He then asked her to give him the khir in the same pot. When she saw the mud, she told, Swamiji, give it to me. I will clean it. He insisted, No, pour the khir in this pot only. She said, I cannot. It is dirty. He responded, Why? You made it for me, right? The lady replied, I have indeed made it for you and want to give it to you only. It took me four hours to make it. How can I put the khir made with so much hard work in a dirty pot?! Swamiji remained calm and told, Sister (common way to address fellow woman), you don't wish to put the khir prepared after working hard for four hours in a dirty pot even though you got it for me. How do you expect me to put the knowledge that took forty years to assimilate in your impure pot (mind Chitta)? If you desire to experience the Energy of God then purify your Chitta (mind/attention). Until the pot of attention is cleaned, even I can never make you feel the experience of God. I want to and can make you feel it. But even I have a limitation that I cannot give it to you till your mind (chitta) is impure. Thus, unless your pot (attention) is pure, no progress can be made even after achieving Awakening of Soul. In order to proceed, purify your attention. Many disciples meditate regularly but without feelings/passion/desire. They do it like an exercise to not get thoughts. The disciple keeps fighting with his own self and its tension is visible on his face. A person from New Zealand had asked me at Theosophical Society in Chennai, Why do people in India look tensed when they meditate? I replied, They dont meditate; they try to meditate. I have told several times that there is no place for trying in Meditation. There are three types of meridians (channels for the flow of consciousness) in our body. When you try, your Solar meridian gets activated. But, you need to be in Central Meridian in order to Meditate. Maybe, you will be able to succeed in your trials and meditate by trying. But it is not eternal. As soon as you are done, you get several thoughts because you had forced your mind to not think for 30 minutes. It is similar to what you commonly observe in a school. Teachers force their students to not do a few things and keep them in a closed room. So, as soon as the bell rings, they run out with commotion even before the teacher can go out. Also, this type of meditation brings no change within you. You will have to awaken your inner feelings/passion/desire to bring a transformation. And this cannot happen at physical level. By adding the element of inner passion, your soul will start taking control over your body. I have given so many discourses; have I ever asked you to control your thoughts?

With your belief, even a stone can become God; otherwise, it is just a stone. Ultimately, it is a stone. But it depends on how you perceive it. If you think of it as God, it will become a medium for you to bow down, release your negativities and receive good energy. So, what you receive from a place depends on the emotion/feelings with which you visit the place. It all depends on how you perceive yourself to be body or soul. Whatever you think yourself to be, it will start developing towards it. So, meditation is at a later stage. Before that, perceive yourself to be a Soul. Chant after you take a bath every morning I am a holy soulI am a divine soul. Chant it three times with 100% feelings/passion/conviction. Whether you find it logical or not, try carrying out this experiment. After some days, you will find that you have indeed transformed into a pure soul and your soul has taken control over your body. As you keep perceiving yourself as Soul, you will be freed from bodys tensions and problems. Whenever you find yourself in tension, the way out of it is Considering yourself to be a Soul. You will notice that all tensions have vanished. All tensions are related to body. More you think of yourself as a body, more will be the ego, pride, problems. More you think of yourself as a Soul, more will be the inner happiness. Samarpan Meditation is a practice of Meditation by which Saints and Sages in Himalayas have achieved Moksha (Liberation/Salvation). In Himalayas, they never had the problems, addictions or diseases for which you have been meditating. They used to meditate only to achieve the state of Moksha. Since 800 years, this state was being passed on from one generation to next generation. They had a wish that the state of Moksha, which they experienced should also be experienced by common people in the society. In order to fulfill this wish, they have sent me to you in the form of a medium. Just like a Madari (conjurer who trains monkeys and performs street shows with them) comes from a distant village to your village and starts playing his pellet drum. So some people start gathering. But he continues to play the pellet drum to gather more people and then begins his play. My case is similar. I have been playing the pellet drum for last 12 years and have gathered a collectivity the centers, disciples, etc. THE TRUE PLAY WILL BEGIN NOW I arrived in Rajkot day before yesterday by travelling in a plane (airplane). My flight was 2 hours late 1 hour late in boarding and then, we were made to sit in the flight for 1 hour after boarding. I met a disciple who asked, Swamiji, I have attended two of your shibirs (meditation workshop) in the past. Both of them were conducted in evening. But now, it is in the mornings. Why? I replied, Earlier I was focused on quantity, but now I am focused on quality. One who cannot wake up at 5 am to learn Meditation will never wake up at 5 am to meditate. Early morning is the ideal and right time for meditation. I am now focused on people on the path of Meditation. It is similar to how one treats children we give them whatever they want to attract them, grab their attention, help them develop interest in what you want to tell them, etc. Similarly, you also must have achieved several physical and materialistic gains in past 12 years. But there is no end to this! These problems, desires will never end. So, now, try to achieve a state after the attainment of which there will be no need to ask anything more. I have observed that broadly, there are two types of disciples First type are those who try to meditate by wrestling with their thoughts. Second type are the disciples who want to achieve supernatural spiritual powers. There are supernatural powers that are gained in Samarpan Meditation but not for showing off. Supernatural power is for protecting your spiritual state and developing it further. For example, if you have reached third level in your spiritual progress then you will achieve supernatural power belonging to third level so that you dont fall down from third level but proceed to next level. Supernatural powers are at every level but only for your spiritual protection First experience in Samarpan Meditation is you will feel good Many disciples who have done video shibir (workshop) have met me and said we cannot meditate but we feel very good. Experience is not like miracles! Electricity will go away, you will get some shock, etc. Feeling good is the first experience. Coming back to the topic of supernatural spiritual powers One of the powers is that you will get whatever you want before its need arises. So that you dont spoil your attention over it. Second example of spiritual power is that you will be able to learn about someones pervious birth. How will this help? You will not feel bad about any ill incident. So, if someone behaves badly with you, the spiritual energies will help you realize that he behaved in this way due to the influence of previous birth and hence, you will not feel bad and remain protected. Third example is you can know everything about someone living in any corner of the world. How is this helpful? So that you are not worried about anyone. But, you attain these spiritual powers so that your attention does not go outside and is maintained inwards on your soul. I am repeatedly saying, There is no place for efforts in Meditation. If you try, you will not achieve. Supernatural spiritual powers are obtained automatically. I am in the latter half phase of my life and I wish that you also go into such a spiritual state. For example, if you visit Mumbai for 20 days and then, everything that you planned, wanted to do in Mumbai is completed in 10 days. Now, you have few more days; so what will you do? You will help others, etc. Similarly, I have achieved everything in my life. Now, I am guiding people on the

path of meditation. Think about a painter who has painted all different types of paintings in his life. Then, he has only one wish remaining that his art doesnt die. He will even go to a funeral place to teach painting to someone receptive, if need be. Similarly, I am focused on guiding anyone who is receptive to Moksha. After this program, I am going to take a workshop for Saints, Sages, Abbots of several spiritual institutions. This program will not be at a grand level. All these Saints, Sages, and Abbots are aged people and very large-hearted. An example of their large-heartedness is that they say, Our Guru asked us to manage the activities of the institution and so I left everything else and accepted ownership. They say, Today I realize that I havent experienced the Divine in these 40 years. How will I make disciples on this path realize the Divine? We were trying to organize this workshop for them since quite some time. I had asked everyone to come together. They are all following different religions and are from several different and far-off places. Samarpan Meditaitons requirement is collectivity. Sages in Himalayas carry out spiritual practices all day long only to experience the Divine Energy. But disciples have achieved Spiritual Awakening and the Experience of Divine easily. Dont assess its worth at a low value just because you got it easily.Even I did not get it easily. To go in the proximity of Saints in Himalayas who have not lived in the society since several years was not easy. They did not know how to socially behave with a fellow person. I have achieved from them and given it to you easily. I always felt that someone has to drink the poison. When I was working as a Manager, there was a co-worker who used to shout at his juniors. When I asked him the reason, he told because I was taught in the same way! So, if I did the same, you also would perhaps do the same. Hence, I decided to break the chain and give it to you easily. But dont commit the mistake of not realizing its worth! These Abbots are managing well-known spiritual institutions but they have not experienced the Divine Experience. You have achieved the Experience of Divine but are not realizing its worth! Even Lord Rama, Lord Krishna could not improve the demons in the society during their lifetime. So what will we be able to do! Forget about the world. Stay focused on your inner self, your soul. Dont try to change the world. Our attention is often on others flaws and mistakes. My experience has been very different than your experience and I dont know why you cannot get it. Imagine there is a bridge over a river. A person throws a ball towards you from the opposite side of the bridge. So, why cant you throw it back? Similarly, God has channelized His Energy towards you through the bridge, which is me. Why cant you reach out to Him through that same bridge (medium)? It is not possible to achieve success in every field in one lifetime. But if you perceive yourself to be a soul, your soul takes control over body and then, people better and more capable than you work for you, help you out. There are several knowledgeable and intellectual people in Samarpan Meditation. But it all depends on how well you are able to awaken your inner feelings/passion/emotions. Moksha is not death I keep clarifying this in my discourses. It is a state when you achieve completeness in your life. Actually, it is the goal of your life. It is a state that needs to be attained in your lifetime, when you are in your body. When someone dies, people often say that he achieved Moksha. Actually, it is not possible to attain Moksha after death. Because you need body to achieve Moksha . To attain the state of Moksha is every persons true goal in life. The balance that you maintain around this goal determines your spiritual progress. You must have seen a trainer of rock-climbers. He climbs up first and then, fixes a spot at the top. He then throws down a rope and it keeps oscillating. But its destination is only one. So, when someone catches the rope and keeps his attention on it, problems will not sway him away, and he will climb and reach the top. Many people have a question in their minds Does this Meditation technique truly lead to the state of Moksha? So, analyze this Meditation a little bit, attend some programs in Samarpan Meditation. You will notice that several souls attend the programs through others bodies. They attend the program and all they say is Baba, please give me MokshaBaba, please give me Moksha. When this happened for the first time in Mumbai, even I was shaken up a bit wondering If they are asking Moksha, it means that I can give it. But then, who am I? I kept thinking about it all night and when I was connected to Gurudev during early morning Meditation, He explained it to me in beautiful words When you take a lunchbox and sit in a garden to eat, you have food before you and roti (bread) with you. At that time, a beggar comes and asks for one roti please give a roti. But when you are walking on a road then no beggar will ask for a roti. He will ask for money because he knows that there is money in his pocket but there is no roti. So he will not ask for a roti at that time. So the beggar knows very well what exactly to ask for and when. So, these souls are asking from the supreme state of meditation that you achieve during the workshop, and not from you. When you are in a high spiritual state, your existence is void and you are like a pipe that can transfer energy, and hence, they ask at such a time. What do all of you do when you see such a sight? You take pleasure of that sight look, he/she is yelling. However, you also can achieve the state of Moksha during such a time. When a TV is turned on in a public hall, everyone can watch it. Similarly, when these souls attend through others bodies and keep asking for Moksha, Gurus blessings of granting Moksha begins to shower. You also can take a bath in that shower! When disciples meet me on roads, airports, etc., they say, Swamiji, please give me blessings. I reply, Blessings always keep showering. You dont have to ask for them. You have to take them, receive them.

Then, they ask me, How? So, think of a Waterfall it is pouring constantly at a place. You have to go under it and bathe. Once you go underneath, you dont have to pray Oh Lord Waterfall, please pour your water on me! It happens automatically. But if you keep your bucket upside-down even under the Waterfall, nothing can be done about it.Many people desire to stay near me. But there is a huge disadvantage in doing that. When I will take Samadhi, these people will feel guilty when they hear about others wonderful experiences. Because they could not achieve such experiences even by staying close to me. Today, there are several Gurus in society. So the question is who is my Guru? To whom should I go for my enlightenment? I will give you an easy answer. Go to Shirdi (place is Maharashtra state of India which is the home town of Guru Sai Baba) and dont go with any wish/desire. Go with a peace of mind. Sit by the Samadhi of Sai Baba and ask for Awakening of Soul, Experience of the Divine Energy. You will find your Guru immediately. The road to a Living Guru passes through a Samadhist Guru (Guru who was able to absorb individual consciousness in the self at the time of death). Imagine that a grandfather is lying on bed and his grandchild insists on playing Kabaddi. Since grandfather cannot play, he will find him company to play with. Similarly, when you ask for self-realization from Samadhist Guru, He cannot give it to you but will take you to His present form. Every seed has the potential to grow into a tree; but it is also a fact that every seed do not grow into a tree. Similarly, every human being has full capability to achieve Moksha. But just like only those seeds who can destroy their existence and surrender themselves to Mother Earth are able to germinate and grow into a tree, only those souls who can destroy their ego, and surrender themselves completely will be able to germinate and grow into The Supreme Soul. I am optimistic. I see the seed in everyone and wish that the seed in each and every one of you germinates and once it germinates, you attain the state of Moksha. Biggest fear that people have is death. I met my Maternal Aunt recently. Referring to the book Himalaya ka Samarpn Yog that I had given to her, she asked, You roamed in so many jungles, werent you scared? I replied, There is no room for fear in that atmosphere. The Saints and Sages in Himalayas are fearless. They have attained Moksha. People take rebirth because they have the desire to live more. But the Saints in Himalayas do not have such a desire. They are ready to embrace death. They have achieved Moksha. So, there is no fear. Fear is also one type of thought and there are no thoughts in Himalayas. All Saints have created Auras all around Himalayas. No thoughts can enter that atmosphere. But what I am experiencing is that It is easy to live in a pure atmosphere but it is tough to live in the society in a pure state. It is analogical to one wanting to wear white clothes and working in a coal-mine. White looks wonderful but one has to clean at each and every place! Recently there was Maha-Dhyaan in Goa on a similar Full-Moon day. I was sitting on the ground and there was no electricity. Some disciples were running around trying to fix the problem. Once it was fixed, they started looking for me to inform that the problem is resolved. They started calling my name aloud. I was at a 5 feet distance from them! I told them, I am here only! They couldnt see me. This is my true form. I have no existence of my own. I ask you to keep your attention on me and meditate. But I am only a medium. You can meditate using any medium. Paths can be different; the destination is one the Supreme Self; God. The Divine Experience is one and the same for all. Immaterial of language, religion, race, gender, country, etc. We shall experience it now. The Experience is based on a Mantra - Om Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Namo Namah. It is an ordinary Mantra but has extra-ordinary Energy in it. Because Gurudev has energized and imparted it. Buddhists in Singapore chant this Mantra because they have measured its results. They have analyzed the effect of Mantra on the Aura of person, which change beautifully due to the Mantra. It is chanted in sets of 3 and thrice OmShree Shivkrupanand Swami Namo Namah It is bowing before/paying respect to Gurus of past Om Shree..Shivkrupanand Swami Namo Namah It is bowing before/paying respect to Gurus of future Om..Shree..Shivkrupanad Swami Namo Namah It is bowing before/paying respect to Gurus in present time. We shall now chant the Mantra and Experience the Divine! Jai Baba Swami!!!