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1. Purpose In recent years, research on electric-izing of a light plane is done briskly.

By electric airplane, since a fossil fuel is not used at the time of a flight, a fuel cost can be held down, and it is expected that transportation cost can be lowered. In Cessna which is a typical maker of a light plane, electric-izing or the hybrid-ized trial is made in 172 Skyhawk which is a piston propeller plane. Moreover, in Japan, it is the Nagoya University engineering graduate course. Professor Yoshiaki Nakamura is made into a chairperson and it is University of Tokyo and Nagoya University -. JAXA is begun, and by the committee from many aircraft-instruments makers etc., a light plane study group is launched and it is performing the conceptual design of the electric light plane, etc. The flow of the circumference of the body changes with the slipstreams of a propeller in a propeller plane. In this experiment, by visualizing the flow place by measurement and the Taft method of a 総 pressure loss considers the slipstream of a propeller, and interference of the body using the dummy airplane which imitated Cessna182 skylane.

2 Experimental Device 2.1 Free Inclination Wind Tunnel (Refer to Fig. 1) The main clue origin to a free inclination wind tunnel is shown in Table 1.

2.2 Experiment Model Each specifications of a Cessna model are shown in Table 2.

2.3 Measuring Instrument and Required Goods .Measure the 総 pressure and 静 pressure of the Prandtl type standard Pitot static tube uniform style. . and use it for setting up uniform style flow velocity Uinfinity.The Pitot tube for measurement It is used for measuring 局所総 pressure and 局所静 pressure. .

. in order that it may perform data taking in with PC.1. 4.2 Measurement of Uniform Style Flow Velocity . In addition. A lower stream side attaches a model to the wind tunnel center axis position of 1 m from a wind tunnel jet. a フォルタン type mercurial gauge (atmospheric pressure is measured). It installed in PC in this experiment.Visualize the flow on the surface of the body by the Taft method. a thermometer. and the hole has opened in the direction with a static tube perpendicular in the style of uniform. . 3. Incidentally. . it is 1. .1 Model to Wind Tunnel Measurement Part Attachment-/Setup of Model 迎角 The attachment outline of an experimental device is shown in Fig.1.Digital pressure gage With the equipment which changes pressure into voltage What is used in this experiment has the characteristic of 10 mmAq/V.Pressure measurement in the body front and the back by a Pitot tube .A/D conversion board Voltage output of a digital pressure gage It is changed into a numerical value by the A/D conversion machine. in this experiment. A model is supported with the support pillar (Strutt) extended more perpendicularly than surface of the earth.1 Experiment Preparation 3. Atmospheric pressure is abbreviation 10330mmAq. and uses this as pressure data. and 迎角 change equipment is attached to the supporting point. . looking at the value. 3. and an angle is adjusted.Multi-point pressure change machine [object for six points] The transfer device for measuring the pressure in many points with one pressure gauge. An A/D conversion board is controlled and data is acquired. and a hygrometer (it is used for calculating air density) 3 Experiment Method In this experiment.Other measuring devices A digital angle gauge (迎角 is measured). the screw of 迎角 change equipment is loosened. it takes out analog voltage from a pressure gauge. although the display numerical value of the pressure gauge itself is digital quantity.The hole is opening the 総圧 pipe in the direction of a uniform style. A digital angle gauge is installed in the model upper surface.

る. 5) Measure uniform flow pressure and uniform style 総 pressure like Procedure 2. When experimenting. . 3. it is careful. 6) End a program. it is the basic point to measure the atmospheric pressure and temperature of an experiment daily allowance day.Set the pressure change machine for six points by ch.A setup of a file name . and is 6 by a vinyl pipe. respectively.5. it connects with a digital pressure gage (2 the pressure difference of a system can be measured). . 7) using 3 Pitot tubes which measure uniform style 総 pressure pt .2 the pressure change machine for .6.Having Become like 5 and Changing Channel -.patm. and it is 計測す about 静 pressure pinfinity of a uniform style.patm is measured. It connects with the pressure change machine for points.Measure 2 uniform flow pressure and uniform style 総 pressure which write an experimental condition in a comment sentence. 6 Inside for Points of Pressure Change Machine -. in this experiment. and the 総 pressure and 静 pressure in ? (refer to Fig.patm. set by ch.Set the pressure change machine for six points by ch.2 Measurement of Atmospheric Pressure and Temperature The temperature of an experiment daily allowance day is measured for the atmospheric pressure patm of an experiment daily allowance day using a thermometer using the フォルタン type mercurial gauge installed in the laboratory. and 局所総 pressure [ in / in p0 / each point of measurement ] here. Since it is difficult. . 8) using a Pitot tube. and measure 局所静 pressure ps .Set the pressure change machine for six points by ch.1. it branches on the way. and measure the propeller back ?. and measures 動 pressure.6. 3.patm is measured. measuring absolute pressure has calculated each pressure with difference pressure by making pinfinity into standard pressure.3 Pressure Measurement Wing Front and behind Cessna Model [Procedure of concrete pressure measurement] The program of 1PC is started and initial setting is performed. * Since pt expresses uniform style 総 pressure. .The wind velocity of a uniform style installs the Prandtl type standard Pitot static tube in a wind tunnel jet.Figure -.Respectively z pt?pinfinity z pt?patm z ps?patm z p0?patm It has set up so that it can が測定. the vinyl tube connected to the static tube of a standard Pitot tube in order to calculate the pressure coefficient Cp is connected to the channel 2 of the pressure change machine for 6 points.Set the pressure change machine for six points by ch. and it is the 局所総 pressure p0.six points which measures uniform flow pressure pt pinfinity. In addition. . and it is the 局所総 pressure p0. 局所静 pressure [ in / in ps / each point of measurement ]. . Then. . 4) Measure the wing back ? and the 総 pressure in ? (refer to Fig. .


patm) obtained by 3 of 3.3 Ask for 局所動 pressure from the 局所総 pressure and 局所静 pressure obtained by の 3. calculate the flow velocity v [m/s] in each point of measurement. The value p0 of the 総 pressure of each calculated measurement part is made into a table.3. A distribution map is created. and create a speed distribution map. It is the method of putting in and observing the action. etc. However. the 局所総 pressure p0 is calculated and it is 総 pressure. and the direction of a flow. for which speed v/U is taken along a vertical axis and y/R is taken along a horizontal axis. the state of a boundary layer. thread of 20 mm of length abbreviation is arranged at a fixed interval on the Cessna model surface.2 Calculation of 総 Pressure in Wing Back (?. (2) Creation of a 総 pressure distribution map Using the measured value (p0 .3. ?) (1) Creation of a speed distribution map 3.4 Visualization of Flow by Taft Method The Taft method is Taft (thread of suitable length) in a flow. 4 Subject 4. In this experiment. . Taft's appearance is seen. and Creation of 総 Pressure Loss Graph (1) Creation of the table of the 局所総 pressure p0 The 局所総 pressure p0 is calculated using the measured value (p0 . 4.3. and it flows and records a place in detail. however U are the uniform style flow velocities [m/s]. are investigated. ?).patm) obtained by 4 of 3.1 Creation of Speed Distribution Map and 総 Pressure Distribution Map of Propeller Back (?. the thing .

Furthermore. . and cross-sectional resistance is calculated using this formula. The inspection volume (the direction of Sepang shall be 1 m by unit length) surrounding a wing cross as shown below is considered. p:静 pressure) used with Section 4. . type (1) to which a formula (1) is led by using a certain assumption is drawn by itself. A measurement position is taken along a vertical axis and a 局所総 pressure loss is taken along a horizontal axis. and the flow place obtained by visualization experiment. 4.Consider a mechanism for why a 総 pressure loss arises physically. an experiment day. However.the ? influence of ? and the body Consider others and the following... whose difference arising from the distance from the range. which sketches the situation of the flow place of the circumference of a dummy airplane to draw a streamline etc. The law (the drag which works on the object surface = quantity-of-motion loss by inspection volume) of quantity of motion is applied.the influence. the thing sketched in detail investigating by oneself and thinking. . it considers including the following contents.3 Calculation of Cross-sectional Resistance (?. propeller which the slipstream of a propeller influences ? and a propeller slipstream exert on the 空力 characteristic of a wing -. use a measurement result in case there is no propeller in consideration.(2) Creation of a 総 pressure loss graph A 総 pressure loss is calculated using the measured value of the 総 pressure in wing back. it is requiring special attention 4.3 differs from what was used in Chapter 3 etc. About the 局所総 pressure loss of a horizontal axis. 5 Consideration Based on the structure of the pressure value acquired by experiment. The structure of a flow place sketches intelligibly. ?) The resistance in each section is calculated using the acquired 総 pressure loss.4 Sketch of Structure of Flow of Circumference of Dummy Airplane It is good for the picture of the dummy airplane distributed from the result of the visualization experiment by the Taft method at .how it influences -. the difference pressure (前方総 pressure ? 後方総 pressure) of uniform style 総 pressure and the 局所総 pressure in body back is used. The starting point is taken as a wing trailing edge using the value made dimensionless by 20 mm of maximum blade thickness about the measurement position of a vertical axis. * Since the character (H: a total pressure. * Perform integration discretely (1-mm interval) to the point of measurement. . it flows from the sketched picture and considers the structure of a place (it is explained theoretically why it becomes such a streamline). for example. In addition.

the reason . literature is a book in a library. consulting and considering-literature . are consulted.. and an academic journal (Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences and the American Air Lines cosmology meeting magazine?).what kind of meaning a 総 pressure loss has for an airplane -. . At this time. Argument published at AIAA Journal and Journal of Aircraft ? A sentence etc.? (is it good and is bad?) Moreover.

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