THE OWL AND THE FULL MOON ( A Tale Of TouJay Peaks) I'm sitting on the verandah, At TouJay Peaks.

Observing the grandeur, As Nature speaks. Sun, Wind, Trees, Birds, Native Bees. The sunlight fades, In our valley of shades. The ridges, aglow, while below, The silhouettes of the treeline grow. The Kookaburra laughs, let night arrive, Roost calling concerts; bird-life thrive. Cicadas sing a slumber drone. Crickets join and play their tone. The Owl now greets, his night time day, When other birds, have had their say. My lamps are lit, so I can see, But tonight the Moon will pity me. This valley hides a nightly race, A Lunar climb to show his face. At last above the ridge he shows, A Full Moon face, it beams and glows. A hidden day, in our valley night. Of course, we knew the Owl was right! James W. Barnes April 8, 2012

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