Article written by: Wayne Fortin Extra Credit: Green Bay Packers As you may know the Green Bay

Packers are a professional football team that’s apart of the North Division, National Football Conference in the National Football League. Based in Green Bay Wisconsin their fans have also become known to be called “cheese heads.” The Green Bay packers started off as a semi pro team in 1896 they were later founded in 1919 and joined the National Football League in 1921. According to “The Packers are currently the only non-profit, community owned major league professional sports team in the United States.” The Packers are the only publicly owned company owned by a executive board. “Typically, a team is owned by one person, partnership, or corporate entity; thus, a "team owner." It has been speculated that this is one of the reasons the Green Bay Packers have never been moved from the city of Green Bay, a city of only 102,313 people as of the 2000 census” (Wikepedia). It is known that the average football team resides in a city of millions or hundreds of thousands due to monetary reasons and funding within the community, and It is known that the Green Bay Packers are housed in especially a small city but being a public company allows this. According to Wikipedia “The committee directs corporate management, approves major capital expenditures, establishes broad policy and monitors management's performance in conducting the business and affairs of the corporation.” Despite the small comparative size of Green Bay with just over 100 thousand people compared to other sports teams such as San Diego with over one million, the Packers have done well for themselves. Also despite having one of the

smallest TV networks the Packers have managed to pull one of the biggest fan based crowds in the National Football Leauge. Green Bay is located in Brown County Wisconsin not too far from Lake Michigan and the Fox River. Green Bay is the third largest city in Wisconsin but for being the home of a Professional football team it is quiet small. The home of the packers is actually an industrial city with plenty of meatpacking and paper plants. Respectively due to Green Bays winnings in their NFL record their official nick name is “Titletown, USA.” The city of Green Bay encompasses around 54 square miles and the density according to mapquest is 2,332.1/sq mi. “Green Bay metropolitan area forms the core of the United States Census Bureau's Green Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Brown County.” (Wikipedia) So in conclusion the Green Bay Packers situation is very unique compared to any other sport team out there, geographical, population, financial and ownership wise. I am proud to say that I myself have been a proud “cheesehead” for many years now and I will continue to cheer them on. I honestly did not know that their situation was soo unique but now I am aware and will never look at this football team the same way again. The Green Bay Packers fan base stretches all over Wisconsin. I remember coming across pictures of the city of Green Bay not to long ago and noticed that a lot of the buildings within Green Bay looked like they contained a lot of history by being older buildings that might been constructed in the mid 1800’s as well as newer developments downtown due to the Packers.

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