RM 38,000.

00 HAMEG HMS3010 + Cables + Accessory (Germany) 3GHz Spectrum Analyser The Spectrum Analyser shall have resolution bandwidth of 100Hz or lower to capture and view the amplitude modulation sideband signal during laboratory experiment. It shall be able to show Amplitude modulation with two side band, amplitude modulation suppress carrier and amplitude modulation suppress carrier with single sideband. The successful vendor shall provide detail operation procedure on the process of capturing these signals. A step-by-step hands-on manual shall be provided during commissioning and training. Specification Frequency range : At least 100KHz to 3 GHz Aging : Shall be ±1ppm / year Resolution : Shall be 1Hz SSB phase noise (30KHz from C) : Shall be <-85dBc/Hz SSB phase noise (100KHz from C) : Shall be <-100dBc/Hz SSB phase noise (1MHz from C) : Shall be <-120dBc/Hz Resolution bandwidth (-3dB): Must be 100Hz to 1MHz, in 1 to s steps Torelance (<300KHz) : Shall have ±5% typ Video Bandwidth : At least the range of 10Hz to 1 MHz in 1-3 steps Amplitude measurement range : Shall have -114 to +20dBm Max.permissible DC at HF input :Shall be 80V 2nd harmonic receive frequency (mixer level -40dBm) : Shall be -60dBc typ Measure curves : Shall have 1 curve and a memory curve Trace Mathematics : Shall have A-B (curve-stored curve), B-A Failure of level display : Shall be <1.5dB, typ 0.5dB Number of market : at least 8 markers HF input : N socket, 50Ω VSWR : Shall be <1.5typ Tracking generator : N socket, 50Ω Frequency range : Shall be 5Mhz to 3 GHz Trigger and external reference input : BNC female, selectable Trigger voltage : TTL Reference frequency : 10MHz Essential level (50Ω) :10dBm Supply voltage for field probe : Shall be 6Vdc Supply current for field probe : Max. 100mA Field probe output port : Shall be 2.5mm DIN jack Audio output : Shall be 3.5mm DIN jack Headphone : At least 1 unit Speaker : Shall have internal speaker Demodulation features : At least AM and FM

6cm TFT color VGA display Save / Recall memory : At least 10 complete device setting USB stick port : Shall be front panel port USB stick : Shall have at least 4GB memory USB-printer : Shall be rear port USB device to host cable : At least 1 unit DVI port : Shall have for external monitor DVI cable : At least 1 unit Protection class : Shall have at least EN61010-1 Training topics Capture amplitude modulation signal Familiar with center frequency and span Familiar with resolution bandwidth Familiar with amplitude setting Capture AM DSB-SC signal Capture AM SSB-SC signal Capture FM signal via free-air Demodulate FM signal via internal speaker Simulate variable RF to free air (400MHz – 700MHz) Capture RF signal with SA Familiar with SA when RF signal frequency change Capture RF signal available in laboratory Discussion Accessory Line cord : At least 1 unit Operating manual : At least 1 unit Hands-on operation manual : At least 5 units CD : At least 1 units .RF free air signal source : At least 400MHz to 700MHz Signal tact-switch on button : At least 2 units Plug-in antenna : Shall be BNC type with two steps extended length Antenna minimum length : Shall be at 203mm Antenna maximum length : Shall be at 403mm Antenna adjuatable angle : At least 280 degree N-BNC adapter : At least 2 units Display : At least 16.

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