A. FILES TO BE UPLOADED 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. RAP (6,500 words max) (MS Word) SLS (2,000 Words max) (MS Word) List of References (No word limit) (PDF) PowerPoint Presentation (No word limit) (PPT) Appendices (No word limit) (PDF)  Reproduced Financial Statements of Co. (3 years) & competitor (1 year)  Ratios Sheet  Formula Sheet  Sample Questionnaire & its response

B. TOPIC Analysis of Business & Financial Performance of a Company of your choice over a three-year period Company: Lucky Cement Ltd (LCL) Year ended Year ended Year ended 30 June 2011 30 June 2010 30 June 2009 (FY2011) (FY2010) (FY2009)

Competitor: DG Khan Cement Co. Ltd (DGKCL) Year ended 30 June 2011 (FY2011)

Business Analysis


Any two

Financial Analysis


C. SKILLS THAT WILL BE ACQUIRED THROUGH THIS PROJECT      Analytical Skills Research Skills Report writing skills IT Skills [MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel (Graphs/ Spread Sheets)] Inter personal & communication skills (Three meetings with mentor, Interview with Co. Personnel, Questionnaire)

tones) Sales Volume Growth (%) Source: Annual Report LCL FY 2010 DGKCL FY 2011 FY 2011 Chart Title Y-axis Rev. CALCULATION OF RATIOS/ PREPARATION OF TABLES AND GRAPHS  Write Formula  Show Numerator and Denominator  Compare your ratios with those in Annual Reports and highlight the differences Sales Analysis FY 2009     Sales.e. growth Vol.D. (Rs) Sales Revenue Growth (%) Sales Volume (in units i. SOURCES OF INFORMATION Primary Sources Interviews Questionnaires Secondary Sources Internet Annual Reports News papers Business Magazines/ Trade Journals Analyst’s Reports BPP/Kaplan Books Reference books on Accountancy & Finance Student Accountant E. growth Series: LCL FY 2011 LCL FY 2010 Years LCL FY 2009 DGKCL FY 2011 Source: Annual Reports .

T. Spares & Loose tools ÷ Current Liabilities)] Debtors (Days) Stock (Days) Creditor (Days) C. Stocks and Creditors Days LCL FY2009 LCL FY09 LCL FY10 LCL FY11 .) PBT Margin (%) ROCE (%) [PBIT/ Capital Employed x 100 (i.R Q.) G.Profitability      G. Loans)]  ROA (%) (PAT/ Total Assets x 100) GP% PBT % ROCE % ROA % LCL FY 2009 Liquidity & Working Capital Management      Current Ratio Quick Ratio [(Current Assets – Stocks – Stores.T.P (Rs.e.P Margin (%) PBT (Rs. Loans including Current portion of L.R Debtors. Equity + L.

Capital & Debt Structure  Gearing [(D ÷ (D + E)] If the answer is 0. Download Annual Reports 3. THINGS TO DO 1. Calculate Ratios (On Register and computer) and prepare Tables + Graphs (On Computer) . it would be written as 60 : 40  Interest coverage (PBIT ÷ Interest Expense) D E LCL FY09 Investors’ Ratios      MVPS (Rs) DPS (Rs) EPS (Rs) Dividend Yield (%) P/E D E LCL FY10 (Any one graph) F.6. Read Sample Projects 2.

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