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Dated :

University Regd.No.


Lovely Faculty Of Technology & Sciences Lovely School of Technology and Computer Applications
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Prog.Code S/O,D/O

B.Tech-MBA( Dual degree) IT Nitish Kumar Gupta


Received with thanks from Mr./Ms. On accounts of In favour of

Anil Kumar Gupta


4 / 8

In form of Cash/Draft/Pay order etc. (Specify) Drawn on


No. (In case of DD/Pay Order etc.)



Payable at




Rs. In Words

( Forty Thousand Only )

Term & Condition: - 1.This is mere an acknowledgement receipt and must not be taken as a token of acceptance or confirmation of registration or

admission or Up-gradation and alike to any programme/course or facility. 2. Validity of this receipt is subject to the encashment of pay order /demand draft or any other instrument (if permitted) submitted for payment purpose on any account. 3.This receipt is issued subject to the related provisions of the Act, Statutes, Regulations, Rules, Ordinances, Orders, Instructions, Guidelines, Code of conduct, Policies, directions, Standing orders etc that may be in force or applicable or are framed from time to time by the Lovely Professional University (hereinafter referred to as ‘University’ and shall also include its constituent /affiliate Institution(s), sponsoring body, associate(s), successor(s), sister concern(s) and other units, as applicable);whether by specific order in writing or otherwise. 4. Student/Payee is fully responsible for the genuineness of the instrument submitted for payment and in case of any misuse, misinterpretation or illegality, he/she will be responsible for legal consequences at his/her risk and cost. University will not be responsible in any way. 5. Refund, if permissible, shall be made as per Refund Policy of the University, however no interest is payable on any amount deposited with the University, including refundable amount, if any. 6. Faculty/School/Institute/ Center and / or Department and such other constituent institution (s), by whatever name it may be called, to be allotted can be different from as are mentioned herein and are also subject to change from time to time , as decided by the University. 7. Disputes, if any, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Kapurthala only. Lovely Campus, Jalandhar-Delhi, G.T.Road (NH-1), Phagwara, Punjab (144402) Ph.01824-508325, Fax: 01824-500779

Lovely InfoTech

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