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Date: 14-06-2010

Dear Sir/ Madam, Sub: Workplace Ergonomics Workshops With reference to your requirement and discussion, please find enclosed our proposal At the outset, we thank you for giving Work & Wellness an opportunity in becoming a probable source of external assistance for imparting Occupational Health Services to your organization. For any further information or clarifications please contact us. Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial association with you and your organization Thanking you, With warm regards,

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How Ergonomics can be helpful to your Organization & to your employees. The Office ergonomics program benefits worker health and safetygood ergonomics maximizes worker safety and productivity. Evaluating workstations and work postures, training workers to detect potential difficulties, and intervening with Professional advice and practices all contribute to better ergonomics.

The ergonomics program is a vital part of health and safety practices for employees. Repetitive motion, awkward postures, and/or forceful exertions, are the culprits in most workplace injuries and illnesses. Fortunately, very few of these injuries now require more than first-aid treatment, primarily because of early detection, intervention, and employee training.

All employees are encouraged to report signs and symptoms of ergonomic problems immediately so that corrective action may be taken as quickly as possible. As an important step in the process, injuries and illness reported to the Management are analyzed to reduce and, wherever possible, to eliminate risk factors in the workplace. Employees can request an ergonomic analysis of their work environments by an ergonomics specialist

Work smarter, not harder is the proactive motto of the ergonomics program. The program helps prevent injury and illness and encourages worker health and safety.



Content: Introduction to Basic principles of Ergonomics & Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) or Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) Types, Causes, symptoms & Stages of R S I Early warning signs & Treatment of R S I Preventive Measures Applied Body Mechanics and Postures Back safety Correct Keyboard ,Mouse techniques & balanced computing posture Computer Vision Syndrome & its Prevention Exercise instruction for stretching ( Office Stretches)

This presentations creates awareness among employees and helps to minimize Work related Musculoskeletal Disorders and enable employees to work smarter, not harder in order to increase productivity Duration : 90 Min

Work & Wellness conducts Workstation / Postural Evaluation and Advice from a Medical Ergonomic perspective for Employees which include: Identification and documentation of ergonomic and/or postural risk factors Recommendations / Corrective Training regarding the proper adjustments for chair, Desk, keyboard surface and monitor Training regarding proper placement and usage of tools used every day, such as the mouse, keyboard and telephone Recommendations on stretches at workplace

The Individualized assessment aims to increase the awareness of poor Ergonomic positioning and helps to improve work practices and it can also increase Workplace productivity.

It provides early medical intervention through one-on-one consultation to employees suffering from pain & Discomfort.

PROFILE Dr. Venkata Ramana Rao Director of Work & Wellness Corporate Health Services, Hyderabad, Ergonomist in Monarch Ergonomics India Pvt Ltd, Ergo- Consultant in Google India ,Genpact, Dupont & cairn India. Certified Ergonomist from Lulea University, Sweden. Certificate in Ocupational Health & Safety PRIA New Delhi Advanced Training in Myotherapy from RSI, Bangalore. Post Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture from International College of Acupuncture, Graduation in Physical Therapy from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore.

Dr.Rao conducted over 250 workshops across India & Trained thousands of employees in Workplace Ergonomics. Dr.Rao is one of the three leading RSI specialists in India (source; Livemint)

An increasing number of lab workers, call-centre employees and computer professionals in India are landing up at the rehabilitation clinics of RSI specialists like Dr Sharan, consultant in orthopaedics, ergonomics and rehabilitation. Dr Bharati Jajoo is an occupational therapist and certified ergonomic assessment specialist in Bangalore, and Dr Venkata Ramana Rao, a Myotherapist and Ergonomist based in Hyderabad.

Dr.Rao has been selected as consultant for the segment Work Related Injuries and solutions in Telugu news channels TV9, TV5

Work & Wellness Clientele: Hyderabad IT / ITES: Genpact, AppLabs, Satyam, D.E.Shaw, Motorola, Infotech, Singularity, Value labs, Mentor Graphics, Knoah Solutions, CKAR Systems, Surgical Information Systems (SIS), Matisse Networks, NCR , Focus soft net, IIC Systems Pvt. Ltd., Anovatek Software, Fortunate Informatics Ltd., SST India, Yash Technologies, Cendura, Minvesta Infotech, Bank of America. GMR Airport. NFCL. Pharma & Bio: GVK Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Neuland Laboratories Ltd., Matrixlabs India , Dr.Reddys Labs, USP-India P Ltd, Monsanto.Dupont. Gurgaon: Orissa : Chennai: Pune: Trivandrum: Cairn India. JK Papermills Cognizant Technologies Solutions, Nokia (Manufacturing Unit), GVK Bio Satyam Computer Services. Ushus Technologies, Toonz Animation, Allianz Cornhil, Stabilix.

Thanks & Regards Dr. VENKATA RAMANA RAO Ergonomist, OH &S specialist Work & Wellness Corporate Health Services, 8-3-976/21, Srinagar colony Hyderabad - 73, India. Ph: +91-40-6550 3685 Mobile - 9441037720 Mail: Visit us at:
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