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Rochester, NY 585-xxx-xxxx

Benjamin D. Taylor

My commitment to deliberate and conscious design characterizes my work as a software
engineer. I intend to advance my career in software engineering by joining a team requiring my
talents for programming, technical problem diagnosis and communication.

Work History

Veterans Outreach Center - March 2005 - present
Technical Consultant and Instructor
I maintained their Access databases of computer hardware inventory and
attendence, while also providing PC troubleshooting and teaching classes in
Office applications and general computer skills.

VTesta Consulting - December 2006 - February 2007, October 2007
Trainer and Programming Consultant
I taught classes for engineers about JavaScript, VBScript and ASP.NET at
Computer Confidence Inc. I also produced a .NET utility program for their client
LiDestri Foods. This fall I prepared to teach a course on C#.

Tek Systems - February 2001 - April 2001
On a contract to West Group Publishing, I diagnosed bugs reported in their
document formatting tools.

Sam Asher Computing - January 2000 - January 2001
Subcontractor, Analyst
On a contract to Visiting Nurse Service, I maintained Python scripts to automate
data entry to Access databases from nurses' laptops and Palm Pilots. Afterwards
I ran and documented tests on Sam Asher Computing's custom telephony

Eastman Kodak Company - May 1998 - August 1998
Roland Schindler of Dynamic Imaging contracted with me to rapidly adapt the
software of a Sticker Print kiosk for an internal tech demo. Following their demo I
began the development of a more functional version of the kiosk software.

The Rochester Group - January 1997 - January 1998
Software Engineer
I joined the Project Mercury team to develop an complex intraweb application for
Xerox, a tool for submitting orders for their digital copiers. In addition to my own
work on the application, I adapted the RCS source control utilities to our the
project and maintained source control discipline for the rest of the team.

Staples Business Advantage - August 1996 - December 1996
I wrote EDI conversion utilities to convert transaction data from their customers.
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Analysts International - June 1996
DEC contracted with AIC on behalf of Corning Glass for me to write shellscripts
automating some processes at their manufacturing plant.

Carnegie Mellon University - August 1993 - May 1994
Research Programmer
While working for Dr. Sergei Nirenburg and Dr. Robert Frederking at the Center
for Machine Translation, I wrote tools for building and reading a lexical analysis
database for their Translator's Workstation.

The Rochester Group - September 1992 - July 1993
Software Engineer
For their matrix transform tool for Excel, I found and diagnosed bugs, and coded
new features.

Between April 2001 and March 2005, I focused on a personal problem and developed self-
discipline. I continued to study emerging technologies and worked with DePaul WorkGuide to
renew my career.

Programming Expertise

C For Veterans Outreach Center, I wrote a demonstration program to teach
linked lists and recursion.

C++ At The Rochester Group I diagnosed bugs and coded new features for
their matrix transform tool for Windows. Also at TRG I helped port the
Project Mercury intraweb application to C++ from Perl.

Cygwin At the Veterans Outreach Center, I prepared and taught an introductory
programming course using the Cygwin environment, a unix-like
environment for Windows.

Common Lisp At Carnegie Mellon University I wrote a lexical analysis tool for the
Translator's Workstation at their Center for Machine Translation.I also
use Emacs Lisp periodically to configure my favorite text editor.

Forth At Spirit of Anime Muck I fixed bugs reported by users of their online
game community.

JavaScript, HTML For Project Mercury at TRG I had to implement and debug features in a
complex web site generated by Perl and C++ programs. At CCI, I taught
an introductory course for engineers.

Perl At TRG I wrote scripts to customize and simplify the RCS source control
utilities for Project Mercury. I also contributed the Perl scripts written for
that application.

Python On a contract to Visiting Nurse Service with Sam Asher Computing, I
maintained scripts written with wxPython to automate data entry to
Access databases from nurses' laptops and Palm Pilots.

SQL While developing for Project Mercury at TRG, I debugged database
queries generated by the intraweb application and edited table definitions
to introduce new features. At Veterans Outreach Center, I developed a
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custom database application for logging inventory, instruction &

UNIX shellscripts On a contract to Corning Glass with Analysts International, I advised the
client while providing the first scripts towards future development.

Visual Basic At Eastman Kodak I chose VB for the rapid development of a tech demo
based on a StickerPrint kiosk. At the Veterans Outreach Center, I
developed a database application for Access. With Visual Basic .NET, I
developed an application window switching utility for LiDestri Foods.

VBScript At CCI, I taught an introductory course for engineers.

XML On a contract to West Group Publishing with Tek Systems, I diagnosed
bugs reported in their document formatting tools.


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, (1990-1992)

References available upon request.