“I Had Only Two Months to Live” Written by: Chelsea Daniels Chapter 1 I woke up one morning with a sudden smile

on my face. The night before, I had finally kissed my best guy friend that I have been crushing on since he arrived here a year ago. My best friend is Tucker Johnson. He is a freshman and is really cute. I am a junior at Nihow High School in Salem, Massachusetts. Ever since we met he‟s always been so protective of me, although he has always seemed a bit strange. He‟d always disappear randomly and know what I was thinking or what I was going to do. I have always loved him for that. I walked down the stairs from my bedroom singing and smiled at my brother on the way down. At the end the staircase I screamed “Hola Familia!” My parents were sitting at the breakfast table looking at me like I was crazy, and Tom my brother, was on the couch. I love my family, I thought to myself. “Eat something, we made a lot of food.” my dad said pointing at the table. I grabbed a bagel from the table and bit into it but suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. I gasped and the bagel fell to the floor leaving crumbs scattered all over. I felt my body start to shut down as I started to faint. Tom caught me before I hit the tile floor. The next thing I knew was that I was lying in a hospital bed. “She‟s awake! Call the nurse!” my mom said when she saw my eyes flutter open. She ran over to me and squeezed my hand. Tom and my dad ran over as well, all so happy I had awakened. I was wondering what had happened? Why does my lower back hurt still? Also why was I in the frigging hospital? “Kailey we thought you died when you fell in the kitchen. We had to take you to the hospital. We were so worried about you.” Tom said to me pushing my hair off my face with his hand. He is 2 years older than me and always makes me feel safe. “How are you doing Miss Burch? You are awake! The doctor would like to see you outside Mr. and Mrs. Burch. Follow me.” The nurse said as she checked my heart rate and blood pressure. She walked out of the room with my parents leaving Tom and I alone. My thoughts suddenly fell to Tucker since I knew he wouldn‟t even go to the hospital until later so I just sat there in silence with Tom as we listened in on the doctor‟s conversation with my parents. Outside the door we could hear Dr. Barbarose whispering to my parents. “I am afraid Kailey‟s condition is worse than we thought. Your daughter is suffering from a rare form of renal cell carcinoma. It is a rare kidney cancer and a tumor has started to grow on one of her vertebras on her spine. It costs a lot of money to conduct this surgery and 90% of all people with this cancer die within two months of diagnosis. Our hospital has never conducted this surgery so I am sorry but there is nothing that we can do. We can only hope for a miracle.” My mouth dropped open at the same time that my mom started crying and my dad just held her there. Dad gave the Doctor a harsh look. “What do you mean you can‟t do anything about it John? You were there when she was born and now you want her to die at only 16 years old?!” My dad asked loudly through my moms sobbing. “Of course I don‟t want her to die, but I am certain there is nothing I can do Dave. I am so sorry.” Dr Babarose answered as I heard the sound of his footsteps walking away. My parents stayed out in the hall for what seemed like a very long time. My brother walked over to me, placed his arms around me and squeezed me as hard as he could.

I gave him a huge hug putting my head on his chest because I am very short for a girl my age and he‟s 6”2”. Tucker. But this time it wasn‟t scripted and he wasn‟t acting. I was the popular one. The doctor said it may run in my family. I had a bad feeling. A lot of people said I was perfect. with the most friends. I tried to hide the pain by smiling but it didn‟t work. I didn‟t consider myself beautiful but a lot of other people did. I was wondering if everything was all right. I could die before my 17 birthday Tuck. I smiled and so did he. “Kail what‟s going on?” he asked me reaching for my hand like he does in the play. it definitely wasn‟t acting or staged. when my life is so wonderful right now. The 90% of all others die within two months of being diagnosed. I don‟t want to die before I graduate high school. We stepped back and just looked at each other for a moment. I ran to the door and standing there was a tall curly blonde haired boy. They don‟t know how I was diagnosed with it. It was real for him and me. It wasn‟t until then when I started sobbing and Tom just rocked me there. the twinkle in my parent‟s eyes.” I said pointing to the couch. My parents and Tom decided to go out for a few hours so I had Tucker over then. Almost automatically I answered. You don‟t look so good. I have a rare kind of kidney cancer called renal cell carcinoma. “Tuck something happened to me today. I kept thinking of Tucker. But there‟s a twist. I had also just been set as the leading role in my school musical “Cinderella”. Chapter 2 After all the testing was done it was about 7PM and the doctor finally released me to go home. I really don‟t. I promise. “Sure!” I told him trying to push as much Kailey Burch attitude into it as possible and he hung up. he looked very worried and concerned. I arrived home in the midst of my own little world when my cell phone rang. How am I going to tell this to him? It will break his heart.” Tucker told me looking down at my sweats and a sweatshirt. Could I come over and practice lines with you?” Tucker asked on the other end. I knew it was him when my doorbell rang. We always found ourselves staring into each others eyes. I wasn‟t in the mood to read lines but I wanted to see him and he needed to know what was happening to me. my best friend. He sat down and I started pacing.“Kailey you will get through this. Apparently only 10% of all people with this disease survive it after the surgery. I rubbed my hands together in front of me causing them to sweat and took a deep breath. All my life I have been that girl. I am going to die. “Hey Kailey. “Hey Kail. It is coming up in a month and it is so terrible that I find out now that I‟m going to die. I had my hair in a high bun on my head and a flash of pain hit my face. “You‟re going to need to sit down for this Tuck. I thought.” I was crying now and I sat on the audomen in the middle of the room with .” Tom said. I had another muscle spasm in my back. I fainted and fell on the kitchen floor…” his eyes opened wide as I went on “I went to the hospital and Tom and I listened in on my parent‟s and the doctor‟s conversation. It‟s me Tucker. Tucker was cast as prince charming and we had our first kiss at one of our rehearsals. There is nothing anyone can do for me.

” His voice sounded so sincere. I was afraid to check the peep whole because I knew it had to be Tucker and I am definitely not ready to face him face to face. my face drenched in tears and did what he told me to.” I could not believe I actually spoke those words. I really wanted to say no. I of all people am at least open to any thing or creature my friends believe they are. His face was still and he looked very concerned. “Get out!” I screamed. “Just to let you know you have to invite me in. It was awkward silence for many moments before I spoke. He took me in his arms and held my head against his chest “Kailey you will get through this. I want you to be my Cinderella. “I wanted to tell you Kail. “What if it happens during the play?” I whispered during my sobs. I hesitated to pick up the phone. if you let me. I don‟t want you to shrivel up and die.” he said looking puzzled and defeated. “Tell me everything. I can save you. I am just going to have to ask him about vampires and all the stuff they do. We did not hug when he walked through the door. my face in his neck.tears falling off my face. It was really hard for me to keep this from you but I knew I needed to say something so that I could save your life. Maybe some miracle will happen and make the disease go away. I opened the door and stared at him for a minute. It read. I can save you. I want to help you but you have to let me turn you first.” I looked at him. You should know impossible things happen everyday. I am sorry. Tucker walked over to me and said “Stand up. Like a lion reeling in its prey. But you have to trust me. I should believe him and I should let him change me so I can live. I guess I always wanted him to come in before. I can help you. Open up. It was like he just disappeared. I went and stood back to back to the door as Tucker said from outside. It was different now. You say it yourself. All that was left was one single blue rose in his place with a note attached to it.” My mouth was hanging open and my eyes watered again.” I looked up at his face with a puzzled look. I stepped out from under him while he tried to explain this to me. Please?” .” Tucker told me finally smiling. “Just why Tuck? How could you keep this from me?” I stared at him for moments and I looked at the clouds that were covering the sky. “Come in Tucker. “Kail I know your there. How can I ever trust him again? Chapter 3 What am I doing? I asked myself the morning after mine and Tucker‟s big fight. Tucker got up off the couch. I want to help you. I am not one to judge people for who they are. I sat by the phone for two hours and then suddenly the door bell rang. “How?” I managed to get out through my sobbing. Have you ever wondered why I always wear black? Why I get burnt with the littlest of sun?” he told me still holding me there. “You are not going to die Kail. “I am a vampire Kail.” He said leaning over me. “Have you ever felt like I could read your mind sometimes and know when you are upset or hurt? Well my kind of people can always do that. What was I inviting into my house? But I ended up saying.

She tried to be better then everyone else. But when I found out you were dying I was devastated. Our lips were inches away from touching. I always have. Unlike I did. My parents will be home any minute. There I was waiting for midnight. but I hated her for it and she was devastated.” I told him giving him the longest hug we‟ve ever had. There was a girl named Camara Cole and she was known for being very mysterious.“Vampires have walked this earth since the beginning of time. We don‟t sparkle like in that stupid book series Twilight and our eye color does not change. She was very good at lying and very good at sneaking around. He continued talking and I just left my mouth hanging wide open. I just had the feeling something really good would happen to me.” Tucker was sitting now. „You don‟t know what your missing out on‟ she said to me eyes glowing red. Will you meet me in my room tonight at midnight when everyone is asleep? You can tell me more. She thought after she changed me we were going to be together. but red.” He let go of me and vanished out of thin air. I could not think of anything else to do but hide until many years later when I finally found our school here in Salem. Germany and I adopted my American accent from watching many classical American films. I would only need to move an inch closer and we would be kissing. I woke up in the street and I realized my eyes were glowing red and my teeth were retracting from dull to pointy. There is so much to learn in such a short amount if time. I got up on my tippy toes and I couldn‟t resist. The year was 1847 and I was walking around the old theatre in the center of Berlin. his face in his hands. “Till tonight. “I would never want you to kill yourself. I want to help you. It was a curse that was thrusted upon me and ever since that day I thought to myself if anyone saw that side of me again I would kill myself.” He stood up and turned me to face him. I thought to myself. Then I met you and I fell in love with the very definition of human perfection. I am actually 150 years old. She pushed me to the ground with her hand on my neck. I just don‟t want you to die. “I don‟t know if I want to be changed just yet. I wasn‟t dying so it was different but I don‟t want you to do something you don‟t want to do. Can you give me a little time? I know I don‟t have much time but this is a very difficult decision for me. but I want you to have a choice. but I couldn‟t. She had always wanted me but could never have me. I don‟t know why I did it but I walked up to him and placed my hand on his cheek. I am originally from Berlin. I also want to know all about vampires before I change. Even if I have to change you the second before you die I‟ll do it. You have as much time to think about this as you need.” I looked into his bright blue eyes and he stared right back. Her teeth bit into my neck and it hurt like hell even for hours after. I am angry with you for not telling me about who you really are but it doesn‟t matter your still my prince charming and always will be. I love you Tucker. He gently took my face in his hand and kissed me so softly on my lips. We kissed with so much passion but in a way it felt like he was saying a goodbye.” He looked up and his pale face was inches away from mine. He reached for his eyes and took out what looked like contacts. I was turned into a vampire when I was 15. I saw that the color of his eyes underneath was not blue. I had just finished going over lines with my director when I was stopped in the alley. “I am not really 15 years old. „Please don‟t kill me!‟ I screamed at her. Yes. . I turned away at that very second and asked him “Who‟s Camara? How did you know her? Where is she now?” He looked up at me and his face turned mad with anger as he said “Camara was a girl I went to school with. At the time though I had no idea she was a vampire. She ran off after that and I haven‟t seen her since. I told her „I don‟t want anything from you‟ she growled at me and that‟s when it happened. blood red.

His arm went around me and he squeezed me tight. Tick. .. I glanced down at my phone and it was 11:50pm. I am going to bed so lock everything and shut all the lights off. The seconds ticked by and I realized I still had no idea if I wanted to be a vampire. I promise you Kailey we will all get through this together. “Wait…. Other vampires have different powers like having visions or knowing someone‟s entire life just by touching them or turning into an animal of their choice. Me I am not old enough or wise enough for those powers.Chapter 4 Midnight couldn‟t have come any slower. My dad and I have always been so close. The last special power that average vampires have is that we can tell what someone is feeling at a certain moment and if necessary stop or edge the emotion on. You‟ve had a pretty tough day. He obviously knew I was in pain. Tick. but only the oldest and strongest of us can do that.” I said stepping back “I though you had to be invited in?” I finished. “As you could tell one of the most important powers of a vampire is telepathy and if I say so myself I am a very strong telepath.” He said laughing ever so lightly. I guess I was missed. He took my hand and lifted me off the bed.” Tucker looked at me like he was waiting for me to scream and get my parents to call the cops. My mom used to get so jealous that I spent all of my time with him. I wanted to know more but I was so afraid of it. Although I am one of the most girlish daddy‟s girls you will ever meet. I wasn‟t even considering the fact that his eyes were glowing red and his teeth were probably going from dull to pointy in his mouth.” My dad leaned down and kissed my forehead and then he walked up the stairs. I don‟t know why I understood all of this. I nearly stumbled twice. I still love spending time with my dad. I thought to myself. Tick. I locked the front and back doors and shut the lights off. On my way to my room I realized how much harder it was for me to walk up a flight of stairs. That is one of the many rules that I have to follow. “It‟s getting worse. That was the first time he had spoken to me since yesterday morning when I woke up in the hospital. BEEP! It was midnight and standing in front of me was my dark prince. “If those are the perks of being a vampire then what is the downside?” I asked Tucker. “You should go to bed Kail. You look exhausted. I sat down next to him and another shot of pain ran down my spine. I sat in the living room with my palm on my cheek and then someone tapped my shoulder. He obviously knew what I just thought. “Hey. Then the lines suddenly became perpendicular when he took me in his arms and a smile grew across my face when it landed in his chest. looking confused. If I think it I am there. “I only need to be invited in once but if I am not wanted I am automatically pushed out of the house. Well it‟s called teleportation. We were standing together like two parallel lines that would never cross. He gave me a very suspicious smile and then his expression fell serious. One minute to go. It was so strange. I thought for sure it was Tucker but I looked up and it was my dad.” He sat on my bed and gestured me to sit with him. He lifted my head with his hand and kissed me so gently on the lips and smiled at me. I glanced at my phone again and it was 11:55pm. Those ten minutes were agony. You thought it was almost like I was just vanishing into nothing. Also if you haven‟t noticed me showing up randomly all the time and disappearing. I sat firmly on my bed and watched my alarm clock until it was exactly 11:59pm.” Tucker said reading my thoughts.

so Tucker did not come to school today. poof he was gone. But this vampire stuff is too much. . Me I‟ve broken about half of them and I don‟t care because I can deal with the council and I need to help you. three: if you expose yourself to the brightest part of the day you will turn to ash. one: never step into a house you are not welcome in because you will get reported to the Council and burned. You must follow all of the vampire laws or you get reported to the Vampire Council. If he had come to school would I feel any better? I still haven‟t decided if I wanted to be a vampire yet. Just trust me okay?” He took my hand in his and kissed it gently. The Council has been dealing with the safety of the existence of vampires and also protecting the humans that get involved with us since the beginning of time.“If you become a vampire you can easily shield your thoughts from other vampires. The sun was shining high in the sky. I kissed it away and he looked at me with all of the love in the world and held me close. four: never attend a church because vampires are very sensitive to holy items (especially a wood cross. Well you know what I mean. It is something you learn over time.” Tucker managed to get out as a tear escaped his face. Chapter 5 The weeks seemed to go by so slow but yet it was now the day before opening night and I was as nervous as ever. Again. I was now alone in my room and I slowly drifted off into a dreamless sleep.) and fifth or lastly: never fall in love with a human under any circumstances otherwise the Council will have you ordered to be staked immediately. since wood can kill a vampire in seconds even if they are a thousand years old. I don‟t know how long it‟s going to take for me to think about this…” I barely got the last word out as Tucker took his finger and placed it over my mouth. From the moment I woke up until school ended I could not speak. I want so much to be with you and to not die. The rules you have to follow are. “Tucker. two: turning a human into a vampire isn‟t under any circumstance the right thing to do. “Kailey how many times do I have to tell you? You have all of the time in the world to think about this.

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