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Crossing the Event Horizon

Presented by Nassim Haramein

Crossing the Event Horizon creates a wonderful bridge for unification of our spiritual
“inner knowing” and “guidance” to the scientific principles of the external world.

If we are ever to understand nature from the tiniest sub-atomic particle within our bodies
to the awesome wonder of the cosmos, we must change the focus of study and learn with
our hearts as well as our minds.

Many disciplines have presented positive findings that our hearts have the same neurons
flashing as does our brain, in fact some shown that the heart has its own intelligence. The
defined connection in their research today shows these flashing neurons of heart and
brain integrates our thoughts, emotions and feelings, which all work in unison.

Nassim Haramein is a pioneer of new ideas, who has stepped forward and offered us a
wealth of new information to unify the inner heart space which is the inner knowing part
of all humanity and our surrounding world with the mind space, or intellectual part of
humanity that understands the math, equations and factual evidence gleaned from
scientific inquiry, observation and repetition of processes in the external world.

The inner heart space is the part of humanity that strives for unity, works with
compassion and searches for answers that relate this inherent inner connection with the
visible external world. Solutions sought from the inner heart space extend with love and
kindness to improve the suffering of humanity and the inner heart space longs to
understand this connection as humanity strives for unity in our world.

Spirituality is the recognition of the natural connection and unity of the inner knowing to
a Universal Source of information and energy that connects mankind to the source of all
creation in every moment. This spiritual connection allows healing to take place at the
cellular level without external devices, purely based on intent and requests made through
prayer and the inner conviction that the energy has unlimited potential. Nassim explains
in terms of basic physics and his own multi-dimensional experiences, how our
understanding of this unification is the key frequency of harmonic resonance in our lives.
Therefore, as we understand that the flow of energy in the universe travels through the
physicality of each individual, we will also understand that the focused intent allows the
healing to take place. Science and religion classify these reported healings as “miracles”
or unknown events from the unseen portion of our external world. Understanding the
physics of these miracles is the science of spirituality.

Another area that abounds with this spiritual connection is the beauty of the cosmos in
the night sky that takes our breath away and weaves the fabric of our inherent spirituality.
I am sure you have all felt the wonder of the awesome beauty of this vastness, which our
natural connection recognizes.

As Nassim explains in his courses we truly are a part of every star and galaxy in the
patterns of this unity. Research shows this as our amino acids have been found in the
constellation of Orion, which is billions of light years away. This scientific observation
validates that the field of cosmology contains many patterns of unification at our cellular
and atomic level. Cosmology and astro physics are spirituality in measure and motion.

Our civilization will be at peace, when we live in unison with, and understand the
principles of inclusion. In the vastness of our world there are multiple paths that
individuals choose for their experience and learning. Nassim’s work presents one of
these paths of experience to show us that we are space, we are the stars and we vibrate at
the cellular level in unison throughout infinity.

Science is the field of inquiry into nature that is supposed to help us understand how our
world is constructed so that we may apply the proven findings in our lives to create
applications in our world for the betterment of mankind.

The scientific process is an important aspect of understanding our external world and is
very respected and necessary. Science is also on the threshold of greater abilities of
observation as the new electronic microscopes have reached the nano and pico scale of
measurement, which involves the atomic and sub-atomic scales of the former unseen
portion of reality. This also opens the door to understanding our DNA and the myriad
amounts of folding proteins and amino acids within those strands, which allow us to see
for the first time, a new bridge to understanding the natural self-regeneration and natural
healing processes of our cells. This knowledge will expand in the coming years to
benefit both alternative healing and traditional medicine.

Many new technologies that result from the fields of scientific inquiry are key
contributions to society, arising from years of research and development, along with new
drugs and therapies for illness. However, the nature of the scientific process reinforces
the continued study of specific targeted areas of the physical body for healing and keeps
medicine in the separation mode, rather than the whole mind/body unification process for

It is Nassim’s hope that presentation of this new Unified Field Theory will enhance and
integrate all scientific modes of inquiry as the principles are applied. Albert Einstein was
very disappointed that he was not able to develop his work to include this unification
before his death.

Therefore, it could be said that the next step in the evolution of humanity is the
unification of the scientific disciplines and their methods of observation and discovery of
the external world with the spiritually connected patterns and inner knowledge of

Nassim’s course is robust and attempts to cross the bridge of consciousness to unify these
modes of learning and experience with the goal of providing a more complete
understanding of how our world works from the sub-atomic energy of the unseen
dimension to the magnificent macro events of the cosmos.

It is also intended to create an understanding that the study of science and cosmology are
spiritually unified. Whether your background is in one of the many scientific disciplines
or from the mind/body alternative healing practices, this basic unification theory will lead
you to a new body of knowledge that can be shared through your inherent vibrations that
resonate through space as a connecting link.

It is our hope that you will find a space in your heart that resonates with both the science
and the spiritual areas of exploration presented here, which you can then apply in your
own area of expertise. We offer this journey as the gift that opens the door to your next
destination. Cross the bridge with us and experience a new awareness that creates joy
and harmony in your life.