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Jerrin Varghe, Andrew Tong, Vivi Tran, Ma Moe Moe Aung, Lindsay Roberts, Annette
Cox, Katy Brannan, Anthony Nguyen, Emily Longerot, Tolga Senguler, Matthew
D¡¦Ocampo, Reece Frederick, Scott Chu, Tuan Nguyen, Danny Klam, Alex Masangkay,
Robert Tran, Minh Ann Nguyen, Stephanie Tarver, Jaquelyn McAnelly

Summary of Discussion and Decisions:

APICS Student Group Mission Creation

1) Discussed customer market = All Students

2) Discussed unique aspects of market positioning:

a. Focus on Supply Chain Management/Operations Management/Project

b. Small Family-Like Group

c. Support from

i. Local Houston APICS Chapter

ii. National/International APICS Society
(Body of Knowledge/Networking/Conferences)

3) Listed potential customer needs/desires

a. Community (relationships, networking, industry connections, trading

b. Achievements (self-fulfillment)

c. Real World Practice (experience)
d. Volunteering (Involvement, leadership)

e. Empowerment (information, knowledge, tutoring)

f. FUN

g. Resume Enhancements

4) Developed a 5-part mission statement with high consensus of support:

a. To create a close-knit community for students interested in Operations
and Supply Chain Management

b. To network and forge relationships with industry professionals in
conjunction with the Houston APICS Chapter

c. To empower members with real world experience and knowledge

d. To enhance the resumes of students by providing leadership and
volunteering opportunities

e. To create a sense of achievement and self-fulfillment

Note: The above mission statement is preliminary and still open to modification. If you
have suggestions for improving this, please bring them to our next meeting.

Board Member Interest and Elections

We discussed the responsibilities for available board positions, polled all attendees for
their willingness/interest to serve in each capacity, and held elections.

Official Spring 2008 APICS Student Chapter

Election Results:

President Jerrin Varghe
Vice President Andrew Tong
Secretary Vivi Tran
Treasurer Ma Moe Moe Aung
VP Marketing Lindsay Roberts
VP Activities Annette Cox
VP Membership Katy Brannan
VP Public Anthony Nguyen
VP Records Emily Longerot

Tolga Senguler, Matthew D¡¦Ocampo, Reece Frederick, and Scott Chu also conveyed
their interest in getting involved on the Board of Directors.

Next meeting:

APICS Board Transition Meeting

December 13th

Note: Moe Moe (Treasurer) will be unable to attend on the 13th, but is committed to
working with Stephanie Tarver (Outgoing Treasurer) to obtain the relevant transition

From: Day, Jamison M
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 12:15 PM
Subject: Board Meeting - APICS UH Chapter - Nov 28 @ 4pm in MH290G

Current and interested APICS Board Members:

I¡¦d like to assemble a meeting for allowing those who are interested to discuss strategic
directions for the UH APICS student chapter moving forward into next semester.
I have reserved the MH290G conference room from 4pm ¡V 6pm on Wednesday, Nov.

Attached is a proposed agenda for our meeting. If you would like the agenda updated to
include additional topics, please reply to me with your suggestions and I¡¦ll ensure
they¡¦re incorporated.

Could you please email me by Monday, Nov. 12 if you are not able to attend?

Prof. Day

Jamison M. Day, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

Department of Decision and Information Sciences (DISC)

Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston

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