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2007 4-line link Red BRidle instRuctions

We are here for you and respect your hours on the water. As part of our ongoing commitment to R&D development we recognize the need to enhance products and offer our riders the latest and best performance options In an effort to maximize the performance of the Link 4 line kite we are offering a bridle length modification update. We are proud to offer you the solution. The slingshot crew sAFeTY seT-uP www.sskiteboarding. This update translates rider benefits such as more low For more product info: www. unmatched stability and easy relaunchability. increased depower.cfm LAuNchINg oveRview Slingshot is a company founded on the principles of creating innovative quality product that meets the demands of every rider.2007 4-LINe LINK Red bRIdLe INsTRucTIONs FeATuRes PeRfoRmance and modification uPdate foR slingshot 2007 link kites As a part of our commitment to unsurpassed customer service we invite you to call us directly on our Rider service Line: 1-877-775-4832 (usA) 1-509-427-4950 (INTL) PsT Or email us at tech@sskiteboarding. PeRFORMANce Package includes: TuNINg • Le1 Red bridle lines (2) • Le2 Red bridle lines (2) • Le3 Red bridle lines (2) • Front attachment pulleys attached to ‘V’ lines with grey loop/loop (2) • Rear attachment pulleys attached to ‘Y’ lines with red/ white 3-knot pigtail (2) • 3-knot pigtails for ‘Y’ line attachments (2) FAQ’s • ‘X’ lines (2) • ‘V’ spectra lines (2) • ‘Y’ spectra lines (2) WARRANTY 2 .com and allow us to help you fine tune your 2007 Link.

]  PeRFORMANce rear pulley LAuNchINg seT-uP sAFeTY . [NOTE: Pump gauges vary in pressure. Be sure your kite is pumped firmly.4 line link with new Red BRidle FeATuRes front pulley featuRes & Benefits • More low end power • Increased depower and range • Unmatched stability FAQ’s WARRANTY TuNINg • Easy water relaunchability • Required PSI in the kite is reduced to 8 PSI NOT 10 PSI.

sTeP 1 Begin installing your red bridle. Start with the ‘V’ line and work back towards the LE. sTeP 2 Attach LE2 bridle lines to the 2nd hang point of the kite (LE2 attachment) using a lark’s head connection. Attach LE1 to center hang point with a lark’s head connection. FAQ’s 2. Remove the front line bridle assembly. Start with the LE lines. . 5-LINe seT-uP ReMOVINg The 5-LINe bRIdLe The original 5-line bridle configuration is shown here. and ‘W2. Remove the Front lines. followed by the wingtip lines. Then remove all LE sAFeTY lines and ‘W’ lines on rear. ‘OLP’ (One Line Pigtail). WARRANTY 4 . ’ ’ PeRFORMANce LAuNchINg installing youR new Red BRidle 1. Pitchfork lines.2007 4-LINe LINK Red bRIdLe INsTRucTIONs Removing youR 4 oR 5-line BRidle FeATuRes 4-LINe ReMOVINg The 4-LINe bRIdLe The original 4-line bridle configuration is shown here. “WF’ ‘W1.

sTeP 6 Attach the ‘V’ line to the LE knot with a lark’s head connection.3. sTeP 5 Attach the ‘V’ line to the LE3 and X line using a loop/loop lark’s connection. 5 seT-uP sAFeTY sTeP 4 FeATuRes . Attach the LE3 line to the 3rd attachment on the leading edge (LE3 attachment) with a lark’s head connection. LAuNchINg WARRANTY FAQ’s TuNINg PeRFORMANce Thread the pulley onto the ‘V’ line. 5. sTeP 3 Attach the ‘X’ line to the LE1 and LE2 lines with a loop/loop lark’s connection. 6. Be sure to secure this knot tightly. 4.

LAuNchINg PeRFORMANce TuNINg tuning tiPs: sITuATION • Your frontline depower TRIM is limited by the yellow powerball.2007 4-LINe LINK Red bRIdLe INsTRucTIONs 2007 4-LINe LINK Red bRIdLe INsTRucTIONs link Red BRidle instRuctions (cont. sheeting and loss of steering ability. NOTE: Excessive depower can result in over• You can’t depower your kite enough. sTeP 9 Repeat steps 6-8 on the opposite side. Attach the ’Y’ line bridle to the last knot of the 3-knot pigtail with a lark’s head connection. sTeP 8 seT-uP Thread the second pulley onto the ‘Y’ line (Red pigtail on the left. sTeP 7 Attaching the rear line ‘Y’ Bridle: A: Attach the ‘Y’ line to the rear hang point with a lark’s head connection. WARRANTY FAQ’s  .) FeATuRes 7. 8. and white pigtail on the right). sAFeTY b: Attach the 3-knot pigtail to the front wingtip attachment point with a lark’s head connection. sOLuTION Remove the screw from the yellow powerball with an allen key.

E. Our NEW red bridles are tuned to deliver ultimate high performance in marginal conditions.sITuATION • In overpowered conditions when you experience slight stalls in upturns. I. sively sheeted in. sOLuTION Disengaging the frontline depower kite’s high end. AssessMeNT Your Link is oversheeted. frontline depower TRIM can affect your more off its front lines allowing it to sITuATION Riding in light winds. it has too much back line tension. This will stop any backwards stalling. Note: Too much steering ability. sOLuTION Pull down on your frontline depower handle (see picture). FAQ’s TuNINg handle (see picture) will expand the 7 WARRANTY PeRFORMANce LAuNchINg seT-uP sAFeTY • The kite falls backwards when aggres- FeATuRes . and increase low end power. increase your depower stroke and ease overall bar pressure. Your kite will fly sit more forward in the wind window.