THE RIVER by Valerie Bloom

The River’s a wanderer, A nomad, a tramp, He doesn’t choose one place To set up his camp.

Wanderer - Traveler, Adventurer, Explorer - Pengembara Nomad - Any wanderer - Pengembara, kaum yang tidak mempunyai tempat tinggal tetap Tramp - Expedition, wanderer - Ekspedisi


Person or things that winds .tidak bergerak.bertukar arah Still .lembah Twists .Change direction.Stay. turn . duduk diam MEANING : . not moving .Channel . Winder .Orang atau benda yang berubah arah Valley . Through valley and hill He twists and he turns. He just cannot be still.THE RIVER by Valerie Bloom The River’s a winder.

And he buries down deep Those little treasures That he wants to keep.To put in the ground and cover with soil .Collection.Tempat pengumpulan Buries .Mengebumikan Treasures . .Harta karun MEANING : .Valuable things .THE RIVER by Valerie Bloom Hoarder . store The River’s a hoarder.

in a happy way .menyanyi dengan mulut tertutup Happily .Menghasilkan bunyi seperti bayi Hums .to sing with closed lips .Ibu jari MEANING : . He gurgles and hums.To put into the mouth and draw upon .To express with a gurgling sound .THE RIVER by Valerie Bloom The River’s a baby.Menghisap Thumbs .dengan gembira Sucking . Gurgles . And sounds like he’s happily Sucking his thumbs.

As he dances along.Bergema MEANING : .A repetition of sound .Kawasan luar bandar. desa . The countryside echoes The notes of his song.THE RIVER by Valerie Bloom Countryside . village The River’s a singer. Echoes .Rural section.

To eat.Menelan Swallow .THE RIVER by Valerie Bloom The River’s a monster Hungry and vexed.Anger . He’s gobbled up trees And he’ll swallow you next.To eat into the stomach -Menelan MEANING : .Kemarahan Gobbled up . swallow .Ugly creature that frighten people .Raksasa Vexed . Monster .

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