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Myrna Villarreal

ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

The Whole Enchilada

Juan Faura the author of The Whole Enchilada gives an overview of the Hispanic culture

and tactics to use to understand the Hispanic consumers in the United States. The book is based

on personal experience, ethnography, primary and secondary research. The forward and preface

indicate that the author’s purpose of writing the book is to help teach small business people how

to market to and understand the U.S. Hispanic consumer. The overall view of the background

and credentials of Juan Faura, are for about seventeen years he has worked on specializing in

marketing to the Hispanic market. Besides working in the Hispanic marketing industry for so

many years he has also gained personal experience throughout his life working with Hispanics in

ordinary jobs and knowing what it is like to be a Mexican and Puerto Rican American in the

United States. The author’s approach to the Hispanic market is as a consumer and researcher,

someone who has personal experience as well as gone into the field to analyze the Hispanic

cultures. Juan Fuara’s basic premises in The Whole Enchilada are to address how to successfully

reach the United States Hispanic audience but first also understanding and knowing how to

approach the Hispanic cultures. Most importantly, noting that there are various segments in the

Hispanic market that need to be marketed differently in order to reach that particular Hispanic


My critical evaluation of The Whole Enchilada is that I do believe that the Spanish-

dominant, bilingual and English-dominate Hispanics need to be targeted in their own way

because advertisements appeal differently to each Hispanic group. The Hispanic market as a

whole may have some things in common but have different ways of thinking and lifestyles. Each

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

chapter makes a valid point about the Hispanic market and answers questions that may arise as

you read along the chapters. I also like how the author is writing from a consumer point of view

and not from the marketing industry side because it creates more credibility. The criteria I am

basing my position is on my own personal experience as a Mexican American, having interned at

a full service Hispanic advertising agency and the knowledge I have gained from reading The

Whole Enchilada.

The themes emerged from Juan Faura’s basic premises are the eight laws of the Hispanic

Universe, the difference between translation vs. adaptation, the cultural boomerang effect, and

the Hispanic youth as its own individual segment. These topics relate to one another by,

knowing and comprehending the eight laws of the Hispanic Universe you will understand the

importance between translating and adapting new words to an advertisement. Then the cultural

boomerang effect will help to inform marketers where the cultural level the Hispanic consumer is

at, enabling the marketer to know who to translate advertisements to.

The Eight Laws of the Hispanic Universe sum up the general Hispanic market pretty

well. Some of the laws that stood out to me were number three, five and six. When I read law

number three I couldn’t help but giggle because it is so true. No matter the appetite you have

while you are at your Hispanic friend’s house or even family you cannot say no to a plate of

food. Refusing to accept the plate is not polite. Number five says, “Intellect and Emotion are

partners who do not speak the same language. Emotion is the key to our hearts.” Hispanics are

emotional people, not to mention sometimes dramatic. Even if you do not speak the same

language, just a simple genuine smile you can win the person’s heart. Law number six is also

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

very true about family always coming first before anyone else. Hispanics are very united to their

family and have typically large extended families. For example, from in class handouts

daughters normally do not move out from home until marriage and Hispanic families do not

really believe in retirement homes. Overall, placing the Eight Laws of the Hispanic Universe at

the beginning of the book was a good idea. The laws give a general overview of some of the

values and personality traits Hispanics hold which enables the reader to have a better

understanding on how each topic in the chapters play an important role in the Hispanic culture

and market.

The author does a good job conveying factual material as well as personal perspectives.

Also, solutions to a problem offered are believable and promising. The author Juan Fuara also

brings up good points in chapter eight on how to communicate with the Hispanic consumer even

if you do not know Spanish. For example, the Jason Miller story in the book proves that small

business owners who do not know Spanish can still successfully attract Hispanic consumers. Mr.

Miller places advertising signs of well known Hispanic products in front of his store to attract

Hispanic consumers. Once inside Jason Miller tries to speak Spanish to his customers, which

makes the Hispanic consumer more welcomed to the store. Juan Fuara gives good pointers on

when to use the word “tu” y usted”. It is really important to use the word “usted” instead of “tu”

when talking to someone because it expresses respect and especially towards your elders. The

more you practice and try to speak Spanish you will learn how to understand the Hispanic culture

and consumer.

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

In Chaper five Spanish, English, or In-Between highlights good points along with

translation and adaptation. In the United States there are two types of Hispanics, U.S. born and

foreign-born. Which means that when you advertise to Hispanics you are reaching Hispanics

who are bilingual and prefer English or those that speak Spanish can understand English but

prefer Spanish. I agree with Juan Faura when he says that translations are about words and

adaptation is about ideas. As learned from the readings and in lecture when advertising to the

Hispanic market you cannot just translate an English advertisement into Spanish because the

Hispanic market have a different culture view. When making advertisements in Spanish I think

research is needed on the culture and target market in order for the advertisement to be effective.

Some translations in Spanish may be taken the wrong way or not have the same significance as

in English. This is why it is important to have a professional translator, translate not only words

but ideas from English to Spanish.

Chapter six illustrates a very important part in understanding the Hispanic market.

Hispanics foreign-born or those born in the U.S. go through acculturation (the person holds both

native and new culture), retro-acculturation (the person wants to practice their native culture

instead of the new culture) and/or assimilation (when the person forgets about their native culture

and adopts the new culture). According to the Cultural Boomerang Effect, Foreign-born

Hispanics experience acculturation for the first several years then towards thirteen to sixteen

years of living in the U.S. the individual goes back to Retro-acculturation. The U.S. Born

Cultural Boomerang Effect indicates that at the age of four to six Hispanics begin to acculturate

and then at around the age of seventeen to nineteen they begin to go through Retro-acculturation.

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

Another interesting point that Juan Faura makes is when Hispanic teenagers go through their

stage of figuring out whether or not they want to be Hispanic and changing their names so it

sounds more American. I myself as a Mexican-American can say that I went through the same

during my teenage years. I went through a stage when I wished my name sounded more

American, I would ask my mom why she picked my name and not a more common name. I also

began to distance myself from my heritage and chose to only speak English. As I have grown a

bit older I have realized I like my name and for the fact that it is uncommon. I have also realized

the importance of continuing to learn and be proud of my heritage and to speak Spanish.

The Hispanic youth is the upcoming audience for marketers and advertisers. It would be

a great benefit to marketing and advertising companies to target Hispanic Youth because the

Hispanic population keeps increasing. Even though, the Hispanic youth does not make-up the

majority of the Hispanic population it is important to target them at a younger age because

Hispanics are known to be brand loyal according to Juan Faura. So, as the Hispanic Youth

continues to grow-up they become brand loyal to products and pass it down.

According to Juan Faura Hispanic teens should be considered a separate, different market

from the U.S. Hispanic market. I concur that even though Hispanic youth come from Hispanic

culture backgrounds they cannot be targeted the same as the Hispanic segment. Also, the

Hispanic youth cannot just be targeted with the general market campaigns because I think it

depends on their level of acculturation. Hispanic youth are exposed to both English and Spanish

advertising mediums which allows them to differentiate the ways of advertising.

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

One part of the book that I came across to have mixed feelings about is on page nine

where Juan Faura says that most people prefer being called Hispanic but are not offended when

called Latino. I personally agree with his logic, however, from my own experience I have come

across many people on and off campus who find it offensive to be called Hispanic and prefer

being called Latino. When I have referred to those who like to be called Latinos as Hispanic

they have given me long lectures about how we should be called Latino and not Hispanic.

In conclusion the work is objective according to the author Juan Fuara’s purpose. The

work maintains a well stated and implied focus. The author does not present extraneous

material. On the contrary Juan Fuara presents very valuable media information. For example,

demographics of the top thirty Hispanic markets in the United States. He does not exclude or

ignore relevant information. He touches base on everything that may come to mind when

discussing a topic. The author has achieved an overall well purpose of the book. However, I

would have liked to learn more about trends or the way Hispanics think. For example, I really

like the fact that he included letters from people about their thoughts on the Hispanic market. The

contribution that his work makes to an existing body of knowledge is that information that the

reader may have assumed to be true was confirmed or proved wrong. Some suggestions I have

for the future research in the area of this Hispanic market are to figure out what “Hispanics” truly

like to be defined as Hispanics or Latinos. Reading the book The Whole Enchilada has

demonstrated to me that the Hispanic market is only growing and that marketers can really

benefit from this market if they approach Hispanics in a strategic way tapping into the cultures

according to age groups.

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

Media Analysis

The magazine specifically aimed at the audience discussed in the book is People En

Español. The media content in People En Español contains articles about celebrities. The

magazine is similar to People magazine, however, with Spanish celebrities and in Spanish

language. Some of the advertisements are in Spanglish, meaning the content of the advertising is

mix with Spanish and English. Also, two of the advertisements are in English. The magazine’s

target market is married women with children and single women in their mid-twenties. They are

of middle –class income, trendy, like gossip, homemakers both acculturated and retro-

acculturated. The magazine is appealing to both Hispanics who are bilingual and Spanish-


The amount of advertisements the magazine contains are similar to that of the English

version of People. There is a page presented by Dior giving dips on how to apply the makeup for

the stylish look. Then there is another page just promoting the latest new products. There are

eight pages with pictures of celebrities taken by the paparazzi. The next section is gossip about

the good and the bad about the celebrities from a reporter. Then there is a two page spread

showing pictures of the five best dressed actresses. There are pages of pictures of models with

the latest fashion designer dresses. There’s another section where four judges critic what women

celebrities poorly wore to events. Another section in the magazine is a health article on the

myths and the truths of organic products. There is also interview article with Juanes, a famous

Columbian artist who is returning to the music industry. The next article is about Candela y

Khotan Arden who are celebrities that are talking about their relationship. The next section in the

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

magazine is about the sexiest men, where there is a blurb about their age and the reason why they

were selected has one of the sexiest celebrities. Towards the end of the magazine there are

horoscopes. There are various topics in the magazine, gossip, music, health, horoscopes that

appeal to the Hispanic market.

Music is a popular theme in the magazine. There are advertisements that advertise

concerts, a sound track and dancing event all related to Hispanic music. The advertisements for

the skin products show concern for maintain healthy and anti-aging skin. The hair products

focus mainly on straight shiny and anti-freezing hair. The make-up colors in the advertisements

are similar by advertising red tones and or neutral tones leaning towards a tan look.

The material in People En Espanol relates to the information provided in the book by

targeting Hispanics who are acculturated and even less acculturated in a form of adaptation. The

adaptation is creating the idea similar to People magazine however targeted towards Hispanics in

Spanish. The advertisements in the magazine are not translated from English into Spanish. Some

of the advertisements are keep in English but the ideas are in Spanish to appealing to those

Hispanics who are close their culture yet at the same time close to their new culture.

• LORÉAL - High Intensity Pigments Eye Shadow
• Clinique – lipstick
• OPI – nail polish
• Dior – through Macy’s
• Ralph Lauren Romance – women’s fragrance
• Maybelline – lipstick
• Revlon – Ice shadow, eyeliner and mascara at Wal-Mart
• Calvin Klein- Men’s fragrance at Macy’s

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

Hair Products:
• GARNIER – sleek and shine
• Head & Shoulders – Shampoo
• Pantene Pro-V – Shampoo, Conditioner – Always Shiny Collection
• Pantene Pro-V – Shampoo, Conditioner – Always Extra Straight

Skin Products:
• Aveeno – Daily Moisturizing Lotion
• Aveeno – Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser
• OLAY – body wash
• AVON – Age Repair Elixir

Feminine Products:
• Always – pads

• The Children’s Place
• Target 2 advertisements (1 about mothers and the other a clothing line)
• INC International Concepts at Macy’s
• Fruit of the Loom – under garments

• Payless


• Chevy - HHR
• Volvo - S80
• Chrysler – Town & Country
• Nissan – Rogue
• Toyota – Highlander
• Jeep – Liberty
• Honda- Civic
• Ford - promoting the cure for cancer

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

Cellular Phones
• Verizon Wireless – MOTO Q
• TRACFONE – Prepaid cellular phone
• AT&T – People En Español on the phone internet

• Got Milk? Chocolate Milk

• Nestle – Maggi (Insert and advertisement)
• Yoplait – YO Plus Digestive Health yogurt
• McDonald’s – Monopoly game


• Love in the time of Cholera sponsored by HYUNDAI

Television Shows:
• Ugly Betty

Bed Sheets and Comforters:

• Disney Princess Themes

• Energy Star

• MOSAICO – Insert to order books

• Feel The Noise – movie sound track
• Ballet Hispanico –Dance
• Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony –concert
• Fiesta 2007 – sponsored by Dodge – concert

Cleaning Products:
• Pine Sol
• Dawn Plus with Power Scrubbers
Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

• Clorox
• Glad – Force Flex garbage bags

• Direct TV – promoting the music channels on Direct TV

• State Farm Insurance
• Farmers Insurance Group (celebrity endorser)

Ad Council:
• advertisement
• Homeland security advertisement

Family Awareness:
• Anti-Drug Ad

• Wal-Mart – prescription

• ORLANDO – attracting families to the website

• GlaxoSmithKline

As mentioned earlier the only two fragrance advertisements in People En Espanol are mainly

in English. Calvin Klein MAN is all in English except for in small writing; in Spanish it says a

new fragrance. The advertisement displays an attractive built man with no shirt on which is

appealing to women. The Ralph Lauren Romance is all in English and shows a man and woman

dressed classy. The man is bending the women backward while kissing her chest. Both of the

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

advertisements are similar by being seductive and both well known name brands which appeal to

Hispanic consumers. The advertisements may appeal to the more acculturated Hispanic women.

I also observed that there are ten vehicle advertisements. The majority are trucks appealing to

women with families. The lecture handout “Marketing to American Latinos” states that

Hispanics buy American products which explain why the majority of the vehicles being

advertised are American vehicles. Even Volvo which is an exported vehicle is advertised but the

vehicle is known to be one of the top safety vehicles to drive, hence appealing to families.

Although, I am not quite sure why there are so many vehicle advertisements when in social

relationships the male role is dominant.

The State Farm Insurance ad is displaying three men playing soccer while the Farmers

Insurance Group has a well known Hispanic actor as their endorser. The two insurance

advertisements use different tactics to grab the reader’s attention; State Farm is using soccer, the

number one favorite Hispanic sport to grab the reader’s attention and Farmers Insurance is using

an endorser because Hispanic consumers trust celebrities.

The cleaning products advertised are very family oriented. Some of the ads display just

the product and a child or two daughters explaining and targeting the mother about the

importance of maintaining a clean home. From my own personal experience I have developed

the mindset of always maintaining a clean home from watching my grandmother and mother

always keep the house clean at an early age.

The got milk? advertisement with Lili Estefan is an effective advertisement towards

mothers because she is a well known and respected celebrity in the Hispanic realm. The Whole

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

Enchilada states that Hispanics trust celebrities when they endorse products. Lili Estefan is

endorsing the chocolate got milk? Advertisement with her children and the content is straight to

the point. The advertisement gives off a vibe of a loving mother with her son and daughter

smiling while holding a chocolate milk glass bottle in their hands. The “got milk?” is in English

along with the glass bottles the children are holding says lowfat chocolate milk. The

advertisement also includes an article which Lili Estefan specifically gives advice to mothers

about chocolate milk being the secret weapon to maintain your children with sufficient calcium

and nutrients. The advertisement and article express concern for children’s nutrients in a fun,

outgoing matter. The ad conforms to strategies suggested in the book. One personal insight I

have on the creative strategy is the advertisement should display the brand of the product besides

the campaign “got milk?”. The reader obtained a visual of what the product packaging looks like

but there is no brand on the advertisement and Hispanics like to use brand products.

Another interesting advertisement is the two-page spread for a Jeep advertisement.

Seven different types of Jeep’s are facing towards the reading in a circle. Beneath the Jeep’s is

the name of the model vehicle in English. The advertisement is very simple and straight to the

point. The slogan for Jeep is in Spanish “Esto es libertad” and in English it means “This is

Liberty”. In the middle of the two-page spread it says in Spanish, “De tin marín de do pingüé,

cúcara mácara títere fue.” The saying is like the “bubble gum” song children say when they

touch everyone’s shoe as a process of illumination until the last person is picked to know who is

hiding and who the seeker is. The saying above in Spanish is what children and even during my

mother’s childhood they would say when they needed to pick the person who was going to be

Myrna Villarreal
ADV 483
Book Review
Assignment 2

“it”. So the advertisement is conveying that there are so many choices in model vehicles that,

that is liberty; the freedom to choose which vehicle you would like. I really enjoyed the ad

because it reminded me of when my mom use to say the saying to me joking around when I was

a child. The jeep advertisement conforms to the strategies suggested in the book by really

focusing on the Hispanic culture. The advertisement is not just a translation but more of an