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Introduction Chapter 1: Idea of Purpose Chapter 2: Creator and Self Realisation Chapter 3: Consciousness Chapter 4: True Karma Chapter 5: Love and Truth Chapter 6: Origin of Universe, Life and Einsteinian Theory Chapter 7: Life Cycle, Rebirth and Nirvana Chapter 8: Thoughts Chapter 9: Tendencies Chapter 10: Circumstances and Illusion of Control Chapter 11: Grief Chapter 12: Heaven and Hell Chapter 13: Religion Chapter 14: Men and Women Chapter 15: Marriage Chapter 16: Alcohol and Drugs Synopsis

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A-mars life has been unusual. It would be too egoistic to call it special however in comparison to the normal routine followed by most people it certainly has been very different. The events do not hold any significance but the essence of the story certainly amounts to a lot of weight in its own self. The following statement will define the limitations of this piece of writing, which eventually might take the shape of a book. It will be an effort to describe the essence of A-mars life and will constitute the conclusions derived from this unusual story. All things begin with a cause, and there has to be reason to begin this writing as well. Perhaps this piece of writing is the purpose of A-mars life. It might be an incorrect conclusion, but at the moment it seems correct. On the surface perhaps A-mars life might seem very regular however for a young man in early thirties, without friends, family, any career, technical skills, continuous financial strains and above all very weak physical health, certainly does not allow for peace of mind. It seems that there arent any more ambitions for pleasures of the world but there certainly is a very deep penetrating feeling of pain and the heart has been longing very desperately for the pain to go away. Perhaps this piece of writing will assist in release of this pain that has accumulated for many years or may be it might end up in providing some financial relief. There is one fact that seems pretty certain, which is that lives that run on such unusual patterns somehow never fall back to the normal routine and at the same time they tend to bring out very interesting theories. These theories are the only wealth that A-mar has accumulated and perhaps the only means that can be used to survive this tumultuous life. May be the disbursement of this wealth might be the only road towards a possible redemption. Only the lord knows what the future might hold. Who am I, purpose of life, who is god, what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, which religion brings you closer to the supreme, who is better amongst men and women, who is the successful, how important is love and money and many more similar queries have been reason for dilemma and fascination for all of us throughout the history of time. Many such questions will be answered here. Various old and new life systems will be examined however the purpose will be strictly limited to analysis with a conscious effort to avoid any judgment. This piece of writing will be completely ineffective in criticising and admonishing any person, system or event in the past or present. The reader will realise it, primarily because this piece is not being written by a person but by the circumstance which has only one way to manifest itself that is in form of a piece of writing. The person is only a tool being used to complete this task.

Chapter 1: The Idea of Purpose


The person itself is not the creator but the created. Everyone is created without any active contribution from their own self. The native hungers, emotions, ideas, inherent interests are all just different forms of thoughts but they are not originally created by the person. They are resultant of complex equation of a persons natural physical and mental properties combined with the prevalent circumstances. All thoughts follow a continuous pattern of originating, living and then dying. Subsequently they regenerate and this cycle continues endlessly. A simple observation of all creatures shows that all of us have certain basic physical necessities that are required for sustaining life. All such physical needs clearly are cyclic in nature. The need begins; an act is performed to satisfy the need; the need ends for a limited amount of time; but eventually it begins again and the cycle continues. Regardless of the fact that the need was satisfied or not, this cycle continues. For instance, an empty stomach generates hunger; person performs an act of having a meal, the need ends temporarily but subsequently the need will be regenerated. Regardless of the fact that the meal was the most satisfying delicious meal or not; the need will regenerate itself. Another interesting example; various necessities create the need for an occupation, the person performs the act of commencing on a job, after a limited amount of time the need ends, subsequently the need is generated again and now the person requires a higher salary or higher position or at least similar feeling in the same or different occupation. Further observation of various routine affairs also point towards the cyclic pattern of all natural elements. For instance the hair grows, it remains for a period of time, then it is cut but eventually it is created again. Similarly in the case of nails, it grows, it remains for a period of time then it is clipped and eventually they are generated again. The most prominent natural phenomenon such as day and night or the rain cycle also provide us clear cyclic pattern of nature. The Sun is not really rising from anywhere and it is not really setting anywhere. Earth is continuously rotating and it keeps coming back in the same position again and again, but the perception it creates is, as if Sun is generated, it becomes brighter and greater; it reaches a climax and then it settles down. A clear conclusion can be formed that all of nature has a common characteristic which is its cyclic pattern. This cyclic pattern is evident in the smallest most insignificant particles to the greatest elements as well as nature in its entirety. The cyclic pattern can be considered a common factor throughout creation for every entity that is part of this creation.

Human life also moves in accordance to this cyclic pattern. One advertently or inadvertently sets a target, then chases towards the target, the chase ends in success or failure and then a new chase begins to achieve another target. One can be occupied in education, profession or any personal affair, the chase from one target to another never ends. Our entire lives are expended in chasing one target to another and yet the answer to the question still remains unanswered that which targets were really supposed to be achieved. The question remains unresolved because the true purpose of life is not really chasing these countless and continuous targets; the intellect may never agree but the subconscious self is aware of this fact and hence it never allows for a higher level of uninterrupted peace to sustain for prolonged periods of time. It is a simple and clear observation that all things begin with a purpose; we eat because we get hungry, we work because of various necessities, we sleep because body requires rest and so on. As a matter of fact, family, friends, occupation, education, relations, transportation, medication, communication etc. exist in order to satisfy various purposes. It is not at all necessary that any of these purposes will reach its culmination and it is also highly uncertain that the opportunity to even chase one of these purposes might ever exist. Nevertheless an absolute conclusion can be derived that every activity begins with a purpose. Hence it can be concluded without any doubt that every form of life must have begun with a purpose. Therefore the purpose was obviously predetermined. The purpose inadvertently provides the direction for the movement of the life form. A further conclusion can also be derived that the purpose automatically sets up limitations of movement for all life forms. All life forms can very strictly move only within these boundaries. Understanding ones own territory is actually self realisation and submitting to these limitations is in fact acceptance of truth. With such a realisation one can extend the truth to even the non living entities. All creations including the non living beings have a predetermined purpose, which inadvertently produces their own life cycle. The only difference between a human life form and any other creation is that the human form has an opportunity to realise this truth and this opportunity must not be wasted chasing lesser important purposes. The creator of this creation is known as or largely understood as God. Everything that is produced in nature is a mere creation. Every creation is unique. Many creations might be similar but two creations can never be exactly the same. Every creation has its own life cycle, regardless of the fact if it breathes air or not. Every creation originates out of nature, then it gets utilised

in nature and finally it is united back in nature. For the sake of identification, we divide various creations in species, types, classes, genders such as human, plants, animals, insects, male, female, nationality, material types etc. This grouping does not hold any more significance other than providing an organised structure to the vast creation. Any more importance to these groups is unnecessary. If one creation is more complex than the other, it does not mean that it is more important that the other. Similarly if a man is stronger or more powerful than the other does not reflect upon the greater value of one over the other. It only reflects upon difference in characteristics between the two. All creations are here to satisfy a purpose. In a peculiar sense, every creation is justified in its existence as trivial or as positive or negative as it might be. The birth of any creation, its life cycle and the characteristics that it consists of are predetermined by the creator. Lets consider a simple example where Man is the creator and Clothes are the creation. It is pretty clear that the purpose of creation is determined prior to it being produced. The characteristics of cloth, the quality and quantity of elements that it will comprise of are limited by the purpose of creation and hence are also predetermined. It is obvious that process of creation, production time and its life cycle is nothing more than a natural resultant of complex equation of purpose combined with elements that it comprised of and environment where it will be utilised. For the sake of argument, if we assume that the piece of cloth is a living organism with intellect and emotions, then the piece of cloth would also feel pride in its various characteristics. It would also feel joy or sorrow based on the experiences it will have in its environment. It would also look up towards more complex or greater creations and look down upon simpler or poorer creations. But regardless of its experiences the fact does not change that the cloth had a predetermined purpose. Man, the creator had already determined its utility, its elements and limited its territory of movement. Cloth, the creation is only observing these movements and experiencing emotions by the virtue of its senses, and it does not have any authority to make any changes. Change should not be confused with evolution. Evolving from a simpler to complex creation is always possible but under the limitations of purpose, available elements and time. To exemplify; adding fancy buttons to a shirt, is equivalent of evolution from a simpler to a complex creation without changing its purpose under the limitations of available resources. However a shirt can never change to satisfy the purpose of trousers.

Chapter 2: The Creator and Self Realisation


The primary difference between the creation and creator is that creator will always possess greater characteristics. Creator will always be a superior entity in every possible way. For instance, any creation made by man cannot be more complex or a superior entity compared to man. If the quantity of elements and complexity of creation can be measured, then all creations made by man will be much simpler formations compared to man. Similarly, the creator of all of universe or God has to be a highly superior entity. It cannot be compared to any other creation of the universe. It will be very different in its nature and characteristics. It will not have the virtues or vices that exist in any creation. Creator or God must also not be confused just as a greater human form or a stage of human evolution that can be achieved. It is completely different entity. Part of this entity resides inside all of us and it governs us; however it cannot be witnessed by one of our five senses because the senses are a trifling creation of this ultimate creator. But one should not be discouraged, because there are tools other than the sensory organs that are available to understand this entity. For instance, one can realise the greatness of an artist by observing their art, similarly one can realise the ultimate creator by observing its creations. Man is one of the greatest creations of all nature, hence by the help of self realisation, a man can not only realise his own true self but also the greatness and characteristics of its creator. Nevertheless such a realisation is not possible by the use of one of the five senses, and the ultimate creator will always remain an inexpressible entity if only the sensory organs are being used to define it. Let us consider the example of gravity. It is not possible to see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it. It is also impossible to present it in any container; however all of us are aware of gravity. The science of gravity is very difficult to understand but extremely simple to realise. By careful observation of movement of any object we are able to realise the gravitational force that governs that movement. It is possible to direct that force in different directions, it can be used to create and influence many other creations which can be either living or non living but the force itself still remains inexpressible. It becomes very necessary to use the word realisation because there are many forces that are beyond our sensory perception but they are still under the realm of observation. Let us consider the simple examples of feelings such as love, hate, joy, sorrow, anger, frustration etc. We observe them in many ways however as far as just the emotional force

is concerned, it is not possible to quantify it or present it in a container as a perceivable object. God or the ultimate creative force is also an entity that can be observed but only after learning to realise the forces that are beyond perception. An ordinary man is limited by the sensory organs. Hence it is natural that tools such as prayer, songs, spiritual discourses, religious ceremonies, pictures, statues, symbols and even reading books etc are employed in order to achieve come connectivity with the creator or god. Such exercises should not be disregarded at all. Various spiritual exercises are very helpful in moulding a life towards peace and they hold lot of significance with regards to morality and character. They should be considered as the initial steps that lead to the realisation of the imperceptible force. The perceptible human form should be utilised as a medium to reach to the imperceptible force that resides inside every creation. There are innumerable numbers of factors that result in an actual realisation, hence even if a realisation never occurs it should not be considered as lack of devotion or failure or any form of disconnect with the almighty. Nonetheless, an actual realisation does enhance the spiritual experience exponentially. It would be Ideal to have an aspiration to achieve an actual realisation of the creator or the ultimate force. If one possesses such an aspiration then meditation is the Ideal method to achieve such a realisation. Meditation however is highly misunderstood. It is assumed that it is a passive exercise that is meant to provide some paranormal experience; which is incorrect. To meditate means to focus. The focus can be directed anywhere. It does not necessarily have to be towards God. However, in our context, it is God or a supreme force. Just like any common physical exercise, Meditation can also be learned and there are various techniques available that help in achieving an actual realisation. But regardless of a realisation, meditation generally brings immense amount of peace and stability to ones life. As a matter of fact, prayer, yoga, gospel songs, spiritual reading etc are just various forms of meditation that help in the development of will and directing ones focus in a desired direction. But this is not the place to discuss meditational methods; it will be discussed in a separate piece of writing or in personal meetings. Meditation is a vast subject and more importantly it requires personal attention in order to provide accurate guidance with regards to meditational theories and techniques.

Meditation should not be considered as a common exercise; it can be understood as the state of consciousness. Consciousness can also be understood as general awareness or simply as what one knows about their own existence. An ordinary mans state of consciousness is restricted to the body. Body encompasses all the sensory perceptions as well as the awareness of ones existence with respect to ones reputation, self esteem, social status, relationships, ownerships etc. This is the regular state of consciousness that most of us are in. Ordinary state of consciousness must not be considered as an inadequacy of any kind. It is just an initial stage of awareness. For instance, a young child has limited awareness of mathematics, and simple problems such as addition and multiplication are enough to produce tension, but eventually with higher education even complex equations can be resolved with ease. Similarly in the ordinary state of awareness, life is highly self-centred. The understanding of process of creation, its sustenance, survival, and evolution do not exist and hence trivial issues such as wealth, profession, education, relations etc. can produce high level of duress. But with development of higher consciousness, greater understanding of life cycle is developed. Superior characteristics such as compassion, patience and sacrifice etc. are inadvertently generated. One begins to see ones own self as an inconsequential part of system, which is governed by its own unalterable laws. A greater connection and respect is produced for all creation including the ones that are considered immaterial or the ones that are loathed and even the non living. However it is for one to decide if such an objective is appealing or if it is even necessary. A very common assumption is that reading one holy book and following a couple of traditions are enough to connect to the almighty. That is highly inaccurate. If it takes a few years just to study some ordinary subject and countless hours are spent daily for many more years, professionally and personally so that proficiency is developed, then it must be accepted that understanding of the supreme force cannot be accomplished with any less effort. The supreme force that resides inside of us is called spirit and the subject that explains this phenomenon is called spirituality. In addition to studying spiritual books, a spiritual life must be lead if one wishes to realise any level of connection with the holy spirit. Such a life comprises of personal sacrifice, compromise and simplicity in daily affairs. Over indulgence towards personal comfort, beauty and various delights does not allow the awareness to go beyond the bodily matter hence it is impossible that it will ever allow any connection with the holy spirit. It is necessary to emphasise on the word over indulgence

because some amount of attention is necessary for the bodily matter. However it requires a significant amount of spiritual life to clearly differentiate between necessary indulgence and over indulgence. For instance, normal clothes such as shirts and trousers are necessary indulgences however expensive dresses and suites are over indulgences which are redundant. In the lower state of consciousness, interests in over indulgence is a prominent feature because the awareness is only limited to the ones own palate and interests. The world comprises of infinite number of living and non living organisms. It is quite common for scientists and researchers that are spending their lifetime exploring just one or two of them, to develop higher level of respect for the creator that has the power to create such complex organisms. But for ordinary population that is extremely busy with the practicalities of life and does not have the luxury of such research, the easiest tool available to understand the power of the creator is to explore their own self. The human form is the most complex creation, hence as discussed earlier self realisation is the only means available for the common man to develop the understanding of the system of creation, and figure out his own place in the infinite. It is the only way to find satisfactory answers for existence of joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure, success, failure, anger, frustration, needs etc. Without even a little understanding of this system the vicissitudes of life can become reason for unbearable stresses that never seem to depart. In fact the evolution of man out of simpler organisms is not for the purpose that greater pleasures can be realised but actually for the purpose that this evolved state can be utilised for the realisation of the forces that govern ones own self and whole existence. At lower stages of evolution, as simpler organisms various pleasures and territorial struggles have already been experienced infinite number of times. It is absolutely unnecessary to overindulge in the same experiences at such a higher state of evolution. The fact is self evident because in every case when substantial amount of effort is spent over-indulging towards self interests, entertainment, egoistic behaviour and power struggle, a very significant amount of remorse and grief is generated eventually.


Chapter 3: Consciousness

The human life is a bridge between the unconscious simpler organisms and the absolute pure consciousness that governs the creation. Consciousness can be called as awareness and can be understood as an understanding of ones own existence as well as existence in general. All humans constantly experience an attraction from both ends of consciousness; one that pulls towards the unconsciousness and the other that pulls towards divine consciousness. Unconscious is where one is completely occupied with satisfaction of physical and emotional requirements such as physical hunger, material successes, trying to develop a place in society to the ridiculous extent of attempting to influence changes to the existing life system. It is when one wants the whole world to work according to ones own wishes; absolute control in every aspect is constantly yearned for. Continuous struggles for more possessions, yearning for greater rewards, constantly seeking attention and various pleasures are the common symptoms. The divine conscious behaviour is where one loses all interest in any physical matter and ones sole interest is to remain in constant realisation of the divine spirit. One realises the power of providence, looses interest in controlling the whole world because of the realisation of his own infinitesimal presence. The struggle to change the reality ends and a high level of acceptance of reality is achieved automatically reducing many of the common stresses. Naturally the interest in possessions and pleasures also reduces. A relatively simplistic life style is developed within the means available and much peace is experienced. Prior to evolving as the human form, human being has already spent countless years in the unconscious state at lower levels of evolution as simpler organism and various animal forms. Because enough time has already been spent in various pleasures and territorial struggles hence the inclination towards the unconscious state or animalistic behaviour is more tempting because of the familiarity with it. All human beings incline towards familiar environment, even if it brings misery or discomfort. It is very common for most of us to avoid attempting the unknown; hence it will always be extremely difficult to even aspire for higher state of awareness, especially in absence of any available guidance or examples. Hence there will always be only a few who will have the aspiration and more importantly the will and resources to achieve anything more than the ordinary levels of consciousness.


In simple words, existence is divided into two; one that is outside the body and can be perceived with the sensory organs and other that is within that can NOT be perceived but can be realised. The outside world includes everything such as physical objects, fellow beings, nature, wealth etc. The inner world comprises of mind, emotions and spirit. The spirit can also be considered as the Will. Aspiring solely for the outside world is unconscious behaviour and aspiring solely for the inner world, primarily the spirit, is divine conscious behaviour. Rising from the unconscious state to the divine conscious state is true awakening. However it is a journey and one can be at any stage of this journey. This journey is primarily divided into four stages. In the Sanskrit language; from lower stage to higher; these stages are called as Shoodra, Vaishya, Kshatriya and Brahmand. Shoodra: Absolute unconsciousness; Tendency to service ones own physical and emotional palates only. It may also be referred to as the egoistic state. Ego isnt a bad or good characteristic. It is the state of awareness limited to gratification of bodily matter. The one who is unconscious is only aware of ones own appetite, success, needs and interests with complete disregard to the life system and influence of all beings in the surrounding. Very high levels of ego will result in higher propensity towards ones own interest. It does not necessarily mean that person will amass great wealth. It only describes the aspirations of a person regardless of success or failure to achieve them. Vaishya: Tendency to acquire divine or virtuous characteristics. It is the stage when one has developed inclinations towards the divine. The person is still largely occupied with the vicissitudes of life however serious attempts such as prayer and religious rituals have begun in order to obtain greater amount of happiness. It certainly helps in developing greater characteristics such as patience etc. however this is a very dangerous stage. Realisation is far away and ego is still present in a significant amount. It is possible that it might inadvertently force a person to believe more in the symbolism, stories and traditions rather than the actual values associated with it. One must utilise all resources of spiritual guidance as much as possible to avoid accidentally walking down the disastrous egoistic path, which might lead back to the initial Shoodra stage.


Kshatriya: Tendency to stringently battle against the unconscious behaviour. By virtue of practices performed in the last stage, very strong will is developed and there is a deep burning fire inside the heart to realise the divine consciousness. Continuous battles are fought against ones own weaknesses. Battles against sleep, laziness, anger, hatred, grief, frustration, jealousy, hunger have to be constantly fought with the help of spiritual exercises such as meditation with stringent discipline. The focus is to remain in constant state of calm with little effect of the emotional turbulences. Even though outcome may often be failure, however the commitment towards the divine is unwavering. Brahmand: Absolute consciousness. Ones spirit has connected with the Holy Spirit. Realisation has occurred, but do not confuse it with death. Minimal amount of ego might exist because physical life and bodily matter still exists, however ego does not hold any more significance. Life is very simplistic and largely revolves around the benefit of the society. Very high level of respect and connection with all beings is generated to the extent that the pain of others begins to seem ones own. One must not relate it with philanthropists, religious leaders, missionaries, spiritual gurus or social servants. Most probably they still belong to one of the earlier stages. In this stage, one can truly feel as being a part of this infinite universal system. The interest in symbolism and traditions disappears and the true nature of divine spirit is revealed. It is the highest state of human evolution, which is simply inexplicable in words and can only be realised by very-very few. It should not be understood that one only belongs to just one of the stages. One can experience all the four stages in a period of time. However some tendencies are far more dominant than others and hence it is possible to generalise which stage a person belongs to. It is also not necessary that celibacy is required to achieve Brahmand state. It can be achieved in a married life as well. One can read books, sing gospels, pray, meditate, visit shrines; as long as the values of divinity are followed, the spiritual exercises are immaterial. No one has the power to ignore the routine cycles of life, not even the Brahmands. However Brahmand is an extreme state of human evolution and extraordinary activities are common with such individuals. Many Christian saints, Islamic prophets and Sufis, Hindu Sages including Moses, Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Rama, Prophet Mohammad, Guru Nanak etc. are the great ones that achieved the Brahmand stage and became one with


the divine and hence are considered to be Gods themselves. In the modern times Lord Mahavir, Swami Vivekananda, Ram Krishna Paramhansa, Mahatma Gandhi, Yogananda Paramhansa etc. exemplify the Brahmand Stage. Very few popular examples are cited here however there are numerous examples of such great ones across religions and nationalities that may not have achieved the worldly popularity but certainly achieved unity with the divine spirit.


Chapter 4: True Karma


As discussed earlier, the ordinary activities that we perform daily are simply the manifestation of the thought cycles that are running inside of us; hence we can conclude that the activities that might seem as if they are being performed by one are in fact happening inadvertently. The simplest example is hunger for food. No one chooses to be hungry; the hunger thought inadvertently drives one to move in the direction of consumption of a meal. We call all activities that we perform as karma; however we can convincingly reason that all routine affairs of ones life are an inadvertent resultant of various needs that are propelling one to move in a certain direction under limitations of available resources. The daily routine activities are self propelled and not propelled by ones own self. The direct English translation of the Sanskrit word karma is action. However our actions are actually not actions but mere reactions to complex output of Energy flowing in direction of various combinations of thought cycles. Considering such reactions as karma is a misinterpretation of the term karma. True karma or true action would be the act that would help in realisation of real nature of such reactions hence helping us in differentiating between and action and a reaction. Hence there is only one such karma that can be truly categorised as karma. And that is the karma that helps in achieving union with the divine because it is the only way to visualise the thought cycles and their inadvertent resultant reactions. Looking at karma from the thought perspective; karma is also an output of thought like any other activity and we can call that thought as the spiritual thought. However there is fundamental difference between all other thoughts and spiritual thought. All other thoughts are directed outward, but the true spiritual thought is directed inward. The journey inward culminates when one connects with the divine spirit and hence there can only be one true spiritual thought which is the thought that connects ones will to the divine will. Will and Spirit can be considered as the same entity and achieving such a connection is same as achieving the state of Brahmand consciousness as described in the last chapter. However the combination of thoughts such as personal sacrifice, charity, prayer, meditation, yoga etc. could be considered spiritual thoughts because if pursued correctly they help in achieving the one true spiritual thought of merging with the divine. Hence we can finally deduce that true karma is in fact the representation of one true spiritual thought that would facilitate the journey inward and meditation is one and only such karma.


However there are many forms of meditation such as prayer, religious ceremonies, yoga, social service etc. It is important to note that such practices when performed as ones duty instead of any other motive, will only count as true karma. As the spiritual thought is directed inward it brings us closer and closer to the divine energy or the creator, ultimately merging one into the divine (merger of ones will or spirit with the divine will or spirit is described in detail in the chapter 6:origin of universe). All other outwardly thought cycles are perpetual; they rise, climax and culminate to rise again, however when the one true spiritual thought cycle culminates into the divine energy it does not rise again because as described earlier, in absence of any more thoughts, life is not created any more. If one inclines to even understand true karma, may be not for an actual realisation of the divine but just to understand higher values and perhaps achieve greater peace, automatically one begins to experience the presence of divine energy in their lives. Such a presence could be called as the voice of conscience. Normally this is considered as an equivalent of commands from God and is symbolised as voice of Angels. The ones that have relatively higher level of consciousness are able to follow or at least make attempts to follow the command of this voice. In the present times when the consciousness is at its lowest levels and interest in physical matter is almost at its peak, it is understandable that even recognizing this voice would be highly improbable which is because lower amount of ones own energy is propagating through the combination of thoughts that can be considered spiritual in nature. In the modern times, as the spiritual thoughts arent part of popular culture hence, initially there might be some discomfort to indulge into newer spiritual practices but if one makes sincere effort, eventually the developing consciousness overpowers any reservations. If superior actions that would help in evolution of consciousness become primary aspirations, then interest in ordinary aspirations of success and physical wealth starts to decline. At ordinary levels of consciousness it is difficult to differentiate between true karma and an ordinary karma. Satisfying bodily requirements, interests in personal acquisitions etc. are very ordinary karmas. All thoughts eventually lead to some action which subsequently produces some result and that result would generate a new thought which would lead to a further action and result and the cycle goes on. All actions that belong to this cycle are ordinary karmas. Ordinary karmas should not be judged as an inferior activity however according


to the cyclic pattern of thoughts ordinary karmas would never arrive at any objective because every end will be a new beginning. It will continue to bind one in a never ending cycle of action and reaction. It does not help in realisation of the true objective of life; however if one wants to realise the true objective of life or not, is for one to decide. Regardless, the true karma should not be confused as great sacrifices, it only relates to a lifestyle with simple means. Native requirements can never be ignored but overindulgence has to be prevented. It is over indulgence that plummets one into the further thought cycle of unconscious behaviour. Simplistic life style itself requires a high degree of compromise and patience hence inadvertently develops higher levels of will, which consequently results in development of greater characteristics. The minuscule sacrifices made by any one provides ample amount of motivation and direction so that one can maintain a spiritual walk of life. There will be many tests, but it would only be meant for the purpose of fortification of convictions. Such convictions are not developed by reading a book and there arent any crash courses available. It is a life long journey where one would continuously rise and fall from the plateau of higher consciousness. Regardless of results, the karmas should continue, because every step towards divine consciousness is an equivalent of actually achieving a higher state of consciousness. This new state of consciousness was a level higher compared to the previous one. Initially as one started the journey with the objective to achieve higher state of consciousness therefore without even realising one is arriving at their objective. The ultimate absolute consciousness or the final connection with the divine energy does not hold a lot of importance because if we imagine that there is a road to the ultimate absolute consciousness; then it is very difficult to identify ones present position on that road and it is even far more complex to measure the distance from the present position to the end of the road which is ultimate absolute state of consciousness. Hence the focus should only remain on performing true karmas without paying much heed to the results. Every step ahead in this journey is also the destination at the same time, which ironically transforms this journey into the destination as well. It leads to very interesting conclusion which can be used to differentiate between the ordinary karma and the true karma; In ordinary karmas the person is primarily interested in the result, but if one is to perform true karma then one would not pay any attention to any result. We can formulate a mathematical equation out of this philosophy which is:Performing the true karma = Achieving the result of true karma


It makes it obvious that in such a case, the need to focus on the result automatically diminishes. As a matter of fact this is the only case when it is possible for one to focus primarily on the execution of the karma instead of the result of karma. Otherwise in the case of any other karma, it is practically impossible to move the focus away from its result. As described earlier true karma is simply the physical manifestation of the spiritual thought but it is imperative that initiation of the spiritual thought must be done by the human being. Unless one shows their own inclination, it is impossible to begin any true karma, because as explained earlier true karma is not a reaction to circumstances, it is an action and therefore requires initiation. However once the human being has shown any inclination towards the spiritual thought and even if one has used very little of their own energy towards the spiritual thought, a magical phenomenon takes place. As the energy that resides within all of us is a portion of the greater divine energy hence just like hot air automatically rises above and similarly just like a small magnet gets pulled towards a larger magnet, one is inadvertently pulled more and more towards the spiritual thought. It can be considered as an equivalent of creator leading ones way. In conclusion, it is just the first step or sincere interest towards the spiritual life that has to originate in oneself, and then the almighty spirit will automatically carry you in the spiritual direction ultimately satisfying the purpose of ones creation and finally merging one into the holy spirit. It does not happen in one life time but as soon as one has turned in that direction, in a few life cycles the day would come when the union will take place.


Chapter 5: Love and Truth


In order to define ourselves; human beings divide themselves in several categories such as gender, race, nationality, religion, family etc. However a little objective analysis makes it self evident that all these aspects are predetermined aspects; it is not possible for any one to make any changes to any of these aspects prior to or after birth, these are mere coincidences and not a result of an actual effort carried out by any one. We further try to define ourselves by attributes such as physical strength, profession, relationships, and possessions etc, which are nothing more than different mediums to satisfy different necessities. If the basic necessities didnt exist then these attributes wouldnt have existed, we create these attributes to satisfy various physical and emotional requirements. Even the name does not hold any more significance than being an identifying sound. It is possible to use these factors for the sake of structuring a social system however it is impossible to use any of these aspects to clearly define and understand any person or a personality. Additionally, all these aspects either meet their end some where during the life time of the person or they conclude at the demise of the person. For instance ones physical strength declines as one becomes older, the changes in ones occupation are inevitable, for various reasons several relationships do not even survive for a few years, and even if a few aspects have survived for a life time, after passing away it eventually loses its significance. The above stated factors were all extrinsic factors, however in order to delineate a person if we consider the intrinsic aspects such as mind, emotions and spirit; they are also ineffectual because it is not possible to quantify them. Besides, the definition of these factors always changes with time and place. For instance, the parameters set for intellect in the past are not the same as present and it will change in the future, the emotions such as love are defined differently in different places, and spirit is understood in a different way by people of different religions etc. There arent any universal definitions available for any intrinsic factors. Hence all the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects collectively, are insufficient in providing a complete definition or an Ideal understanding of any person because they are by nature either perishable or immeasurable. In such a circumstance there is only one entity that is constantly available; it is the divine energy itself that governs the whole existence. It is this energy that commences life in a living being and provides energy for its sustenance. It is this imperceptible energy that resides within us and provides sound in the


throat, vision in eyes, intellect in our mind, emotions in our heart etc. It is this force that regulates all of nature to create infinite beings and continues to provide for them based on unbreakable laws. It is this divine energy that is responsible for the movements of all universal bodies under its command. A simple example will help in differentiating between the creative divine energy and the created elements. For instance, as soon as we cut our nails or hair it immediately becomes a refuse because it gets separated from the life energy. Even the human body itself that amounts to so much attention during the life time is discarded and disposed immediately as soon as the life energy departs. This is evidence that in the absence of life energy the created physical matter loses any significance. The things that are considered as non living entities also have a little portion of divine energy and a life cycle of their own. For instance a piece of cotton cloth can be sourced back to their plant which has originated due to divine energy. A piece of metal has been created out of nature because of divine energy; it is extracted and transformed into a useful form by applying human effort which is life energy. If observed objectively, all non living entities are being produced by applying some life energy. Divine energy is a forever available incorporeal energy. It cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed; it can only be transferred from one form to the other. We might consider certain entities as non living, however that is just a distinguishing factor based on the fact that they are not breathing, however they still constitute of the same divine energy. They receive it because it was transferred from some other source of divine energy. Energy in the form of electricity or gasoline itself is just another form of divine energy. The energy available in nature as potential energy is converted using various methods to produce electricity and gasoline which are further used for production, communication and transportation etc. Hence it is clearly evident that it is ultimately divine universal energy that is continuously being transferred from one form to another in order to create all living as well as non living beings. All non living beings just like living beings were also created out of a purpose which is a thought. Just like any other thought, this thought will also run its thought cycle of rising, climaxing and culminating to rise again. For example, a piece of cloth is created, it is utilised for a period of time and then it is discarded; once discarded it merges back into nature, it decomposes in soil which will now acts as a foundation for further creation of some other elements hence it reproduces. All living and non living entities carry an amount of this imperceptible divine energy and this energy is visible in the continuous


movement and evolution of all of existence and its infinite living and non living creations. The realisation of this energy would raise the consciousness to a higher level where it becomes possible for one to observe the connection with all of nature. One can witness this energy propagating through all of nature and can clearly identify the force behind movement of all natures elements which would include living as well as non living beings. It naturally generates a lot of love for all the existence because one can envision this all pervading divine energy within as well as in all the surrounding, like a thread that is connecting infinite elements of nature. This love is not the common love that one experiences in routine life but it is actually a greater level of bonding between the life energy inside a person and the godly divine energy that resides within all of nature. Because this creative divine energy permeates and propagates through all of creation hence we are all actually just one but in different physical forms with different characteristics. For the sake of example lets consider that a person has a huge affinity towards their own clothes or vehicle; one feels that connection because a part of ones own life energy was consumed for the purchase of these items, hence even though the items might be non living, yet they are still the physical representation of the persons own life energy that was transferred in some Idea. In normal life we might feel affinity for people or entities that we would consider our own, however it is hard for us to develop any form of correlation with all the people around us and developing correlation with all of nature with infinite living and non living beings is a further overwhelming challenge. However, as discussed earlier by the virtue of rising consciousness, a higher connection of ones own life energy and divine energy is produced which inadvertently results in higher respect for not just living but the non living entities as well. This respect or bonding is the actual definition of love which is a much greater entity than the ordinary affection between two beings. However there is a possibility that such a connection might be experienced between two beings as well. It is obvious that with greater connection with the divine, higher level of calm is observed which is very similar in nature to being in presence of fellow human being with whom one shares deep love and affection. This highly evolved human form must not be consumed only for seeking bodily comfort but it must also be utilised as a medium to realise the correlation of ones own soul energy with all pervading divine soul energy. All of creation is temporary by nature excluding this divine energy. This ubiquitous imperceptible, all pervading divine energy is the actual definition of not only the human beings


but also of all of creation which includes all living and non living entities. This divine energy, this divine force, this divine soul, this divine will, this Holy Spirit is God, and that is the truth.


Chapter 6: Origin of Universe, Life and Einsteinian Theory


People with higher consciousness are inadvertently followed by people with lower consciousness. As explained earlier, consciousness can also be understood as awareness. Higher consciousness cannot be developed without applying higher will. However it is possible even after achieving higher levels of consciousness, higher will might be lost. Consciousness and Will are two separate entities. Will, can also be understood as the spirit, which is the driving force behind all of life. But if one has higher will, it does not reflect upon the consciousness of a person. A higher willed person can have very low level of consciousness and vice versa. Higher amount of will corresponds to higher energy. But this energy is like heat; it can be used positively to cook or it can be used negatively to burn and destroy. Depending on the direction in which the energy flows, a higher will could be utilised to achieve either higher level of consciousness or to produce higher amount of physical wealth. But physical matter can only be raised to a limited level and regardless of the amount of will applied; it just has to end subsequently because everything that has a beginning will always have an end. All thoughts are cyclic in nature and move with constant velocity. A thought begins, reaches its peak and then fades away to start all over again in a perpetual cycle. The intensity of the thought is provided by the will behind it. Higher amount of physical matter could be created if higher amount of will is applied, however the cyclic nature of the thought will never allow the physical matter to survive forever. Extraordinary levels of physical wealth could be generated by applying higher amounts of will, however regardless of the amount, it will eventually culminate. This philosophy is in harmony with the Einsteinian theory that mass will convert into energy if it travels at square of speed of light. In order to merge the scientific theory with the spiritual theory:Mass is the Bodily Matter Energy is the Spirit that resides inside all of us. Spirit and Will can be understood as the same entity Speed of light corresponds to the Speed of Thought which is not the same as but can be related to State of Consciousness. Prior to origin of universe, the purest divine spirit or energy has existed. This is simple pure energy and will be called as E. It is has never began and it will never end, hence it is constantly and forever available. It is an incorporeal entity


that can not be perceived by sensory organs, however it can be realised and it is ubiquitous. Origin of universe can be considered same as the origin of a Universal Thought which will be called as U. This origin can be correlated with the Big Bang. U is a colossal collection of all thoughts that exist in the universe. U provides a direction for E to move. Because E is constantly, forever available entity hence it can be concluded that the movement of E in the direction of any thought has to be at a constant velocity which will be called as V. Thought is just a direction; it is without any mass, and can be correlated to light which is being propagated because of E. As U is being fuelled by E, it will manifest as the initial physical matter. U will continue to create various forms of physical matter as time goes on and it would include the smallest particles to gigantic celestial bodies. U also includes of the thought of life which will be called as L. L is a collection of all thoughts that exist in all life forms. In due course of time; L which is being propelled by E, will generate the first life form. All thoughts move in a cyclic pattern. They begin, peak and culminate to rise again. However thoughts are not just a singular entity. During their cycle, they may combine with other thoughts and formulate a resultant thought. By the virtue of E that is applied behind them, different thoughts would combine and become a resultant complex thought which could be of much higher intensity because of larger amount of E that is propagating into it. The perpetual cycle continues with the creation of many more combinations of thoughts. As more and different thoughts combine they create different types of living beings. For instance, L comprises of the thought of flying, which is responsible for the creation of birds; however there are many kinds of birds, each representing a different Idea. For example penguin is a bird with wings but it cannot fly, owl is nocturnal bird, and hummingbird can fly backwards etc. Human beings are created of out combination of the most complex and a massive amount of thoughts. Humans are in fact physical representation of L in totality, hence it is only possible for a human to realise the true nature of their existence because all those thoughts already reside inside of all human being. It is self evident because the possibility to behave like any other life form and survive in any living condition only exists with humans. The creation and evolution of all of universe is continuously going on as E is driving U at a constant velocity V; however just like any other thought, U also follows a cyclic pattern. Focussing only on the human life form for now; every activity that any human being performs begins with a thought. In order for the thought to


manifest into physical matter, a substantial amount of Energy has to be applied to it. For instance hunger (thought) inadvertently is responsible for cooking (applied energy) which inadvertently is responsible for creation of food (physical matter). In a similar manner various thoughts are responsible; in which human being apply energy in order to create the whole physical world around us. Every physical object is in fact a resultant of some energy applied in direction of some thought. Creation of a human happens like this; Imagine a portion of E, lets call it e travels in the direction L for the purpose of creating a human being; however e propagates largely into a certain combination of thoughts which are say x and lesser into other combination of thoughts which are say y. As more amount of e has gone into the combination x, it will inadvertently formulate as the dominant characteristics of that person. For example, if x is a combination of violent thoughts and y is a combination of peaceful thoughts, then it will automatically result in manifestation of highly violent human being. Even though the person has access to the combination y but because lower amount of e is fuelling it, physical manifestation of combination y will be extremely difficult. These x thoughts are moving in a cyclic pattern at the constant velocity V and it is certain that temporarily they will end but because high amount of e is continuously driving it, they will rise again and they will manifest into further acts of violence. The only way for one to stop violence on ones own is by transferring the e to y instead of x. Ordinarily we are all unaware of which combination of thoughts we belong to. We are always inadvertently being driven by the dominant combination of thoughts that resides inside of us. At lower levels of consciousness or lower levels of awareness, one does not have a clear vision of the combination of thoughts that one is. However with the help of meditation it is possible to realise the flow of e and envision the combination of thoughts that one is. The fours stages of consciousness have already been described earlier. As one evolves from lower state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness, it becomes possible for one to visualise minor combination of thoughts to dominant combination of thoughts. It is easily noticeable that thoughts travel at an extremely fast velocity, it is so fast that one does not even realise that when does it originate and inadvertently compels us to perform an action. For example if we assume that the e in the direction of some thought is travelling at the constant velocity of light, then at lower levels of consciousness it would be impossible to observe the movement of thoughts. In order to visualise its movement, the person has to develop higher level of consciousness. For example, if a person is standing on the side of the road and tries to observe a


car travelling in front of him at 200 miles per hour, one would not even be able to see it, however if one was in a helicopter hundreds of metres up in the sky then it would be very easy to follow the movement of that car. In the same manner, as the state of consciousness starts to grow, glimpses of movements of thoughts start to become visible. When the consciousness grows to a further higher level then the small portions of e start to combine into E, then the glimpse might turn into a day or a week or a month of realisation of the movement of thought as well as true nature of E. As these are imperceptible entities, they will always remain inexplicable in words but the understanding starts to develop. With continuous progress, some day one can achieve a permanent merger of e with E. This is the moment when a human beings will gets connected to the divine will; at this moment e also starts to travel with the same velocity as E. Complete awakening has taken place. It should not be confused with actual death of a person or any kind of paranormal experience some where on earth or in space, before or after death. However this is merely the death of the ego. This is the death of awareness of bodily matter; hence any interest in the physical matter also completely disappears. The person would still be leading a normal life however true connection with all of creation is realised. Now that persons e has merged with E and both are moving with the velocity V; therefore e and E have become the same entities. This is the moment when the human being has in fact become Universal Energy. In correlation with Einsteinian theory this is the same moment when matter starts to travel at square of speed of light and hence it becomes energy. The matter travelling at square of speed of light is in fact when a persons e has started to travel at the same velocity as the velocity of E hence forming a union and as a result transforming into Divine Energy itself. This is the Brahmand stage of consciousness when one is performing True Karma as described in the earlier chapters and is also known as achieving Nirvana and it is the same as the idea of Yoga or Judgement Day which will be explained in the following chapter. It is the transformation of physical matter into energy. One can experience many such moments during meditational exercises which should not be understood as any extraordinary mysterious experiences but simply as an opening of newer revelations.


Chapter 7: Life Cycle, Rebirth and Nirvana


The greatest modern example of one who has achieved the highest (Brahmand) stage of consciousness as described in the previous chapter is Lord Jesus. Jesus, the son of man is in fact e; however he achieves absolute consciousness and merges with the Holy Father who is in fact E and forms a union. Initially e is just a portion of E and hence it represents a father-son bond, however with the merger of e and E, the Holy Father and Son have become one entity. At this moment, a physical entity becomes a symbol of an ever pervading incorporeal entity which is the divine energy or holy spirit or the Holy Father. This is the moment when Jesus becomes Christ and a new universe of Christianity is created. The amalgamation of human energy e into the supreme energy E is in fact the true definition of the word Yoga. The direct English translation of the Sanskrit word yoga is union. It is in fact the same Idea as the merger of human will into the divine will. The moment of realisation is same as the Christian Idea of Judgement Day or the Hindu Idea of Nirvana or the Islamic Idea of Qayamat. The direct translation of the word Nirvana is to eliminate and it symbolises elimination of ego. Similarly the direct translation of the word Qayamat is culmination and it symbolises the culmination of ego. The reason such a moment is considered as an end is because literally it does mean as some state of conclusion but the correct interpretation is not the conclusion of physical life but in fact an end of ego or and end of ones will or end of control. The awareness or consciousness reaches a new plateau. There is a new found energy within. It takes a little time for intellect to stabilise with the new found understanding of environment. As described earlier, this moment may or may not last forever. The glimpse might remain temporarily for a few moments, or days or weeks and eventually it might go away however this new consciousness and higher level of peace attracts one very strongly and inadvertently strengthens the will to move the life in a spiritual direction. A human being and as a matter of fact any physical matter is created originally because of a resultant combination of thoughts which acts as the purpose of creation. We can imagine a human being as a vessel that carries a unique combination of thoughts and its existence is the physical manifestation of these unique combination of thoughts. As all thoughts move in a cyclic pattern, the cycle of any resultant combination of thought must complete its


full cycle of originating, climaxing and culminating as well. With regards to the purpose; it is truly realised when the resultant cycle of combination of thoughts reaches its pinnacle. As trivial or positive or negative this purpose might be; it must happen. Death happens when the cycle of combination of thoughts comes to its culmination. In accordance with the principle of cyclic pattern of thoughts, these thoughts must rise again, however during their past life cycle they have come under the influence of many other thoughts, which are being represented by other living and non living beings. Hence, the past combination of thoughts have formed a further and newer combination of thoughts, which will rise again. But when it rises again, the physical manifestation of these thoughts is usually very different from the past life cycle. This phenomenon is called as rebirth. For the sake of understanding an example would be; if one is deeply interested in playing the piano however after a lot of effort still never gets the opportunity to actually become a professional pianist, then there is a high probability that in the next life the thoughts associated with the musical interest might manifest in physical form and this person might become a popular musician in the following life. This is a very simplistic example however the reality is based on resultant of combination of innumerable amount of thoughts. As far as the Brahmand state or the merger with the divine will is concerned; In the remote case when the highest state of consciousness is achieved, the present life will carry on until the present cycle of combination of thoughts ends, however there wouldnt be any possibility of rebirth or any more life cycles because ones energy has amalgamated in the divine energy; It will be an end of ego which as explained earlier is the transformation of physical matter into energy. The present life will continue and death will only happen when the cycle of present combination of thoughts culminates, however in absence of any more thoughts, no more physical matter would be created and in absence of physical matter no more life would be produced. A quick analysis of few thousand years of history easily provides a clear glimpse of the above stated stages of consciousness of the human being. The recent history can be divided into four stages of the thought cycle very similar to morning, afternoon, evening and night:-


Stage One: Very high level of consciousness. Thought cycle is on a positive rise and has almost reached its pinnacle. The physical matter is at its lowest. A few thousand years ago, life used to be very simplistic and human aspirations were limited to basic necessities. The interests were largely ascetic. Stage Two: Thought cycle has crossed its pinnacle. Great battles have begun and empires are being created, for instance the Indian Kingdoms, or the Greeks or the Romans empires etc. Level of consciousness is still relatively high but it has just started to move towards decline. Higher morals are still valued very strongly. There will be few psychological but many physical ailments present. Stage Three: Thought cycle is waning and hence, consciousness is declining at a relatively faster rate. Acquisition of physical wealth and strength are primary ambitions. Instead of military might, it is the economic powers that are in greater control which is resonant of the British Empire. Morality still exists but the level is relatively lower than the past. Families still exist but have just started to break apart because interest in physical wealth has become higher than fellow human beings. Stage Four: Thought cycle has moved in its last quarter. Consciousness is as close as it can be to being non existent. Servicing ones own pleasures and needs are the predominant objectives. Awareness will be limited to just the outside physical world; hence physical matter will be created in abundance, the greatest technological advancements will take place and physically voluptuous human beings will be produced. As the interests are focussed primarily on physical wealth and beauty and larger portion of life would be involved in chasing it; lesser and lesser human interaction would take place which would inadvertently break apart families, marriages and relationships which is resonant of the present American Empire. As discussed earlier, physical world is created out of thought and because all thought cycles have to culminate some time, hence physical wealth and beauty is temporary in nature. At very low levels of consciousness this principle would not be understood and hence the chase for greater amounts of physical wealth and beauty can be correlated to chasing a mirage which would inadvertently lead to living life chasing illusions. Such illusions could never be achieved and hence ordinary vicissitudes of life would become a painful struggle that would


provide much duress. Because the human mind would be full of illusion and/or fatigue, it would not be able to follow higher values and hence morality would come as close to being non existent. There will be lesser physical but many psychological ailments present. This is the present times that we live in where we are leading ourselves into the darkest periods of modern history.


Chapter 8: Thoughts

The world is made of five elements; sun, earth, water, sky and air. The human being comprises of all these elements. All other natures creations also consist of these five elements however the amount and mixture of these elements in other living and non living creations are relatively simpler compared to the human form. But lesser amounts of elements or simplicity in combination do not correspond to lesser importance of any other creation. In the human form the five elements relate to the five senses. Sun relates to Vision (Eyes), Earth to Touch (Skin), Water to Taste (Tongue), Sky to Sound (Ears), and Air to Smell (Nose). There is a huge difference between the sensory organs and the senses associated with them. The sensory organs are physically perceivable entities which are eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue. However the senses associated with them are the experiences that we have when the imperceptible life energy flows through these sensory organs. Energy is consumed through the sensory organs and energy is released through the sensory organs. The experiences that we have when energy is released are called as emotions or feelings. All these emotions are simply release of life energy through the sensory organs. The release takes place as an outcome of consumption through the sensory organs. The sensory organs are only providing a medium for the energy to be consumed and to be released. The direction in which the energy moves is the direction of a thought, hence the emotions are also just like any other thought. As thought move in a cycle, emotions also follow the same cyclic pattern. A simple example is; the release of energy through the tongue creates the thought of taste which is a need or a purpose. As the thought cycle is rising, the need is also rising; as a result the body will inadvertently move towards the gratification of palate, which will prompt for some form of food consumption; as the consumption takes place, the thought cycle will peak and temporarily the need would be satisfied, then the thought cycle would culminate which would cause the satisfaction to end and subsequently the same thought cycle would begin again creating the same need all over again. For example visualise the sensory organ as a semi-circle shaped tube. Imagine that one end of the semi circle is point A1 from where energy begins to release. This release would reduce the amount of energy in the tube. Hence automatically a need is created in order to fill the tube. This will automatically prompt one to move in order to fulfill the need. Imagine the other end of tube as point B1. As consumption takes place, imagine that the energy is being filled in


through point B1. Thus energy will perpetually move in this cyclic motion getting released and getting filled via points A1 and B1. Note that the sensory organ is just medium and it can be pointing in any direction. The point A1 and B1 are pointing in the direction that is provided by the thought. As we intake energy in the form of food, it will be utilised for various bodily purposes which is the reason for declining energy however all these bodily purposes are simply different types of thoughts and they are following the cyclic pattern of thought. Additionally, depending on the kind of food we would intake; it would create another thought which is the thought of taste. Thoughts or needs are of two kinds, physical and metaphysical. The physical need is generated as the energy declines in the body and in the same manner based on our interests, a metaphysical void of taste is also created that needs to be filled. Collectively both the needs would prompt the person inadvertently to move in the direction so that these voids can be filled. Thought are obviously not acting singularly. As described earlier, the human beings creation is resultant of a combination of colossal amount of thoughts. A portion of this combination is dedicated to the thoughts that constitute the eating habits of a person; hence it predetermines the interests and disinterests of a person. However as life goes on, various experiences also have an influence over the persons existing interests creating a new mixture of thoughts which would develop as newer eating habits. For example lets consider that a person is interested in junk food, but at the same time is friends with a professional body builder. There is high probability that under the influence of the body builder this person might become more health conscious and change eating habits. This was a very simplistic example where just one thought is considered with the assumption that the resources to fulfill the needs are also available. In reality, thoughts are not acting singularly, but the actions that we perform are resultant of combination of thoughts. The energy input and output is also not occurring in one singular direction; it is actually happening in the direction of resultant of the combination of thoughts. In another example to understand operation of two thoughts at the same time, lets consider that energy flows through eyes and ears hence producing a resultant thought or need for an audio-visual experience. It would create a void that needs to be filled. Inadvertently one would move towards the fulfillment of this need; temporary satisfaction is achieved which is an equivalent of thought cycle reaching at its peak, eventually the satisfaction ends and the perpetual cycle starts all over again. Simple examples were considered in order to explain the basic philosophy. It is possible that resources to fulfill the voids are not


available, which would generate dissatisfaction. Further analysis will reveal the process in greater detail to answer questions such as the results in the case of absence of satisfaction etc. There are two basic laws that regulate any thought cycle:Rule one: Thoughts beget greater thoughts.

Lets consider the hunger thought again. If one gets an opportunity to relish a delicious meal; automatically a need for even more delicious meal is generated. In order to visualise, lets reconsider the earlier example where the sensory organ was considered to be a semi circle shaped tube with two ends to be points A1 and B1. Now imagine the universe or environment to be a semi circular shaped tube as well but in exact opposite direction to the sensory organ tube. Both the semi circular tubes are placed in such a fashion that they complete a full circle. The semi circular tube that is represented by the universe has two ends A2 and B2. Imagine that A1 is connected with A2 and B1 is connected with B2. As A1 releases energy it enters universe via A2, it travels through the tube, gets energy from divine energy from within the universe which is released from the tube from the point B2 and is received back by the sensory organ via the point B1. As we eat a delicious meal, energy is entering via the point B1, which is the rising of the thought cycle. Some of it starts getting utilised for bodily functions; at the same time the metaphysical energy is released from the point A1, in the resultant direction of thought of hunger and thought of taste. The release provides temporary happiness, which is the climaxing of the hunger thought cycle. This happiness is resultant of fulfillment of energy void both physical and metaphysical. This resultant hunger thought is received by universe through the point A2. As it traverses through universe it would inadvertently gain a


little amount of energy from the divine energy and this is released back into the person through the point B2. Now the same thought is received back inside with a slightly higher intensity through the point B1. The higher intensity will inadvertently force the person to move towards the gratification of the palate with higher interest. Thus, this perpetual cycle goes on. In this example it was assumed that the resources to satisfy the hunger are available. This example shows that if one applies higher intensity to chase any need, it will only intensify that need because the universe will only add more fuel to that thought. The universe is simple pure divine energy. It is in fact the thought that provides direction to the flow of energy. The direction could have a negative influence, for example if one applies that energy towards sleep, then gradually it will only intensify the persons laziness. In another case, the direction could have a positive influence, for example if one applies energy to learn a subject then gradually the interest in the subject as well as the knowledge will also intensify. But regardless; all the energy that has been released in the past, must come back, either in this life or in future lives. Energy can never be destroyed, if it has traversed in a direction of thought, it will eventually traverse back which is inevitable. Another very critical part of this energy flow is that, it is the thought that is of significance. For example lets consider the anger thought. If one gets angry out of jealousy and punches some one in face; according to the flow of energy one would receive the punch back either immediately or some time in future in this life or in the next. However, the actual act of punching is not important or the reason jealousy is not important. It is the anger thought that is the primary direction of energy and that is important. The amount of anger that was released via the act of punching, almost the same amount of anger will be returned some time in future in the same life or the next, therefore a time would come when the same anger would return. It may not return as an actual punch but it could return as an embarrassing situation which could generate the same amount of anger thought. The difference would be that this time the person would be at the receiving end; hence it will certainly hurt however it will be a similar experience that the person had inflicted in the first place. In order to further simplify, all events and activities breakdown into the core thoughts once they are released; it is very similar to the break down of food into the energy particles once we consume. Just like digestion breaks down food into proteins, vitamins etc., similarly all actions that we perform breakdown into its core


thought or the idea that it represent and propagate through its cycle. For example; regardless of the subject one studies, it represents the thought of education, physical fighting represents the thought of ego, unpunctuality represents the thought of irresponsibility and so on. However these are very simplistic examples for the purpose of understanding; Actions are always a resultant of combination of thoughts and it must be scrutinised under the context of complete circumstance. An act of unpunctuality could happen because of many reasons however if it is happening repeatedly then it certainly represents the irresponsible behaviour. After several events of unpunctuality, when sufficient amount of energy is released in this thought of irresponsibility it will certainly traverse back and inadvertently force the person towards further irresponsible behaviour; this time it may not be an act of unpunctuality but it could be lack of dedication towards some professional or personal activity such as not taking medication on time etc. The rule that all thought begets greater thought should not be feared with, because positive influences also intensify if one decides to move in such a direction. However regardless of the direction, with more actions, further thought cycles are continuously generated and they inadvertently force towards further movement in the same direction. If one truly understands this phenomenon then it reinstates the earlier described philosophy that all actions are inadvertent physical representations of energy flowing through the resultant of combination of various thoughts in a cyclic pattern. If such is the case then it would become almost impossible to stop the negative influences; in theory it is correct that if substantial amount of energy is released in negative thoughts then it would undoubtedly result in negative actions. However with the help of realisation of flow of energy and cyclic pattern of thoughts, it is possible for one to learn to divert that same energy in positive direction. Energy can never be destroyed but its direction can be changed. If one constantly practices meditation, eventually the understanding of ones own thought pattern starts to develop. Higher awareness has a power of its own. With higher consciousness, it becomes very difficult for a person to continue pursuing thought patterns that are destructive to ones own self and others. One can use the new found understanding of flow of energy and thought cycles to direct the energy from negative to positive thought patterns. It is difficult but it is possible, otherwise actions would automatically manifest out of the thought cycles that reside within all of us and the perpetual cycle would continue to manifest as new life cycles and newer circumstances.


Regardless of realisation, if one were to understand the above stated philosophy then it is evident that one is helpless against the internal forces that act as physical and metaphysical needs to move us in directions that may or may not bring peace and happiness. In light of such philosophy there is only one possible Idea that helps bringing peace regardless of thought cycles and that Idea is to continuously take the initiative and perform the true karma which is meditation so that it will help in achieving realisation of the ultimate force that governs all of us. Lets reconsider the example of two semicircular tubes again, one representing the human being and other representing the outside environment. The two tubes are connected to form a complete circle. As energy is released from the human being it traverses the outside environment and comes back to us. This amount of energy that has come back would normally travel in the human being and force one to perform the action associated with the thought, however instead of allowing the energy to flow in the thought pattern one must force it towards the spiritual thought. The spiritual thought will inadvertently raise the consciousness to a higher level. This is achieved by routinely meditating. For example if one has a lot of anger thoughts inside, then it will inadvertently create circumstances that one would force one to get even more angry. However the same energy that was flowing in anger thought can be directed towards some meditational exercise. One can channel the same anger to sit in meditational posture for prolonged periods of time. As the energy flowing in anger thought is now being regularly utilized in the meditational exercise, slowly but gradually one would unquestionably observe that circumstances that generated anger have started to decline and eventually all anger thought would eliminate and circumstances that generated anger have also finished. It is difficult but it is possible. It is possible to direct the energy from negative to positive direction however if it is directed towards the spiritual thought there is a greater advantage. As all thought cycles end and recommence, it is valid for even the positive thought cycle, however the spiritual thought is the one that connects the internal spirit to the divine spirit and once the connection is established then it is the final culmination of all thoughts. Spiritual thought is also a need like another need however it is the final need after achieving which, nothing else is needed any more. As described earlier it is not to be confused with death. Life will continue till all the existing combination of thought cycles are running, however immense peace is observed when one commences on a


journey in such a direction. However it is for one to decide how to direct ones own energy. It requires a high amount of will to direct ones energy in any direction. Spiritual direction is one of the difficult ones but as described earlier as well, it is just the first initiative that is required and then the power of divine energy is such that it will inadvertently pull one further into the spiritual direction. A positive direction nevertheless holds a lot of significance, but it would be Ideal for one to aspire for higher happiness than the temporary happinesss that would subsequently end. Meditational or spiritual exercises should not be understood as very complicated exercises. If one offers prayers, meditates regularly, regardless of an actual realisation, it will certainly bring great amount of peace and will immensely help in handling circumstances that were once extremely challenging. It is decision for one to make if one wishes to divert their energy in such a direction or not. If one chooses to divert their energy then one has utilized their own will; in all other circumstances one is simply being driven by the internal thought pattern and forces behind them. The Ideal practice would be to indulge in the basic necessities of life and regularly utilise all other available time for spiritual exercises. The basic necessities can never be ignored however it is over indulgence that one must learn to avoid. But it is not possible to simply quit over-indulgences, they have to be substituted with some other activity because energy can not be destroyed it can only be transferred and hence spiritual exercises are the Ideal direction one must adopt in order to bring balance to ones life. It helps in continuous movement of basic life cycle and helps in preventing over indulgences that are the primary reasons for misery and sorrow. For example one can eat simple home cooked vegetarian food which is enough to satisfy hunger and quit or reduce the amount of overly delicious expensive meals and non-vegetarian food which are nothing more than over indulgences. Rule two: For all physical desires; the amount of energy applied towards a thought is inversely proportional to amount of time period of satisfaction that it provides. Lets consider the hunger thought one more time. If greater intensity is applied towards the fulfillment of palate and even if the most delicious meal is accessible which will certainly gratify this high intensity need, however the satisfaction will be for much shorter period of time compared to an ordinary meal. To understand this phenomenon better, consider the five sensory organs as five different tubes through which the energy travels and the resultant of


these five tubes goes into the semi-circular tube which was discussed earlier that releases the energy into environment. Now, lets consider the sleep thought cycle. It is associated with one element earth or one sensory organ that is the body. Between two periods of sleep, the gap is close to complete earths cycle. In the case of hunger thought cycle which is associated with two sensory organs that are tongue and nose, more energy is propagating through because energy is travelling through two tubes hence the satisfaction only remains for a few hours. In the case of sexual thought cycle which is associated with all five sensory organs, the energy flows through all the available five tubes hence it naturally results in a very high amount of energy flow; however the time period of the satisfaction achieved is very short lived. The reason higher intensity results in shorter period of satisfaction is because if one visualises energy flowing through all five tubes, it will fill the semicircular tube very fast hence the energy will release from the point A1 with very high velocity, it will enter the opposite tube through the point A2, traverse back with even higher intensity; the environment will release it back via the point B2 and it will enter the person via the point B1. However by the virtue of high velocity this cycle will complete very fast hence generating the need with higher intensity very rapidly, subsequently reproducing the same thought again. It is possible that the physical resources to satisfy the need may not be available but regardless the high intensity need will still exist and it will force the person to eventually move in that direction for gratification. In the light of the above rules, the analogy based on Einsteinian theory that was illustrated earlier, is evident in our daily activities as well. As described earlier; Energy relates to the Divine Energy, Mass relates to the Physical Matter, and Velocity of Light relates to the Velocity of Thought. Lets consider the example of hunger once again. Energy carries the Hunger Thought through the sensory organ tongue. The sensory organs act as a mere medium through which the energy propagates. The thought cycle which is on its rise will automatically propel one to eat food. This action will inadvertently produce some amount of bodily matter inside a being, which is equivalent of the thought cycle reaching its peak. Eventually the thought cycle starts to wane and the temporary satisfaction fades away which immediately restarts the hunger thought cycle all over again. The thought cycle is an endless cycle and if more energy is applied or greater amount of energy is forced in any sensory organ or medium, then it generates higher intensity of the respective thought and it inadvertently results in greater amount of action which subsequently produces


higher amount of bodily matter. The bodily matter relates to any tangible perceptible matter. For instance, greater intensity of hunger thought will not only result in a larger physical structure but also in larger amount of purchase of food items. Higher intensity of musical thoughts will result in higher amount of acquisition of music related items. Greater intensity of thoughts related to physical appearance will inadvertently result in higher amount of possession of clothing and beauty products.


Chapter 9: Tendencies

Up till now the basic philosophy of spirituality and flow of energy was being described. Moving forward, the practical implications of this theory in routine life will be discussed. As described earlier, all actions are an outcome of applied energy in direction of some thought or combination of thoughts; hence the living being is just a conduit through which the energy flows in direction of various thoughts, which is perpetually creating thought cycles. The only difference between all beings and the human being is that, it is only human being that has the opportunity to realise their own true existence. Self realisation is the true purpose of life however it is not necessary that one might have any inclination towards it and in such a case life carries on based on its own laws and processes that drive the energy through various combination of thoughts cycles inadvertently satisfying the purpose for which that life had begun. Thoughts reside inside of us in the form of propensities. Every being is a unique combination of tendencies and there are three primary forms of dispositions:Grade A: Spiritual Dominant tendencies would be compassion, forgiveness, patience, simplicity, sacrificial, affectionate etc. One would be inclined towards spiritual exercises such as education, prayer and meditation etc. One would be interested in eating freshly cooked simple food. One would be deeply interested in self realisation and performing true karma to achieve eternal peace. Grade B: Possessive Dominant tendencies would be inclination to acquire necessary to excessive amounts of possessions, aspirations of success, wishes to achieve any possible acquisitions and might attempt for more etc. One would be interested in food with strong flavours preferably freshly prepared. One might have little interest in self realisation. One would have ordinary to low amounts of characteristics such as patience, compassion etc. One would perform ordinary karma that would perpetually keep the thought cycle in motion; one will be inadvertently producing various actions and their outcomes that would subsequently reproduce more actions and more outcomes. One would experience many temporary joys and sorrows on different occasions.


Grade C: Over Indulgent Dominant characteristics would be anger, laziness, sleepiness, impatience, frustration, lustfulness, egoistic etc. One would be overly ambitious for all worldly acquisitions such as physical wealth, power etc. One would be desperate for attention. One would be largely interested in pre-cooked, juicy and nonvegetarian food. One would have no interest in self realisation. One might experience temporary joys however in the longer period of time one will experience miseries. The above stated tendencies are not to be considered as virtues or vices. They are simply different properties. One can have a disposition with any category and amount of tendencies with some tendencies to be more dominant than others. However it is also possible that during a given period of time one can be under stronger influence of tendencies that may not be the dominant tendencies. As described earlier, life begins with a purpose hence it is obvious that in order to satisfy the purpose, necessary tendencies are inherently present. As life goes on, various tendencies inadvertently formulate into circumstances and events that subsequently lead to growth and maturation of various tendencies which consequently create further circumstances resulting in various stronger and weaker tendencies. Hence tendencies create circumstances and subsequently in a cyclic motion those circumstances produce the same tendencies; thus a perpetual cycle goes on. There is a minimal amount energy that must be applied towards a tendency in order for a circumstance or an activity to be created. In order to clearly understand, imagine a car without fuel; one can turn the steering wheel in any direction but in absence of any fuel there will be NO movement. Our inherent tendencies are merely providing direction however, without any energy being applied in that direction there will be no movement or physical activity. On the other hand having abundant fuel but not having any realisation of direction would result in wasting the fuel in journeys that were redundant. It is obvious that the tendencies that are dominant or that appeal naturally to a person would automatically consume most of ones energy. Hence inadvertently that energy would lead to creation of some circumstance. It is in fact an extension to the first rule of thought cycle that thought begets greater thoughts, where tendencies are different thoughts that are manifesting into circumstances or life activities once fuelled by necessary amount of energy. As discussed earlier a human being is a combination of thoughts, hence one is a combination of tendencies.


Imagine Pic 2; where different tendencies are different conduits through which the energy is flowing. As described earlier imagine a human being to be a semi circular conduit and imagine that energy flowing through various tendencies to be arrows that merge and enter into this semi circular conduit somewhere at the mid point of the semi circular arc. At any given time one would inadvertently act based on the resultant that would be generated out of energy flowing through various strong and weak tendencies and releasing through the semi circular conduit. In the above picture, three different tendencies are transferring energy at the same time into the semi circular conduit. As a result, resultant energy is released which is shown as the Light Blue Arrow. This energy will manifest into circumstance, further enhancing the intensity of this tendency shown as the Dark Blue Arrow. As discussed earlier; Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred, hence once the energy has traversed through a tendency then it will inevitably manifest into the circumstance, this is an unchangeable law that governs this universe. The only way to stop the manifestation of tendency or thought into an action is either by transferring the energy into a different tendency conduit or to resist it with an opposite and a stronger energy that is higher in amount which will forcefully change the direction of energy flow. But regardless, energy can not be destroyed it is only transferred from one tendency conduit to another and if sufficient amount of energy accumulates in any tendency conduit then that tendency will inevitable manifest into a circumstance. Lets consider the simple example of physical fitness. With respect to the above picture, lets assume that the Red Arrow represents the Physical Strength Tendency which belongs to Grade B. The Black Arrow represents the Proper Eating Tendency which belongs to Grade B. The Green Arrow represents Laziness Tendency which belongs to Grade C. As shown in the picture 2; Red Arrow Conduit is a little bigger than the other two conduits;


hence larger amount of energy is flowing in this tendency or thought. Additionally there is energy flowing into the Black Arrow Conduit as well. As a result it will overpower the Laziness Tendency. The outcome would be that the person would inadvertently be propelled to perform routine exercise and eat healthy meals. With each circumstance of exercise being performed, the tendency would become stronger and stronger unless it is overpowered by some other tendency. On the surface it might seem that a person is actively performing exercises however the hidden truth is that the person is not performing any action; it is a simple inadvertent outcome of higher energy flowing through the Physical Strength Conduit. This was a very simple example where it was assumed that the all the resources to attain physical strength are available. In the above example if we assume that Red Arrow represents Laziness Tendency, the Black Arrow represents Physical Strength Tendency and Green Arrow represents Junk Food Tendency. As there is higher amount of energy traversing through Red Arrow hence it will inadvertently force the person to NOT maintain a strict fitness routine. Additionally the Junk Food Tendency will propel the person to eat unhealthy food which will further intensify the Laziness Tendency as well. Such a person will occasionally perform exercises because there is some Physical Strength tendency available however it will be very difficult for one to adhere to a strict discipline. Very simplistic assumptions were made to understand the theory however in real life activities; one is under continuous influence of several tendencies or thoughts during a given period of time. These tendencies could be Grade A or Grade B or Grade C but regardless, as energy is released through the dominant tendencies it will inadvertently propel us to perform the resultant action to gratify the tendency. In the following example, lets consider a few hours in the night:It is late in the night and Red Arrow represents Sleep Tendency, and the other two arrows could represent Study Tendency and Plan the next day Tendency. As more energy is flowing in the Sleep Tendency and additionally it is late in the night and even physically one is tired from the days work, hence it will inadvertently force the person to go to sleep. There is a small probability that under the influence of the other two tendencies one might spend just a little time prior to going to bed to study something that might be required for the next days activities.


It is late on a weekend night and Red Arrow represents Partying Tendency, the other two arrows represent Gambling Tendency and Dancing Tendency. Even though physically one might be tired from days work however the influence of all the tendencies will over power physical necessity of sleep and one is highly likely to indulge in entertainment related activities. Now lets consider some general examples:The Idea is that the life has begun because of a predestined purpose and hence various tendencies exist inherently. The energy is flowing into these tendencies and it will inadvertently manifest into the probable outcomes as described in the following examples Red Arrow represents explore the world tendency and the other two arrows represent ego and study electronics tendencies. In such a case it is highly like that one might travel to a foreign land all alone and study electronics. Red Arrow represents explore the world tendency and the other two arrows represent ego and anger tendencies. In such as case it is highly likely that one might travel to foreign lands (it could be for any reason such as work or study) and end up in fights and struggles with other people. Red Arrow represents explore the world tendency and the other two arrows represent discover and gather knowledge tendencies. In such a case one is highly likely to extensively travel for purposes such as journalism, religion, archaeology etc which would be dependent on ones other interests. Red Arrow represents explore and the other two arrows represent family affection and security tendencies. It is highly likely that one might travel to foreign lands however the other two tendencies will force one to settle down in the foreign land for the purpose of stability of family life. Red Arrow represents explore and other two arrows represent ego and laziness tendencies. In such a case one might travel to foreign land however the ego tendency will not allow one to make adjustments and compromises in the foreign land and laziness will not allow one to make the extra effort that is required. Hence one would continue to live an unstable and insecure life in a foreign land. Red Arrow represents musical tendency and other two arrows represent love and study tendencies. In such a case it is highly likely that one might study and practice music and end up becoming proficient with an instrument.


Red Arrow represents musical tendency and the other two arrows represent laziness and anger tendencies. In such a case one might make an attempt to become proficient in some discipline related to music however the other two tendencies will not allow one to achieve high level of sincere dedication. Red Arrow represents musical tendency and the other two arrows represent Focus and poetry tendencies. In such a case one is highly likely to not only become proficient in some musical discipline but is also highly like to write musical compositions. Red Arrow represents musical tendency and the other two arrows represent writing and dancing tendencies. It is highly likely that one might become a successful musical composer and a stage performer. Red Arrow represents musical tendency and the other two arrows represent religious and compassion tendencies. It is highly likely that one would be involved in the musical area in some way under the domain of ones own religion and might support charitable organisations as well. Red Arrow represents ego tendency and the other two arrows represents communication and selling tendencies. It is highly likely that one will probably become a successful sales professional at a high level in an organisation or perhaps enterprise on their own. Red Arrow represents fear tendency and the other two arrows represent cooking and caring tendencies. It is highly likely that one might end up as a chef or in customer care in the restaurant/hotel industry however the fear tendency will not allow one to succeed to higher levels. Red Arrow represents education and the other two arrows represent nurturing and organisational tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person might achieve high levels of education and become a successful well known teacher or a professor. Red Arrow represents educational tendency and the other two arrows represents ego and wealth related tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person might reach to higher levels in an education organisation or venture on their own and enterprise their own self. Red Arrow represents analytical tendencies and the other two arrows represent explore and security tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person might work as an engineer or mathematician etc as well as travel a little bit also. Red Arrow represents ego tendency and the other two arrows represent ignorance and enterprising tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person


might attempt to enterprise on their own, however the ignorance would create huge hurdles and might stop the progress repeatedly. Red Arrow represents stability tendency and the other two arrows represents family and administrative tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would not travel a lot and will settle down for long term in one profession. The stability tendency will prevent any inclination to make too many changes in the ongoing life. Red Arrow represents desperation for attention tendency and the other two arrows represent egoistic and wealth tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person is highly likely to become a performer and choose a life in television, theatre, movies or any similar profession. Red Arrow represents desperation for attention tendency and the other two arrows represent laziness and anger tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would be highly interested in becoming a performer however the other two tendencies would not allow him to achieve a success. Red Arrow represents spiritual tendency and other two arrows represent ego and organisational tendency. It is highly likely that such a person would become a high level priest in a religious organisation or perhaps venture on their own as religious leader etc. Red Arrow represents spiritual tendency and the other two arrows represent compassion and sacrificial tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would be deeply inclined towards self realisation, would have very simplistic behaviour and would be sincerely involved in social service even if it comes at a personal cost. Red Arrow represents spiritual tendency and the other two arrows represent communication and compassion tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would become a preacher and would also be involved with charitable organisations as well. Red Arrow represents spiritual tendency and other two arrows represent dispassionate and eccentric tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would like to spend a lot of time alone, and practice routine prayer and meditational exercises. It is obvious that such a one as this will not amass great wealth. Red Arrow represents spiritual tendency and other two arrows represent righteousness and organisational tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would become a spiritual leader. Red Arrow represents spiritual tendency and the other two arrows represents ego and righteousness tendencies. It is highly likely that such a


one as this would become a religious leader and amass great fortune at the same time. Red Arrow represents leadership tendency and other two arrows represent compassion and sacrificial tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person might become a popular political leader and service the people as well. Red Arrow represents leadership tendency and the other two arrows represent egoistic and wealth tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person might become political leader and accumulate great fortunes for their own self. Red Arrow represents leadership tendency and other two represent violent and power hunger tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would achieve a political position of power and would use the power to seriously harm the political foes and many others with contradictory views. Red Arrow represents political tendency and the other two arrows represent rebellious and spiritual tendencies; it is highly likely that such a person would have innovative political ideas and there is possibility that the rebellious tendency might bring some turmoil in personal or professional life. Red Arrow represents philosophical tendency and the other two arrows represent eccentric and writing tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would either write about new philosophical Ideas however the eccentricity would keep one away from peoples attention. Red Arrow represents sporting tendencies and the other two arrows represent focus and fitness tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would become a successful sports personality in the area of interest because the inherent tendencies would force one to be proficient professional. Red Arrow represents sporting tendencies and the other two arrows represent ego and anger tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would attempt to become a sports professional but the other two tendencies would not allow one to achieve higher level of success. Red Arrow represents beauty tendency and the other two arrows represent ego and desperate for attention tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would spend a lot on beauty products and personal beauty care and the desperation could propel one to go the extent of using methods such as plastic surgery as well. Red Arrow represents beauty tendency and the other two arrows represent education and organisation tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person might choose fashion or designing as a profession and even study and work extensively with regards to personal beauty care under the domain of ones interest.


Red Arrow represents physical health and the other two arrows represent education and nurturing tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person might become a health care professional such as doctor etc. Red Arrow represents fear and the other two arrows represent explore and education tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person would attempt to study latest sciences however the fear would prevent from applying extra effort that is necessary to excel when exploring new subjects. Red Arrow represents fear and the other two represent compassion and laziness tendencies. It is highly likely that such a person might be pushed around or bullied by others. The person would have a soft heart, and will make many attempts to over come the fear however the laziness would not allow such a one to succeed.


Chapter 10: Circumstances and Illusion of Control


In all the above examples, the philosophy of flow of energy and its manifestation into circumstances and events was described however a key issue of influence of circumstances was intentionally omitted in order to keep the explanation and examples simple. All of us are continuously under influence of our circumstances. The term Circumstances in its entirety means all activities that we perform, the activities that all living beings perform around us and it also includes the environment that is around us which we are part of. In the Pic 2, it was shown that the energy flows through tendencies and it manifests into some circumstance and then the circumstance would intensify the same thought which would enter back into the person via the B2B1. The important issue at this stage is that one can be under the influence of a circumstance that was created by some one else. For example, if one normally never wears suits but if on an occasion, one happens to see some one else wearing a suit then it is possible that because of influence of this event one might purchase a suit for their own self. It is very common for all of us to make decisions based on what is presented and available in front of us, for example one might get enticed to eat a certain food item if one gets a whiff of it from distance even though the food item might be prepared by some one else. Lets consider another example. For instance, a young kid lives in a city where football is a known sport. Based on Pic 2, the circumstance football already exists. It is inadvertently creating the thoughts of football in the environment. It is highly likely that the young kid will be easily influenced by environment and would indulge in football. This was the part where the environment or the circumstance created a thought in the kids mind. Lets assume that the kid wants to become a professional football player. In such a case, a massive amount of energy has to flow in sport -football tendency inside the kid, so that it can transform the kid into a professional player. The football tendency comprises of various tendencies such as physical fitness, practice, mental discipline, coaching, available opportunity, available resources etc. It is possible that the kid has the mental and physical discipline that is necessary however there are other factors that are important as well; such as necessary resources and opportunities etc. These are provided by the environment around us. If these factors are absent in the environment then regardless of the amount of energy applied or effort applied, the kid will not become a professional player. However on the other hand if football is a very famous sport in the city then it is


obvious that the necessary resources must be available in the city for the kid to become a professional player. The important issue is that sufficient amount of energy has to flow in a tendency or combination of tendencies in order for a circumstance to generate. It is a very simple example only for the purpose of understanding the theory. There are many cases where people have started something right from beginning, which never existed earlier. It has happened when one applies extraordinary amounts of effort or energy to create a circumstance that would further intensify the thought and hence the cycle would go on. But the conclusion is that creation of any event or circumstance requires a necessary amount of energy and that energy does not have to be ones own. It can come from the circumstance or environment which might be created by some one else. For example, people inherit wealth from parents and enjoy many luxuries with it. It is a simple example where an existing circumstance of wealth that was created by parents, provided the energy or wealth required for future generation to enjoy various luxuries. The purpose of above explanation was not to encourage or discourage some one from becoming a football player, but instead to explain the theory that the influence of circumstances can not be ignored. Any event or act does not take place just by one human beings effort or energy. Any irrelevant to the most relevant event or act is a resultant of efforts with complex combination of circumstances integrating into the necessary environment with due regard to time. However all the efforts, circumstances collectively are nothing more than flow of energy in various mediums that manifests into an event when the energy is applied in sufficient amount. In order to achieve any targets one must first learn to accept and respect the circumstances that one is part of, submit to its limitations, and then apply the necessary efforts or energy under the realm of the provided environment. This following example would explain the theory further. While driving, one might get the perception that one is driving but if one can look at the whole traffic from a birds eye view it would become evident that one is being driven. Even though we might have the controls in our hands but we are limited by the traffic system which includes the rules of the road, speed limits, various signals, the available roads, the thousands of people around us, the weather conditions etc. Additionally the condition of our vehicle itself is also an unknown variable; an ordinary automobile has thousand of parts and even with regular maintenance it is not necessary that it will perform to its best abilities. It is highly likely that one can be waiting innocently on a red signal and some one would hit from the


back and it could result in a minor to a serious injury, including the damages to the vehicle itself. If we assume that the vehicle is in good condition, the driver is skilful, traffic is running smooth, and the road conditions are excellent then the ride would be joyous. But on the other hand even if the vehicle is in good condition and the driver is skilful but if the traffic is jammed then the journey will be frustrating and there is high probability that it might either delay or one might abandon the purpose for which the journey was started. If one can let go of ego, only then it is possible for one to realise that it just a steering wheel that is in ones hands, everything else right from the traffic to the vehicle itself are governed by innumerable forces that are beyond ones control. However the collective outcome of all these forces, are responsible for the joy or frustration that one might experience during a journey. Hence we can deduce again that influence of our environment can not be ignored, and the egoistic ignorant idea of controlling our environment should not be implemented in our daily lives. We can attempt to control as much we want however if one can develop greater vision then one can easily realise that control is an illusion. The cyclic flow of energy that perpetually transforms thoughts into circumstances which further generate thoughts that subsequently create more circumstances is the universal law of cyclic motion of action and outcomes, and the outcomes now act as new actions that further create new outcomes and so on. Once energy has traversed into the direction of a thought it must release, it can not be destroyed. The only possibility is to change the direction or apply the energy in some other thought, but the energy can not be subdued under any circumstance. We have evolved out of simpler organism to this complex human form. We have lived so many lives earlier because of which there already colossal amount of actions that we have performed. All those actions have generated huge amounts and various types of numerous tendencies. Our present life is an outcome of a complex equation of all those tendencies of all our previous lives. It is absolutely impossible to ignore the fact that one will undoubtedly experience countless number of circumstances which would be an outcome of many of our actions in previous lives. It would happen because the thought cycles or combination of thought cycles that might have started in a past life would transform into a circumstance in this life. And this circumstance would further generate another combination of thought cycle all over again with an additional influence of the environment that is available in the present life cycle. If one can truly realise and envision this philosophy, the mere idea of control would seem highly immature and narrow minded. Higher the state of


unawareness, higher is the need to control and higher the state of awareness, higher is the will to submit to the controls of providence. If one is riding on a positive thought cycle then one would be experiencing joy and it is obvious that one would have little interest in believing in the powers of providence. However as per the philosophy of cyclic motion of thoughts, the positive thought cycle will end some day and when one unfortunately has to ride the negative thought cycle and experience grief then one automatically starts searching for solutions. If the grief is lower in amount and short lived, one might learn lessons however one is still under the influence of ego and would assume that it was their own powers that lead to successful end of the period of grief, when in reality it was just the culmination of the grief thought cycle. However when one is under prolonged influence of grief and all solutions fail, only then one truly searches for answers instead of solutions and eventually realises the powers of providence or forces of universe. In such cases, especially in the case of prolonged or higher amounts of grief, the energy is unable to release outside and manifest into any circumstance. As described earlier, one is a collection of numerous tendencies, however in the event the energy does not release at all and can not transform into any circumstance, one is inadvertently motivated to release it inside. Releasing it inside is beginning of a journey within which is equivalent of a journey towards self realisation or commencement of spiritual thought cycle. For example, if one has deep rooted football tendencies and one fails to become a professional football player it will become a reason for grief, however imagine that on top of it, if one has to suffer an accident in which one looses both the legs then in such a case the grief will intensify to extremely high levels because now one has lost all abilities to play football at all. The energy propagating in deep rooted football tendencies will burn inside however they will have no release. There is a high possibility that in such a case one is compelled to turn the focus within to search for answers and it will inadvertently lead to all the energy being transferred in spiritual tendencies which will start to intensify over course of time and eventually it will lead to acceptance of circumstances and realisation of truth. It is again a simple example for the purpose of explanation of flow of energy however energy is propagating in many other tendencies at the same time and the real outcome will depend on the resultant of the combination of all the prevailing and dominant tendencies.


In the above example extreme grief worked as a catalyst to provoke one to commence on a spiritual journey however, one should not wait for grief to strike and even if one is riding on a positive thought cycle one should embrace spiritual tendencies. The primary reason to wilfully embrace spiritual tendencies is because the positive thought cycle like any other thought cycle will culminate one day, hence if any misfortune or any kind of suffering begins then it is possible that one can direct or transfer that negative energy towards the spiritual exercises and reduce the amount of grief that one might have to suffer. It is very difficult however it is possible. One can transfer the pain and sadness towards prayers and meditational exercises and it will redirect a lot of negative energy helping in faster culmination of the grief thought cycle. It is difficult but it is possible. It is also understandable that there are some amounts of grief and pains which are simply intolerable and it becomes impossible to have any faith in prayers and spiritual exercises. However if any time in the past, even if in one of the past lives, if one has sincerely performed even little amount of prayers and spiritual exercises such as meditation or charity etc., especially while riding on a positive thought cycle then the resultant of such exercises would certainly play a huge role in reducing, if not eliminating the grief. In light of above explanation it is very clear that if one can achieve any kind of control then it is only in directing the energy towards spiritual direction. Energy flowing in any other direction is an inadvertent resultant of previous combination of thought cycles. If one can make the effort to perform spiritual exercises in order to achieve self realisation then in theory one has really exercised control, if there is any but this action can also be considered as the resultant of energy flowing in the spiritual thought cycle. However if one really makes an effort towards self realisation and performs spiritual exercises then all that is happening is that ones energy is rising higher and higher and coming closer and closer to the divine energy. One day the time will come that true merger with the divine will be realised. Once the person has become ONE with the divine then the person looses all control and is fully driven by the divine energy. Hence we can safely deduce the regardless of the circumstance and level of awareness; control is in fact an illusion.


Chapter 11: Grief


The flow of energy and its manifestation into circumstances has been described in detail. But there can be situations where energy may not be able to release and tendencies or needs may never manifest into circumstances. As far as any unreleased energy is concerned; grief is produced when there is energy that could not be released. Inherently all of us constitute several amounts and types of tendencies. There is always a possibility that the opportunity and resources to successfully manifest a tendency into an action or to gratify a need may not exist. In such an event depending upon the circumstance; grief, anger, frustration, hatred, sorrow etc. is generated. It does not matter that the tendencies are positive or negative but if there is energy flowing in a tendency and it is not getting an opportunity to be released by manifesting into a circumstance then it will cause grief. For example if we consider the simple example of positive hunger for food; based on Pic 2 if energy is flowing in the tendency semi circle but proper food is not available and the circumstance of eating is not created, then it will inadvertently create grief. In another example lets consider the example of negative hunger for junk food; now imagine that proper food is available that is enough to satisfy hunger but junk food is not available then in such a case the circumstance of junk food eating is not created and hence it will also result in sorrow even though proper food item was available. Our physical requirements, native hungers, personal interests, professional interests, expectations from relations, expectations from environment, ambitions etc. are simply various tendencies in which energy is waiting to be released. In due course of time, either consciously or subconsciously as the realisation of unreleased energy starts to surface in our minds, it begins to inflict us with different kinds and amounts of grief. It begins to build inside as negative energy, some times even without a realisation that it is happening. The reason it is called as negative energy is because it is building inside in the form of feelings such as fear, anger, frustration, hatred, lust, laziness and sleep. In the unfortunate case if the amount is huge then the person is pretty much a ticking time bomb waiting to either implode or explode. An implosion is where one would harm their own self and explosion is where one would harm some one else. If it is not released then it will inadvertently release some day, some time on occasion where it would be highly inappropriate. Additionally the unreleased energy also inadvertently forces one to make decisions that might sound logical


or good at that time, but ultimately they lead to outcomes that bring misery. One does not realise it because one is under the influence of the flow of energy in one of the negative tendencies. The realisation might happen later but by then it is too late. Lets assume that one has a lot of unreleased frustration; now for example one is working as factory worker in a manufacturing plant and makes a minor error in some activity. It leads to one being reprimanded by the supervisor of the plant. Ordinarily one would accepted the error and moved on but in this case there is a high probability that the reprimand would act as a catalyst to unleash the unreleased frustration. One might react aggressively with the supervisor. The error might be insignificant and without any long term consequences but now the situation would escalate to a higher level and it might lead to one being removed from the job. By the time one realises, it is too late. Based on Pic 2, energy was released in the negative tendencies which was anger. It manifested as a circumstance which was an argument with the supervisor, which caused in removal from the job. Now this new circumstance of joblessness would further intensify the negative tendencies within a person and some day this intensified energy would inadvertently release once again via one of the negative tendencies creating a similar circumstance which would result in further fuelling the negative thought cycle with more negative energy and this perpetual cycle would go on. However as described earlier many times, events are a resultant of complex outcomes of many tendencies hence there is always a possibility that one might have other positive tendencies which can act as medium to release this negative energy and hence in future a negative circumstance might not occur at all. For instance in the above example lets assume that one also has a positive tendency to play the game of chess. There is a high probability that in the state of joblessness one might spend a lot of time playing chess and it will act as an outlet to release the negative energy. Now lets assume that eventually one finds another job that is of ones interest, then in such a case it is obvious that any past accumulated negative energy will be released in the daily routine and hence it will inadvertently either reduce or eliminate the amount of frustration (negative energy) that had accumulated in the past. But regardless of the circumstance, it is imperative that this energy must be released in some form, and hence it is crucial that one indulges in spiritual exercises. It is crucial because of two reasons; one reason is that these exercises are the only method for one to realise the true causes of ones griefs and second reason is that spiritual exercise acts as a release for any kind of


energy further intensifying spiritual tendencies and raising ones level of consciousness. The significant point to understand is that positive or negative thought cycles will have an end but the spiritual tendency raise ones level of energy till it becomes ONE with the divine energy, but regardless of the fact that the merger with divine takes place or not, spiritual exercises will never have any negative impact. There is nothing to loose. There is always a possibility to direct the negative energy into positive tendencies, which certainly will provide relief as well but directing the energy into spiritual tendencies, even though very difficult, is the Ideal direction for the flow of energy besides as described earlier if any kind of grief strikes then it is possible that one can direct or transfer that negative energy towards the spiritual exercises and reduce or eliminate the amount of grief that one might have to suffer. For instance if one offers prayers to some particular God regularly and it results in removal of grief then it is considered as blessing from God or test from God or a similar event and it helps in strengthening of faith in powers of that particular God. In reality all that has happened is that negative energy was released in prayers and hence the grief thought cycle ended relatively sooner, however if one wishes to continue to believe in some God then it is absolutely fine because as long as one acknowledges the powers of providence then it does not matter which name is used to address the powers of God. The fact that can not change is that the energy that has traversed in negative tendencies will undoubtedly manifest in form of some negative circumstance. Based on Pic 2, if energy has traversed through some negative tendency then it will manifest in form of some grief circumstance. Once this grief circumstance has been created then it will run its complete cyclic period of beginning, climaxing and culminating. Unfortunately there is no choice but to patiently wait till the cycle is over. The only remedy is to somehow not allow more fuel to this fire or more energy to this tendency. For example the anger tendency might erupt into a fight circumstance which would lead to physical pain however if one can patiently wait for the pain to be over and not allow it to fuel further anger tendency then future pain can be avoided. But as discussed earlier the fight circumstance and resultant pain will undoubtedly generate more anger tendency and this would subsequently create further fight circumstance or some form of negative circumstance that would generate more grief. Hence the only way available to avoid future grief is to somehow transfer the pain/anger towards developing patience to avoid generation of more negative tendencies and the Ideal method to achieve it is via performing


spiritual exercises. In theory it is very easy to say however the practical implementation of this theory is difficult. It requires a very high level of will to transfer the energy from one medium to another. Our past negative tendencies are the only reason due to which grief is generated; it could be negative tendencies from any of the past lives as well, however there is only method that can help in true realisation of reasons of grief as well as realisation of solutions which is to commence on the journey of self realisation. Self realisation provides greater consciousness in due course of time and regardless of the merger with the divine, higher consciousness creates greater characteristics that can only have positive influence, hence it is vital that even if the circumstances are positive and one is living in happy circumstances one must still continue to perform spiritual exercises so that it will continue to reinforce the amount of energy traversing in the spiritual tendencies. These reinforced spiritual tendencies have great power to either eliminate or reduce the reasons that could create any future grief circumstances.


Chapter 12: Heaven and Hell


In general all circumstance can be divided into three primary categories; Positive, negative and neutral. These three categories are three experiences that we have under any circumstance; however the intensity may vary depending upon the inherent characteristics and influence of circumstance. Normally the neutral experience is observed only one has achieved true self realisation. It happens because one has disconnected with ones own self and has connected with the divine. Occasionally one experiences the neutral state when one is observing activities of others which does not have any connection with ones own self. The state of self realisation is also similar in nature because one becomes an observer instead of doer. Physically one might be performing the actions however metaphysically one is completely disconnected with ones own self and the internal forces are inadvertently manifesting into actions. In such a state of consciousness, one stops having any positive or negative experiences and instead experiences connection with the divine that is inexplicable. It is an experience that is greater than any other joy that is available to the perceptible senses. Any experience that we have otherwise is either positive or negative. These positive and negative experiences are what we popularly refer to as heaven and hell. Heaven and Hell arent any places in space where one goes before or after death. It is not a place where either angels or devils reside in some outer world. When one is experiencing a release of energy one is in heaven and when one is experiencing subdued energy one is in hell. It is important to be careful with the terms positive and negative in this scenario. Positive and negative have nothing to do with good and bad. Release of energy is a positive circumstance and subdued energy is a negative circumstance. Heaven and Hell are two states of circumstances. Heaven, hell, angels and devil etc. are symbolic terms that represent various aspects of circumstances. Angels and devils are simply representations of the people or other living being that we might interact with. Angels would be the ones that are helpful or cooperative and devils would be the one that create problems or reasons for grief. The intensity and period of the heavenly and hellish experience will depend upon resultant of inherent characteristics and influence of circumstances. It is possible that the experiences may be very short lived such as for example if one is hungry for food, energy is waiting to be released but can not release, hence one is experiencing hell, but as soon as one has a delicious meal, the energy is released and one experiences


heaven. This is a very simple example where one experienced heaven and hell for a very short time. However, generally the term heaven and hell are used for prolonged periods of happiness or grief. And similarly the terms Angels and Devils are used as representation when either higher levels of assistance is received or when higher amount of pain is inflicted. For instance if one has stable family life with good income and one is satisfied with their professional and personal position then one is in heaven. However if one has deep troubles in managing routine life, the income is not enough to provide for basic food and utilities then one is in hell. Similarly if one is in deep financial trouble and receives help from some one completely unexpected then the helper could be considered as an Angel, and if some one murders a loved one then the murderer could be considered as the devil. Human body has some very fundamentals requirements that must be satisfied; if they are not gratified then one is experiencing hell. If the needs are being gratified then one is in heaven. As discussed earlier we are all mere combination of tendencies. Depending on our tendencies, we will have heavenly or hellish experience throughout our lives. For instance, a tendency of laziness might result in removal from the employment. It might result in many months of unemployment which would be hellish experience. But eventually one gets employed, overpowers the tendency of laziness and hence now experiences heaven in then new employment. This is a very simple example where just one tendency is considered however the actual experience would be resultant of all the tendencies and circumstances. Based on Pic 2, whenever energy has traversed in a tendency, it can manifest into a circumstance any time; if it manifests then one experiences heaven and if it does not then one experiences hell. Lets consider the life of a person as a whole where all the tendencies are considered together, it has been discussed earlier that one is filled with many needs or tendencies and if energy being released in majority of those tendencies (which is equivalent of satisfaction) then one will experience higher intensity and prolonged period of life in heaven. And on the other hand if one is not allowed to release any energy that is propagating in majority of ones tendencies then one will experience very high intensity and prolonged period of life in hell. Prison is the Ideal example of hell where one is not allowed to release energy even the basic native hungers and hence it can drive one insane. This leads to a further conclusion that higher the amount of needs or tendencies, higher is the probability of hell. As discussed, unreleased energy brings grief or the hellish experience. Ignoring the native necessities, if one has very high amounts of


tendencies or needs then energy is waiting to be released through those tendencies and manifest into circumstance. However because the amount of needs are excessive then there is a high probability not all those tendencies would manifest into circumstance and hence it would lead to grief or hellish experience. There are certain basic physical hungers such as food etc. and native emotional requirements such as love, affection, success etc. that require a release and they must be satisfied. However the probability of grief or hellish experience starts to increase as one begins to over indulge in ones needs. Basic indulgences will never cause a problem however it is over indulgences that create problems. For instance, routine average job is enough to provide for an average life style however when one begins excessively needy for money or power then there is very high probability that if the needs are not satisfied then one might use immoral or unethical or even illegal means to achieve ones ambitions. It is not necessary it will happen but it is highly probable. The energy that is flowing in higher money tendency or higher power tendency will force one to utilise any means available so that energy can be released and satisfaction can be achieved. It might seem that one is doer of these actions however in reality one is just inadvertently driven by the internal forces and the energy traversing through higher tendencies is manifesting into circumstances. Now based on Pic 2, once the circumstance is created it will further intensify the tendency (or need or thought). Hence now one will further indulge into even higher levels of unethical or immoral or illegal activity because there is higher energy traversing through the tendency which will further generate greater immoral or unethical circumstances. In this example the point that is being made is that the need will keep on intensifying. There is no end because the perpetual cycle of tendencies manifesting into circumstances and circumstances intensifying tendencies would continue forever. However in practical life, there are only two outcomes that can happen; One is, that the tendency will manifest into circumstance which would further intensify the need and hence it will continue to force one to chase ambition after ambition and second is that the tendency will not manifest into circumstance but in either case one is either fully occupied chasing perpetually or one is experiencing failure because one could not achieve a particular ambition and hence regardless of the outcome, it is bound to stress one out. As explained above, this is how over indulgent tendencies create grief circumstance or hellish experience. Principally this is the reason why all religions have the concept of sins. Various characteristics such as lust, laziness,


sleep, gluttony, anger, ego, envy, pride etc. are fundamental human tendencies; however they are normally characterised as bad or sinful behaviour. They are not actually good or bad, they are mere different properties, and in fact they are native fundamental human characteristics where energy must be released and hence a circumstance is bound to be created. Recall that energy can not be subdued it can only be transferred, and unless the energy is transferred it will inadvertently release through one of these tendencies as well. However, at the same time, as discussed earlier the probability of creation of grief increases with over indulgent behaviour hence it is over indulgence that must be prevented. Over indulgence will either keep one in a continuous perpetual cycle of chase or it will result in experience of failure, and either way one will experience fatigue, stress and eventually grief which are an equivalent of hellish experience; however the intensity of hellish experience would vary depending upon the actual circumstance. In order to prevent one from suffering this grief or a period of hell, many religions have adopted to the Idea of fear and guilt so that it can some how act as a tool to stop such over indulgent behaviour, but it is a very unintelligent idea to reduce or eliminate such behaviour because regardless of amount of fear that can be created for a fake place called hell, energy can not be stopped or reduced or subdued, once the energy has traversed into a tendency then will manifest into a circumstance. Therefore, one must accept all known human characteristics and tendencies including sins such as lust, laziness, gluttony, anger, ego etc. and embrace them with dignity. One should not feel guilty because these are naturally created phenomenons. These are fundamental properties that exist within all of us and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having these emotions. With acceptance of ones own tendencies, the fear and guilt factors are eliminated which is very important, and whilst practicing spiritual exercises one can slowly begin to realise the difference between necessary indulgence and over indulgences. It is a process that takes time, but with slow increments in ones levels of consciousness the realisation does happen. One must realise that energy can not be subdued hence one must find other positive outlets to release the energy, but needless to say the spiritual outlet would be the Ideal outlet for release of any energy. Over course of time as more and more energy propagates through the positive or spiritual tendencies the need to over indulge reduces on its own; it is a phenomenon that can only be experienced. One has to devise there own ways. For example, if one is lazy by habit then one must involve oneself in some kind of sport to release


the energy that is traversing in the laziness tendency. Obviously the laziness will not allow for one to move hence one should take help from a concerned friend or family member who can act as a motivator and with continuous motivation from another person, there is high probability that eventually all the energy that was propagating in the lazy tendency would transfer in the sports tendency and hence laziness can be over powered. It is difficult and will take time but it is possible. This phenomenon can also be called as God helps those who help themselves. In similar fashion the Idea of a fake place some where in space called heaven is not going to act as a motivator for any one to indulge in positive behaviour. Instead if one can understand the philosophy of flow of energy then the positive and negative aspects are self revealing. Fear and guilt are not required at all. One must allow the energy to flow in various fundamental and native tendencies such as hunger, thirst, sleep, lust etc; based on Pic 2, the manifestation of circumstances will inadvertently intensify the needs and hence one must regularly (daily) remain involved in some form of spiritual exercise so that the excessive energy is continuously transferred in spiritual tendencies. It is the only way that the needs will not intensify. With stable amounts of tendencies/needs and continuously rising consciousness a lot of calm is experienced. As greater characteristics such as patience, compassion etc begin to develop it inadvertently results in development of circumstances that will bring more peace and less frustration and anger etc. The cyclic motion of native tendencies such as hunger, lust, sleep, ego etc. must carry on. It must not be stopped and all available spare time should be utilised in spiritual exercises such as prayer, meditation, reading etc. This is what life in heaven would be like; with love and affection, with filled stomach, with proper residence, with necessary clothing and without frustrations, fears and regrets.


Chapter 13: Religion


In course of history many individual have achieved true realisation and absolute unity with the divine. There is no doubt that in the times when these individuals were alive and active they must have had some following. However, out of these some have had the opportunity to be pioneers of modern religions; such as Jesus, Krishna, Mahavir, Moses, Prophet Mohammed, Gautam Buddha and Guru Nanak etc. The core ideology of any religion always points to the idea of just ONE God but it is an idea that an ordinary person always find very hard to understand because one is continuously forced to believe in ones own religion and traditions instead of ONE God. It is in fact very natural to have belief in ones own God and not have faith in Gods from other religion. A Christian was raised in a Christian environment, a Hindu was raised in a Hindu environment, a Muslim was raised in an Islamic environment and so on; in such a circumstance it is obvious that one would only believe in the Gods that they were influenced by. In absence of an actual realisation of incorporeal, imperceptible Divine Energy or Godly Force, one will continue to believe in the perceptible and tangible Gods. It is ironic however true that in every religion the pioneers themselves have always tried to direct the followers towards an incorporeal force that is beyond perception but still one continues to limit themselves with statues, names, super humans, prophets etc. For instance, Jesus always addressed God as the Holy Father, Krishna always addressed God as Param Atma (Divine Spirit), and Prophet Mohammed always addressed God as Allah and so on. In Judaism, the term for God is YHWH (Yahweh); In Sikhism the term for God is Waheguru (Great Teacher) and so on. Buddhism is based on the philosophy of not believing in a perceptible entity as God. Buddhas real name was Siddhartha Gautama. Buddha never called himself as God. The title Buddha was given to him because the English translation of the Sanskrit word Buddha means the enlightened. If one will study any religion with an open mind then one will find the common element in all religions that the God was never described and was always addressed as some imperceptible force. It is a fact that is very hard to digest for any one because every one has ego and it is almost impossible for one to imagine a common egoless force to be present that pervades within all of us. As described earlier there are four stages of consciousness and until and unless one achieves the highest stage (Brahmand), and realises the imperceptible energy, one will continue to have beliefs in some perceptible


entities. It is not necessary that if one arrives at the highest stage of consciousness one will continue to remain at it. One can have a glimpse of this stage, or one can be in the stage for a day or for a week or a month etc.; it would depend on the amount of spiritual energy applied in the spiritual exercises. But regardless of the period of realisation, it would generate the ultimate conviction in the imperceptible energy that pervades all of creation. As described earlier this state is what is considered as Nirvana (culmination) in Buddhism or Param Gatee (Final Destination) in Hinduism or Judgement Day in Christianity or Qayamat (End) in Islam. All these terms can be interpreted as the last step in life after which there is no more life. It has been clarified earlier that this must not be confused with death because the life will go on till all the outstanding tendencies have manifested into circumstances however no further life will be created because ones energy has merged with the divine energy and there arent any more tendencies left through which energy is required to traverse. After arriving at the highest stage of consciousness, one might fall from it and then rise to it again till one evolves to remain at it for prolonged periods of time and ultimately the time comes when one finally and continuously remains in the highest stage of consciousness. It might take a few life times to achieve that stage. There are many people who have had this experience, some of them are known popular personalities and many of them are not. However the pioneers of various religions have been people that became one with the divine energy and had reached to the stage where they were continuously in union with the divine spirit hence becoming Holy Spirit themselves. Lets imagine a Well filled with water. The Well represents the universe and Water represents the Divine Energy. Imagine a bucket of water is taken out of the Well. The Bucket represents a human being. We can take a bucket of water or a bottle of water or a cup of water out of the Well. Different containers only represent different types of human beings. Now imagine that the bucket of water is immersed in the Well. The stage when it is completely immersed in the Well is the highest stage of consciousness. Once completely immersed, the bucket can be considered as full of water or as an empty bucket. But regardless of what it is considered, the bucket does NOT hold any significance any more. It is ONE with the Well of Water. One who has realised this stage is the one who has arrived at the highest stage of consciousness and one who continuously stays in this immersed state is the Enlightened One or Awakened One. Imagine that the bucket of water has many holes on the sides or on the bottom; hence water will flow from these various holes. These holes represent various


tendencies or characteristics of any living being. Depending on the size of hole and amount of water in the bucket, water will flow out of these holes which is the representation of circumstances being created and various life activities being manifested. Once the bucket is emptied, death will happen and then based on past lives a new bucket with new characteristic will be created and the perpetual cycle will go on. However, once the bucket has immersed or merged in the Well, the shape of container (the person) or the holes (characteristics) do NOT hold any more significance. The pioneers of various religions are like containers of Energy that have completely immersed with the Divine Energy. But for any one who has not realised this imperceptible stage will be limited by their perceptions and hence will continue to believe only in the various containers. It is ironic but the dogmatic worship of idols and traditions itself prevents the true purpose and message that is the core of all religions which is to merge with the divine imperceptible energy. The pioneers of religions have at times called themselves as Gods as well however it is hugely misinterpreted as if they are calling themselves as Creator. The correct interpretation is that since they are immersed in the divine energy hence they may be considered as the divine themselves however they are still containers like any one else but because they have merged hence for the sake of understanding of Divine Energy they could be used as an example of Divinity or Purity or Greateness or Reincarnations. Different Godly figures such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha etc were also human beings like any other human being however they were all immersed in the Divine Energy hence they all contained the same Divine Spirit. Physically they all were different just like different containers in different shapes and sizes but all the containers had immersed in the Well of pure Divine Energy. The lives that they had were obviously different because their present lives were a resultant of combination of tendencies of all their past lives. The reason many of them could perform miracles can be understood with a simple example. Imagine that one is a very advanced computer programmer and is completely immersed in computer sciences to the extent that one can understand every electrical and mechanical fundamental behind the functioning of a computer. In such a case it would be natural that one would be able to troubleshoot extremely complex computer related problems that would be impossible for an ordinary person to resolve. Such a person would also have the ability to overhaul and even reconfigure and redesign the whole system right from scratch. It might look miraculous for a person with ordinary awareness however for one who has complete understanding of the life system and one who has


realised the movement of Energy within all of us and for one who has immersed in the Divine can easily use their prowess to resolve extremely complex life problems to the extent that they might be able to heal people with terrible diseases and even bring dead people to life. It is not necessary that all the people with realisation might possess such ability, only few of them might. However these miracles are merely symbols of some extraordinary ability and it should NOT be considered as the only criterion of realisation. It is only spiritual value of the message that holds significance and everything else is immaterial. Until the bucket of water is outside the Well of water it will have an ego. Ego is not a good or bad property, it merely an illusion of existence of ones own self. As soon as one immerses in the divine, the ego disappears and the true realisation of the universal creative divine energy appears. However as hard as one might try to explain but it will always be impossible to explain what is imperceptible because by definition how can one describe what is indescribable. Our egoistic or worldly experiences are limited by five senses. The Divine Energy is beyond the five senses, hence it will never be possible to ever explain the true nature of this Divine Energy, however it will always be possible realise the true nature of this Divine Energy. The pioneers of various religions belonged to a period of time. According to the time in which they lived they proposed many traditions and practices so that one can realise this imperceptible energy and experience what they experienced. But the ordinary state of human consciousness which is limited by the perception does not allow for one to actually realise the principles and values behind the traditions and practices. The traditions and practices are enforced upon people but the true value behind it is not understood. The traditions are only good for a period of time. When the times change the traditions must also change but the values must not change. If the old traditions are forced in new times then it will be impossible to follow them. For example lets consider the practice of boiling water; in the older times wood was burned and fire was created to boil water, but now we can boil water on electrical stoves or microwave oven. Notice that the value of boiling water has not changed but the method of achieving the value has changed because the times have changed. In very similar fashion religions will only become effective if new traditions and practices are introduced but the spiritual values remain the same. However that does not happen because the preachers, teachers and priests of religions have themselves never truly realised the imperceptible Divine Energy. They try to enforce age old traditions in new times, which are impossible to follow. It is natural that in such


a circumstance newer generation will find it harder and harder to achieve any spiritual values. It is ironic and unfortunate but the traditions which have a purpose behind it are themselves a hindrance to achieving that purpose in newer times. However it follows the law of cyclic motion of thought that every thought cycle or combination of thought cycles will begin, climax and then end and then it begins again. Similarly older religions and their traditions and practices eventually loose their significance and eventually newer traditions are generated. It would be ideal if natural cyclic motion of thought is understood and religious gurus would not enforce traditions and instead accept the changing times and created newer traditions in order to achieve higher spiritual values, however one who has not experienced a true realisation will never be able to clearly understand its true nature and hence will never be able to understand the true purposes behind various religious philosophies and traditions. As described earlier, the modern present times that we live in are resonant of the lowest state consciousness. It is obvious that in absence of Grade A (spiritual) values, the Grade C (over indulgent) values will be dominant. If one is in an environment where the Grade C values are dominant then in such a circumstance it is anyway very difficult to live life on higher values and on top of it the religious institutions try to inflict fear and guilt in our hearts for not following the age old traditions. It is obvious that as a result, atheism will become more and more popular in the modern times that we live in. Ironically, the belief in some God is not different from disbelief in any God. Imagine that there is a table in front of you and a pencil is placed on it. If one can see and touch that pencil and one can clearly observe that it is present then it is NOT necessary for one to believe that the pencil exists. In similar fashion if one can realise the actual presence of Godly Force then it becomes absolutely unnecessary to believe in god. If one realises the all pervading, ubiquitous Divine Force then the need to believe in it will cease to exist. The belief in God exists till one has NOT experienced His presence. Once the realisation happens, even if it is momentary, the belief will automatically disappear. Belief in God is a good practice at lower stages of consciousness; however one must not limit oneself to any set of beliefs and one must aspire to achieve the imperceptible force.


But as described earlier, all that has created has an end hence any creation including humans or animals etc. will have an end one day. Therefore the pioneers of religions and even the greatest of people which have been born on this planet in history of time will die one day. They might be used as symbols to identify with the divine values but they are still a creation like any other. One is limited by perception at ordinary levels of consciousness hence one can use these symbols and one should aspire to acquire the same spiritual values however one should not set their beliefs in perceptible human or animal forms to be God and one should use it as a stepping stone to achieve a higher state of realisation of the imperceptible Divine Energy. Belief in some thought is same as belief in some other thought hence theoretically the belief in one God is the same as belief in another God which is exactly same as disbelief in God. These are just different ideas and until and unless one experiences the true nature of the incorporeal divine force one would continue to struggle with their beliefs and disbeliefs. It is natural that one who has NOT realised the true nature of Godly Force will apply all their power to influence more and more people to believe or disbelieve in a particular idea. By producing a larger following for a belief or disbelief it helps such people to validate their own illusions of beliefs or disbeliefs. They might even set up institutions to formally enlist people as believers or disbelievers and perform ceremonies to convert people from one belief system to another. It is ironic but it happens because until ones Energy truly immerses in the Divine Energy, ego will exist and hence the beliefs in perceptible and tangible entities will continue to exist. It will inadvertently drive one to believe in various Gods and Godly Institutions and religious traditions. The whole purpose of realisation of imperceptible Divine Force is to drop the ego and experience the force that permeates all. Once the realisation occurs, all beliefs end automatically, which also culminates all beliefs in Gods including all religious institutions, symbolisms and traditions. It is the moment when one truly realises ones own nature which is beyond any tradition, ceremonies, institutions and Gods. It is the moment when one can truly realise the all pervading incorporeal force inside oneself and in all of existence and only then can one truly understand the connection with fellow human beings and with all of nature. Only then the differences between each other begin to fade away because one sees all of creation including oneself as beads that are linked with the invisible string of an imperceptible energy that is omnipresent. And only then the true meaning of ONE God can be understood.


Chapter 14: Men and Women


All species come in two categories, male and female. Male and female are like two semi circles, combination of which completes the circle of life. None of them holds more or less significance however their creation is for different purposes. Male element is the source of life and female element is the creator of life. As described earlier the source of life is the energy and everything in this world has been created using different amounts of five elements of nature. The energy is the source of power that creates life hence male will always be a symbol of power and strength and it would inadvertently put the male in the position of a provider. As soon as energy traverses within the five elements, creation begins in nature; hence the female will always be a symbol of nature. Nature constitutes the whole world that is created including all living and non living entities. Nature is very attractive, all of us continuously chase various elements in nature, and it is the inherent attraction in nature that inadvertently forces us to pursue it endlessly. The female represents this attraction and hence female will always be a symbol of this attraction and beauty. It is this fundamental difference that produces different inherent characteristics in males and females. As male is a representation of strength hence male will have a higher ego compared to the female. As male would automatically assume the position of provider and in the history of time, males have spent larger amount of time outside the residence compared to females hence it would make them relatively less sensitive and less emotional. As female form is reproducing nature, hence like any creator that is deeply in love with its creation, the female will be more nurturing and more emotional towards every one especially children and females would inadvertently have higher attraction towards natural elements. This is exactly the reason because of which a beautiful female inadvertently attracts a lot of attention from males because she is an embodiment of all of nature and additionally white skin color is relatively more attractive because white is a representation of all colors put together where colors represent various elements of nature. Similarly a wealthier or a popular male or a male in good physical shape will always attract a lot of attention from females because the wealth and physical strength represents the ability to provide and a likelihood of security and stability. These are very general characteristics of males and females and they should not be considered as the only male and female attributes.


As far as individual man and woman are considered the personality of a person and their life would depend on the resultant of all their tendencies and circumstances. A woman can also act as a provider and a man can be more sensitive than a woman and it is also possible that some one with darker skin complexion is more attractive than the some one with brighter skin. As far as life of person is concerned, it has already been described earlier that it begins with a predetermined purpose and it will evolve as per the complex equations of internal tendencies and available circumstances. Attributes such as sex, religion, race, skin color, nationality, class etc. are all completely immaterial. However the general characteristics also can not be ignored because they exist and are very easily noticeable in our daily lives. One must have always pay regard to these characteristics. Unfortunately in the past men and women stopped paying due regard to these general characteristics and took them for granted which has resulted in a confused modern society, where it has become harder and harder to differentiate between men and women. Men exploited their position as the provider and instead of paying due regard to women as the creator, and becoming a helpful partner, men became the oppressor which has forced women to develop means to self provide. It does not matter who is the provider, but since men and women both have developed the abilities to provide, hence both have developed higher egos and therefore it is becoming more and more difficult for them to come together and form a successful relationship. In the past women normally stayed at home, but instead of giving respect to their position and contribution, men considered it as a sign of weakness, which has lead to the present situation where women have become self sufficient. Ideally men and women should acknowledge and pay respect to each others characteristics and at the same time have the ability to take each others position as well if required. The Ideal society would be where men and women both have the ability to take care of the domestic responsibilities as well as outside responsibilities, where there is freedom to choose responsibilities and both have the ability to compromise with each other for the division of work, whilst paying due regards to each others position. In the present times the modern woman is forced to be the provider even though many of them are not interested in being the provider. In the past women were forced to be inside the homes now they are forced to be outside either to provide to maintain a social status. Regardless of the equation between men and women, force should not be applied in any case. Men like to take care of women and women also like to be taken care of by men, which is another


very general characteristic which should not be considered as a good or bad property but instead as general human behaviour and it should be accepted and understood. It does not make any one greater or smaller but only differentiates one from the other. Men and women are different creations with very core fundamental differences. Those differences can not be ignored and hence men and women should not be treated equally but they should be treated fairly and correctly. For instance men are more suited for heavy laborious work, which does not mean that women are unable to do laborious work, but it means that the physical structure of a man is designed toward performing more laborious and harder work. However it also does not mean that all men like to do laborious work, it is just very general manly attribute. Similarly women generally will be better at designing and decorating which does not mean that men are unable to do it, but it means that the general woman psychology is designed for it. However there will be many women who will have not interest in it at all. One should accept and acknowledge that there are basic differences and hence any comparison between men and women is a very immature idea. The fight between men and women over superiority should stop. No one is master or slave. No one is more or less intelligent. No one is more or less powerful. Both have their virtues and vices. Men would lust for beautiful women just like women would lust for beautiful jewellery which is because of different core fundamental properties. Comparing men and women is like comparing apples and oranges. An apple has to be cut into pieces but an orange has to be peeled. If apples and oranges were treated equally then one would NOT peel the orange but instead simply cut it into pieces and eat it which would be a ridiculous Idea. Hence correct treatment is necessary instead of equal treatment; cutting an apple and peeling an orange is correct treatment which how it is supposed to be. Due regards should be given to the general masculine and feminine attributes which is the only way a healthier relationship between men and women can be developed. Lets analyse another aspect related to the relationship between men and women in the modern wealthier society. As more and more material wealth is generated in any society, it creates an environment where the inclination towards wealth, power, popularity etc. is higher, which inadvertently increments the Grade C (Over Indulgent) tendencies in the society. It results in a society where people will generally have a higher ego. Higher ego inadvertently makes one less compromising and creates a character where one has very less regard for the feelings of others. The outcome is that it becomes more and more


difficult for people to have relationships, especially men and women. Consequently it becomes extremely difficult for marriages to survive, and temporary relationships such as boyfriend-girlfriend, dating, live-in relationships etc flourish. Subsequently, the newer generation that is produced has an even higher ego and is raised in broken families, or with single parents or in similar abnormal circumstances. Additionally in the wealthier society, men assume the role of becoming the symbols of beauty and attraction and also spend a lot of energy towards achieving it. On the other hand women become the symbol of strength as they taken the role of providers. It is obvious that as men are developing the feminine qualities and women are developing masculine properties, the newer generations finds it very difficult to differentiate between them. An outcome of this complete situation is that evolution takes place and homosexuals are being created; people with partial feminine and partial masculine traits. It is common to observe homosexuality in wealthier societies because as explained earlier men and women will not have long term relationships, families will be either broken or separated, hence the newer generation will be raised in an environment where they will largely observe men and women living alone. As result men and women would have to develop both their feminine as well masculine attributes in order to survive. It is obvious that human nature would evolve based on the circumstances and it will produce a generation of human beings that will inadvertently have partial masculine and partial feminine characteristics. Homosexuality is not a problem; it is in fact the finest example of evolution in the modern world. Homosexuality can exist in normal middle class families, or in relatively less wealthy societies as well however the probability of its existence in wealthier societies is far more. It is important to understand that homosexuality is an outcome of general behaviour of a society; it is not an outcome of behaviour of one or two families and it can affect any one. But regardless, it is not any kind of illness. Unfortunately it has been considered as a sickness because of religious narrow mindedness. Various religions and traditions were created thousands of years ago. The social structure, morals, ethics and general behaviour of human being back then was very different in comparison to the present. Social structure was family based hence the newer generation was raised in a healthy and emotionally nourishing environment. Boys would learn the masculine characteristics and girls would learn the feminine characteristics inadvertently from their upbringing because they were surrounded by father, mother, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grand parents,


neighbours etc. In the modern times, especially in the wealthier societies, the new generation is raised in an isolated environment. If we imagine a period of couple of hundred years, it is self evident that newer generation is not getting the opportunity to spend sufficient time in an emotionally rich environment surrounded with many people. Hence it is natural that newer generation is loosing touch even with the most basic masculine and feminine tendencies, and inadvertently adapting a new disposition that comprises of both the tendencies. However the religious institutions fail to acknowledge and accept the changing times. They wish to enforce traditions that were valid thousands of years ago but are impossible to follow in the modern times because the social structure, ordinary human behaviour and methods of raising new generation has completely changed. The values behind those traditions must still be appreciated and pursued, however as explained earlier, the dogmatic following of the words in religious texts, produces a giant hindrance in understanding the true meaning of those words itself. As a result religious organisation try to enforce the various obsolete traditions however, it is natural that the force of changing times will precede the opposition and eventually homosexuality one day will be accepted as normal human tendency in the modern society either wealthy or poor.


Chapter 15: Marriage


It has been described earlier that the modern times that we live in correlate with the lowest stage of human consciousness which is Shoodra (Definition provided earlier). As explained there are two levels of awareness. One is towards the imperceptible forces that are within and the other is directed towards everything that is perceptible and which is outside. In the lowest stage, human awareness about nature of its true existence is not available hence it is natural that the mind will be inadvertently directed towards all that is perceptible and material. As the mind is focussed more and more outside it will generate higher levels of ego. Additionally as described in the last paragraph, excessive wealth also generates higher levels of ego. It is natural that in societies that are highly egoistic, people will have hard time compromising and adjusting with each other hence it will be very difficult for relationships to survive. Naturally it will lead to situation where most marriages will fail because the foundation of any successful marriage is compromise and adjustment. However, if one can analyse with an open mind, and understand the cyclic pattern of thought cycles then one can easily conclude that marriage is the Ideal relationship between a man and a woman however its survival also requires favourable circumstances to be prevalent. As described earlier in detail, every being is a unique combination of tendencies and life evolves as the dominant tendencies continue to manifest into circumstances with due respect to available resources and time. There are some very native physical tendencies such as hunger, thirst, sleep, lust etc. which require regular gratification and there are emotional and existential tendencies such as personal and professional success, ego, security etc. that require gratification over a period of time. However, as concluded in the last paragraph that there is higher probability for marriages to fail in self centred egoistic societies and the outcome would be that there would be lesser families and even lesser friends, and it would increment that amount of loneliness experienced by people. In such a circumstance it is natural that emotional tendencies such as love, affection, warmth, care and security etc. that require regular gratification will remain vacant at a very high degree which would lead to a lot of inherent frustration. Such a sub conscious frustration is very unhealthy and there is a high probability for it to release as anger or fear on very inappropriate moments. Hence if favourable environment exists then it is ideal for a man and woman to have a marital relationship instead of a


relationship of any other kind. There are some other physical and emotional aspects involved as well; based on Rule 1 and Pic 2, it is obvious that ego would continue to intensify as more and more energy is applied behind it and it will continue to provoke one to chase illusions of success and power hence it obvious that it will not allow for one to settle down and achieve stability in personal of professional life. For example a lonely man would probably purchase a new car every year just to release the energy that is subdued due to absence of a partner. Purchase of a car is not wrong however, a new car purchase every year would be financially very demanding and it would increase the probability for one use unethical means or loans to achieve such requirements, which would only increase the unnecessary financial burden. It is very simplistic example however the purpose of the example is to point towards the fact that one would not be able to achieve any stability. It might not a significant factor in the younger age however; the habit of chase only builds up fatigue and stress as one comes closer to middle and older age. Secondly, requirements such as sexual requirements are very necessary to gratify and marriage provides an ideal situation where one can enjoy the physical warmth and company of a partner whilst not becoming over indulgent. Single life and non committed relations such as dating etc. are founded on the need for excitement. Until the excitement exists the relationships exists. It will not be a major concern in youth because one would have the energy to chase thrill and stimulation, however excitement and youth are temporary and the tendency of chasing excitement will undoubtedly lead to many psychological ailments arising out of years of frustrations, loneliness, and mental exhaustion as one comes closer and closer to middle and older age. In the modern societies especially in wealthier part of the world it is becoming increasingly common for people to have psychological complaints even at very young ages. A few hundred years ago such psychological illnesses were unheard of. However as life is becoming more and more self centred and one is spending more time in front of electronic screens instead of human beings, it is natural for such illnesses to prevail. The conclusion of this explanation is that there are various physical and emotional tendencies that one has and it is extremely necessary for the tendencies to manifest as circumstances so that one can enjoy the release of energy. However over indulgences of any kind inadvertently create a situation that would not allow for one to achieve any stability in life. Marriage provides an ideal structure where one inadvertently learns to compromise. It inadvertently teaches one to accept


the situation and adjust in it. It creates a family environment that inadvertently gratifies most of the physical and emotional tendencies. More importantly the foundation of marriage which is compromise, cooperation inadvertently increments the positive tendencies and reduces the egoistic and self centred tendencies. One inadvertently applies these values in various aspects of personal as well professional life. It inadvertently stops one from chasing high levels of excitement whilst providing necessary amount of regular joy that is necessary. Additionally if the environment is favourable as well then, there is very high probability that it would lead to a comprehensive life experience, hence as much as possible one must always try to settle into marital relationship instead of temporary relationships.


Chapter 16: Alcohol and Drugs


It has been repeatedly clarified that over indulgent behaviour for longer periods of time would inadvertently result in various psychological illnesses. Another popular aspect closely connected with this behaviour is the use of alcohol and drugs etc. Drugs and alcohol arent any basic necessities of life. One can live an entire life time without them and it would not have any ill effect. However, as mentioned in the last few paragraphs we are living in a world where the level of consciousness is very low, which leads to an egoistic environment, which results in a situation where every one is chasing illusions of success and wealth. Imagine if one were to continuously run for hours and hours without stopping; first of all it is not possible for ordinary person to run for hours and secondly, imagine the amount of fatigue and pain it would generate. In very similar fashion the continuous chase for material success and wealth forces our mind to be completely occupied with thoughts filled with various forms of desires and lusts. As the amount of thoughts (or needs or desires or tendencies) would regularly increment, it would also increase the activity inside ones mind with regards to the manifestation of all those desires. It would inadvertently generate a situation where the mind would be unstoppably engaged with thought after thought and it would not find any time for rest. Even during sleep the sub conscious mind would be manifesting dreams after dreams representing unfulfilled desired and various fears. It is natural that such a mind would be experience a lot of duress over a period of time. Hence in order to escape from the duress one is left with no other option but to use drugs and alcohol so that one can find some temporary relief. Higher levels of stress might be an extreme situation however, over indulgent tendencies such as needs for thrill, excitement, success, power and wealth etc. can never be satisfied. As described earlier in detail, tendencies or needs will simply intensify if more energy is applied towards gratifying them, hence once can chase as much excitement and success as possible, the need will never be satisfied and instead it will only intensify. It sub consciously continues to build stress that one does not even realise, especially during younger age because one has the energy to spend. However with growing age one begins to realise the duress but is not aware of the true reasons. One begins to blame their environment, society, spouse, partner, friends, family, parents, profession or education etc for their stresses. But the true cause of various stresses lies in ones own disposition of over indulgence. In younger age one might indulge in


the practice of using drugs, alcohol and gambling etc. out of tendency of excitement but eventually it either becomes a device to escape reality or an addiction. It might be possible for one to temporary escape reality but once the period of influence is over, one has no option but to come back to the reality. After prolonged periods of influence, it becomes more and more difficult for one to accept and live in reality. Like any other tendency the escapist tendency also intensifies after every drug and alcohol use hence it inadvertently directs one towards even higher amounts of consumption and in the unfortunate circumstance where counter tendencies would not exist that can over power the escapist tendencies, then it would have disastrous outcomes in ones life. For example if one does not have family responsibilities, if one does not have financial obligations, if one is living a lonely life, if one is under constant duress because of unfulfilled ambitions, and one does not have spiritual inclinations then it is highly likely that one would inadvertently walk the path of escapism and become addicted to either drugs, alcohol or gambling to the extent of self destruction. However as described earlier many times, the circumstance evolve out of the resultant of combination of tendencies instead of one singular tendency. Hence it is also possible that for one that has a steady professional life and personal life, occasional drug and alcohol use may not have negative result at all because other tendencies such as family obligations etc. would not allow one to over indulge. However, all tendencies by nature intensify if energy is applied toward them hence it is possible that unknowingly the occasional use might convert to frequent and regular consumption and one might fail to realise it till it is too late. Another observation that one can make is that there is higher probability of drug and alcohol consumption in very wealthy and very poor segments of society. The extremely wealthy segment is surrounded by items of temptations and delights. It would obviously result in continuously increasing amounts of thoughts of further gratification of needs (or tendencies or desires). The wealth might allow for many of them to manifest however many of them may not manifest but regardless it will not allow the mind to have any periods of rest and will lead to exhaustion and duress. As far as the extremely poor segment is concerned, it is needless to say that they are living a life in hell. The impoverished status would not allow for even the basic and necessary needs or tendencies to be gratified. Additionally even the poor would have some amount of fundamental desires of delights and comfort. In absence of even the basic unfulfilled tendencies, it is obvious that it would lead to high levels of stresses


and griefs. In both the circumstances it is natural that the very wealthy and very poor would inadvertently look for a route of escapism from their present state of mind. Human mind has a high threshold of tolerance and memories are temporary in nature. One automatically forgets their past in due course of time. This is natures way of providing automatic healing. However in spite of this facility being available it is highly unfortunate if one develops a state of mind where one wishes to escape from reality and ones own mind becomes a place of hatred, frustration, anger or fear and one must realise that there are much greater reasons for their stresses than simply one or two unsatisfied ambitions or some trivial event in the routine work day. Therefore we can safely conclude that drugs, alcohol and gambling are not required for basic sustenance of life and if it is not possible to stay away from these activities then one must at the least try to keep the consumption as minimal as possible. In some cases especially in medical cases there might be a possibility that in order to provide some temporary relief, use of certain drugs can be allowed which is understandable because there are certain extreme cases where changing habits and lifestyle is not a viable solution and for immediate resolution some prohibited drug use can be allowed however one must be very careful with such usage and it must be under supervision. The intent and understanding must be clear with regards to the short term usage and a long term strategy of changing life style must be the final objective.



Divine Energy is all pervading energy that is ubiquitous. It never ends because it never began. It has existed forever. It is very different in nature from all beings. This is the creative energy behind all of creation. This constantly available divine energy is what is considered as God or Creator. All activities, all actions begin with a thought; hence it is obvious that the origin of the universe in its entirety must have happened with the origination of the purest Divine Thought. A portion of these thoughts must be responsible for the creation of life. Thoughts responsible for creation of life can be understood as all the thoughts that can originate in a human being. Thoughts only provide a direction for the movement of energy. As Energy propagates in the direction of combination of thoughts it starts to manifest as physical matter. It can be understood in the example that the hunger thought originates and propels a living being towards food consumption. The preparation and consumption of food is reflection of creation of physical matter. Every living being is a unique combination of thoughts. For instance birds a unique combination of flying thoughts, Fish are a unique combination of aquatic thoughts etc. In case of human beings, a violent being has dominant combination of violent thoughts; a musician would have a dominant combination of musical thoughts etc. All the activities that we do originate as a thought first hence prior to the birth of a human being the combination of thoughts that would constitute the disposition of a human being must be predetermined. This predetermined disposition that leads to creation of a human beings life is the purpose of ones life. Because the purpose is predetermined hence it is necessary that one should be born and raised in an environment that would automatically create a particular personality which would subsequently lead to accomplishment of the purpose. Hence the parents, sex, race, nationality, basic physical structure and many other similar facets that are and integral part of any human beings upbringing and subsequent life are predetermined. The influence of all these factors in the construction of a human life is monumental. It shapes up ones basic physical and psychological structure. Additionally many behaviour patterns, habits, interests etc. properties are inherent and can be observed right from the birth. The outside environment and the inner constitution are meant to be a certain way so that one can develop the unique disposition which would inadvertently lead to achievement of predetermined purpose of ones life.


Ones inner constitution which is a colossal amount of thoughts can be understood as propensities or tendencies (such as anger, lust, hunger, laziness, patience, love, compassion, analytical ability, logic etc.) that inadvertently drive one towards particular actions. It is not necessary that all the tendencies would convert into actions and manifest into some circumstances. Circumstances comprise of the actions that we perform, and it includes the entire perceptible environment that is around us. Every one has portion of the ubiquitous divine energy, and as it flows through the dominant and less dominant tendencies, then the resultant of that reaction would manifest as a circumstance. For example if one has a dominant tendency of physical fitness and a less dominant tendency of laziness, it is natural that one would spend some time towards routine physical exercises, but one would not be extremely dedicated. On the outside it might seem that one is performing the exercises however it is the inner tendency (physical fitness) that is manifesting into a circumstance (exercise). It can be understood as mixing white and black color that would create grey color. However if the amount of white color is more, then it would create lighter shade of grey. As one is being continuously propelled by the resultant of a complex reaction of ones tendencies with due regards to the prevalent circumstances, hence it is an obvious outcome that one is not performing any action but instead what might seem as an action is in fact just a reaction to the combination of inner tendencies. True action would if one decides to learn ones true inner disposition. This true action is called self realisation. The method to achieve it is Meditation which constitutes everything right from prayers, gospel songs, ceremonies, social service etc. Meditation is not a passive exercise meant for some paranormal experiences. To meditate means to focus. Focus can be directed towards any direction however in this case it is directed inwards for the purpose of self realisation. It is not necessary for one to have any inclination in self realisation, in which case one would continue to lead a life of reactions out of the predetermined constitutions of tendencies which would lead to achievement of purpose of ones life. It is important to understand that a human being has evolved out simpler organisms to this complex advanced human stage; hence one has had many lives in the past. In all the past lives one must have had countless number of tendencies which would have resulted in countless number of actions. The prevalent tendencies in the present life are a very complex resultant of all the tendencies and actions from all the past lives.


The dominant combination of tendencies manifest into a circumstance and consequently the circumstance creates further tendencies which would subsequently generate further circumstances and it goes on. The important point to understand here is that with every circumstance the tendencies intensify. It does not matter if the tendencies (or thought) are positive or negative, it will intensify with each manifestation. For example a consumption of delicious meal might provide a temporary satisfaction but it will generate a tendency for a need for an even more delicious meal. There are certain native physical tendencies such as hunger, sleep etc. and there are certain existential tendencies such need for success, need for admiration, need for love etc. All the tendencies (or thoughts) propagate in a cyclic motion; they rise (forcing one to move towards gratification), climax (gratification achieved) and culminate to rise again (the need is generated again) and the perpetual cycle goes on. Native physical tendencies require relatively faster gratification and the existential tendencies require gratification over a period of time. The cyclic motion can be compared as if native physical tendencies are in motion similar to one rotation of the planet earth and existential tendencies are to one revolution. As described, every one has a portion of divine energy; it is this energy that propagates in the direction of a tendency (or combination of tendencies) and manifests into a circumstance. This energy is an incorporeal entity which can not be perceived by one of the five senses. This energy is also known as ones spirit or soul or will. It can only be realised like gravity, which can not touched, tasted, smelled, seen, or heard however it is possible to realise its presence. Self realisation helps in raising awareness so that one can experience the presence of this divine spirit within ones self and visualise the flow of this energy into various tendencies that inadvertently results into actions. This awareness is ones consciousness. Consciousness can be understood as ones own understanding about ones own self and of the entire surrounding environment. Consciousness does not rise immediately to the highest level where one can realise the presence of divine spirit; with continuous practice of meditation it rises step by step and keeps on revealing newer facets of nature of ones true existence. To visualise, lets imagine that the universe is a billion units of divine spirit or divine energy; a human being gets portion of it which is equal to a hundred units. If one is a successful proficient musician then it means that a major amount of this spirit or energy which is around 70 units, is propagating in musical tendencies and hence it is satisfying the purpose of ones life which was predetermined to manifest as a musician. The balance 30 units


comprise of physical tendencies (or thoughts) such as hunger, thirst, sleep etc. that are required for sustenance of regular physical life. The ideal behind this example is that a proficient musicians creations might be considered as magnificent compositions and might be celebrated for many years however in the most simplistic terms it is just a manifestation of higher amount of energy traversing in the direction of a particular thought (or tendency). The positive or negative nature of thought is irrelevant. As one evolves from simpler organism to complex organism and from one life to the next, one repeatedly experiences similar circumstances again and again and again. One may not have conscious memory of the actual experiences however the tendencies (or thought) are present in the core of our sub conscious. One has already gone through experiences such as territorial struggles, egoistic battles, chasing wealth and power, feeding various hungers etc. many times in many past lives. Initially the energy flowing in dominant tendencies would compel one to chase however a time comes when sub consciously one begins to experience the duress and fatigue of this repeated cyclic perpetual chase. Fatigue, stress or grief inadvertently forces one to look for answers; this is the beginning of the inward journey towards developing the understanding of ones true existence. The journey inward commenced for the purpose of realisation of the imperceptible energy or spirit and to observe its movement through various tendencies (or thoughts). The subject pertaining to understanding of this energy or spirit is called as spirituality. Spirituality is also a tendency (or thought) however the only difference between all other thoughts and spiritual thoughts (such as prayer, meditation, spiritual reading, songs, charity etc.) is that all other thoughts are directed outward and spiritual thought is directed inward and secondly, all other thoughts follow a continuous perpetual cyclic motion however with regards to the spiritual path, once one achieves a realisation it is the culmination of all thoughts. Spiritual tendency is also a need but it is the final need, after which there are no more needs (or thoughts or tendencies) generated. It should not be confused with death, but it should be understood as the death of ego, which is same as the idea of Judgement Day in Christianity or Param Gatee in Hinduism, or Qayamat in Islam or Nirvana in Buddhism. To visualise imagine if water represent energy, then as soon as bucket of water is completely immersed in a Well the bucket looses all significance and now it is ONE with the Well. The present life of such a person will continue because of the outstanding tendencies of the past however once death arrives no more future lives will follow as there arent any more


tendencies outstanding. This state of merger with divine is also the true purpose of all exercises that constitute the science of Yoga. The direct translation of Sanskrit word Yoga means Union and its interpretation is with respect to a union of ones spirit or will with the divine spirit or divine will. The conclusion that one can derive from the philosophy of spirituality is that one must allow for fundamental physical tendencies (hunger, thirst etc.) and existential tendencies (ambitions, egoistic success etc.) to complete their cyclic motion but because all tendencies continue to intensify as more and more energy or effort is applied toward them, hence one should regularly (daily) spend ones energy towards spiritual exercises. Energy can not be subdued or destroyed, it can only be transferred from one direction to another; hence as one transfers ones energy towards spiritual direction it inadvertently raises ones consciousness. To visualise, compare a person with higher consciousness to a person with greater physical strength. One who has greater physical strength can easily carry weights that would be very hard for an ordinary person to carry; in similar fashion, one with higher consciousness can carry the weight of life very simply and face the vicissitudes of life with much ease compared to a person with low consciousness because of higher levels awareness of the ones true existence. Self realisation is the ideal and highest level of consciousness however it does not matter if one achieves it or not because with each step in the spiritual path one experience increasing amounts of peace and calm which act as an inadvertent self motivators for one to continue on this journey. For the sustenance of life and bodily matter there is a certain amount of necessary indulgences that are required; one must gratify those necessary indulgences, however one must apply their will and divert all the remaining time and effort towards meditation so that one does not become over indulgent towards any tendencies (or thoughts or needs). Necessary indulgence is important however it is over indulgence that puts one in a perpetual cycle of thought that eventually brings duress or fatigue and would undoubtedly result in physical or psychological ailments. True realisation of ones own tendencies (virtues as well as vices), trying to divert all energy traversing in negative tendencies towards the positive direction, continuously submitting to the powers of providence and laws of nature that govern the existence, acknowledging ones infinitesimal position in all of existence and embracing the reality as it is without any doubts or reasons or questions, is in true sense merger with the divine and the ultimate acceptance of truth.