Belief & Unbelief Biblically Defined

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FAITH DEFINED (Hebrew 11:1-3, 6)  Hebrews 11: Key Questions to ask God from His Word o Who is the object of faith o What is faith? o Where does faith come from? o When can someone get faith? o How can someone get faith? o Why is faith necessary? o What is the difference between saving faith & sanctifying faith? o Can believers lack faith?

KEY WORDS     KEY WORDS: Faith DEFINED (Word Study assurance, conviction, and approval) KEY WORDS: Word Study On faith = > Greek & Hebrew (Bible Word Study) KEY WORDS: Come, Believe, Seeking Note: Hebrews 11:3 = 1st reference is Genesis 1:1 WORDS ASSOCIATED WITH FAITH (Vines/Zodhiates) – Salvation, Repentance, Word

BIBLE CONCORDANCE SEARCHING   Right Click on Faith, Search on Lemma Create Search Limits (Hebrews 11)

Galatians 5:6. 2 Cor 4:18. “little” (Mat 17:20-21). 1 and 2 Samuel. Judges. 5:7. Jonah. Ruth. Deuteronomy  . Esther. also Leviticus.How do you know if there is different word for faith? Two ways: (1) Search on the English and sort on the lemma   love OR <Lemma = lbs/el/ἀγαπάω> (John 21:15-17) faith OR <Lemma = lbs/el/πίστις> MORPHOLOGICAL SEARCHING  <Lemma = lbs/el/πίστις> WITHIN 2 WORDS @NN WITHIN 2 WORDS @V Note: Hebrew 11:8 <Lemma = lbs/el/πίστις> WITHIN 2 WORDS @NN WITHIN 4 WORDS @V Note: @xp (indeclinable noun / (not moses) SYNTAX SEARCHING Syntax: solves two problems: name problem and the word distance problem   Search on “Faith is” Search on “your faith” “great” (mt 15:28). Ezra. 1 and 2 Kings. Joshua. 1 Peter 1:8-9) Key Genres in Scripture (Gospels/Epsitles/ Historical narrative/epic: Genesis and the first half of Exodus. “lacking” (1 Thes 3:6) BIOGRAPHICAL STUDIES  Biblical people via Passage Guide KEY CROSS REFERENCES    Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (Romans 10:9-17. Numbers. 1 and 2 Chronicles. Nehemiah. and possibly Acts Law: the last half of Exodus. “grows” (2 Cor 10:15).

Titus. Zephaniah. Daniel. James. Galatians. Jonah. Revelation Gospel: Matthew. Colossians. Haggai. 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Mark. 1. Amos. Jude  CROSS CHECKING   Systematic Theology Commentaries on Key Passages APPLICATIONS faith WITHIN 10 WORDS <bible ~ Hebrews 11:1-3> ILLUSTRATIONS faith WITHIN 10 WORDS <bible ~ Hebrews 11:1-3> UNBELIEF DEFINED  Bible Searching “unbelief” o Bible Search on Unbelief & “does not believe” o Matthew 13:58/Mark 6:6 – Remain in Unbelief o Mark 9:21 – Remove Unbelief o 1 Timothy 1:13 – Ignorant/Failed to Understand o Mark 16:14 . Hebrews. 2.107 Acts 14:2 ἀπειθέω o Bible Search on lemma for disbelieved o Key Idea: Disobedient to God’s Word o Bible Word Study Verb: ἀπιστέω / Noun: ἀπιστία Acts 7:51-53    . Hosea. Jeremiah. Zechariah. 1 and 2 Peter.Believers with Unbelief (pre-pentecostal) o Romans 3:3 = Opposite of Believe o “does not believe” (John 3:18. Luke. Proverbs. Micah. Lamentations Prophecy: Isaiah. and 3 John. Obadiah. Ephesians. Song of Solomon. Ezekiel. Malachi Apocalyptic: Daniel. Nahum. Joel. and possibly Acts Epistle (letter): Romans. Ecclesiastes Psalms: Psalms. 1 and 2 Corinthians. 1 and 2 Timothy. Philemon. 36) o <Lemma = lbs/el/μή> WITHIN 1 WORDS <Lemma = lbs/el/πιστεύω> Low-Nida 21.      Wisdom: Job. John. Habakkuk. Philippians.

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