Programme for Workers’ Activities
International Training Centre of the ILO- Turin, Italy

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Programme for Workers’ Activities
International Training Centre of the ILO- Turin, Italy

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

FoA and Collective Bargaining – Enabling Conditions for
Decent work 
Pre- requisite for promoting democratic & harmonious labour relations- address power
imbalance between K & L 

Voice, representation & participation- to reach mutually agreeable solutions while
respecting each others needs. 

Role in economic development –promotes sharing in growth, improves workers
purchasing power & thereby widens domestic markets and demand – putting money in
workers pockets will help growth

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

So, what is Collective Bargaining Agreement? 
Image v/s concept 
CBAs is like a “constitution” for a company
-It is not (or should not be) a mere document for just getting some wage rise BUT a
document of rights & obligations of parties to the agreement- a mean to ensure
that union has right to company information 
So- need for union vision- for the Company, workers-then a strategy and actions
to achieve that vision

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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CBAs is like a “constitution” for a company
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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Pre-requisites for CB 
ATITUDE OF EMPLOYERS & UNIONS- Enlightened Self Interest 
GOOD FAITH= fair practices

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Issues dealt by CB 
Traditional issue – wage rates/ pay, working hours& other working conditions,
employment policies, productivity agreement 
New areas: demanding equity in matters relating to work norms, employment levels,
staffing standard, environmental hazards, company management issue such as
outsourcing, sub-contracting clauses, investment policies, management decisions over
diversification, choice of technologies, etc. since all these affect workers employment

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

On what basis do unions negotiate wages? 
wages are set taking into account (generally speaking)- Productivity, company budgets,
inflation rate, economic growth & prospects, rates of unemployment & employment,
labour supply & demand

& collective bargaining 
It is value added and not profits of a company that should form the basic for negotiating
for pay rise. 

What is value added?

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Index linking system for pay (inflation compensation)
Belgium: pay and social security benefits linked to CPI

Cyprus: earning are adjusted every 6 months on the basis of CPI changes

Luxembourg: pay, pensions and social security benefits adjusted if CPI rises by

Malta: Cost of living allowance added to the pay, based on inflation over the last 2

India’s Dearness Allowance system

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Negotiation Productivity linked wage Agreements
• Productivity v/s Worker Intensity

• Productivity does not only mean increasing only working time; it can also mean
finding ways to produce more output within the same time or same output within
lesser time thru –
• Technological improvement
• Methods & Systems improvement
• Line balancing

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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• Line balancingqdo
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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Typical problem within the company
• Out date and rigid work norms
• Restrictive and narrow job description
• Too many non value adding actives
• Idle manpower on one hand & high incidents of overtime on other hand
• Maladjusted production schedule
• Shortages of critical items on one hand & growing inventory on the other hand
• Unbalanced work load and bottlenecks
• Break- downs
• Rejection and reworks
• absenteeism and labour turn over
• Lack of accountability
• Discontent, low morale
• Mismatch between authority and responsibilities
Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Considerations before signing productivity agreement
• Work intensity differs from worker to worker, from dept to dept, some workers put in 5-6
hours of effective working time, some work for 7or 8 houses- When management asks for
20 % higher production- Workers working for less hours have no problem but those who already put in 8 hours at
work, their workload increases intolerably
- management demand for 20% increase is based on the highest working time- which
means that workers as a whole end up giving much more while being paid for only 20%

• need for work study & line balancing to bring down overloaded workers while bringing
up under load workers.

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

What should Union do?
Before productivity linked linked wage agreement can singed, Union should
• Work Study – systematic examination of the methods & time taken for carrying
out activities at work place so as to improve use of resources (human, machine,
material ) & set up performance standardsJoint participation of union & management required in this process

Note: It is not only labour but also machine & methods productivity that needs to be
looked into.

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

What study should aim at –
• Simplifying or modifying the methods of operation
• Reduce unnecessary or excess work, reduce ineffective time spent by workers in
doing things due to poor design, layout of the workplace or in material handling, etc
• Stop wasteful use of resources
• Contribute to industrial; safety by identifying hazardous work and developing
safer methods
• Cut down the time for performing certain activities after introducing system &
methods improvement & line balancing.
work study includes not only labour but also period required to recover from

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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work study includes not only labour but also period required to recover from fatigue
Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Working time in a day
General Norm:
• Out of 480 minutes (8 hour), at best 420 minutes of working time should be there- 60
minutes are set aside for rest, lunch break (half hour) and 2 breaks of 15 minutes each
for tea-coffee, etc

• Out of 420 minutes available for work, following deductions from working time need to
be considered:
- Personal needs allowance
- fatigue allowance- different job stations
- hazard allowance- for certain hazardous job
• down time (disturbance in production cycle due to material not available, machine
break down, etc- record should be kept of this by the workers)

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

What should Union negotiate for?
• Issues of interest (thu CB) v/s issues of rights (as per law)
-What is provided for by law- ideally should not be part of CB – employers are expected
to abide by law (MW, rates of OT pay) –CB is for getting more than the law

•Negotiate compensation system & compensation package, not just wages ( some
companies pay more wages, less benefits, or vice versa)- total costs of the
compensation package matter & should be calculated.

•Employment stability v/s wages question.

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

Elements of compensation
• Pay for work – 8 hrs of work

• pay for performance-productivity linked component
• pay for time not worked ( paid leave, Sunday, etc)
• Lay off compensation ( for temporary situation- India: 50% of the pay,
lorea:70 )
• Deferred equivalent payment (allowances)
• Health, accident and liability protection
• Company performance bonus

Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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Federation of Trade Unions-Burma

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