Instructions  The questionnaire has 14 questions.  The total time for the test is 30 minutes.  Question 13 & 14 is compulsory to attend.  The use of calculator is strictly prohibited.  Don’t write anything on the question paper. Do all rough work on back of answer sheet Answer Questions 1 to 3 on the basis of the chart given below:


If XYZ Auto company sold 23,000 vehicles in 1999, how many were SUV’s? b) 3030 c) 3450 d) 4760 e) 4775 a) 2990 2. If 7,650 trucks were sold in 1999, how many total vehicles were sold in 1999 by XYZ Auto Company? a) 35000 b) 40000 c) 45000 d) 50000 e) 55000 3. In the number 743.25 which digit represents the tenth space? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 e) 7 Answer Questions 4 to 6 on the basis of the information given below: Mathematicians are assigned a number called Erdös number (named after the famous mathematician, Paul Erdös). Only Paul Erdös himself has an Erdös number of zero. Any mathematician who has written a research paper with Erdös has an Erdös number of 1. For other mathematicians, the calculation of his/her Erdös number is illustrated below: Suppose that a mathematician X has co-authored papers with several other mathematicians. From among them, mathematician Y has the smallest Erdös number. Let the Erdös number of Y be y. Then X has an Erdös number of y+1. Hence any mathematician with no co-authorship chain connected to Erdös has an Erdös number of infinity. In a seven day long mini-conference organized in memory of Paul Erdös, a close group of eight mathematicians, call them A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H, discussed some research problems. At the beginning of the conference, A was the only participant who had an infinite Erdös number. Nobody had an Erdös number less than that of F.  On the third day of the conference F co-authored a paper jointly with A and C. This reduced the average Erdös number of the group of eight mathematicians to 3. The Erdös numbers of B, D, E, G and H remained unchanged with the writing of this paper. Further, no other coauthorship among any three members would have reduced the average Erdös number of the group of eight to as low as 3. At the end of the third day, five members of this group had identical Erdös numbers while the other three had Erdös numbers distinct from each other. On the fifth day, E co-authored a paper with F which reduced the group‘s average Erdös number by 0.5. The Erdös numbers of the remaining six were unchanged with the writing of this paper. No other paper was written during the conference.

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Be recognized in international affairs C. C. How many families in Punjab have both radio and a two in one set? The state has 25000 families 15000 families have two is one sets and 2750 families have radio Kanta Prasad is as much older than Shanta Prasad as he is younger than Pramanand. D. Which of the following statement is wrong? a) Shanta Prasad is younger than Parmanand b) Kanta Prasad is older than Nishan Singh c) Nishan Singh is younger than Parmanand d) Parmanand is not the oldest The drama begin at 8 p.m. If may be long before the law of love will D. 6. B.4. What does 2009 have in store for India? Describe in context of current economic scenario in not more than 200 words. We shall go to see it. is playing b) will begin b) Is playing. The person having the largest Erdös number at the end of the number (at that time) a) 5 b) 7 c) 9 How many participants in the conference did not change conference? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 The Erdös number of C at the end of the conference was: a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 conference must have had Erdös d) 14 e) 12 their Erdös number during the d) 5 d) 4 e) 6 e) 5 Direction for question 7: Mark a: If statement (i) is alone sufficient to answer the question Mark b: If statement (ii) is alone sufficient to answer the question Mark c: If both statements together are sufficient to answer the question. plays c) shall begin c) played. 5. a) ABCD 12. has played Gopal play football everyday but today he play volleyball. B. The machineries of government stand between. a) Plays. is playing d) have to begin d) Play. 8. 9. a) begins 10. i. 11. b) DCBA c) CBDA d) BCDA My religion is based on Truth and non violence Truth is my god Non violence is the means of realizing him a) DCBA b) DBCA c) ABCD d) BACD 13. 7. Nishan Singh is old as Shanta Prasad. What according to you are the merits & demerits of working in a small organization? . ii. 14. A. Mark d: If even both statements taken together are not sufficient to answer the question. D. And hide the hearts of one people from those of another B. Direction for question 11-12: See the following four sentences carefully and choose the a logical sequences for the sentences A. A. C.