/root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy.


RECRUITMENT FOR THE POST OF JUNIOR ASSISTANTS (LDC) Applications are invited Online through APNPDCL WEBSITE www.apnpdcl.in and http://apnpdcl.cgg.gov.in from 04-04-2012 to 03-05-2012 (Payment of fees will be accepted from 03-04-2012 to 02-05-2012) from eligible graduates for filling up the following vacancies on regular basis in APNPDCL Accounts Service. The interested eligible candidates may apply ON-LINE by satisfying themselves with the terms and conditions of this recruitment.
Name of the post
Corp. Office Warangal Karimnagar Khammam Nizamabad Adilabad

OC Total (Ex. Ser.) G W G W G W G W G W G W G W G W G W G W G W G W O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L OC A B BC C D E SC ST PH-VH PH-HH PH-OH - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 -

4 15 2 9 - 3 1 1 - 3 1 1 - 1 - - - 2 - 2 - 1 - 1 1 5 1 3 - 2 1 1 1* - 1 - - 1 1* - - 1 - - 1 1 - - 15 53 5 17 2 11 - 5 1 1 - 4 1 1 1 - - - - 3 - 2 - 2 - 1 2 6 1 3 - 3 1 1 - - 1 - - 1 - - - 1 - - 1 1 - - 16 63 2 10 1 6 - 2 1 - - 2 - 1 - 1 - - - 1 - 1 - - - 1 1 3 1 1 - 2 1 - 1* - 1 - - 1 1* - - - - - - 2 - - 10 34 4 16 2 9 - 4 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 - - - - 3 - 2 - 2 - 1 1 5 1 3 - 2 1 1 1* - 1 - 1* 1 - - - 1 - - 1 1 - - 16 56 3 10 1 6 - 2 1 1 - 2 - 1 - 1 - - - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 3 1 2 - 2 1 - - - 2* - - 1 - - - - - - - 2 - - 10 38

Total: 18 68

8 41 - 16 5 4 - 14 3 5 2 3 - - - 11 - 8 - 6 - 5 6 22 5 12 - 11 5 3 4 - 6 - 1 5 2 - - 3 - - 3 7 - - 68 244

**O, OC- Open Competition, Ex. Ser. - Ex-Servicemen L- Local, BC- Backward Class, SC- Scheduled Caste, ST- Scheduled Tribe, PH- Physically Handicapped, VH - Visually Handicapped, HH- Hearing Handicapped, OH- Orthopedically Handicapped. * Back-log vacancies; * 2 Nos. posts in Adilabad circle under OC PH (VH) (W) includes 1 No. Back log post.

These vacancies are subject to variation at the time of recruitment based on the necessity. PAYMENT OF FEE:i) Each applicant must pay Rs. 150/- (Rupees One hundred and fifty only) towards Application Processing Fee. ii) Applicants under General category must also pay Rs. 350/- (Rupees Three hundred and fifty only) towards Examination Fee. (Applicants belonging to SC/ST/BC Communities and PH need not pay this fee). iii) Candidates belonging to States other than Andhra Pradesh will be considered in general category only and required to pay the above prescribed fee of Rs. 350/- (Rupees Three hundred and fifty only) in addition to application fee. NOTE: The fee once paid will not be refunded at any cost. Starting date for Payment of Fee and Application submission is 03-04-2012. Last date for payment of Fee at AP Online is 02-05-2012. Starting date of acceptance of applications online is 04-04-2012 Last date for submission of Application is 03-05-2012.

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TOTAL 1 68 79 44 72 48


The signature will be used to put on the Hall Ticket and wherever necessary. during the process of scanning. Please do not scan the complete page.5 cm by 6. If the candidate’s signature on the answer script.5 cm 1. the Technical Specifications of the sample scanned image shown above are: Size of the file < 50 KB  Dpi setting = 200 dpi  True Colour. If the size of the file is more than 50 KB. at the time of the examination. 2. Since the signature is proof of identity. Page 2 of 13 2 .jpg format on local machine.g. Sample Photo and Signature:- e. Scan the above required size containing photograph and signature. 6. Ensure that the signature is within the box.0 cm) consisting of the photo along with the signature is required to be scanned and stored in *. does not match the signature on the Hall Ticket. Instructions for Scanning of Photograph with Signature Photo width= 3. of colors etc. 7. initials are not sufficient.. Signature in CAPITAL LETTERS is not permitted.5cm Signature Space = 1. Sign in the Signature Space provided. it must be genuine and in full. The candidate has to sign in full in the box provided. no./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy. The entire image (of size 3. 3. 4.doc INSTRUCTIONS:I. The signature must be signed only by the candidate and not by any other person. 5. 8.5cm Photo Height= 4. the candidate will be disqualified. Paste the Photo on any white paper as per the above required dimensions. Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 50KB. then adjust the settings of the scanner such as the dpi resolution.

/root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy. v) The minimum qualifying marks in the written test for the above selection process shall be as follows:OC . as on 31-03-2012. 2. community wise will be called for verification of Original Certificates in 1:1 Ratio. II.A/B. Registrar of the University or Secretary of the Institute for accepting his/her application. Note: Candidates possessing required subjects of computers in the Degree (B. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:Junior Assistants:Must hold the degree of B.40% BC .. SELECTION PROCEDURE:The selection of candidates for appointment as Junior Assistants will be as follows:i) Evaluation will be done on a scale of 100 marks with a maximum of 55 marks for written examination. iii) Selection shall be made duly following the Rule of Reservation for SC.Sc) need not required to have certificate in computer course separately. III. for in-service experience in the organization as Contract Worker weightage will be given for a maximum of 45 marks.30% or as per Rules vi) The in-service contract worker who have been working in the organizations of APTransco/Discoms will be given weightage marks to a maximum of 45. iv) Only those candidates who qualify in the written examination by being ranked high.35% SC/ST . of A. AGE: Age not below 18 years and not more than 36 years as on 01-07-2011 upper age limit will be relaxed up to 5 years in respect of SC/ST/BC candidates and up to 10 years in respect of P.Com. or B. established or incorporated by or under a Central Act. ELIGIBILITY:1.doc The candidate has to upload his/her Photo with Signature in the prescribed format by clicking on the browse button at the time of submission of application form. For in-service contract workers working in the Organization. Note: If there is any deviation from the above qualification for the above post. of any university recognized in India.A. ii) No interviews will be conducted. or B. Provincial Act or State Act. BC & Physically Handicapped/Ex-Servicemen. ST.P. the candidates shall produce the equivalency certificate from the authority issuing the qualification certificate viz.Sc. the age at the time of entry into the organization as contract worker will be considered. depending on the length of the service in Page 3 of 13 3 . and as per the presidential order.30% PH .Com/B. (or) any equivalent qualification and Must have passed certificate course in Computer Application/Office Automation (MS-Office) offered by the Institutions recognized by the Govt.H candidates and Ex-Servicemen 3 years and length of service rendered in the armed forces.

Candidates will be allowed into the examination hall half an hour before the scheduled starting time. 5. between representatives of APTransco and recognized Trade Unions. A separate O M R (Optical Mark Reader) answer sheet will be provided to the candidates. vii) In-service contract worker shall submit service certificate from the concerned Divisional Engineer or equivalent cadre evidencing length of service. 2 ½ marks per every half year (i. viii) For computation of period of contract service.2010 reached before the Additional Commissioner of Labour and Conciliation Officer. IV. any right to a candidate for being called for verification of original certificates. 3.doc APTransco/Discoms i.12. and continuity of in-service as contract worker/with recorded evidence through sub-station Log Books to be certified by the concerned Divisional Engineer. 4./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy. Hall tickets will not be sent to the candidates by post. The test is of two hours duration. Service less than six months will not be considered for weightage. Page 4 of 13 4 . Candidates will not be allowed into the examination hall after the test has started and will not be permitted to leave examination hall before the closure of test time under any circumstances. ii) Hall Tickets: The hall tickets will be placed on the website seven days prior to the date of examination. The test will be of objective type with multiple-choice questions with only one answer being correct among the four alternatives suggested. 2. 180 days) service as contract worker as per the memorandum of settlement dt: 18. v) Instructions to Candidates at the time of Written Examination: 1. of A. The candidate has to bring a good quality HB Pencil. Note: Mere securing minimum qualifying marks doesn’t vest. Govt. ix) Break in service should not exceed more than six months for computation of weightage of marks. eraser. the date of joining on such service shall be reckoned and the period of service up to 31-03-2012 shall be computed. OR With recorded evidence of EPF No. iv) Examination Centers: The written examination for recruitment of Junior Assistant will be conducted at Hyderabad. Details of Written Examination:i) Syllabus: The syllabus for the written examination is placed at Annexure. in his name to be certified by the concerned Divisional Engineer or equivalent cadre. The candidate has to follow meticulously all the instructions given on the question paper booklet and OMR Answer Sheet or else his answer sheet may not be valued. sharpener and blue/black pen or ball point pen to the examination hall.e.e. The candidate has to down load the Hall ticket from the website only. iii) Date of examination: The written examination for recruitment of Junior Assistants will be intimated later. The date and time will be indicated on the Hall ticket. The Test will be conducted in English language only. Any disruption or discontinuation of service for a continuous period of 180 days and above for whatever the reason as contract worker shall be considered only as a fresh commencement from the date of resumption after such discontinuation or disruption.P. Candidates should reach the test center in time. The candidate has to indicate his/her response to each question by darkening the appropriate bubble with a Black Ball point pen.

The Tripartite Agreement entered into between the APSEB. Online centers and obtain Fee paid receipt with Journal Number 12 digit in the first instance. The applicants have to provide payment details (journal number and date) and upload the scanned copy of passport size photograph with signature (see instructions for scanning and Page 5 of 13 5 .000/. etc with APNPDCL. to serve APNPDCL for a minimum period of 5 Years after completion of Training-cum-Probation period (2 years). the Candidate has to logon to the website http://www.in and click on APPLY ONLINE link or directly visit http://apnpdcl. HOW TO APPLY:HOW TO UPLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM: The Applicants have to read the User Guide for Online Submission of Applications and then proceed further. Training cum Probation: The candidates appointed to the post shall be placed on Training-cum-Probation for a period of 2 years. Scale of Pay: Rs.P and the Employees Associations is not applicable to these candidates and they shall at no stage be entitled to claim any right what so-ever arising out of the said Tripartite Agreement.110/. V.in to view the detailed notification. Community. of A.Submission of Application: After payment of Fee.(Rupees Twenty thousand only) by way of liquidated damages.gov. of A. 10520-325-12145-400-14145-485-16570-590-19520. EXECUTION OF BOND: (i) The candidates appointed will be required to execute a Bond (in NonJudicial stamp paper worth Rs. II Step:. The Certificates so deposited with APNPDCL shall not be returned during the above 7 years period.(Rupees One hundred and ten only) at the time of joining. Date of birth. Usage of Calculators/mathematical tables is not permitted.P.doc 6. Govt. The Tripartite Agreement entered into between the APSEB. and the Employees Associations is not applicable to these candidates and they shall at no stage be entitled to claim any right what soever arising out of the said Tripartite Agreement.cgg. (iii) The Candidate who leaves the APNPDCL service during the Training-cumProbation period shall refund the emoluments received by him/her plus Rs. Applicants can also pay the fee through AP Online portal.P.apnpdcl. During the period of Training-cum-Probation he/she will be paid pay in the above pay scale along with admissible allowances. Candidates should not bring cell phones or any other electronic gadgets to the examination hall.40. (ii) During the above 2 year Training-cum-Probation and 5 year bond period the candidate will deposit his/her original certificates such as Degree. (iv) The Candidate who leaves the APNPDCL service without serving a minimum period of 5 years after completion of Training-cum-Probation period shall have to pay a sum of Rs. 3. User Guide and Application Form. The candidate will be governed by the rules and regulations applicable or as framed by the APNPDCL and as amended from time to time./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy.20. I Step:. Govt.Payment of Fee: The Applicant should pay the prescribed Fee as per the notification in any one of the A.000/-(Rupees Forty Thousand Only) by way of liquidated damages. 2. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE:1. The candidate will be governed by the rules and regulations applicable or as framed by the AP Transco and as amended from time to time and as adopted by APNPDCL. VI.

APNPDCL is not responsible. The applicants are therefore. NOTE:1. Candidates are required to retain a photocopy of application form with Reference ID for future reference. the candidature will be rejected even though he/she comes through the final stage of recruitment process or even at a later stage. the candidates should carefully ensure his/her eligibility for this notification. The applicants are required to go through the detailed notification and decide themselves as to their eligibility for this recruitment carefully before applying and enter the particulars completely online. submission of application form.M to 01:00 P. 4.M to 05:00 P. 2. 3./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy. For any problems related to online submission and downloading of HallTickets please contact Help Desk No. Immediately on submission of application. Applicants should be careful in filling-up of the application form at the time of submission. Before payment of fee.M) or log on to http://apnpdcl. 6. NOTE:1. 3. Candidates have to submit application only through online mode well in advance of the last date to avoid last day rush. The applications received online in the prescribed proforma available in the website and within the time shall only be considered and the APNPDCL will not be held responsible for any kind of discrepancy. Applicant must compulsorily fill-up all relevant fields of application and submit application through website only. 6. 5. If any lapse is detected during the scrutiny.doc uploading photograph with signature) and then invariably fill all the relevant fields in the Application. 5. APNPDCL under any circumstances will not entertain the information if any furnished by the candidate subsequently.gov. Page 6 of 13 6 . Incomplete/incorrect application form will be summarily rejected. Applicants must compulsorily upload his/her own scanned photo with signature in jpg format only. otherwise application form will not be accepted. applicant will get an acknowledgement in the form of a downloadable PDF document. 4. Only applicants willing to serve anywhere in the APNPDCL jurisdiction should apply. 2. 9246290436 (Call Time: 10:30 A.in click on to complaint box.cgg. for any discrepancy in submitting of application through Online. No relevant column of the application form should be left blank. Hand written/Typed/Photostat copies/Outside printed Application Form will not be accepted and liable for rejection. advised to strictly follow the instructions and User guide in their own interest.M & 02:30 P.

doc GENERAL:* The candidate should not furnish any false tampered. h) 3 Nos. Degrees awarded under distance mode through study centers by other state universities (beyond A.C (Under IGNOU) and AICTE as the case shall only be considered. * Admission for written test or calling the qualified candidates in the written test to furnish documentary proof does not confer any right for appointment. OR With recorded evidence of EPF No. * Physical fitness certificate should be furnished at the time of joining. f) Residential Certificate issued by the Officer of the Revenue Department not below the rank of Thahsildar in independent charge of Mandal as the case may be (In respect of candidates who have not studied in any Educational Institutions up to SSC). fabricated information or suppress any material information while filling up the application form. Page 7 of 13 7 .P. * Disqualification:. * The degrees awarded by the Universities/institutions that are recognized by the U. * The decision of the Selection Committee/APNPDCL is final in selection and allotment of candidates. in respect of SC/ST & BC candidates clearly indicating the Sub-Caste and group. d) Physically Handicapped certificate with minimum 40% of disability issued by District Medical Board will be accepted.G. b) Qualification of Graduation from any recognized University in India or any equivalent qualification. * Candidates called for verification of certificates will be required to furnish documentary proof in evidence of the following as and when called for.C. a) Age: Proof of age as recorded in SSC certificate or equivalent. e) Study Certificate from IV to X Class. State) are not valid. * Candidates will be required to appear for written test as and when conducted at their own cost. Latest Pass Port size Photos./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy. in his name to be certified by the concerned Divisional Engineer or equivalent cadre. D. and continuity of in-service as contract worker/with recorded evidence through sub-station Log Books to be certified by the concerned Divisional Engineer.E. g) In-service contract worker shall submit service certificate from the concerned Divisional Engineer or from any equivalent cadre evidencing length of service.Conviction in Criminal cases involving moral turpitude/ declared insolvent.2011. c) Permanent Community certificate issued by Thahsildar in original or recent Original caste certificate issued by Revenue Officer not less than the rank of Thahsildar issued on or after 01. And Candidate should possess certificate course in Computer Application/Office Automation (MS-Office) offered by the Institutions recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.07.

Circle wise. ii. i./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy. subject to fulfilling the selection criteria. The first part will comprise 20% of the posts consisting of combined merit list of local as well as non-locals and the remaining second part will comprise the balance 80% of the posts consisting of locals only and the posts will be filled only following the rule of reservation. RESERVATION TO LOCAL CANDIDATES:Reservation to the local candidates is applicable as provided in the Rules and as amended from time to time in force on the date of notification. Karimnagar. Page 8 of 13 8 .Each District of APNPDCL i. of posts 1 68 79 44 72 48 312 Open Back Genera Log l posts posts 20% 1 2 13 16 2 8 2 14 1 9 8 60 Local 80% 53 63 34 56 38 244 Open: Non-Local & Local. for which he/she is considered to be qualified and eligible. The relevant certificates may be got ready with authorized signature and kept with the candidates as and when required. Warangal. in respect of Non-Local Candidates and allotment of Circles shall be made as per the preference given by candidates against the actual vacancies.) The candidates will be selected and allotted to circles as per their Rank in the Merit list and as per circle preferences for allotment of non-local candidates against vacancies available. Public Employment (Organization of Local Cadres & Regulation of Direct Recruitment) order. Nizamabad & Adilabad will be regarded as Local Area and unit of appointment respectively as defined in the presidential orders. Corporate Office is a separate unit and situated at Warangal Headquarters. Selection shall be made on State Wide merit. 1975 which popularly known as “The Presidential Order” in APNPDCL. LOCAL AREA:. The candidates claiming reservation as Local candidates should obtain the required Study certificates (from class IV to X) or Residence Certificate in the proforma only for those candidates who have not studied in any Educational Institutions as the case may be. Office Warangal Karimnagar Khammam Nizamabad Adilabad Total: Back log posts 1 2 2 2 1 8 Genera l posts 66 79 42 70 47 304 Total No. Mere claim of preference for any circle for allotment against vacancy does not confer a right to selection for that circle in particular or any circle in general. are as follows:- Name of the Circle Corp. it is hereby clarified that the said preferences are only indicative for being considered to the extent possible but not binding. Khammam.doc VII. Therefore. SELECTION OF LOCAL/NON-LOCAL:The selection list will be drawn into two parts. the APNPDCL has the power to assign a successful candidate to any of the notified posts in the circle in respect of non-Local candidates.P. the break-up of vacancies.) While the Company calls for preference of candidates in respect of circles in the application form.e. BREAK UP OF VACANCIES:Consequent to implementation of the spirit of A.

B.C. if a candidate has studied in any Educational Institution up to S./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy. a candidate has resided in more than one Mandal during the relevant 4/7 years period but with in the same District or Zone as the case may. it is enough if he/she has resided in that area which is claimed as his /her Local area during the above said period.S. whether of study or Residence would suffice for enabling the candidate to apply as a “LOCAL CANDIDATE “. however.C. it is based on residence. the candidate is required to produce a certificate from the Educational Institution(s) where he/she has studied during the said 4/7 year period . If however. such candidates have to produce study certificates invariably. (ii) In case the candidate does not fall within the scope of the (i) above it will be considered if he/she has studied for a period of not less than seven years prior to and inclusive of the year in which he/she has studied for the maximum period out of the said period of seven years AND where the period of his/her study in two or more Local areas are equal such Local area where he/she has studied last (in such Local area) will be taken for determining the Local candidature. (iv) If.doc DEFINITION OF LOCAL CANDIDATE:(i) “LOCAL CANDIDATE” means a candidate for direct recruitment to any post in relation to that Local areas where he/she has studied in Educational Institution(s) for not less than four consecutive academic years prior to and including the year in which he/she appeared for S. a certificate should be obtained from an officer of the Revenue Department not below the rank of a Tahsildhar in independent charge of a Mandal. (iii) If the claim of Local candidature is based on study. CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER(HRD) Page 9 of 13 9 .If. he/she has not studied in any Educational Institution during the above four years period. Similarly. or equivalent examination. NOTE:A. Single certificate. Resident certificate will not be accepted. if he/she has not studied during the above said period in any Educational Institution(s) the place of residence during the above period will be taken into consideration and Local candidature determine with reference to the maximum period of residence or in the case of equal period where he/she has resided last. however. or its equivalent examination.S. be separate certificates from the Tahsildhars exercising jurisdiction have to be obtained in respect of different areas.

Reading comprehension). Mensuration. 4 General Knowledge. Geometry and Statistics. Sentence 2 corrections. Page 10 of 13 10 . Proportions./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy. English Language proficiency (Vocabulary. Syllabus Weightage 30 Questions 30 Questions 30 Questions 10 Questions Numerical ability (Indices. No . 3 Computer Awareness. Profit 1 and Loss. Ratios.doc ANN EXURE SYLLABUS FOR WRITTEN EXAMINATION OF JUNIOR ASSISTANT (LDC) Sl. Algebra.

doc Page 11 of 13 11 ./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy.

doc Page 12 of 13 12 ./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy.

doc Page 13 of 13 13 ./root/Downloads/3LDC_NPDCL_ICR_Final copy.

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