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April 2012

Inside this issue: Opening Message…..1 Making an Impression at DCON……...1 DCON Checklist….2 Blurbs…………………2 Field Day…………....3

Division 25C Key Clubbers,
Wow I can’t believe this is my last newsletter as a Lieutenant Governor! Although this is the end it is also a new beginning not only for me but for all of your clubs. This is the time to gather all the new things you’ve learned and plan to put them to good use in the upcoming Key Club year. Words cannot express how proud I am to have served you as your Lieutenant Governor. I can’t wait see you at my last DCM and have a blast celebrating a successful year at District Convention. As most of you have heard it is not why you joined but why you stay and that rings so true in Key Club. We have all evolved as individuals in this past year through our servant leadership and even if you joined because you needed hours or because a friend forced you to you are here now making a difference and I applaud you for that. Happy Key Clubbing and have a very Happy Easter and Passover!!

Hour Goals………….3 Yours In Service, Last DCM...…………3 Great Year…………...4 District Contacts…..4

Making an Impression at DCON!
Now I would like to believe that our division and our zone is the best in the Florida District. Us in Zone K have won the spirit stick on the first night of District Convention for the past three years and this year is no different! Screaming your lungs out, losing your voice, and cheering us on is just a few ways to show everyone else in the Florida District what the Flamingos got. Other ways include making amazing contest entries and winning. These include MEP, Single Service, Oratorical, Video, Project Display and much more. Many of the aforementioned are due April 15th or at DCON. We have done some amazing things this past year and why not show off what great service we’ve done. Be spirited, dress in pink, dress professionally, and get ready to scream your lungs out to really make a bang at DCON!


In District & International News

DCON Checklist:
Bring 3 Business Professional Outfits Bring 1 Business Casual Outfit Bring 1 Formal Outfit Bring your bathing suit Bring extra s p e n d i n g money to use for meals not included and for The Eliminate Project. Bring flat shoes besides your heels because there will be A LOT of walking. Bring $10 to register for the Eliminate Project Walk-a-thon. Bring casual clothes for free time



Mighty Flamingo News in Division 25C
A Message from Your LTG Elect Kimberly Santos
Hello All! Congratulations on almost completing the 20112012 Key Club year! I hope every club finishes the year strong. With my term starting in just a few short weeks, I hope to get strengthen our amazing division and all of you the support you need for the upcoming year. Next year you will definitely see more divisional activities and service projects! I hope all of you are excited for District Convention and I hope to see you all there!

Divisional Service Goal —>—>—>
*1st HGHS 9756 Hours * 2nd BGHS 5584.5 Hours *3rd HHS 2329 Hours

Save the Date!
The ELIMINATE Project Field Day Date has changed to May 6th at North Miami Athletic Stadium from 11:30 A.M.— 4 P.M. and the cost is $5. Be there!!

Last DCM of the Year!!
Where? Hialeah Gardens High School When? April 17th from 5:30– 8 P.M. Cost? $5 all profits will go toward The Eliminate Project!
What’s Happening? We will be having a Hispanic Style Potluck Dinner with fun, friends, and a surprise at the end. We also will be featuring a What to Wear /What Not to Wear to DCON mini fashion show.
Please contact Amanda Hernandez at 786-252-1723 to tell me what you’ll be bring to eat. Please contact Kimberly Santos if you would like to be apart of the mini fashion show at 305-332– 3892.




Want to contact your district?
District Governor: Doug Ream District Secretary: Jessica Shevlin Email: GovernorDoug@FloridaKeyClub.com Email: Secretary@FloridaKeyClub.com District Treasurer: Eric Riser Email: Treasurer@FloridaKeyClub.com District Editor: Jenny Tintner Email: Editor@FloridaKeyClub.com District Webmaster: Jesus Lopez Email: Webmaster@FloridaKeyClub.com District Executive Assistant: Devon Mims Email : Assistant@FloridaKeyClub.com Zone Administrator: Chuck and Emilia Gugliuzza Email: AAZoneK@FloridaKeyClub.com

Florida District Administrator: David McCampbell Email: AdminDavid@FloridaKeyClub.com

Division 25C LTG: Amanda Hernandez 786-252-1723 division25c@floridakeyclub.com

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