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A Perfect Blend December Issue 2007

Cultural Diversity. One big heart. Social. Medical. Environmental.
Cabinet Members so

What’s Hot?
Wendy Choi
Sandra Lee
Tiffany Tran Free Hugs is a real life
controversial story of Juan
? Elections will be held at Mann, a man whose sole
the first and second meeting
mission was to reach out and
for other cabinet members! hug a stranger to brighten up
their lives and his own.

In this age of social

disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs
campaign become phenomenal.

As this symbol of human hope spread across the city, we witness the true
spirits of humanity come together in what can only be described as awe
inspiring. In the Spirit of the free hugs campaign, PASS THIS TO A FRIEND and
HUG A STRANGER! After all, If you can reach just one person a day, it makes
the world a better place!

Have you ever wondered?  Free Hugs Movement from another School
• Why our school has Online Access: CLICK!
separated groups mostly Join the Movement!!
by race (African
Americans, Asians,
Hispanics…etc.)? Free Hugs Campaign. (music by Sick Puppies)
• Are “they” as mean as
you think they may be?
• Maybe the group that After all, If you can reach just one person... Music by Sick Puppies. Their album is out April
3rd called "Dressed Up As Life" News: We would like to thank and hug every one of you for
you seldom talk to feels making this video Youtube video of the year! Music by Sick Puppies. Their album is out
the same awkwardness April 3rd called "Dressed Up As Life". Go out and support these guys.
around you (Visit or for the music)
Imagine all the people.
• WHY CAN’T WE TAKE From: PeaceOnEarth123
THE FIRST STEPS TO Views: 21,259,790
Added: 1 year ago

Any Suggestions? $$ Current Fundraiser Outside of School :]
We need ideas. WE ARE OPEN We have been making catalogs selling and
TO NEW IDEAS, even ideas that reselling clothes and all the money goes directly
may seem funky (*cough* free
hugs movement *cough*)! into benefiting the club! Please help by buying
We need ideas to fundraise for items from our catalog and getting your family and
our club activities and friends to look at them as well!
everything that you think
necessary for the club! WE are ONLINE CATALOG:
also open to any ideas of how to
blend the school in.
Winter Must HAVES!

★* #1 The Ultimate Velvet Fur Zip-Hoodie
Ready for Winter? Stock up on these long sleeve
animal-friendly artificial fur coated zip- hoodie
that will keep you warm and pretty for the

1C IA Royal Black
IB Playful Cream
IC Sophisticated Navy
ID Chocolate Brown (Not Displayed)
1B One Size $25 w/o $23 with membership
Shoulder to Shoulder: 38cm / 15 inches
Chest: 90cm / 35.4inches
Length: 60cm / 23.6 inches
1A Sleeves: 58cm / 22.8 inches

#3 The 4-Pocket Plaid Shirt (belt Included)
in red, hot pink, green, brown, orange, beige
You can never get enough of Plaid! This stylish long shirt is made of 100%
cotton to ensure your comfort and with the stylish belt that comes with it,
you can wear this shirt in numerous way. Now, where is the creativity?

3A Cute Blue and beige
3B Cinnamon Brown
3C Hottest pink
3D Detective Green
3E Energized Orange

One Size/ Free Size
$30 30% off $22

Weight: 420 grams
Shoulder to Shoulder: 39cm / 15.4 inches
Chest: 96cm / 37.8inches
Length: 87cm / 34.3 inches
Bust: 106cm/ 41.7inches #2 Long Wide Neck Long
Waist: 90cm/ 35.4 inches 3E Sleeve Shirt
Sleeve: 32-56 cm/ 12.6-22 inches
Arm: 46cm/ 18.1 inches This thin shirt can be worn
as an undershirt or simply
throw a belt over it to keep
the couture running!

2A Dark Grey
2B Mustard
3A One Size/ Stretch
$ 20
Chest: 80-90cm/
Length: 60cm/
5A 23.6 inches

3D 5B

5A 5A
100% cotton Jean Leggings
$11 a pair 5A Blue/ 5B Black Imitation Jean Material
Casual Trends
#16 Large Heart T-Shirt

This shirt can be worn as a
new drop-shoulder tee or just
an ordinary wide shoulder tee.

16A Cute Pink
16B Sharp Black
16C Playful White

One Size/ Larger
$ 15

Chest: 88cm/ 34.6 inches
Length: 62cm/ 24.4 inches

#17 Fake-2-Layer Knitted Babydoll Long
Sleeve Shirt with Round Buttons
21” Strap Pairing a playful polka-dotted shirt with a
$21.99 with A Perfect comfortable everyday thin tripped long sleeve
Blend MEMBERSHIP IT FITS Ashirt, this babydoll top displays your cutest and
$27 w/o PB FOLDER!most playful side.
Color arranged by Outer/ Inner

I7A Royal Navy / Grey
17B Mature Grey/Black
I7C Playful Red/ Gret
#20A 2008 What’s HOT! METALLIC SILVER BAG 5x15x10" with 21” I7D Chocolate Brown/ Light Brown
Strap One Size/ Stretch
$20 with membership
Chest: 84-100cm / 33.1-39.5 inches
Sleeves: 57cm / 22.5 inches
Length: 66cm / 26inches

Fits 8” x 10” Folders
Front & Side Pockets,
Secret Pockets inside

#20B Creamy White!! 17A

#20 CROWN Handbags $21.99 w/ 17B




#9 Earrings $6.99 EACH PAIR
9D 9F

9A Bows & Ribbons 9E

9B Red G-man Frozen Roses Black/ White Roses Pink G-Man Peanut Coated Donut
One Large Heart Wear it. Announce it. Tolerance.

#6 ONE BIG HEART Long Sleeve Perfect-fit Knitted
This cozy knitted 300g shirt with a big glittery heart exposes
one’s most inner-self with love and ultimate young energy!
6A Casual Grey
6B Peaceful White
6C Black Magic
6D Lively Yellow
6A 6B One Size/ Free Size Stretch Priceless

Waist: 27.6-33..9 inches
Chest: 30.7-35.4inches
Length: 58cm / 22.8 inches
Sleeves: 55cm / 21.7 inches
Arm: 40 cm/ 15.7 inches

** It only takes ONE BIG HEART to make a difference in our
society today. The purchases that you make from this
catalogue will directly benefit the organization A Perfect
Blend, a club aimed towards charity for those in need, from
poverty to the development of new cure for diseases long
unresolved. All these done from one UNITED heart that
6C 6D includes everybody, regardless of race, gender, or class. **

#8A Tiffany & Co.
Heart Locket Necklace
100% New and Real Sterling Silver 8A
imported from Korea.
#9H “The Best Damn Thing” 20”-40” Necklace $41
Skull Earrings
*All Tiffany and Co Jewlery comes with a
Punk earrings imported from Japan, full set of accessories including the
quality guaranteed. tiffany & co. paperbag, fabric bag of
$7.99 that encloses the necklace, and the gift
9A Black Skull box itself.
9H 9J 9B White Skull


#10 ONE HEART Cute 2.2 inches-High Heels
Tired of flats? Look taller with these unnoticeable 2.2 inches heels!
Imported from Japan (S&H included).

I0A Elegant Black (Size35-42) *Sorry, yellow is out of
I0B Playful White (Size35-42)
I0C Electric Blue (Size 35-39)
I0D Shocking Red (Size 35-39)
10E Hot Pink (Size35-39)
Sizes Availability depends on Color $31
Weight: 500g
Size Chart: (For this type of heels, Best if order half a size larger)
Japan Sizes 22.5 (22.1- 22.5cm) 23(22.6- 23cm)
23.5 (23.1- 23.5cm) 24 (23.6- 24cm)
24.5 (24.1- 24.5cm) 25 (24.6- 25cm)
25.5 (25.1- 25.5cm) 26 (25.6- 26cm)
Party Nights. #11 Wool Well-defined Knitted
be cute. be safe. Have fun.


This smooth and cozy detailed knitted
dress is perfect for any winter or
Christmas party!

11A Elegant White
11B Playful Red
11 C Gorgeous Black
11D Chocolate Brown
One Size/ Highly Stretchable
$49 with PB membership  $25

Chest: 84cm / 33inches
Length: 63cm / 24.8 inches

* All Customers please note that
products are non refundable once
received but we do our best to check
and ensure the quality of all our 11B
fundraising items




#12 Bow & Belt Zipper-less Long

Boots boots boots, everybody is talking
about boots now & these boots can be
paired with casual/ sexy party dresses.
Imported from Seoul, Korea.

Heel︰about 1 cm (inside boots)
Height︰38 cm / 14.96 inches
Opening︰32 cm/ 12.6 inches

USD $ 36

34 35 36 37 38 39
Please be sure to make sure the
Cm 22 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5
shoes will fit you, sizes may vary by WARNING: Everything ordered from this catalog cannot be refunded for
a few millimeters by human errors any reason unless it came in damaged.
21A Gorgeous~

#21 Quality Velvet Long Boots

What’s the best material to keep a girl 18A 18B
warm this winter?! These velvet boots
will keep you gorgeous and trendy for
any occasion!
#18 Chiffon Lace Belt Dress
Heel︰ 5 cm / 2 inches
Height︰42 cm / 16.5 inches This smooth and light weight
Opening︰34 cm/ 13.4 inches chiffon dress makes you look
slimmer than you are and it’s ideal
21A Purple Ribbons for semi-formal winter parties!
21B Playful Cowboys
18A Young Turquoise
USD $ 36 18B Royal Purple
18C Black & White
34 35 36 37 38 39 One Size/ Measure Before
Cm 22 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5 $42 with PB membership 
Chest: 82-90cm/ inches
Waist: 70-78cm/ inches
Length: 93-95cm / inches

* All Customers please note that
products are non refundable once
received but we do our best to
check and ensure the quality of all
18C our fundraising items

Girls’ Day out
Chanel Bag
+ Hat & Logo
Light Weight Metal
$ 10
Violet Mickey
Gem enclosed
in Diamond –
like Crystal #9N NOTE: Please note that all
Mickey Blue Plaid sales are final, & unless
Artificial Leather
products come in damaged
Earrings #9L Earrings at the hand to hand trade &
$ 10 Pirates of the Caribbean $7 inspection, no refunds or
Golden anchor earring returns can be made. We
Earrings apologize for the
$ 10 inconvenience.
#22 Paris 3 in 1 Makeup Stick
This Makeup Stick can be used as eyeliner,
eye-shadow, or lip-gloss! An all in one solution
originated from the top Paris make-up artists,
proven to make your eye look bigger & shinier.
(WARNING: This product may cause irritation
to people with allergic skin)
Pick Any Color $4.99
With Minimum $35 purchase, u can get this for
just $3.99!

Please pick one color according to the number! $4.99 each

People with Purchases over $35 can buy these sticks for $ 3.99 each!

Now with the minimum purchase of $52 dollars from this
catalog, you can get this for just $30 dollars! HURRY!

# 27 Danni Professional Eye-
Makeup Palette of 70
Metallic colors
This make up kit has all the
brilliant colors you will need to
bring out your beauty within.
This easy-to-blend formula
glides on silky-smooth for long-
lasting, crease-resistant
coverage. They are perfect for
all occasions and outfits and are
safe and easy to apply. Give
yourself a great look that you
deserve! It's also a great gift for
girl-friends, mothers, and loved

Contains: 92 g each
Net Weight: 600 g total
Size: 24cm x 17.5cm x 2.7cm 2cm
Tiffany & Co. Gifts for her…treat yourself to
Limited Time offer
luxury this
claimed 100 % Christmas
new designs from Korea $ 40 each…
8B Size 15-20 available 8C Size 10-20 available

8E Tiffany’s
Puppy Bracelet
18 cm in length

8D Basic Tiffany’s
Circle Bracelet
18 cm in length

8F Tiffany’s
Signature Earrings

Gifts for her

8G Tiffany’s
8H Tiffany’s Signature Heart Earrings
Angel’s Heart Necklace

8K Tiffany’s Money Holder

8J Tiffany’s Double Heart
8K Tiffany’s Double Heart