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AWHO /BLORE/ SK /21 /2009 To The Managing Director Army Welfare Housing Organization, Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg, New Delhi - 110 011 Sub: AWHO-WHITEFIELD-BANGALORE Dear Sir,

Date : 25th Sept 2009

We require confirmation about some of the specifications discussed in our meetings at AWHO. We are enlisting our comments for your consideration as below: 1. Basement /UG water tank water proofing: AWHO standard specification includes waterproofing below slab and on external face of wall with a layer of kota stone, in addition to injection grouting of RCC. The bore hole report for the bore wells got executed by the PD, Bangalore in the month of Sept/Oct 2008 shows that water table is 36.0m, 24.3m, 28.0m and 22.0m respectively. I have personally checked out with 4 builders whose projects are located along the Kadugudi-Hoskote road very close to us and none of them has gone in for this kind of treatment in view if the low water table. Our maximum excavation below existing ground level is 5.0m. In view of this, I suggest that we too dispense with this kota stone waterproofing layer. This will result in time and cost savings. 2. Rainwater, soil & waste pipes being fixed inside shafts may be clamped (clamps of 40x3mm) on MS angle 60x40 instead of the shaft wall. This will prevent damage and subsequent leakage in the common wall between shaft and toilet/kitchen. 3. Doors/windows for balconies/sit-outs: Decision on design may be taken on the alternatives shown on the drawing enclosed. If wooden shutters for doors are used, they may be polished on the inside face and enamel painted on the external face. 4. CC hollow blocks have been suggested for some external walls by the MOEF. may be decided if these are to be used. It

5. Stone finishing of cills is not being done, windows shall be fixed flush with the inside wall surface. 6. Plaster is not being proposed to ceilings of basement and stilt parking areas.

7. Ceilings of toilets/kitchens where false ceilings are being proposed may not be plastered but finished neat and whitewashed. 8. Expansion filler grouts (like Dr. Fix-it) are being suggested for filling of expansion cracks between beam and wall junctions, especially for the topmost floor, where thermal expansion has the maximum effect. 9. External finish for building is Sandtex Matt.

10. All internal water supply lines are to be in G.I. Piping for rainwater, waste and soil are all to be UPVC.

11. External drainage pipes shall be in RCC or NP3 RCC as required. 12. External sewage lines are to be in rigid PVC (20' length) instead of glazed Stoneware pipes (2' length) as the latter require deeper slopes and are prone to cracking. We await your decision on the above, With regards,

Sonia Kapre (Director)