In this report I am going to share with you the 3 magic words that drive most me n CRAZY.

These dirty phrases are a sure fire way to get your man s attention, turn him on, and make him lust after you forever! Most women, in their struggle to please men never understand the LANGUAGE that a ctually triggers arousal so they stutter aimlessly trying weird phrases he doesn t like to hear. In this report, I m going to reveal 3 very important things that men want to hear, but will never tell you: 1) The Real Language of Lust and why what most women say NEVER speak it inner caveman and make him pounce all over you

2) The 3 Magic Words to wake up his

3) Advanced Dirty Dialogue Strategies For Each of The Magic Words (only if you are looking for total control this stuff is pretty powerful) The Real se! Language of Lust And Why A Traditional Dirty Talk Approach NEVER Comes Clo

Many women know the feeling of trying to talk dirty and wondering if he REALLY l ikes it. In a futile attempt to get him aroused you keep spewing dirty talk phr ases hoping it s what he wants to hear. But it never works. The reason is because you are speaking the ght buttons! Think about it like this: language of lust that pushes all the ri

Let s say you ve arrive in a foreign country. You REALLY need to get directions. Y ou ask the first person you see. But, instead of telling you where to go, they look at you with massive CONFUSION. You pull out a translator guide to find the right phrase to say and try awkwardly to pronounce it, and they walk away. Obv iously, the analogy is kinda over-the-top and simple but it proves a certain poi nt. Yes, you need directions, but you needed to COMMUNICATE in a way they under stood. Let me explain how this helps teach you how to talk dirty to a guy. He NEEDS to hear words and phrases he instantly recognizes as sexual. But, if you don t know the language (as in, the MEANING behind your words and phrases) it s like asking for directions in English when they only speak another language! Now lets talk about the language of lust he understands. Girls don t realize that t he actual language of lust is WAY more than just phrases, it s an expression, a dial ect, and a completely new way of communicating! The language he s looking for is already inside his head! When you talk dirty usi ng words and phrases he doesn t ALREADY know, you re not engaging in the dialogue he craves. However, there is hope! Once you learn how to pick up on what he wants to hear and why he wants to hear it, you ll be saying the right things EVERY TIME. You can expect your lover to star t melting with passion, looking at you differently (in a good way) and start thi nking about you constantly once you start putting this language into play! The 3 Magic Words to Captivate His Fantasy And Drive Him Over the Edge

asking You like___ then lett ing your imagination run wild! It s up to you how dirty you want to get. i t s not just parts that matter. he ll NEVER say no! And one more: To top it off. The easiest way to do this is by addressing the physical pleasure you are giving him verbally. so long as he likes what you re doing to his bo dy. The more passion you put be a . that s why the w ord hard is hot. he instantly thinks about your aroused va-jayjay and it paints a beautiful fantasy of what he wants to DO to it in his mind a utomatically! How to take it to the NEXT LEVEL: To make these words lite up his libido harder. you can ask You like when I ___ your ____? which gets m ore specific (use your imagination to fill in the blanks .#1: Magic Words Of Pleasure What you have to realize is that sex is a back-and-forth exchange of giving and receiving pleasure. Let me explain The secret to what makes dirty dialogue erotic is that you are describing the bo dy in terms of the sexual state of arousal it is in. so natur ally paying attention to the body plays a major role in what you say. follow up with saying I love ____ nd describe what you re doing to him. This subconscious validation-pumping nugget of erotic gold can send shock waves of pleasure up a mans spine! #2: Magic Words Of Arousal Dirty dialogue is all about bridging the gap between the body and mind. sex is the hottest EVER when pleasure is equally enjoyed simultanously between partners. because a hard cock indicates how aroused he is! The magic words YOU can say to HIM (that will arouse him every time) are: It s making me wet Just by saying these magic words. However. For example. But the o ne thing you can count on is that. Here s another secret: You can build on this escalation as much as you want. Ultimately. using the question: You Like That? Often times. just by asking you like that ? (using an upward sloping tonality) whil e you re touching him is enough to yank his wandering mind into focusing on what y ou re doing to him in the moment! How to take it to the NEXT LEVEL: If you want to step it up.-P) after he responds with yes from before. And to make that happen. all you have t o do is create a dialogue that both indicates your pleasure and enhances the ple asure of his own. add additional emphesis to the wo rd so and draaaaaw it out saying It s making me soooo wet . after he says yes a couple times.

confess to him how much you want HIM to come. even dire ct him where to come. you already know what to say I m comming! When this is GENUINLY said. whisper in his ear these magic words I want you to come for me You can either simply state that you want it. A s he s approaching orgasm. and the more expressive you are with it.hind the word so do alone! the better as it communicats sexuality in ways words could never #3: Magic Words Of Erotic Exstacy Almost EVERY man wants to know he is the one responsible for a woman s orgasm beca use it s an instant ego-boost that gets him every time! A guy will feel like the ma n for being the one who could get his girl off it s just the way men think! Using this secret knowlege. oh man a guy will really lose control. and exactly when! . but what about hi s? To spice it up another notch. or if you re ready for it. the more his inner cav eman gets a bursting jolt of primal passion that is directly targeted at YOU! (Hi nt: This is 10 times hotter if you look him directly in the eyes) How to take it to the NEXT LEVEL: Verbalizing your orgasm is always amazing for any guy to hear. The more authe ntic your orgasm.

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