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Islamic lust for Hindu Women : Psychological Warfare

by Jagmohan Singh Khurmi

India-Pakistan one-day cricket match is something more than just a
match. It is clash of egos, ideas ( and sometimes brickbats also ). Now and
then certain things happen to certain people which they will regret for a
lifetime, even to those who have lots and lots of control over their emotions
i.e. professional actors like Shah Rukh Khan : in heat of the moment the thin
mask of secularity slips off and for a spilt-second a keen observer is able to
see the ugly face of Islamic supremacy. This happened when he tried to
defend his co-religionist Shoaib Malik’s cliché of apologizing to the pan-
Islamic world for failing to defeat the Indians. Instead of denouncing him he
went ahead to justify his co-religionist’s dumb remark. It was only after
walking a few steps with him did he realize his mistake : he and Shoaib are
not in same position - while Shoaib is sitting far out from the reach of the
secular India and is free to do his Islamic acrobatics, Shah Rukh depends
upon the Indians and hence is limited to limits set by them. The same faux
pas was committed by CM Ghulam Nabi Azad when he praised Mahatama
Gandhi in public function, result : the top mullah of Kashmir went mad yelling
that Mohammed the Prophet was only entity that is worth of being followed.
Of course the CM apologized (that’s why he is alive).

The Indian pseudo-secularist media that is always in search of such gems
like Shah Rukh Khan who can be put up in show-window as role-models with
a hope to lure the Indian muslims into mainstream. It is a common knowledge
that the hindu suffers from a deep-rooted phobia of being branded un-secular
so once in the while goes to laughable extents in order to show the world
India’s love for muslims by giving high-sounding titles to actors like Shah
Rukh Khan : “The King of Bollywood” as Anupam Chopra’s new book’s title
goes. But ironically this book itself presents some inconvenient incidents :
one of them is an angry and possessive call from the underworld don Abu
Salem, who scolds Khan for not giving adequate preference to muslim
professional in the industry. Instead of confronting him Shah Rukh meekly
ensures him of his full support to muslims and even provides the great goon
numerous examples of his love for his co-religionists ! And thus manages to
satisfy his godfather, who in turn assures him of his safety ! This explains the
dominance of “Khans” in Indian film industry. It may be argued that the typical
hindi filmmaker uses muslim youth to create market in neighboring countries
like Pakistan, Bangladesh who can never provide enough entertainment
content due to their Islamic straitjacketed culture. And the poster of a Shah
Rukh Khan or a Salman Khan or an Aamir Khan may get some sympathy
from the mulla for its undertone of machismo that fits his jihadi mindset. And
the half-naked women with beautifully built bodies can be watched without
any guilt by devout momins since they are hindu whores ! To the twisted
muslim mindset even the purely secular song and dance can be joyous
instance of dominance of Islam over Hinduism ! You may find this disgusting
but then that is what Islam is.

One woman journalist Tavleen Singh, who was known for her pro-
islam stand and at times went as far as to justify terrorism, once got inside
the Islamic mad-house of the fanatic Dar-ul-Uloom at Deobandi and for the
first time in her life discovered real Islam for herself, which was light-years
away from the rosy imagery secularists like Khushwant Singh and Romila
Thapar had taught her. After a few minutes she came out stamping her feet
in fury. She was so angry that she wrote her next article with title : “ If this is
what secularism means, give me Hindutva ” , those who know her well would
be shocked to find her even thinking so, let alone write such a phrase in the
newspaper. What made her take such a u-turn in her ripe age ? No one
knows. Try to guess ( hint : she is a woman )

“ one of the most painful aspects of Muslim demographic
warfare is the open attempt by Muslims to grab non-Muslim girls
to use them for their own demographic ambitions, meanwhile
also inflicting a good dose of humiliation on the accursed kafirs.
In Bangladesh and in Muslim-majority areas inside India, this
often takes the form of simply kidnapping girls, or of threatening
their families to marry them out to Muslims? In the open market-
place of the West and of westernised circles in India, it takes the
form of normal courtship”- Mr. Elst

Still if these silly hindu filmmakers think that they are actually building
‘secular bridges’ by giving muslim man riding hindu woman, (the muslims, of
course, won’t allow the reverse.) then they are in error. They fail to
understand Islamic mindset. Even if you make all the muslims in India
superstars, in Pakistan this will not be accepted for as a sign of hindu
benevolence or even a gesture of genuine secularism but as an explicit
evidence of hindu inferiority and islamic superiority ! Such is their contempt
for all things hindu. And it does not stop there, Abu Salem ( killed Gulshan
Kumar, organized Bombay Bomb blasts, at more than one occasion even
opened gun-fire at the shooting of Hindu religious epic Mahabharta ) has
managed to get much for Islam. Popularity of “khan” series of bollywood
masala flicks has led to a deadly trait of more and more hindu girls in western
countries ( mostly U.K.), misusing the freedom their religion gives them,
finding it ‘cool’ and ‘okay’ to marry a muslim. This is also helped by the
cultural vacuum left by hindu parents who are so secular that they feel
ashamed to give their child any knowledge about the great heritage of
hinduism. Zakat ( petro-dollars) come all the way from rich islamic states in
gulf to reward the muslim boys who bring more and more girls to the fold of
islam. Some muslim boys have even made this “campus-jehad” a full time
occupation ! And of course for such gullible hindu girls life is one-way street,
once she enters islam ( hoping the warm embrace of her future in-laws who
should be grateful to her for leaving her very own parents and religion ) she
discovers there is nothing warm in the embrace of islam she embaced as
promised in the film that inspired her for this foolish emotional death-dive, but
by then it is too late. She is done for. She will probably spend the rest of her
cursed life cooking stinking halaal meat and giving birth to a new generation
of suicide bombers.