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Please tell us what interests you about each position that you have applied for. (If you have applied to more than one Wood Group company, please also give your reasons for each business unit chosen.) 1500 Characters

Becoming a process engineer gives me an excellent opportunity to help apply the theoretical knowledge which I have learnt on my course and put it into practice. Since process control continually requires optimization in order to maintain a constant throughput it will be vital for me to constantly improve to keep up with developments. The prospect of dealing with different challenges on a daily basis provides me with great challenge since there will be a large variety within roles. A key aspect of working within the oil and gas industry is the ability to incorporate sustainable thinking into a process to help make better use of resources. This was a key component of my course and therefore I believe that by working for mustang I will be able to apply triple bottom line thinking when I apply my knowledge to tackle situations which may arise. Another key area of expansion for the wood group is looking for low carbon solutions. By employing By working on a large scale I feel that I will be able to excel with the extra responsibility and provide great benefit to the wood group. A large part of my course involved having a pragmatic approach with regards to managing risk. Since the mustang group has an excellent health and safety record, I hope not only to apply my knowledge about risk management but also gain new insights in maintaining a safe working environment. Since the wood group has an international presence it would interest me to interact with people from different cultures. I believe that by observing how different countries operate there could potentially be new insights into different working practices.

Please tell us about any extra-curricular activities / positions of responsibility / professional memberships / language skills. (500 Characters)

Throughout university I have been involved with various societies which have included Chemical engineering, Malaysian society and students in free enterprise. Within Malaysian Society I have held the position of welfare tutor. This role involved assisting members with various issues ranging from cultural to financial issues. I also helped to organise various cultural dinners. I have been involved with various sporting activities such as badminton, volleyball, and karate. I have membership of the IChemE and the IET. Apart from English Ispeak conversational German.

Using specific examples, what relevant skills do you feel you can bring to the position/s applied for? (2000 Characters)

A key aspect of being a process engineer is having the ability to work well within a team. Throughout my time at university, I have lead several groups which have all achieved excellent marks. This has included several interdisciplinary groups where I have been able to create a clear channel of

communication to ensure that technical information is sufficiently understood. I believe communication is one of the most important aspects of team working since it can be a thin line between success and failure. I have been responsible for delivering keynote presentations on behalf of my team. I have received excellent marks and have been praised for presenting in a clear and concise manner. A key aspect of team working which I enjoy is the ability to bounce off ideas off different people. I am always interested to hear other peoples opinion since I believe it helps me to improve my work ability and helps me gain new insights of working. From my experience of being team leader I include every person input when carrying out a major decision. I have received very positive feedback from both staff and team members about my ability to ensure everyone has a vital say in group activities. I have a high level of technical ability of using various computer programs throughout the duration of my course. I have experience of using simulation programs such as PROII in order to help optimize processes For a particular assignment I was able to demonstrate using simulation software that by decreasing the heat duty of a reactor, I was able to incorporate large economic savings within a process. I have used AUTOCAD and Microsoft Visio to help design and develop P&ID for my group. I have also had experience of using Matlab and Comsol to help create engineering models regarding heat transfer and chemical reactions An important part of any engineering project is having the ability to plan ahead in order to meet tight deadlines. I have created work schedules and Gantt charts for my groups. I have always met deadlines within my group and have delivered work to a high standard.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement/s to date, and why? (1500 Characters)

My biggest achievement that I have accomplished to date is completing a session at the Activenture summer camp. Activenture is a summer camp which is set up for children of disabilities of various kinds and where they are involved in various recreational activities. At first we had to learn about the various conditions of the children such as Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and muscular dystrophy. This requires much more attention compared to regular children and since I had never dealt with these children before it was a challenge. Initially I got off to a shaky start with the children not knowing how they would respond to various commands. As the week went by the children gradually adapted to me and made the various activities of Archery, music, dancing etc. go down well. The best part was navigating our way through the obstacle course while make sure we were competing with the other kids. Overall the whole experience has helped me to empathise with the parents of the children who have to deal with them on a daily basis. I also took pleasure at helping the children to do activities they would not usually get the chance to do and help the kids to break barriers by interacting with people who would not have prejudices against them. This has taught me to deal with other members of

societies, and it is significant as I managed to connect with the children in a way I had not previously done.