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DATE: 01/10/2007

PROPERTY MANAGER: Elizabeth Lindley

OCCUPIER: Juliette Long and Andrew Williams

PREMISES: 1A Major St Gordon’s Bay NSW 2031

ARRIVAL DATE: 01/10/2007

DEPARTURE DATE: 30/11/2007 10am

TERM: 9 weeks

RATE: $18,000


Please leave premises in reasonable condition; that is, garbage disposed of, dishes washed,

bbq clean, etc.

DEPOSIT: $4,000

1. To maintain and leave the premise in a clean and tidy condition in the case of default and in the case
of a default a cleaning fee be charged.

2. To pay the rate prescribed herein in advance.

3. That the said premises or any part thereof shall not be used for any purpose other than as holiday
accommodation and that no more than 7 persons are to be accommodated.

4. Not to assign or sublet the whole or any part of the subject premises.

5. To replace with articles of equal value or equivalent of the same, any articles of furniture, effects or
fittings that may become damaged or lost during the period of occupancy, or to pay the agent or
property manager the cost of repair or replacement.

6. Not to remove any of the furniture or effects from the premises.

7. To allow the Property Manager to enter and show the property to prospective occupiers, at least
24hrs notice will be given (and we request the property be in clean and tidy condition for the

8. Not to keep any animal or bird in the subject premises.

9. No responsibility is taken for the occupier's personal property left on the premises. It is up to the
occupier to have insurance for personal belongings.

10. That the occupier or any persons using the premises shall not be guilty of conduct which is a
nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring properties and shall comply with the By Laws
applicable in respect of the premises.
11. The Agent's staff and property manager will describe the premises and positions to the best of their
ability and in good faith and no responsibility or refund for alleged misdescription can be accepted.

12. Other special conditions.

a) Keep walls, ceilings and floors free of holes or damage.

b) Report any matters requiring urgent repair, replacement or inspection. Understand you are
responsible for all repairs, replacements, works and costs due to own fault or negligence.

c) Inside and outside the premises is a smoke free environment.

d) Various services and aspects of property are not in the best working order and repair, including
that windows do not necessarily open at all or shut firmly.

e) The alarm system in the premises does not function. Repair or replacement is at the occupiers

f) The property is perched on a cliff overlooking Gordon’s Bay and the existing fences may not be
sufficient to prevent a person falling over such edge in which respect the occupier (including
guests or invitees with or without children) acknowledges that extreme special care, diligence and
supervision will be exercised to avoid any such incident or accident and in this respect release the
owner, landlord, property manager or agent from any liability or claim whatsoever.

g) The occupier acknowledges that the premises, bedrooms, beds and mattresses are bed bug free.
Bed bugs and the bed bugs eggs are easily transferable due to suitcases touching other
suitcases or luggage during travel and/or wherever suitcases may be in contact with other

The occupier acknowledges that suitcases must be kept out of the bedrooms, therefore
unpacked, packed and stored away from bedrooms to prevent the likelihood of bed bugs
transferring from suitcases to bedroom furnishings. It is recommended that suitcases be stored in
plastic bags and stored away from bedrooms.

In the event an outbreak of bed bugs does occur you are responsible for treatment costs (up to
$300 per bedroom) and replacement costs of beds and mattresses (up to $500 for each single
bed, $800 for each double bed, $1,000 for each queen bed).
h) A copy of all occupants passports must be received with this signed and dated booking sheet.

i) Should the occupier default under the terms of the aforementioned then the Landlord, Agent or
Property Manager may re-enter the subject premises AND I the Occupier do hereby certify that I
require the premises for the purpose of a holiday only and that my fixed place of abode is:

Emergency Contact Information

1) Name: __________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________


Home Number: ________________________________

Business Number: _____________________________

Mobile Number: _______________________________

EMAIL Address: ________________________________

Relationship: __________________________

2) Name: __________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Home Number: ________________________________

Business Number: _____________________________

Mobile Number: _______________________________

EMAIL Address: ________________________________

Relationship: __________________________


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