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President Obama,

Wake Up America!
Over the past two years, the social and political life in America has been radicalized and polarized in an unprecedented way. What appears as a grassroots movement articulating anger towards the current government is, in fact, a strategically implemented campaign by special interests, namely the Oil and Drug Cartel, to regain control over the White House and the country. Worse, fighting a battle for survival of its outdated technologies, these special interests can no longer survive in a democracy and must seek dictatorial powers. In this historic situation, the only way to protect democracy is to expose the historic record of the Cartel. On July 16 and September 13, 2010, I exposed here the historical parallels between the political escalation in Germany in the 1930s and that of the US today. Then and now, the Cartel financed the political destabilization of democracy, with the goal of replacing it with a corporate dictatorship. In Germany, then, the Cartel succeeded in seizing power and launching WWII because people and politicians around the world ignored the early warning signs. In the USA, today, the Cartel has launched an all-out psychological war. Organizations like the Tea Party are radicalizing society. The only way to derail their plan of destroying democracy is to expose the criminal history and the motives of these special interests.


New technologies in the areas of energy and health threaten the multi-trillion dollar global monopolies of the Oil and Drug Cartel. The Cartels giant markets of outdated technologies are no longer compatible with democracy and can only be maintained in a global dictatorship of corporate interests. A first step in the direction of establishing such a global corporate dictatorship has already been taken. The recently founded socalled European Union in Brussels (the Brussels EU) is not a democratically elected or legitimized body. The so-called EUCommission 27 technocrats appointed by Cartel interests preside over the lives and fates of 500 million people across Europe by means of dictatorial directives and regulations. Largely unbeknown to the rest of the world, the so-called European Parliament has no independent right of legal initiative and serves merely as a fig-leaf for this Cartel Commission. Even more appalling is the fact that the entire Brussels EU structure is the implementation of plans conceived before and during WWII by the Oil and Drug Cartel and their Nazi stakeholders. The goal then and now was to cement their economic rule by means of a Central Cartel Office that determines essentially every aspect of life in Europe and, eventually, the rest of the world. The historical facts and documents are available online at


The key country in the Cartels survival strategy is the USA. Not only is the US the home base of most Oil and Drug corporations, it is also the strongest military power to defend these special interests.


FROM 1933 TO 2010

The blueprint for this strategy of radicalizing society in preparation for war was pre-WWII Germany. The unobstructed implementation of this strategy in 1933 led to the overthrow of democracy, the installation of a

The psychological preparation of German society for this military conquest was the launch of a racial war against Jewish and other non-Aryan people and the elimination of any political opposition. The key vehicle to execute this plan was the Nazi/Cartel-financed grassroots movement the brownshirts.

Theyve Done It Before They Try It Again Today!

The goal of the special corporate interests namely the Oil and Drug Cartel in the US today is to transform democratic society into a corporate dictatorship, thus enabling multi-trillion dollar corporate interests to exert direct control over the political executive and the country. Towards this end they are instigating the radicalization of society and financing the election campaigns of their political stakeholders. This strategy is an exact copy of the Oil and Drug Cartels takeover of Germany in 1933 a strategy executed with the help of the Cartels political and military stakeholders, the Nazis.
A major setback for the Cartel was the fact that in 2008 the American people elected a President on a platform of ending the tyranny of oil and of reforming health care, including a focus on prevention. In order to reverse this vote, the Cartel must not only regain control of the US government but must try to fundamentally re-program the American people by financing the dissemination of doubt and deception. Towards this end, the Cartel has been mobilizing an army of stakeholders in the media and politics. dictatorship on behalf of the Oil and Drug Cartel and, eventually, to a military attempt to expand its global markets during WWII. The records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and of the USCongress unequivocally document ( that WWIIwas launched in the interest and with the financial as well as technical support of the German-based Oil and Drug Cartel (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst). Its goal was to seize control of the multi-trillion dollar global markets of oil, patented chemicals and drugs. The systematic instigation of hatred, aggression, racism and other forms of psychological terror by the brownshirts in pre-war Germany was the precondition for the next stage: the mass murder across the globe by the SSand German Wehrmacht in the Cartels attempt to control the world. After WWII, the German Oil and Drug Cartel was dismantled and its shares transferred to US- and UK-based multinational oil and drug corporations. The Cartels criminal past was deliberately hidden from the public for one main reason: not to endanger its future attempts at world control.

Dr. Matthias Rath

Dr. Rath has become a voice of conscience exposing the plans of the Oil and Drug Cartel behind recent global military conflicts and crises. Attacked by Cartel media the world over (, Dr. Rath and his Foundation have received prestigious awards for civil courage. The Relay of Life Award ( from survivors of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps was conferred with a clear mandate:

Never again! The Goals of This Publication

1. This information alerts the people of America that the radicalization of society and the polarization of political life is organized and financed by the Oil and Drug Cartel with the goal to regain control over the White House and the country. 2. It exposes the Tea Party and other so-called grassroots movements as agents of the Oil and Drug Cartel. 3. It reveals the strategic aim of these groups: destabilization of the democratically elected government via the instigation of civil unrest under the pretext of defending constitutional rights and carrying out the will of God. 4. It exposes the frenzied attacks against the Obama health care plan that promotes preventive and community-based health as a maneuver to protect the economic privileges of the Drug Cartel and its multitrillion dollar health care monopoly based on patented pharmaceutical drugs. 5. It exposes all these tricks and maneuvers as blatant copies of the Oil and Drug Cartels takeover of Germany in the 1930s with the help of their political stakeholders, the Nazis.

1933 and Today: The Oil and Drug Cartels Strategy Is to Turn Democracy Into a Corporate Dictatorship
Germany 1933
CORPORATE INTERESTS behind dictatorship German Oil and Drug Cartel

1933 and Today: The Cartel Manipulates Public Opinion

Germany 1933
In the 1930s, the radicalization
of German society and growing physical Nazi violence Violence against religious minorities and political opponents of the Nazi regime strategically prepared the seizure of power by the Coalition of the Oil and Drug Cartel with the Nazis.

Multinational Oil and Drug Cartel

Today, the political climate in the USA is strategically poisoned by the stakeholders of the same special interests, namely the Oil and Drug Cartel. Physical vio-

ECONOMIC CRISIS. In preparation for the take-over, the cartel stakeholders instigate a global economic crisis RISINGUNEMPLOYMENT. As a consequence of the economic crisis, unemployment and public dissatisfaction rise FINANCING THE TAKE-OVER. The Cartel bankrolls grassroots groups to terrorize society and destabilize democracy CONFUSION. Cartel media portray these radical groups as protectors of the constitution and promoters of open society PREACHING HATRED. Stirring up racial, religious and ethnic conflicts

Global economic crisis in the late 1920s and early 1930s

Global economic and financial crisis today

Mass unemployment, impoverishment of middle class

Rising unemployment and economic uncertainty of middle class

Tea Party Violence

Brownshirts and related organizations

Tea Party and related organizations

lence against political opponents is increasingly replacing the political and social dialogue.

Nazi/Cartel media FOX and similar Cartel media

In WWII, the Cartel and their Nazi accomplices dressed millions of German soldiers in a uniform that carried the allegedly devine blessing for the Nazi/Cartel global conquest.

Today, the stakeholders of the

Oil and Drug Cartel in politics and media are trying to lure the American people with deceptive slogans like restoring honor and under the pretext of acting in the name of God.

6. Sharing these historical parallels with the American people will allow them to recognize the criminal historic record of the Oil and Drug Cartel, as well as the deceptive strategies it has used throughout history. The message: Theyve done it before! 7. With this knowledge, the American people have a clear choice for the coming elections. 8. It gives the Republican party a choice too: stay committed to democracy or go into oblivion as political puppets of the Cartels corporate dictatorship plan. 9. It allows the people and governments of the world to focus their resources on the development and construction of a modern world, based on affordable renewable energy and science-based natural health. 10. The dissemination of this message is a precondition for protecting democracy in America and lasting peace!

Against non-Aryans, in particular Jewish people

Against non-white races and non-Christian religions

DECEPTION. Using distorting propaganda to lure political support from ordinary people POLITICAL PARTY unconditionally committed to executing the interests of the Cartel

Blood and Honor Protecting the Reich (country) In the name of God

Restoring Honor Taking back the country Executing Gods will

Nazis: Promoting Cartel interests in the name of God


* The Republican Party has to decide whether it will assume this place in history.

Harnessed with a belt buckle showing the Swastika and the slogan God With Us (Gott mit uns), the Nazi/Cartel Wehrmacht inflicted death on tens of millions of people.

Tea Party: Promoting Cartel interests in the name of God

No name has been more abused to mask the greed of special interests than the name of God.

President Obama, in the coming months you have the responsibility to disseminate this historic parallel to the American people in order to enable them to actively defend freedom and democracy.
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