“The BI solution implemented by Enterprise Concept gives us the data hierarchy right there on the page so we know exactly which data elements are included or excluded. It prevents confusion and reduces the time needed to get answers to management’s questions. If we see something in a report and want to know what is behind the trend, we can drill down quickly to the exact level of detail we need.”
Pawel Burzynski, Director Finance, Carrefour. Industry

• Hyperion Essbase®

Challenge • Complicated, error-prone, manual processes for analysis and reporting • No single system for company wide reporting and Analysis • Full burden of data entry, manual synchronization, reporting and analysis on the finance team Solution
• Consolidate financial processes • Monitor and manage inventories • Cross-system data consistency and accuracy • Dynamic ad-hoc reporting without requiring IT involvement • Develop a reporting platform

Enterprise Concept, With The Help of BI Applications, Fuels Greater Profitability Management At Carrefour
At Enterprise Concept’s recomandation, Carrefour has chosen a BI solution for analysis and reporting at financial level. Carrefour uses Hyperion Essbase to consolidate and automate its financial processes. The flexibility and ease of use of the solution have made it easier for store managers to gain greater insight into their store’s performance. This has enabled Carrefour to quickly respond underperforming stores, improve strategic decision making, and streamline financial processes, with one person accomplishing in a week what previously took five people a month.

Increasing efficiency
Since 2007, when it embarked on a companywide consolidation initiative, Carrefour has relied on Hyperion Essbase to consolidate and automate its financial processes. The flexibility and ease of use of the Hyperion software made it much easier for the company to generate monthly and year-to-date financial statements. Store managers use these reports to gain greater insight into their store’s performance, and corporate planners use them to analyze and evaluate merchandizing plans and sales results. By looking at key drivers such as inventory levels, sales margins, markdowns, and inventory receipts, operations managers are better able to understand and locate the success and risk factors.

• Increased understanding of store performance • Improved strategic decisionmaking ability with data-backed findings • Enabled company to quickly respond to underperforming stores • Compressed financial analysis cycle from one week to one day • Reduced resources required to process financial analysis from five people to one • Enabled frequent, widespread distribution of financial reports

About Carrefour
Over the past 40 years, the Carrefour group has grown to become one of the world’s leading distribution groups. The world’s second-largest retailer and the largest in Europe, the group currently operates four main grocery store formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount and convenience stores. The Carrefour group currently has over 12,500 stores, either company-operated or franchises and revenues of over 37.6 billion Euros in 2007.

Number of users
• 15 Users on Hyperion Essbase


we are able to isolate all of the fixed costs that affect store profitability— the amount of square footage. Hyperion has been widely embraced by employees because of its ease of use and flexibility. capital invested. “With Hyperion. and other fixed costs. Romania employees use Hyperion Essbase every day to track store data. we can justify the amount of money we commit to a new venture. “Now we have developed a more robust way to manage store profitability. more than 15 Carrefour. It is designed for finance people.                                                                                   Improving satisfaction performance and job Accurate data feeds company direction Armed with fact-based findings made possible by the BI solution implemented by Enterprise Concept. “Hyperion Essbase has allowed us to light a fire under a concept and push it forward more quickly than otherwise would have been possible. powerful system that easily manages the massive volumes of data and handles even our most complex analytic needs with ease. As a result. Director Finance. In addition.” says mister Burjzynski. “The BI solution implemented by Enterprise Concept is very easy to learn and run.” Delivering a return on capital Carrefour recently discovered the advantages of leveraging the BI solution implemented by Enterprise Concept to manage store profitability in a more robust way: to look beyond purely sales numbers to examine and measure the true profitability of its stores. Carrefour is now better able to determine what initiatives to invest in and where expansion makes sense. which require relatively large investments of capital to get up-and-running. the BI solution implemented has streamlined financial processes. we can rank stores “appropriately.” says mister Burjzynski.” says mister Burjzynski. which in turn increases job satisfaction. Across the organization. Using the data we can now generate. We now have a single. and we can get it done in a week as opposed to a month. which often distort results about store performance. we can now do with one person that which once took five. Carrefour    .” Today. inventory levels. such as our stores. particularly of newer stores. and senior-level Carrefour executives use the reports for business planning and strategic purposes. It has really helped us fine-tune our strategic focus. so our department can reate solutions very quickly with complete control of the end result. That way. This analysis has particularly helped the retailer evaluate performance of its new “smaller format” stores. This understanding comes about by taking into account the role of other factors such as fixed costs. “We really need to understand where this format is working well and where it isn’t.” Pawel Burzynski. “The employees are much happier with their ability to access information. Mister Burjzynski notes. store managers access this information to get their store information. As mister Burjzynski explains.

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