1.MY GOD AVENGED ME FOR MY ENEMIES After marriage for the last 16 years I have never known peace with my mother -in-law. I went through terrible situations but I could real tell the person behind those occurrences. Among many I had four miscarriages, nothing in my house could survive beyond one day of arrival including chicken, cat. I tried all means to keep things under control but nothing worked. Last Sunday I came to church, Gods servant was teaching on bold declaration, and he said `All that we need to deal with our enemies is in the word of God in our mouth. God is only waiting for you to speak out and he will confirm`. This provoke unusual anger in my heart and when it came time to pray I said `Let the cup that my enemies made me to drink from the past 16yrs return back to them in double portion and let me see them take it to their shame`. In less than one hour, the entire animals around my mother in–law died and the following day she started menstruating yet she is almost 80yrs. The doctors have tried but it cannot stop for its strange thing in life. I bought animals on Monday and for the first time after 16yrs they have finished four days alive. To God alone be all the glory. Sis. Waguthie - WCI-KERUGOYA KENYA.


I have been trying to succeed in life but to no avail. Anything any of my brothers and sisters attempt to achieve end up in a mess. Even all attempts to travel on business trips outside the country and all business endeavors end up in frustration. It was discovered that the person behind all this is my stepfather who has been making evil incantations against the children of my mother, so that we do not succeed to make our mother happy.

Bro. My sister in law visited us and we deed know she had run away from the husband so the husband followed her to my place but my sister in law instead she is not going back because the husband mistreated her. The husband went to the village elder who near us also is a witch and bribed him with .VENGEANCE UPON OUR ENEMY In the family where I am married we have a step mother who is aged. On Thursday 19th January 2012 during the one hour power house prayer time from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm our pastor asked us to send the Holy Ghost fire against our enemies and that they fall and die. In this 21days of prayer and fasting the woman was one of my prayer point on the list that God should struck her to death. this step mother she is witch and she had vowed that my family would not prosper or become of anything to be recognized and indeed she had bewitched many people and they were leading frustrated life including ours. But the husband was claiming that she had taken his money. This year they said 21days of prayer and fasting I believed God for the same because I was just new in the church. Chwele -Kenya) 4. Mafouana B. The whole area celebrated her death. Congo) 3.One night I even caught him naked around midnight taking an evil bath in front of the gate to the family house. I give glory to God . The man who has been behind our woes all this while fell down and died at the same moment we were praying the vengeance prayer in Church. but I joined this commission and got the understanding how we have power over the witchcraft. (WCI Brazzaville .Sister Judith (WCI. God indeed does not delay the woman went for a funeral of one her relative when she returned back home she was as if she is attacked with malaria when she was taken to hospital malaria was not found and just within few minutes she died after her death they diagnosed her again and found that she died of asthma the disease she has never had since her child hood. Praise God. VENGEANCE UPON OUR ENEMIES I joined this commission at October last year.

ksh 200 to come and arrest me of the things I don’t know about.Bro Patrick (WCI. Chwele. After he had taken the money he fell sick of malaria and when he was taken to hospital he died immediately fear came upon the husband of my sister in law and he went away.Kenya) . . I give glory to God he was a witch bewitching people and this was the way God to judge him.

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