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Zakir Naik – A Danger to India

by Jagmohan Singh Khurmi

How should the Indians treat Zakir Naik ? Should he be dismissed as just another
demagogue and ignored in the name of multiculturalism ? Last time people like him came to
scene they became the cause of division of India into two states. And since “purity” was
central to the very existence of the ideal Islamic state of Pakistan, what the world saw was
one of the greatest forced immigration of Hindus and Sikhs from the lands that were required
to be pure by the very literal meaning of “Pakistan”. And since these wretched infidels were far
more prosperous culturally and financially, it took much more than simple request to uproot
them from the lands that had been there for centuries – the forced immigration had to be
lubricated with a colossal bloodbath that has no parallel in annals of history. But there was
bright side too to the ugly picture – the faithful were amply rewarded with real estate, and the
other worldly possessions of the kafirs, including their women. See how prophetic the holy
Koran is !

Is it okay to ignore Zakir Naik as just another demagogue for a country that is biggest victim
of islamic terrorism for the last few decades. We can not bring to life our countrymen who
have fallen victim of this demon but is it not our right to try to stop what calamities are about to
fall ?

What is worrying here is that this Zakir guy has a become almost a star, he has an immense
following among muslims. We may find his arguments void of logic, ( but then what’s logic
have to do with the world of muslims !)

Ali Sina was perhaps the first writer to openly oppose Zakir Naik’s fanatic sermons. We were
discussing the battle between Mr Ali Sina and Zakir Naik on a Hindu blog called satyamev- when we came across this wonder of nature !

This creature, who calls itself Mohammed Ali, is the most staunch adherent of the witch-
doctor Zakir Naik, is ready to fall to any depths of indignity to prove that his idol is right. Listen
to him :

Here’s my point of view:
Every human being, Muslim or non-Muslim should be a “terrorist for the antisocial elements of
society”.(Anybody disagreeing with the above statement can stop reading right now, as your
mind is not mature enough to understand the topic).

So this is the islamic criteria for determining whether one’s mind is mature or not ! That is a
great breakthrough in psychology !

He carries on :

Now that we have agreed to the above statement, lets see what has to
say.According to, “But isn’t it the job of the police to go after the criminals?”
So according to, if a man is walking on the road, and he sees a woman
being gang-raped by a feral pack of goons, he should just walk away, call the police and then
wait till the police comes while this woman is being stripped of her dignity.


Mr. Khurmi opposes what Dr. Naik says and agrees with

Now the funny thing is that at that time I had not even stated my agreement with ! Mohammed Ali’s reason for getting mad at me is somewhere else ! – he
will admit himself later on !

So IF Mr. Khurmi sees his sister (all Indians are my brothers and sisters, remember?) getting
raped by 5 people, he will not interfere, rather, he will call the police and wait for them to
come. If the police comes, well and good. But if it doesn’t come, he will still stand around and
watch his sister get raped, because if he gets into a fight with the rapists and terrorizes them,
he will become a “TERRORIST FOR ANTI-SOCIAL ELEMENTS”. And NO, Mr. Khurmi
strongly opposes that, don’t you Mr. Khurmi?

P.S.: Harebrained people like you who do not have any idea of Islam, haven’t read a single
verse of the Quran like to make profound criticisms of the religion. Seriously man, how low on
self-respect and dignity do you have to be make statement against Islam because of what few
idiotic people calling themselves Muslims are doing?

Note the word “harebrained”. Mohammed should look at the meaning of this word in a
standred dictionary and then ask himself whether the muslims have any right to call others
“harebrained” ?

Mohammed Ali,

Here is what Mr Khurmi will do : He will bravely and fiercely fight to save the life and
honor of the woman in trouble ( even if she is not his sister ) , because he is a proud
citizen of a modern and secular nation, And to save the honor of the woman he does
NOT need be a terrorist ! being a brave man is enough ! Fortunately, Mr Khurmi does
not belong to the religion that approves of raping women, yes sir, not even the women
who oppose his religion.

On the contrary, if one is a terrorist then there is almost NO chance that he will have
the guts to take any effective action, that is because a terrorist is a coward by nature, if
he has a healthy mind he would never become a terrorist in the first place. Shooting at
unarmed people and then run away to hide in a rat-hole can not be described an act of

Infact, if Mr Khurmi is a terrorist like Zakir Naik or Mohammad Ali, the chance to
engage in such a secular struggle are zero, because in that case he will be busy
rehearsing where to plant his next RDX package or decideing what time to set the
And there is one very-very serious complication in this situation : what if the rapists
happen to be Muslims ? ( and that is high on chance because of tight “moral
policing”, muslim males are far more sexually-repressed ). And then there are differnet
sets of rules about how to punish/reward the rapists ! (Please consult Dr Zakir Naik on
what the holy koran says about this )

And what if the woman being raped happens to “what your right hand possess !” then
your brothers instead of stopping the rape will probably help their co-religionist or
make up a queue behind the faithful and wait for their own turn to enjoy themseleves
the sweet fruit Allah tallah has bestowed to those who fight for din !

And now the actual reason why this Mohammed Ali became so angry at me…

…post was directed to a Mr. Khurmi who says things like,
‘Yusuf Khan’ had to change his name to ‘Daleep Kumar’ ! “Now a days it has
become EXACTLY opposite ! Today a Daleep Kumar had change his name to ‘A. R.
Rahman’ to get a foothold in the industry ! This is because now the things move
according to wishes of his excellency Mian Dawood Ibrahim and his other bhai-log
from the wonderful world of Islamic terror. No wonder today to become a hero you
have to be a Khan.”

That is the rhetoric he (that means myself) exudes. So I had to use an extreme

So this is the actual reason he got mad at me ! : I criticised Dawood Ibrahim,
an extremly dangerous underworld mafioso who makes it sure that his co-religionists
are never short of the cutting edge techonology when it comes to firearms and all the
plastic explosives they need, who controls narcotics trade all over India, who has
total monopoly over real-estate mafia in Mumbai, who is a ruthless mass murderer
wanted by the authorities in connection with numerous gang-massacres ! But taking
the full advantage of being a muslim he is as free as air – the islamic states in gulf
are fully commited to his well-being and treat this most dangerous criminal like a
son-in-law. This indeed is very shocking to find for any modern indian that the
muslim community loves this devil so much inspite of all the damage he has done,
and Insha-Allah continue to do ( it is highly unlikely that our secular govt will really
try to confront him even if he comes back, our chicken-hearted politions may find a
normal Dawood-Police encounter to be mistaken for Hindu-Muslim riot ! )

"All muslims should be terrorists..."! This is astounding ! This is the insult of the
government, the state itself, contumely of law and order ! Zakir Naik should be arrested for
saying such a thing but, alas, one cannot even openly condemn him !