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Autoj o Swthria = He The [One] Saving

Debate: 3=2

3) THREE RESURRECTIONS LISTED TOGETHER. Does the reader have three fingers? Surely you can count on your fingers? Ah me, but then, the Pope teaches that: 3 = 2! And all men believe him (The Pope). I must confess that I did not learn to count to three until I was 59 years old. Therefore, I can understand you being brainwashed by the church of your youth to believe the Pope instead of the Lord Iesous. The congregation had me in darkness for 59 years! But, if I was capable of confessing my sin, and coming to the Lord Iesous, why should you not be expected to equal my feat? It took a miracle of Iesous to convince me that He could count to three. And, Iesous expected this miracle to benefit the whole world. O, the glory, and power, and wisdom of the Lord Iesous! He had two preachers who both believed that: 3 = 2, to convince the world that He can count to three. Who else has such control over the minds of his enemies? The public announcement of the miracle is below. A.D. 70 DEBATE Don Preston of the Ardmore Church of Christ in Ardmore, Oklahoma, will defend the proposition, The Bible teaches that the second, or final coming of Jesus Christ occurred at A.D. 70 in the destruction of Jerusalem. Bill Lockwood of the Marlow Church of Christ in Marlow, Oklahoma will defend the proposition, The Bible teaches that the second, or final coming of Jesus is yet future and will occur at the end of the Christian dispensation. Place: Civic Auditorium in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Time: November 30 through December 4 (except Wednesday) at 7:00 each night. A second debate will be held in Marlow on this topic in May, 1993. On November 2, 1992 I received this announcement, and learned to count to three! And, I now know that Iesous (Ihsouj) can count to three! What these two men did was for Don Preston to prove the resurrection in the first century AD (Mt 16.27-28, 24.30-34; 1Thes 4.16-17; Rev 2.5, etc.). Both men believed in Iesous resurrection in the first century AD. Then, Bill Lockwood proved the resurrection at the End of Time (Rev 20.11-15; 21.7-8). Therefore, both men believed the Pope that: 3 = 2. But when their debate is considered in its entirety, they proved that: 3 = 3! O the glory of the Lord Iesous! For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Man (Adam) all die, even so in the Anointed all shall be made alive. But each one in his own order: The Anointed the firstfruits (#1; AD 32), Afterwards those who are the Anointeds at His coming (#2; AD 77), Then the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father ...(#3; End of Time) - 1Cor 15.21-24. "The Sea (of Glass) gave up the dead in her, and the Death and the Hell gave up the dead, the [ones] in them. And they were judged each one according to the works of them" (#3; End of Time) - Rev 20.13. And so, my wife, Barbara, and I, do not believe the Pope any longer. We know that Iesous can count to three. [We both have three fingers.] Revelation 20.11: Then I saw a great white throne and The [One] sitting Himself [Middle Voice] on it, from whose face the Earth and the Heaven fled away. And a place was not found for them. This means that we will all die. And there will be no Rapture at the End of Time as the Pope teaches. The Rapture was in this generation (Mt 24.34); or, in AD 77.